and better edits when i have more time


Disclaimer: This information is collected through illustrators listed in TCG cards, bulbapedia and observational analysis made by myself, since much of the information regarding official art is not published. So there might be errors.
Ken Sugimori is also still working on both pokemon and human characters for the series, so he is likely behind many designs that are simply illustrated by someone else. He should still not be credited for work he did not do.

Decided to expand on my thoughts about people praising Sugimori for having improved his art over the years. While it’s entirely true that he is much better than he used to, the examples shared in posts like that are 90% of the time not drawn by Sugimori at all.
So let’s stop spreading misinformation as the differences in art style can be easily pointed out.

Now you know! :)

Some people had trouble telling apart the differences so I drew some examples to make it easier! I elaborate on it more on that post: ->HERE<-

EDIT: Maxie’s redesign is drawn by Sugimori, not Ohmura. I actually knew that when I was collecting the pictures but ended up putting it on the wrong page since Archie was there :’D


Daisuga week | DAY1: Staying in/Sneaking out

who needs a blanket when you have a clingy husband // i really wanted to do that prompt for @daisugaweek2017 and I didn’t have much time so have smth quick

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I am sometimes too hard on myself and I get frustrated with how sensitive and emotional I can get, but I’m learning to love myself a little more during the times when I am sad or insecure, and I just remind myself that feeling those emotions is just a part of being human, and we have to love all the parts of our humanity, because they’re not there to hurt us, they’re there to make us understand ourselves a little better.

OBS&BH Update

Just to let everyone know, the next chapter of obs&bh will not be up on Sunday as it usually is. As I said in my AN last chapter, the 13th was my goal for posting but since this chapter is the final one I could make no promises. Since then, there have been personal circumstances in my life that have severely limited my writing time meaning the chapter is still mainly incomplete. Also, since this is the last chapter, I don’t want to rush it as I want to make the ending to the main part of the series as good as I possibly can and being under a time pressure is counterproductive to that. Because of this, the final chapter has no set date for posting as I have no idea how long it’ll take me to finish it and edit it to a quality that I’m satisfied with. 

The chapter will get written when it gets written and I will update people on here when I have a better idea of when I will be able to post it. For now that date is still undetermined and I would appreciate if people don’t ask about updates as when I know more information, I will post it I promise. I appreciate that waiting isn’t ideal but because of events in my life and my desire to make this chapter the best it can be, there’s nothing I can do to get the chapter finished any faster.

Thanks for your patience!

Kaz xx  


Be More Chill (2015) Joe Iconis

Evolution’s the survival of the fittest, right? But now, because of technology, you don’t have to be strong to survive! Which means there’s never been a better time in history to be a loser! So own it! Why try to be cool when you can be-


It’s back.

I know a lot of people have been waiting for Death Witchcraft: Volume 1 to come back in stock, and it’s finally here again. However, it has a couple changes.

Remember when I said I was forced to change printers? That lead me to better paper quality, but also lead me to a different printing style. The designs are solely in black and white, and the text looks more blocky, like a typewriter. And there is only one cover color this time (a pastel pink).

It’s still readable, aligned well and nice; it just doesn’t look the same. If you’re uncomfortable with these changes, you may want to wait until the third edition comes out.

That said, Death Witchcraft: Volume 1 is $8 on Etsy, and I have added some more items to the shop as well. Enjoy! 

when i came out a year and a half ago i got to take back my own narrative, and it was this amazing feeling. i didn’t come out for so long because i was told not to. i was told that i was never going to work. it was so exhausting that i quit for a year and a half. i didn’t think i was going to [act] again, and now i want to do it. i have more work than i’ve ever had. we live in a time when our administration is not authentic, so the more authentic we are as people, the better. colton haynes photographed by brian higbee for nylon magazine, 2017

Just imagine that Rachel or Lanyon died or something

Funny story, I actually spent a decent chunk of time drawing out face concepts and then when I was ready to upload them to my program, the bloody thing stops working! So I had to upload all of these to my ipad and edit/draw them there. If I were a better animator with working programs, this may have been a lot more detailed, but it is what it is.

