and best of luck

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Senpai!! OMG i might have screamed when i found your blog (and cried a little) um, um senpai.. *starts blushing and looks at the ground* I... I... I think that i might... lo... lo... lov...LOOK UP TO YOU AND ADMIRE YOU ALOT!! YOU WILL DEFINITELY BECOME THE GREATEST HERO!! *runs away*

I know what you were trying to say, friend. Many people have approached me the same way! You should say what you mean, and then you’ll find yourself running away less often! Best of luck!

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Wholesome anon here: how are you and your husband? Everything cool? Y'all eating well? Best of luck, luv!

We’re great! Eating some bomb Indian food right now and watching Daily Show… 😊

important announcement!

alright folks, sounds like we need an extended deadline. sorry for the crunch here, i was under the impression i had blocked out adequate time TvT

the new due date for cards AND bonuses is 11:59 pm pst on may 7th, one week from the original deadline. submissions after this date WILL NOT be accepted, so please please do your best to finish before then! good luck to those of you still having exams. work hard and try to remember to rest!


Well, I got only this for me.

If you’re a long time player and already have the Guardians, then your focus is this. Get the items you need from the mission board to fight Ronan, and aim to open the crate here! You can get Shards, Health Packs and Tokens if you need to rank your guys. Best of luck to New players in getting the Guardians for yourselfs.

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Ah !! I just wanted to drop by and say that I'm really thankful for your translations !! You're an amazing person for taking the time out of your life to do this !! And I believe you mentioned something about final exams, so make sure to get good sleep, take care of yourself and I wish you the best of luck on the exams !!

I just need to pass precalc and I shall live to see another day

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you were in TWO car accidents??!!!! as a concerned mom friend, i am concerned

Yeaaaah I didn’t have the best of luck last semester haha. The first one I was rear ended, and since I drove a small Mini Cooper it got totaled. Then we got a Jetta and a month later someone ran a red light and t-boned me. Totaling the new car 😐 but thank god for insurance!

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oh, its fine, its a fairly understandable little story either way. did you get around to making that edit you to the earlier part of the story you discussed with your teacher, to better introduce who the characters are and such?and i wish you the best of luck in working thru those self image problems you discussed with that other anons ask

i wasnt able to get to the extra page sadly… my compromise in trying to fix that was adding this (the desk page) in the intro ! so at least there is a bit of a set-up of why she is asking for his help haha. i have definitely learned a lot for the next time i take on a longer project like that, to be more clear on plot. by the way, i don’t know if it would be of any interest but i’m happy to share my speech i had written for my tuesday presentation that talks a lot about that process ! 

also, thank you very much for your well wishes. it is very hard for me to talk about that but i thought it was important to explain. i was scared to talk to you guys about it for a long long time and only recently have i felt not nausea-anxious to open up a bit more about my feelings with stuff like that. i felt like admitting that i experienced a lot of sexual harassment/sexism online and irl would make me seem weak or complaining, like i couldnt deal with it and was a crybaby, to even suggest it was going on. sometimes very disgusting things used to be sent to me. i thought that was just what i had to accept if i wanted to post things like ootds, or anything that showed me irl in any shape or form.  i wanted to seem strong and carefree, a lot of people i know had that approach to it and i wanted to be like them too.

 i feel really bad that i used to portray myself so poorly, and even in other ways like male characters being mean and cruel to 28….. i realized that reflecting that pain thru my drawn self was not good because it just normalized it. when i started to realize i really did have value and my physical body had nothing to do with it, i felt so terrible to think ‘what if another person sees that and feels similar situation to me and thinks thats just the norm and we have to accept it? it doesnt have to be…’ so instead, i have been working rly hard to show my good experiences through her and other characters and heal in that way. i will continue working hard to make good healthy content and hopefully be a positive presence ! im doing so much better and i hope it reflects in my art ! 

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Maybe, if I'm lucky, I will end up at Laika some day too! Laika has always been a favorite of mine, and certainly a place in which I can envision myself. But if not, who knows. But I will certainly end up somewhere. And you've kinda given me the balls to keep trying so I can see where that somewhere is. (3/3)

YES! You have enormous balls and don’t forget it! Never let anybody’s rejection of you make you stop doing what you love, that’s way too much power to give them. If anything, use that rejection as fuel to make great work and prove them wrong! That’s how I’ve always seen it, I’m very motivated by others not thinking I can do something, as strange as that may sound. Just focus intensely on your craft and everything else will fall into place. The only approval that matters is your own. Best of luck!

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I was watching Law & Order SVU and feel asleep (ha) but I woke up to Tara on the show as a cop, and them coming up at her accusing her of helping the criminal get away and I immediately was like "this bitch can't go anywhere without fucking shit up" 😂😂

Not the best luck 😂

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I!!!!! GOT ACCEPTED INTO MED SCHOOL!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH I'M SO HAPPY!! Sorry just wanted to share it with you ^~^

aaaahhhhhhh congrats anon that’s huge!!!!!!!! i’m really happy for you, best of luck for the next four years!!!!!!

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Congratulation on the scholarship! Honestly, it's super amazing that you managed to earn it 'cause you really did put in the hard yards to get there. I wish you all the best luck in your future ᛐwᛚ

thankyou sm :}

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tbh feliz sounds like the Biggest Cinnamon Bun how did he end up a noodle demon?

“I’d really prefer not to talk about my death. I got here in Hell the same way as anyone else. But if you mean my hands… there was an error when my soul was being transferred. It was just a hiccup in the system, that’s all; I just got stuck… and my whole body was stretched, like a human paper jam. And unfortunately, this is the only body I get, unless I buy a new one, which I could only dream of affording.”

“I’ve never really had the best luck, in life and in death. Haha!…”

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omg that's amazing, i'm praying for you girl!! i really hope you get to see JK up close and get some interactions 💕 i'm tossing up between vip standing and vip seating... ahhh idk T_T

ahh thank you so much anon,,,,, just thinking about interactions has me sobbing ;-; best of luck for tickets to you too!!! i was thinking about vip seating as well tbh but standing is too tempting oh boy

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MY DUDE THAT ANIMATIC WAS AMAZING! I started making one for the first time ever over the weekend, but its SO HARD AND IM DYING. But anyways, Im really starting to appreciate the amount of work those take, and thank you for something so awesome! 🎨

yeah it’s quite the commitment to make one (especially if you’re a perfectionist like me and are constantly going “YES of COURSE that sketch of Lance’s hand that will only be on screen for 2 seconds is ABSOLUTELY necessary for the STORY, duh” 😂) but very fun and a great way to really force yourself into drawing practice!!
just remember to take sufficient breaks to eat, sleep, and stretch!! and the most important thing is not to stress yourself out with it and just have a great time 💜

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Have you ever reached the level of "f--- it" required to give up all pride if it means survival? I am there right now. Still working on trying to write but also trying to fight for a way to make not being on the streets work.

I can’t say I have, no. I wish you the best of luck, Katja. I’m sure it’s difficult but I know you’re smart and can do lots of great things.