and billie looks better than ever

“Walking On Starlight” - Digital Oil Painting

This is it, guys. I’m pretty sure this is the best thing I’ve ever painted. This is my peak. I’m soaking it in. I wanted to paint the Claire Danes fiber-optic dress as Rose Tyler’s wedding dress and it turned out better than I ever could have hoped. The Doctor would swallow his tongue. I hope you like it!

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New Avengers #16 demonstrates how to make beating a guy whose only accomplishment ever was getting his ass kicked by Doctor Strange looks cool. To be fair though, Aaron’s Strange would probably get his ass kicked by Asti and then spent ten issues whining and crying to a baseball bat covered in an enhanced barb wire. No wonder Billy is Sorcerer Supreme in the future, he is already better at Strange’s job than Strange himself.

I might kinda sorta fucking hate Jason Aaron’s Doctor Strange.

Anyway, this issue is full of cool moments. Power Man and Squirrel Girl performing together double hulk clap, Songbird overcoming Agar’s illusions of her past, everything Maker does. There is also some humor. I’m tossed between two scenes for the funniest in the issue. One is Hulkling vs Palibok. Where Teddy suddenly reveals he’s using his shapeshifting powers to hide his cellphone IN HIS OWN ARM. Not only we have Doctor Positron be utterly shocked by this, but Palibok doesn’t even miss a beat and incorporates it into his classic villain speech. The other one is, of course, Tippy Toe making Vermin’s rats go on a strike. Followed by Squirrel Girl trying to talk him down, only for Songbird to run in and kicks him in the face. Dorren reacts like an angry anime schoolgirl, which really sells the moment.

And then Agent Garret decides to run in and flip the table on this careful game of chess Roberto and Maker are playing, while yelling ME AM KING! I have a feeling Dirk Anger would like him.