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Bed Peace (Tom Holland x Reader)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: After Tom’s confession, you both decided to stay in the hotel room. Fluff and a bit of smut.

Warnings: A bit of smut

A/N: This is slightly inspired by Jhene Aiko’s song “Bed Peace”. Also, I am new and I’m from a non-english speaking country, so I’m really sorry if there are any mistakes and stuff like that. This is short, but please tell me what you thought about that and what to improve!

Word Count: 532


It’s 2:30pm. You just woke up and went straight to the bathroom. After brushing your teeth, you made your hair and cleaned your face. Even though you slept for so long, you still managed to feel tired. Probably because the last week has been tough, all this filming got you exhausted.
You went to the hotel bed again and turned on the TV. After laying there for 8 minutes, you heard someone knocking on your door. Opening the door quickly, you realize it’s Tom.

“Hey, beautiful. I brought you ice cream!”, he says with a bright grin on his face.

“Thank you, sunshine.” You took the ice cream and invite him in. He jumps on your bed and pat on the free space next to him. After finding a big spoon, you jump right beside him.

“How long have you been awake? You actually look pretty tired” he says softly.

“Not long enough, I guess. It has been really exhausting the past weeks.–”, you smile at him and lightly brush your thumb over his cheek, “– but it’s not like you wouldn’t know what I talk about… my hard working baby.” you laugh and eat some more ice cream.

He chuckles and brushes your hair out of your face and stares you right in the eyes, “I need to confess something. I feel more drawn to you day by day and I just can’t help it. You are stunning and creative. I never wanna leave you, not one second. You’re making me smile like no other–”

you interrupt, “Not even Haz?”, you laugh.

“–not even Harrison.”, he continues. “So, what do you say, (Y/N)? Be the muse to my artist?”

While one hand holds the ice cream, the other one brushes through his hair, while you kissed him. You felt a smile growing on his lips and you slowly pull away. Staring at him, full with admiration, you put away your ice cream and got under the blanket. You started cuddling, while Ratatouille is currently on TV. There’s no chance for the both of you to let go off each other. During the process, he plays with your hair and you stroke his tummy.

“This feels so good.”, he hums.

You kiss his cheeks and answer, “I just want to ease your mind and make everything all right.”

He nods, “Oh, you really do. Maybe we should skip today’s filming day. And just…”, he reaches for your neck and gives you a kiss. This turns out as a make out session, as you bit his lip and he grabs your butt. You pulled away to answer quickly, “Yes. The answer is yes!”

Out of breath you climbed on top of him and kissed him again. After taking his shirt off, he puts his hand on your waist as a support. You trailed from up his jaw, straight down to his body.

“Yes.”, he moaned and brushed through his hair.

You started pulling of his pants, but accidentally you fell against the little commode and the molten ice cream fell all over you.

Tom wanders his finger across your lips, which are covered in ice cream. He pleasurably sucked on his finger, “delicious.”

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Okay can I have a fic?? (Is that what you would call it lmao?) I want it to be kinda angsty but with a lot of fluff! So the8 has a crush on someone (the point of view it's from) and she has major body issues (she's a bit chubby and she feels really down about it) and maybe the8 like comforting her and expressing his feelings and such?

I’m so excited, this is the first time that Minghao has been specifically requested. Here you go! Also to anyone reading this, don’t worry about being a little chubby, there’s nothing wrong with that at all! You’re still beautiful/ handsome. 

Member: The8/ Minghao

Genre: Fluff and slight angst

Going clothes shopping wasn’t your favorite thing, but it was something that as some point in the year. This day happened to that point, you had decided to go out and grab some new clothes for yourself and get it over with. Clothes shopping wasn’t your favorite thing after all, all of the clothes in brand shops were designed for sticks, and getting something in your size there was a blow on the self esteem. But other shops clothes weren’t made as nice, so it was somewhat worth the blow. It’s not even that you were “big” per say, just a little bit of chub. Most would find it kind of cute, but the few that don’t make you really dislike your body.