I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! #MakeJekyllSuffer1886

The Glass Scientists created by @arythusa @glass-scientists

anonymous asked:

Hello! I really loves all of your AU! And I was wondering if you have made a Kiribaku AU about them as a photographer and a model? What do you think about it? Who become who?


*takes a deep breath*

So… okay hahah

That AU where Bakugou is a model and Kirishima is his photographer

Bakugou is the model because damn son that face and that appeal is 200% model material. He’s a really amazing model; he knows his angles and stuff. The only problem is that he has an attitude, and when I say attitude, it really means attitude. His photographers are the one suffering, and they don’t last more than a week.

Bakugou’s in demand as model, but it’s so troublesome that they have to change photographers every fucking week because Bakugou is being difficult. 

Enter Kirishima.

An amateur (but really good) photographer from a no name photo-studio that Bakugou’s manager and agency pulled out of desperation.

And he’s heaven sent! A total angel.

He’s Bakugou’s biggest fan! And no matter how Bakugou acts towards him, he still arrives to work earlier than needed be even! He’s totally immune to Bakugou’s diva-ness haha. To be honest, the agency was afraid that he’ll be driven off too by Bakugou, but nope; he’s still there after a week, and the next, and the, next, and before they know it, he’s been working with Bakugou for three months. It’s seriously a miracle.

He tends to break a lot of their equipment though. The manager says it’s okay as long as he never leaves.

Bakugou is baffled by this guy, because no matter how mean he is to him, shitty hair stayed and answered all of his meanness with a blinding smile. No matter how many times Kirishima’s chatter was left hanging (because Bakugou absolutely refused to talk to him, or anyone really) he never stopped trying to talk to him.

And really, being faced with the wonder that is Kirishima Eijirou is bound to soften even the most diva diva. And that’s what happened to Bakugou. He’s never gonna say it out loud, but he actually started liking this guy. He likes how hard he works and all.

And soon enough, Kirishima is finding coffee on his desk when their photo shoots end very late at night, and it only happens when Bakugou and him are the only one left in the studio (because Bakugou is super slow at packing up, and Kirishima have so much equipment to pack up) so that coffee was definitely from Bakugou.

And like, Bakugou starts to become less angry.

And then it happened.

“Did you know I like red?”

“Black is so much fucking better.”

And Kirishima almost dies (so does everyone else) because holy shit. Bakugou just talked to him. And like that was the beginning of it all (Bakugou (does not) regrets ever talking to Kirishima, because Kirishima took it as his cue to start pestering Bakugou even more, much to Bakugou’s charging because heck he ends up answering the idiot anyway).

Also, Kirishima’s shots of Bakugou are just perfect, and most of the time it doesn’t even have to be edited, because damn, it actually really is perfect.

“How do you know which angle looks best when it comes to Bakugou?”

“Oh. I don’t know. I just watch him a lot?”

*cue Bakugou dying in the corner*


The Rays Sweetpia Event Parody

Who from Zestiria fandom didn’t love Sweetpia Event in Tales of Rays? Well, I loved it. It was funny and cute, yet I couldn’t help myself, my mind and this parody born. It couldn’t be just a quirk of fate that Mikleo landed in Vanilla - Sorey’s beloved taste! And there was no reaction of our Gentle Shepherd to that. This parody it’s about “the behind the scenes” of Rays Event.

This is something I wanted to edit on computer into proper doujin but I decided to just add text and upload sketches since I have so many projects to end and I can’t do them all in one time. My free time shrank a lot since I need to ran from one doctor to another with my health problems. So better to leave it like this than hide it and forget about it.  It already spend few months as scans on my computer just laying…

I hope you will like it. I had a lot fun in drawing this and once more few minutes ago when I was applying text. I hope it turned out as silly as I wanted.

