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Okay now part two of this post~ as you’ve probably figured from the gif, I’m gonna create my own gaming/anime family!! Yaaay!! So basically if you’re keen, just send me a message telling me which video game or anime character you wanna be and you’re in! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MUTUAL, but you DO need to be following me [I will check if you are so don’t lie lolol]. I figured this would be a fun way to make new friends so yeah c: 

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it’s going to be interesting watching Iris bounce back from Barry lying to her this entire time, because when he said “I don’t have superpowers,” and she said “well, obviously,” I feel like the rest of her sentence was an implied “…or else you would have told me.” She didn’t say “well, obviously” because she doesn’t believe he could have superpowers–she said it because she just trusts that Barry has always told her the truth and will always do so. and you can’t tell me that him lying to her for this long won’t hurt her.

Okay, so I really love adorable animal faces, and after my dog’s Adoptiversary Party this past weekend I’m totally in a pet lovin’ mood! So here’s a PROMO for my beautiful followers who would like to show off their furry (or not so furry) friends! Don’t have a pet? NO PROBLEM! You can still participate!


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