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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything


I think I remember reading that these drawings were made by one of the directors…

The Rosario’s work uniform Benny wears transcends time and logic for me. You tell me he doesn’t work for the Rosario’s anymore? You best believe I’ll still draw 50 year old Benny in that exact outfit. I’ve tried drawing him in other outfits and it doesn’t feel Right

I’m bummed and frustrated so I’m gonna talk about bensnavi to make myself feel better. So please consider the following:

  • Benny and Usnavi are trying to keep their relationship a secret, but everyone already knows. E v e r y o n e
  • People are taking bets about when they’re going to come out or who is going to walk in on them first
  • It’s Sonny and he can’t look them in the eyes for DAYS (He makes out with Graffiti Pete in front of Usnavi as revenger)
  • (So I ship Sonpete bite me)
  • In an AU where Abuela is still alive (or just pre-canon idk) Usnavi takes Benny over and they all have dinner together and Benny is super nervous and Abuela is just so happy for Usnavi 
  • and then she tries to ask something dirty and Benny chokes on his water and Usnavi freaks out 
  • Just. Benny and Usnavi swapping clothes and Usnavi’s shirt is a perfect fit on Benny because of how baggy his clothes are and Usnavi is just drowning is Benny’s outfit. (Bonus if Benny steals Usnavi’s hat to “complete the outfit”)
  • Benny hates getting up in the morning so Usnavi always has to bribe him with kisses and promises of food. 
  • On the rare occasions Benny does get up first, he makes killer pancakes (courtesy of this hc to @endangeredtreealligator)

Feel free to add to this yourself (with other ships too I love every ITH ship from bensnavi to nina/benny and usnavi/vanessa to even nina/vanessa)


We interrupt your regularly scheduled Inktobers for some beautiful squiddos I drew two weeks ago and have not had the opportunityto post.

These were pretty fun (and quick) to draw, so… I dunno. Maybe I’ll use this style more. Enjoy!


Summery: Benny and Jenny Weir are the dynamic duo or as their cousin Stiles Stilinski calls them the terrible twosome.

Both having inherited special powers from their parents they are always in trouble, so when they get kicked out of Whitechapel after irritating the resident vampires and are shipped off to Beacon hills Stiles begins to see just how much trouble his baby cousins can be.

Teen Wolf/ My Babysitters A Vampire Crossover

Word Count: 1626

Part One   Part Two

“Good now again.” Mr Argent was helping Derek teach the three vampires and the Weir twins how to fight alongside hunters and werewolves Erica had teamed up with the vampire Erica and both had become flawless in their fighting style.

Derek had long given up on Rory who, despite showing some signs of improvement, was far too hyperactive to be any help in a fight. The twins were dealing with the training worse than Rory neither of them seemed to be able to separate themselves from each other and often let Derek and Mr Argent’s attack pass by them and hit the werewolf they were training with because they were too busy defending each other.

“You two need to stop putting each other first your part of the pack, the pack comes first that way we can all defend each other.” Derek grunted for what must have been the hundredth time that morning.

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um ok so I watched Rent on Broadway and Mark stays in the same outfit, so I got to thinking…what if Mark doesn’t exist? That’s why he never has a love interest, other than Maureen. That’s why his friends leave after *spoilers* Angel dies. What if he’s just there, a ghost among them when they don’t realize it??