I drew at that time 2 others “side” comics, one 3 pages takes place after my “Sormik New Years Story” and I have already 2 of them edited so I probably will finish last one today, apply the tones and text and upload it soon too. The second side story was parody of Rays too. In that episode Ix and Mileena learn that Sorey and Mikleo aren’t just childhood friends and they learn why Sorey have become Shepherd. But as for this one I have still one page and two panels clear, no even sketch there, and I still can’t decide if I want to finish it or not ( it’s only 4 pages but somehow I lost interest in that one ^^’)

PS. Oh, and let’s say that Vanilla extract smells good and tastes good in Tales words (or Sorey is just strange and likes it’s taste too xD)

screencap/icon coloring tutorial

this is waaaaay long overdue, but i hope this helps someone and if you have questions feel free to ask me here

you’ll need to have some knowledge of the tools in Ps, but if you’re a beginner i tried to make this simple enough that you can understand, too :)

i’m going to walk you through how i colored this cap (and how i make icons from a screencap like this):

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As a Latina in Hollywood, sometimes you get annoyed when all your parts are, like, ‘the sexy, hot Latina’ or whatever. You’re going to get those [scripts] all the time, but I think the stories are getting better and becoming more inclusive. I have thought about that more now — that I have a responsibility to do projects that are going to make me feel good and send out a good message, or that I feel are funny or are going to propel society forward. I’m also not opposed to playing a person you would say would be a stereotype.

you: we haven’t even met dammek yet!! give him a chance :(

me, an intellectual: although hiveswap has alluded to some non-shitty qualities he might have, dammek has, so far, been shown to be disproportionately Awful. we may very well gain a better understanding of him and his actions in later games that could change the current perception of him, either through backstory or character development. and when that time comes, i am more than willing (excited, even!) to edit my opinion of him to something more accurate to who he is as a person. however, until then, if i have to hear xefros apologize to me One More Time, i will personally track tetrarch dammek down and shove a flashlight through his face, killing him instantly

Sinbad no Bouken Omake

Sinbad no Bouken Omake Manga

*You can find these pictures with better quality on my imgur page! and don’t forget to support the  MangaOne App if you have it!


Note: I decided to do the text translation quickly while i’m at work, but i will edit the translations into the scans when i’m home, and maybe rephrase some parts if needed. ^^

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Editing Pictures (Photoshop)

Here’s a quick lil tutorial on how to edit pictures using photoshop!! I use this method for editing non-gameplay pics or like, “special” pics- like this post! The reason I don’t use it all the time is bcos it’s quite hard to replicate exactly the same way all the time! Also, u can use this method using gimp as well!

First, u open up the pic u want to use! (file > open) I’m gonna use this one!!

Now, go to Image > Mode > CMYK colour. Click on it! 

now you’re gonna drag the background down to this file thing in the bottom right panel! basically we’re duplicating the pic here. always, always duplicate!!

now, go to window > adjustments and click on it! This will bring up a window thing in the right side which i’ve circled!

in the adjustments window, click on “curves”

clicking on that will bring up this little panel ^^ Basically the next part is all up to you! Just mess around w/ the curves until you think your pic looks nice!! 

here’s what all mine together look like!! (to edit each one, click on the CMYK dropdown menu and choose each curve separately and edit as u please!)

now, right click on curves 1 and choose flatten image!

you can also edit the saturation/hue/lightness a bit! just go back to adjustments and this time click on hue/saturation. here’s how i edited it! i normally turn up the saturation waaaaaay more when i edit gameplay pics.

flatten your image again and voila! you could be finished now if you want! but i also like to blur my pics a little. tbh blurring works better when there’s something in the background because u can see the effects of it more clearly. 

duplicate your bg once more and select the blur tool! run it over what you want to blur. when you’re happy with what you have, right-click and flatten the image. crop it or edit it a bit more if you want! export it as a png and there you go! done and dusted!! ^^

and here we go!! the finished pic! it’s not the best because tbh i dont think the blur looks great unless there’s something else in the pic but whatever! that’s how u do it!! hope this helps!! ^^


Hello everyone ! Welcome to my 5k+ Follow Forever (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

I reached 5k followers two weeks ago (i’m almost at 5.1k now) even though I haven’t been really active this last month (I was working…). Sorry about that >w< I didn’t expect to reach 5k one day (and since it’s almost time for me to go back to school ;;w;; I made a “back to school” FF ! featuring my baby Killua ♡ yes, AGAIN) Thank you so much to all of you !!!! For those who started following me a few days ago, I hope you’ll find my blog interesting enough to stay, and for those who have been following me for so long, I couldn’t thank you enough. Thanks to all of you for liking my edits, for reblogging them, for tagging me, for sending me asks, for trying to know more about me… It motivates me to create even more edits and try making better edits each time.

