and better


as some of u may know, nephilim have been getting some MAJORRR redesigns, and currently this type is probably one of the least human lookin, as it is better suited for walkin on all fours (white neph).

SOooo I wanted to see how it might move. Traced over some screens of a maned wolf n went on from there. will probs work on it more later bc this is rough as hell and not quite right still BUT. HERE. TAKE IT

things zevran thinks a lot but doesn’t say
  • perhaps i should not offer to pick locks quite so often
  • why does ferelden insist on freezing cold weather
    • and such poorly-made boots
      • and so little brandy :(
  • sten would make an excellent cuddler, would he not? so big and strong and warm and … likely excellent at other things too
  • when will the warden decide i am no longer useful, i wonder?
  • it is surely not possible that they actually enjoy my company
  • i imagine it would be for the best if i left quietly during the night. certainly i would not be missed
  • i am sorry. i have hurt so many and i am sorry
    • i am the one who deserved this hurt
      • and i am so very, very sorry
        • for everything.

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today there was no school! so I went out with some friends & I sort of had to try, and I thought I would sneak the opportunity to take some selfies ><

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