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Tainted Love (part 2)

Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a wonderful thing, that is until you find out who your soulmate is. You guessed it, Lance “The Fucker” Tucker.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: swearin’

A/N: I’m so glad you guys like Tainted Love so far! Here ya go :) As always, I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning.

After watching Maggie’s routine, Lance claps his hands and turns to the blonde. “Hope. Office. Now.”

With a frustrated sigh, she follows him to the office and shuts the door behind her, waiting for him to rant on about how Maggie can do so much better. But, he didn’t.

“Well, she’s as good as gold. You’re not shit after all Hope.” Lance smiled at her. “Oh wait - you are.”

Hope rolled her eyes. “Shut your whore mouth.” she snapped. “And why did you bring me in here if you were going to tell me that? I thought you were gonna chew my head off or something.”

“I brought you in here because of her.” he nods his head over to you. “Who is she?”

Hope glances back at you, watching as you high five Maggie for doing a good job before starting a conversation with Ben.

“She’s my best friend.” Hope says, turning back to Lance. “Why?”

He shrugs, hoping to play it cool. “Nothin’ I just wanted to know who she was. She seems nice.”

“She is, but she can be a bitch if she needs to be.” Hope tells him and his eyes are now focused on you.

The way you smile, the way you tuck away your hair behind your ear, all make you seem so perfect. It was insane for Lance to be thinking like this because, well, Lance never thought about anyone like that. He had this foreign feeling inside him and he’d never admit it out loud but he kind of liked it.

“Give me her number.” he turns to Hope with a serious look in his eyes.

Hope’s face contorts. “What the fuck, no.”


“Because she’s my best friend and I won’t let her be another notch on your belt, asshat.” she snapped. “She’s too nice of a person to deserve what you’ll do to her.”

“Oh, and what exactly will I do to her?” Lance folds his arms across his chest as he glared at the blonde in front of him.

“You’ll lead her on to believe you actually like her, fuck her, then throw her aside and move on to your next victim. You won’t care about her feelings because all you can care about is yourself. It may not look like it, but she’s a sensitive girl, Lance. And I won’t let you fuck her up.”

Lance watches Hope exit the office and walk towards you and Ben. With a sigh, he gathers his things and exits the office as well.

“Well she’s clear.” he spoke, joining the small group. “I expect great things from you, Maggie.”

The happy brunette smiles and nods before Lance looks at you. “It was nice meeting you, Y/N.”

“Nice meeting you too, Lance.”

He held eye contact with you for a bit and Hope didn’t like it. So, she shoved him. “Leave already, dick breath.”

Lance smirked at her. “Oh, you would know all about what dick breath smells like, wouldn’t you?”

“Fuck you.”

“You already did.” Lance chuckled at Hope’s annoyed expression.

With all that being said, he leaves the gym, flustered and with you on his mind. So consumed in his thoughts, he accidentally hits his head while getting into his car.

“Ah, shit.” he groaned, holding a hand to his head, completely unaware that just behind those gym doors, you stood holding your head as well.

3 days. It’s been 3 days and Lance cannot get you out of his head. 3 days and not once have you left his mind. He had to get in contact with you somehow. It was driving him insane.

But how? Hope wouldn’t give him your number. Ben probably had your number as well but being for the fact that Lance had fucked his girlfriend, he doubted that he’d give him it.

With an exasperated sigh, he throws himself down on his couch. He didn’t know anything about you, but he wanted to. When he saw you, it was different from when he’d see other girls but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Why did you have this effect on him?

Getting up from the couch, he decided to ease his mind of you and go out to the bar. Getting shitfaced sounded amazing, he could really use a drink.

Over on your end, Hope dragged you out to the bar. Karaoke night. Every karaoke night the two of you would get completely shitfaced and sing A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton because it was in your favorite movie, White Chicks.

While on stage, singing your heart out with Hope by your side, you hadn’t noticed Lance walk through the bar door. At the sight of you, he smiled. Mostly because he got to see you again and you were making a complete fool out of yourself.

Lance took a seat at the bar, ordering a drink as he watched you and Hope finish up the song, followed by loud applauses and hoots and howls. While you were walking off the stage, you had accidentally hit your knee on the speaker box, resulting in both you and Lance to tend to your knees.

Lance’s eyebrows knit together as he rubbed the spot on his knee before looking back at you. Coincidence, right?


Lance never cared about the whole soulmate thing which was why every time his soulmate tried contacting him, he’d either ignore her or tell her to leave him alone. Besides, if he ever met his soulmate, she’d probably want him to settle down with her and that just wasn’t Lance’s style. He didn’t want to be on a leash. He wanted to be free.

Gulping down his drink, he decides to join you at your table with Hope and Ben.

“Hi friends.” he smiled, gathering the attention he wanted from the 3 of you.

“Stalking me? Pfft, that’s low, Tucker. Even for you.”  Hope scoffed, rolling her eyes.

She was way out of it. And by the looks of it, so were you.

“In your dreams, Hope.” Lance responded, adverting his eyes to Ben. “This doesn’t look like your type of scene. What are you doing here?”

“I come to keep an eye out for Hope and Y/N to make sure they don’t do anything too stupid. I also take them home. Well, I take Y/N home, Hope lives with me so-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I didn’t ask for your life story buddy.” Lance cut him off. “Tell you what, I’ll take Y/N off your hands.”


Lance rolls his eyes. “I’ll take Y/N home so you have one less person to take care of.”

At this, Hope perks up. “No. There’s no way in hell I’d ever let you take my bitch home.”

Main bitch.” you correct, causing Lance to chuckle.