You had decided to go shopping on your own in order to get it done and over with as soon as possible. So far it was going well, you had bought a handful of things but not done yet.  

“Y/N!” You heard a voice call out.

Upon looking up from a rack of shirts; you were met with Minghao, your classmate. He wore a bright smile and waved excitingly. Minghao had always been especially nice to you, although you weren’t sure why.

“Hi Minghao,” You say with a shy smile, waving slightly in return.

“Are you getting this?” He asked, gesturing to the shirt you were fiddling with in your hands, “It’s a really nice color, I bet that it’ll look great on you!”

Feeling somewhat shy from his statement you just look down to hid your blush and mutter a thank you. Your reaction sends his heart fluttering though as he finds it to be adorable and bring a grin to his face.

“Y/N, are you here alone? Why don’t I shop with you?” He inquires, slinging an arm around you jokingly, “Besides, this way I can see how pretty you look in all these different clothes.”

Although his offer sounded tempting at first, the thought of him seeing you in these clothes embarrassed you incredibly. What if you looked awful? Your figure was enough to make you decide to decline his offer, even if you did want to spend an afternoon with him. He was an absolute sweetheart and so handsome, passing up that was difficult.

“Maybe we could do something other than clothes shopping?” You suggest, trying to get the best out of the situation.

“Sure,” he agrees with a smile, “Why don’t you just try that on, decide if you want it and then and we can head out?”

“No, no” you protest, waving your hands to strengthen your point, “We can just go,”

Minghao wasn’t blind though, he could see your discomfort, he noticed the frown that showed on your face when you looked at the sizes of shirts as he was walking in. He had pieced together that you weren’t comfortable with your body. 

“Y/N… are you by chance embarrassed of yourself?” He asked shyly, knowing that it was a bold question.

Shocked by the blunt question you were unsure how to respond so you just sighed and nodded a little, sadness washing over you. You couldn’t help but think that you looked pathetic now.

Astounded that you were in fact embarrassed of yourself, Minghao couldn’t help but feel upset “Why would you ever be embarrassed of yourself? Do you have any idea how attractive you are?”

“Well..” you began, “not rea-”

“Let you tell you then,” he interrupted, “You, Y/N, are absolutely stunning. Even when you don’t try to be. In class I always think about how great you look and how that incredible personality makes you even more attractive, if possible. No matter what you try on it’ll look great on you. You’re not a stick, no, but you’ve got volume in a way that some people would kill for. Clothes won’t just drape over you like a cloak, they’ll fit you and show you off. You’re not big, if that’s what you were concerned about. You’re absolutely perfect.”

He took the moment to move right in front of you and bring a hand up to craddle your face. His thumb wiping over your cheek, he other hand took ahold of one of your hands. You were shocked by the sudden change of events and were at a loss for words.

“I meant every word that I just said,” He says with an endearing smile, “You really are perfect. Y/N, through meeting you in class and getting to know you I’ve come to like you a lot. Would you go out with me?”

“Yes, I would love to,” You beam, throwing your arms around him.

”Y/N, I’ll make sure that you feel proud of yourself everyday. I promise.” 



Canis lupis (Wolf).

Wolf positivity!! I know these lovely creatures are extremely common but that doesn’t mean we can brush off them and say ‘Oh, it’s just another wolf therian.’ They are still therians and deserve love as well. Some therians who just find out they’re therians may think at first they’re a wolf at first. It just takes some digging sometimes. Don’t dismiss a kin type just because it’s common. Besides, be proud to be a wolf therian! Look at how pretty these creatures are :)!


