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Hi, would you mind elaborating a little more on Into the Badlands ? What's it about, what are the main themes and why do you personally recommend it ? Thank you ! Hope you're having a good evening ! 😊

OK so Into the Badlands is a martial arts post-apocalyptic series with wuxia influences. I should stress the post-apocalyptic nature of the show doesn’t make it super bleak like The Walking Dead. It’s more of a springboard in order to create neat action sequences, sets, and costumes.

Overall it’s a fun show, but it also has some great elements including:

  • The two main leads being POC
  • Sunny’s love interest being a black woman, which is really special because interracial relationships in media often have one half of the couple being white
    • Sunny is allowed to be intimate with her + he’s also allowed to have had past relationships with other women, a.k.a. an Asian man who isn’t desexualized?? amazing
  • A really awesome character whose disability doesn’t define him and who quietly sets in motion a lot of the plot. He is also Sunny’s mentor.
  • Some really kickass female characters; they do take a couple eps to really emerge, but they’re each complex and ambitious characters
  • Absolutely stunning choreography. Ku Huen-chiu is the fight choreographer, and his repertoire in the West includes Kill Bill 1 & 2 and the final Matrix film
  • They’ve talked about filming the same way Hong Kong martial arts films do and it shows; the fight scenes have very few cuts and they’re each 2-3 minutes long. Daniel Wu is a trained martial artist so there’s just a lot more they can do with the sequences that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to if they had to sub in stunt doubles.
  • Behind the scenes, Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu are both executive producers. Both are huge names in Hong Kong, so it’s just nice knowing this seeing as they’re pulling so much inspiration from such a classic Chinese genre
  • A gorgeous color palette. Nothing is washed out; the scenes are vibrant and rich, and color plays a significant role in terms of symbolism as well.

Honestly, I could go on forever. It’s not a perfect show by any means, but it’s got amazing potential and as far as what’s on available on television right now, it’s absolutely near the top.

“It was a soft, quick kiss, no different than the one she’d placed on Mermando’s cheek that morning, but still Mabel felt much more awkward about it when she pulled away,  “Thanks, Bill.” She said and allowed herself to wake up, leaving the triangle in a stunned silence, trying to process what had just happened.”

~Forsaking the Stars, Chapter 11

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Was it established how Dipper found Toby? Can I HC that he was offered to Alcor as an offering, Dipper saved him because no innocent child should be offered as a sacrifice, and he only realized after he obliterated the cult whose soul he saved?

It hasn’t been established in canon, no. But I’m personally rather fond of the idea of Dipper running into him purely on accident, and just spying on him a bit to plot just how he’s going to ruin this kid’s life… only to keep getting hit with scenes like Toby feeding stray cats and helping a stunned bird back onto its feet, or generally getting kicked around while he does nothing but apologize and worry he’s bothered someone.

Dipper ends up being unable to take it and screams at him to show his true colors and be the sadistic jerk he is - only to find out Toby heard him, can see him, and is staring at him with a single wide eye and oh shit of course he has the Sight, because such is Dipper’s life.

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Holly meeting Bill Peck for the first time.

(I found this somewhat difficult because we’ve barely seen Bill Peck, so I had trouble finding his voice and personality. So this is pretty much how I headcanon his relationship with Gail.)

Gail’s relationship with her mother was shaky at the best of times. And that was being generous.

But, while far from perfect, at least her relationship with her father was a bit better. They had their rocky times, usually having to do with her relationship with her mother, but generally, he was the one she went to for comfort as a child. She wouldn’t say they were close, but he was a good, solid man. She liked him best when her mother wasn’t around.

So it only made sense that Gail would introduce Holly to her dad before her mother. The opportunity was perfect; her mother was out of town for two days. So she made plans to meet her father for dinner and mentioned she may bring someone along.

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