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As the school year winds down for many of us, we’ve decided to host another Haikyuu fandom event. This time, it comes in form of yearbook superlatives! These are typically awards that are given to certain individuals who others believe fit the description the best.

This is week one of the voting, so we’re just trying to limit it to the top SIXTEEN PEOPLE per category. Even though the poll may look daunting, it will be much easier voting from next week on, and I’ve compiled all the awards and individuals into a list for easier voting.

Like with the previous Haikyuu games, each new poll will be posted on Tuesday at midnight EST. If you want to receive email notifications for these, please sign up HERE.

Vote HERE! Voting will be open until June 7th, and the second round will be posted around then as well.

thank you miku expo 2016 (5/28)!!! shoutout to my fav singing androids, you guys were amazing!

also, 5/20 was the day i first got into vocaloid, 7 years ago. vocaloid is really important to me, so this is a draw for that as well! 

1 year ago I graduated college and was headed to a great medical school. I hadn’t watched much television in those 4 years but i suddenly had all this time off and an unused netflix account. while I was wondering what to do with myself, The X-Files revival was announced and a show I hadn’t cared about for 7 years took over my life again. my crush on David Duchovny, my idolization of Gillian Anderson, and my love for all things space and sci-fi all returned. and then I joined tumblr after a 4 year hiatus.

long story short - since last summer, I have left the medical field and I don’t have a stable job but David Duchovny’s hand brushed mine in April and my fanfic is starting to get some prettttty decent traffic. all in all, not my worst year.