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(Crush) wakes (Matsu) up at 2 AM via text to meet with them. (Crush) ends up taking (Matsu) to see a marvelous view of the stars (crazy bright and beautiful!). However they feel now though is interrupted when (Crush) kisses them on the lips. ;3c

(I’m yelling this is so adorable?? I went a lil overboard on this one :^) I had to delete quite a bit but its still very long sorry-)

Osomatsu - Oso would be hesitant about going out in the middle of the night, but it’s what his crush wanted and went to the place they wanted to meet. He’d sigh and complain, stating that he could be sleeping right now, but quickly stopped when they approached the area where you could see the clear sky. Osomatsu would stare for a few moments, looking over at his crush. “Why did you take me ou-” He was cut off by a quick kiss on the lips, freezing where he was. Though it was dark, his crush could clearly see the color change on his face. Oso would quickly regain himself, smiling as he asked for another kiss.

Karamatsu - He would definitely bring his guitar, hoping to seduce his love under the pale moonlight. Yes, it was all playing out in his head.. He put on his shades (yes, even at night, he tries too hard to be cool) and head out, thinking about what he would say to them. He followed their directions to a secluded area, finding them sitting there alone. He smiled to himself and approached them while softly strumming his guitar and humming a slow song. Kara would see his crush turn and wave him over, noticing the nervous smile on their face. He’d come over and sit beside them, looking up and saying something about how pretty the stars were (even though he could barely see them through his shades). Kara casted a glance at his crush, seeing them move a bit closer. He turned his head to face them, surprised when they suddenly moved forward to kiss him. Shocked, Kara would pull back but instantly regretted it. He lifted his shades, feeling his cheeks burning as he dipped in and closed the gap once more.

Choromatsu - He would yawn and sleepily check his phone, tensing up for a moment as he say his crush’s text. Curious as to what they wanted, he complied and got ready to head out. Upon arrival, he saw that the view was stunning.. what could his crush possibly be planning? He went and sat down next to them, giving them a small smile. Choro would start saying how beautiful the night was, trying to avoid the obvious question. After a few moments of silence, he felt his crush’s hand moving his head to face them and their lips press against his. His eyes would widen and he’d kiss back, his cheeks bright red and a small smile on his face when he pulled back.

Ichimatsu - He would very hesitantly go along with his crush’s offer, making his way to the location they were to meet. Ichi would shuffle up behind them, plopping down next to them quietly and shift his gaze upwards. “Hey,” he’d mumble, followed by a few moments of silence. The boy would glance over at his crush. They weren’t usually this quiet, but they did look nervous. “You okay?” he asked, looking over at them. Ichi didn’t notice that they’d moved closer, but he was surprised to suddenly feel his lips against theirs. He let out a soft grunt, but kissed back softly and awkwardly moved an arm around the other’s waist.

Jyushimatsu - Of course he’d meet up with his crush! Jyushi was at the location in no time, smiling a bit wider at the sight of the person he loved waiting for him. He walked calmly over to them and sat down, looking over at them and waved with a “Hi!” He saw his crush wave back silently, a muffled laugh emitting from their figure. A little while passed of them looking at the stars and having a small conversation, Jyushi’s crush asked him to look at him for a moment and claimed that he had something on his face. As he looked over, his crush’s hand gently cupped his face and pressed their lips against his. Jyushi, though he was confused, kissed them back. He then asked what was on his face when the kiss was broken off.

Todomatsu - He would show up at the location, as sleepy as ever as he sat next to his crush with his legs crossed. He let out an adorable yawn as he looked over at them, asking what they wanted at such an hour. They shyly responded, saying that it was a beautiful night and that they wanted to spend it with him. Todo shrugged, yawned again, and looked up at the sky. All was quiet for a few minutes until his crush spoke up again, asking him if they could show him something and if he’d close his eyes. He looked over, a bit suspicious as he closed his eyes.. only to open them back up as he felt his lips against his crush’s. He kissed back, wrapping his arms around the other and giggling as they pulled back. Of course, he’d ask for more.

In the library.

