and bless ryeowook

okay so in anticipation for super junior’s incoming comeback, i’ve been rewatching every music video and going through the teaser images of every era and i gotta say

they really served the looks in bonamana man


this fine aesthetic

this messy sexy vibe

i’d put every teaser if it didn’t make the post go on for 84 years

i don’t understand why people don’t talk about these more

and the repack?

such an underappreciated era


Here’s an amazing and fun Super Junior Do-Re-Mi SS4 performance to cheer this fandom up!!!  

Also, now I wanna slow dance with Siwon. T_T


Donghae & Ryeowook’s reactions after seeing eunhae’s fanart xD

Super Junior Ryeowook's Enlistment date postponed

On June 9, SM Entertainment revealed the status of Super Junior member Ryeowook’s military enlistment. His enlistment date will have to be postponed due to overseas schedules.

SM official statement on Ryeowook’s postponed enlistment.

“Original plans of Ryeowook’s enlistment on June 14th will be postponed. Ryeowook’s album promotion and and DJ activities has been stopped, and he’s concentrating on Super Junior’s overseas fan meets and preparing himself for enlistment. Due to unforeseen changes in SJ’s team activities   and to keep the promise with South American fans, the decision to postpone the enlistment has to be made. Ryeowook  wishes to quickly enlist after completing the overseas schedule and will be doing active duty once the enlistment date is confirmed again, to uphold his duty to serve the country.” ©