 I’ve met wonderful people here, even if I don’t talk to you much, I really do appreciate you, and love the fact we’re mutuals. I love fangirling in the tags a lot, you might have seen it haha. When I reblog edits I always try to put some comments in the tags or even “wow this is pretty”, because maybe if you see this little comment of mine, it’ll make you smile or feel good for the day :) And for my dear mutuals, being followed back by such talented people makes me feel great ! Thank you so much ! I love you all ! ♡

Here, I will list awesome people with great blogs. You should check them out ! ♡♡ Some are really talented graphic/gifmakers, some are amazing artists, some are people I really love seeing on my dash because they seem so nice and caring… ♡♡ I hope Tumblr didn’t mess up my italicized and bolded urls bc it always does… >w<

|| Bolded : Mutuals || Italics : fav graphics/gifs makers and fav art blogs ||



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anonymous asked:

Fuyumi meeting Yaoyo for the first time?

Since I’m taking a short break from the Yaomomo traitor HCs…I think this one would be a cute buffer :)

-Fuyumi first heard of Momo when the latter lent Todoroki her notes to look over one time since he missed class for an annual body checkup; UA required all students to get their quirks and overall body health monitored to ensure all students were well taken care of on a yearly basis. Todoroki was scheduled during the third period of the day which was biology and so Momo, being the VP of the class, made sure her notes were extra neat so he could use it later. 

-He brought it home with him and placed it at the edge of the dining table; he was forgetful, Fuyumi knew, so she took it upstairs to his room.

-”Shouto, these don’t look like your handwriting at all.” “Ah, yeah, it’s Yaoyorozu’s.” “Oh, I see.” Her sister wanted to ask more about this ‘Yaoyorozu’ person, but figured she’d better leave him to it, and so she slid his door to a close.

-The second time Fuyumi heard of Yaoyorozu was when Todoroki shared the chocolates she gave him on Valentine’s Day with her. Yaoyorozu claimed that they were 110% obligation chocolates ONLY but her friends suspect otherwise.

-”Aren’t these the limited edition chocolates from Godivaa? I heard that you have to line up for at least an hour to get these!” “Yeah.” “Who’d you get them from, Shouto? Or is my cute little brother THIS popular in school that he forgot who it’s from?” Todoroki munched on two of the strawberry mousse centered truffles and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  “Yaoyorozu gave them to me.”

-AT THIS POINT, Fuyumi was extremely curious to who this person is…although the name ‘Yaoyorozu’ rings a bell?

-Fuyumi’s first thoughts were right. Frankly, Yaoyorozu is the name associated with almost every international hotel and shopping mall in Japan. 

-Third time’s the charm and it was during New Years. When Fuyumi heard of Yaoyorozu’s name yet again, it was in person. By then, Todoroki was already in his second year. Apparently, to Fuyumi’s pleasant surprise, Todoroki was going to check out New Year’s celebration at the local shrine with a few friends. He was to meet up with Yaoyorozu first (since the rich kids all lived near each other) and then Iida.

-Yaoyorozu, wearing a black kimono with pink, yellow, and blue peonies (with a magenta obi), stood outside Todoroki’s house, awaiting his arrival. The girl also had a very intricately braided hair bun decorated with a floral kanzashi. The boy’s robes were dark blue and as he walked out the foyer, his sister greeted Yaoyorozu when she appeared from the other side of the sliding door. 

-Yaoyorozu bowed almost immediately, “Happy New Years, it is so nice to meet you. I am Yaoyorozu Momo, from Todoroki-san’s class.” The girl’s well-practiced manners and etiquette were paired with a tranquil voice. Fuyumi’s lips tugged into a wide grin. 

-”So you are Yaoyorozu, the girl that Shouto always talks about!” Yaoyorozu’s cheeks became the colour of the maroon lanterns dangling outside his doorsteps. Todoroki pretended like his sister didn’t say anything and urged Yaoyorozu to walk with a light press of his hand against the small of her back. 

-When Todoroki came home, Fuyumi didn’t skip a beat. She didn’t care if her brother thought of her as an overbearing sister. She HAD to know.

