and blazer


It’s been a while since I posted pics of myself on here, so here’s something new …

Ever since I had to wear one myself for school, I’ve always loved school uniforms. After chatting to an encouraging friend on here I decided to get some school shorts. After that then I went for the school blazer. I still need to get a proper school jumper and knee socks, but I hope those that are into school uniforms like these pics. I’m also plugged in them.

For those that want to hear about chastity, I’m back at it and am currently on day 5. Last year I managed to beat my personal best and went 50 days without cumming. I’m determined to break that some day too.

I’m still looking for a keyholder and Sir so if there are any Doms in Dublin feel free to give me a message. Happy to share more details off of here too.


i can’t believe i stan him TT