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Since you handled the last prompt so beautifully: Prompt - Christmas celebrations at the Penny. Gail reveals the sweater she is wearing. All gathered recoil from the sheer ugly. Except she produces a twin; she's made it, painstakingly but with love and and she is proud to bursting of it. Gail sweetly watches the table desperately nominate each other as the most deserving of the ... thing. It may have been a gag gift.

I tweaked the prompt a bit.

Holiday Hijinks

Gail knew why everyone was gawking as she walked into the Penny for 15’s annual Christmas party.  But she did not let their stares kill her swagger. She was there for a purpose. And she was not going to let her friends’ giggling take her away from it. Besides, Gail surmised, she knew how she looked. She was pretty honest with herself. Gail Peck could make anything work, even the bright wool sweater she now wore with its protruding red nose reindeer and little bells that announced her every step.

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There Is Enough Room For Both Of Us - Isaac Lahey imagine.

Request: #57 with Isaac -  anonymous. (drabble )

Words: 532

Isaac Lahey x reader. 

          You are his anchor. As much as Isaac hates to admit, deep inside he knows it. You have always been by his side through his worse times and he loved you for that, loved you more and he knew. The times when his father abused him you were the first one he would rely on or when he was bitten he couldn’t hide that from you.

          And now here you are, sitting on the couch having a series marathon with Isaac.
           “You know what. I absolutely hate this show.” Isaac whined at you. “What? How can you hate American Horror Story? It’s the best TV show ever Isaac.” You answered back not believing his words.

           “It’s scary and I don’t like scary things. Please Y/N let’s watch something else please.” He literally fell to his knees begging you to change de show. “No. Isaac stop whining like a baby. Quiet now, Mr. March is doing one of his monologues.” You said not even paying attention to the boy on his knees beside you. Isaac, now defeated, sat down again beside you with arms crossed and a pouting.

           After the show was over Isaac took over the TV remote and put on a movie. Halfway through the movie you were getting sleepy, mostly because he wouldn’t shut up about how awesome this new Marvel movie was.

           “And I mean, there is no better superhero than Captain America…” Isaac stopped in the middle of his sentence when he noticed a very sleepy and snoring Y/N beside him. He smiled at himself thinking how pretty you looked. No make-up covering your face just you natural tan skin with glasses falling off
your face.

           Isaac turned off the TV; put the duvet over you and now he was ready to leave. He bend down to give you a kiss on your cheek. His lips lingered there for some time before he took one more look at your face. Before he could leave you slipped your hand on his.

          “Where are you going?” you asked turning so you could look at him. “Back to Derek’s.” he simply answered. “Nooo! Stay.” You whined at him pouting your lips. “Um… Yeah, ok. I’ll stay d-downstairs then.” Isaac stuttered a bit, he was flustered and he was absolutely sure you were awake the whole time.

           “There is enough room for both of us Isaac. Come and lay with me. Please.” You simply said. Then, giving you one little smile. He made himself comfortable beside you while you were already snuggling on his toned chest. For a moment you just stayed still looking at those big blue eyes as he did the same to you except he was staring at your lips as well.

           “I have always wanted to know how they felt.” Isaac managed to say with a husky voice. “Then why don’t you do it” you said. In a swift movement his lips were pressed against yours. Words couldn’t be found by both of you as he pressed his forehead against yours.

           “Yeah, definitely there is enough room for both of us.” Isaac said pulling you closer to his chest before letting his eyelids close in a peaceful sleep.


A/N: Next one is #98 with Stiles. 

So does nobody on this website realise how amazingly talented Roger is? Nobody talks about his solo career (which is fantastic) or anything besides how he looks in drag. There’s more to Roger than a pretty face and some car jokes. He’s a really intellectual person, he just doesn’t show it as much as Brian does. I’m just tired of everyone focusing on how hot Roger is instead of how talented he is because I feel like nobody even pays attention to the fact that he has a great catalogue of solo albums.