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Can you tell me what you like so much about mchanzo? From what I've seen they never actually interact in canon so I'm just wondering why it's such a popular ship. Not trying to rain on your parade or anything I'm just new to the fandom and I noticed it was a popular ship and I'm curious why. Love your art by the way, its all so beautiful!!

Thanks so much anon, I’m happy you like it because I love sharing with you guys!  I’m trying really hard to keep this bite-sized because oh boy so many reasons.  In no particular order, the personal big ones:

1. They’re obscenely beautiful individuals. If they kissed = beautiful x 2.  I like them a lot as separate characters so even better if they got together.

2. I’m weak to the trope of the cold, distant one and the charmer who’s met his match.

3.  I think there’s more to number 2 than meets the eye because we get some of each of their backstories and it’s fun to really dig into those, which led me to a lot of headcanons about why they need each other after all.

You’re right, they don’t get much canon interaction at all so it seems kind of random, which makes it hard to give a good answer beyond a bunch of my own headcanons/opinions.  I started to really like them together because from what I saw of their personalities I just thought it would be a pretty cute thing and it kind of went from there.  All the gorgeous fanworks I got bombarded with helped too :)

[So I’ve been seeing discourse on my dash where a bunch of people are attacking someone for saying that GLaDOS is something other than a Lesbian. Look. I do ship ChellDOS, but GLaDOS is a ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and it has never been stated that she is canonically a lesbian (at least to my knowledge). Please. I do not mind that you guys see GLaDOS as gay, that’s FINE, but please don’t attack other people for saying otherwise.
I don’t want this whole fandom to go to shit because someone has a HC that GLaDOS is something else on the LGBTQA+ spectrum.]