and blissful

- honestly though. there’s just so much left unsaid between the scenes, and i fucking wish that they’d used this.

- i mean, i love anthony heald to death, same as sir anthony hopkins. BUT GODDAMN SIR, YOU SHOULD HAVE DESTROYED THAT BASTARD. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO ORGASMIC TO WATCH.

[crawls into a hole and weeps loudly]

Dear Future Self,

I am sick. I’m not faking this illness, I am tasked in this life with caring for this self and so are you, dear one. I know you are better at it now than I am as I write this. I accept that I don’t know at all anymore where life is taking me, or where or who you are, who I will become. I just want you safe and blissful, free from addiction, putting one foot in front of the other. I’m just so glad you exist! I’m so sorry that I almost didn’t get to write this, that you almost died because of me. 

I hope your eyes and your heart are filled with light and love, that you know yourself to be moral and loyal and kind, and maybe even proud of your successes. That doesn’t seem unreasonable to wish for! I really hope you’re self sufficient, and taking good care of the body given to us. I am so proud of you, and can’t wait to see you and where you’ve taken us. I trust you, I trust that you exist, and that you have the capacity to live a meaningful life, even if I have given up needing to know the specifics. 

And I love you, so much.



“Don’t you ever turn your back on me…
You see, you’re golden spheres are closest thing to galaxies I’ve ever laid eyes on and can’t bear the thought of losing such bliss.”