-”How was the date, Shouto?” He stared at her, confused. “I told you, Iida and Midoriya went too.” Fuyumi smirked, placing her hands against her face as if she turned back to a teenager again. “Why didn’t you tell me you had such a cute classmate?” “You mean Yaoyorozu?” “Yeah! Of course!” “I didn’t think it was important.” 

-Fuyumi frowned. Why was her brother so deadpanned?! 

-”Yaoyorozu’s the girl that goes out of her way to help you all the time, isn’t she?” “Ah…now that I think of it, yeah.” “Why don’t you bring her home sometime and invite her for dinner?” “…you know how our shitty old man is with guests.” 

-Fuyumi felt sorry for her brother; when he was in kindergarten, he tried to bring friends home, only to be rejected. Not that Fuyumi had it significantly better herself, but at least she had no trauma. She wouldn’t blame him for doubting her suggestion.

-”Don’t worry, Shouto. I promise, all you have to do is invite Yaoyorozu. As your older sis, I swear, this time, the dinner will go well.” And maybe for once, Fuyumi gets to play matchmaker?!

FYI: Kanzashi is hair decorations that women put on their hair; usually used during festivals and celebrations for formal hairstyles.


Reid to Me

Summary: Reid x Reader. The Reader is a writer, who struggles to find the right words. But after a rough case, those words are all he wants to hear.

Author’s Note: This is my piece for @passionate-hedgehog‘s fic exchange! I was so excited when I saw I was lucky enough to be given the incredible, lovely, and ever-kind @reiding-and-writing, who gave me a lot of free reign in terms of plot. So here you are, dear! I hope you like it!

Words are all she has sometimes. Not that she minds, her whole world is constructed in syllables and letters, series of meanings strung together. Language is something she is especially grateful for when Spencer is away. Phone calls and text messages are the best forms of communication when he’s out in the field. Those words are her lifeline, letting her know that he’s okay, that he’s thinking of her, that he’ll be home soon. Sometimes she’ll slip handwritten notes into his bag, and he will tuck cards into random places around their apartment for her to find. It warms her heart each time she opens a drawer or turns the corner only to discover a piece of paper covered in his messy scribbling.

She has always been a writer, a teller of stories and chronicler of tales. It hasn’t always been easy. Copywriting, freelancing, editing. More often than not, her work has been putting words into someone else’s mouth for them. After months and months of rejection letters however, she finally received her first acceptance a month ago. Her own novel will soon be published, a work of her own to grace the shelves of bookstores and libraries. It’s her biggest accomplishment, but at times it’s hard to feel proud when her boyfriend quite literally saves lives for a living.

Today is one of those days. All morning and all afternoon she has spent at her desk. Occasionally taking a break to pace the living room or grab coffee and a pastry from the café below them. She sits, she waits. The right words do not come. They are elusive, just out of reach, taunting her. So close and yet so far. With Spencer gone, it’s lonely to be in the apartment. A perpetual state of waiting and wondering and hoping for time to pass quickly. For the return of the things she loves most. Her words. Her love. Her confidence in her own abilities.

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Halloween Sirena Von Boo 


Fancy the first piece of merch by CharLady?

I have made limited edition charms with this artwork, they are currently for sale on my etsy HERE.

I’ve made these charms in time for halloween, they are made from acrylic onto Fluorescent plastic which actually appear to GLOW in sunlight :D - They are super cute. I will be able to make more merch if these manage to sell and will help support me making the artwork you all love to see which would be amazing <3 - I’ve tried to make them as cheap as feasible so they are more accessible :)

Better pictures to come when I have daylight :) - Still waiting for the bulk of my order to come :)

I might actually do a full size design of this Halloween Sirena as I love the design.


With a major portfolio review coming up at my college I was allowed to update and change any assignments I’ve turned in the past year, so I went back to the character comic I created my first semester and refined it.

Original the comic and all it’s assets weren’t drawn by tablet, rather my professor had insisted on using Adobe Illustrator and editing the linetool to create lineart. This caused weeks of frustrating editing to create something I could have done in less than a day with much better results.

Returning to the the comic I was much more equip with better software such as Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS6 so I was able to complete this newly remastered comic in the accumulated time of less than a week. I’m much more proud of these results.

I’m not sure when or how I’ll be using these characters but I can assure you I’ve got big plans for them.