Hope glares at Lance. “I know what you’re capable of and I will not let you take advantage of-”

“Slow your roll,” he spoke up. “Now I know I’m a pig but I wouldn’t go as far as to having my way with a woman when she’s completely shitfaced. I thought you knew me better than that, Hope.”

Lance dramatically pouted and Hope groaned.

“We were having a nice time until you showed up.” she huffed.


“It’s cool if he takes me home, Hope. You know I can defend myself, sober or not.” you insert yourself into the conversation that seemed to be all about you.

“Yeah, she can defend herself, sober or not.” Lance grinned, smacking on his mint gum, knowing how irritated Hope got when he did that.

Hope placed her head in her hands. “Ugh, fucking cut it out before I murder you.”

“Cut what out?” he asked, continuing his actions.

“I’m gonna-” Hope lunges for him but was pulled back by Ben. She struggled to get free from him so that she could fuck Lance up but it was no use.

“I’m ready to go home now.” you announce, deciding to get out of there before Hope literally killed Lance on the spot.

“Good choice, let’s go.”

You gather your stuff and give Ben a hug. “I’ll call you tomorrow, Hopi.”

She threw threats towards Lance as the two of you made your way outside and into his car. And then it hit you. You were in a strangers car. You would never ever do something like this but for some reason, you trusted Lance fully despite only meeting him once. You got a weird feeling when you were with him. Like you two have known each other for years. It was comforting yet weird.

Upon arriving at your house, Lance brought you to your bed and tucked you in, making sure you were comfortable.

“You good? You need anything else?” he asked.

You hummed in response, turning on your side and curling up in a ball. You had muttered out a thank you before soft snores escaped your lips. You were out. Lance let out an exhausted sigh and left your room. He’d usually leave a girls house as soon as possible but he wanted to make sure you were alright in the morning. So, tired as hell, he fell asleep on your couch.

You woke up groaning. The hangover you were experiencing was probably way worse than any of your other ones, and you’ve had many hangovers.Kicking your sheets off your body, you drag yourself into the kitchen, being met with a tired looking Lance.

“Woah, what are you doing here?” you question. “Wait.. We didn’t..”

“No, god no I would never take advantage of you like that.” he groaned. “I took you home last night and it was pretty late and I was tired as hell so I slept on your couch. I meant to leave before you woke up but I guess I slept in.”

You noticed he was massaging his temples, like he had headache and decided to ask him about it. “Do you have a headache?”

“What? Oh, I guess. I just woke up and my head was pounding. I tried looking for some painkillers but..” he trailed off.

“They’re over here.” you say, opening a drawer and pulling out a bottle of painkillers.

“Thank god.” he breathed, walking towards you with his hand out.

You give him two and get two out for yourself as well before putting them away. “Yeah, I needed some too. These hangovers are unbearable.”

At this, Lance looks up at you. His head was hurting, as if he had a hangover. But he only had one drink at the bar and he surely wasn’t a lightweight so he couldn’t possibly gave himself a hangover. Were you his.. Soulmate? No. You couldn’t be. There’s no way!

But was it really that impossible? There’s only one way to find out.

Lance bites his lip and takes a deep breath before pinching his side very hard. You let out a yelp, nearly dropping your glass of water as your hand went flying to your side. The same exact side Lance had pinched.

Coincidence. This had to be a coincidence. Lance tried again, this time pinching his upper arm and you reacted, hissing at the pain and rubbing the spot. He couldn’t believe it. Now it made sense why he felt the way he did when he saw you. You were his soulmate.

Holy shit. You were his soulmate. That means-

“Ah, shit.” you make eye contact with Lance. “My soulmate keeps pinching himself. That or he’s being pinched by someone. Either way it hurts.”

All Lance could do was nod, still not believing what he had just found out.

“Speaking of soulmates,” you continued. “I hate to intrude but have you found yours? I haven’t found mine yet which sucks because everyone around me already knows who their soulmate is.”

Lance gulps. “um.. Yeah.. Yeah I’ve found mine already.”

“Really? Who?” you couldn’t help but ask.

Lance didn’t want to say anything just yet but his mouth moved faster than his brain did. “You.”

His words hit you hard and your head began to spin. “W-What? There’s no way.”

You didn’t want to believe it. Lance Tucker was your soulmate? Pfft, no way!

“I’m telling the truth.” he says. “Think about it, you have a hangover and suddenly my head hurts too.”

“Coincidence?” you wanted to force yourself to believe that.

“Look.” he say, pulling up the sleeve of his jacket. “I apologize in advance.” Lance squeezes his eyes shut as he pinches the skin of his arm harshly, causing you to feel it as well.

“Ow! Stop it!” you shout, holding your as just as he stops.

“Do you believe me now?” he breathed, rubbing the spot on his arm that he had just pinched.

“I-I can’t.. No.. I-” you stumble over your words before making a beeline for your room, shutting and locking the door. You pick up your phone and frantically scroll until you find Hope’s number, calling immediately. She answers on the fifth ring.

“What the fuck Y/N? Why are you calling so damn-”

“Shut the fuck up and listen Hope.” you cut her off.

“Okay, I’m listening. But I don’t know what could be more important than-”

“Lance Tucker is my fucking soulmate.”

Hope went silent.

A/N: This wasn’t as eventful as I hoped it’d be but here ya are :) tell me what ya think!


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Descriptions of Broadway Guys' Voices
  • Leslie Odom Jr.: A red velvet cupcake fresh out of the oven with cream cheese frosting in the middle
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: That Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb that just explodes with color when you drop it in the bath water
  • Michael Arden: Butterflies in your stomach that are so strong you want to pull a Julie Andrews and start spinning happily in a circle
  • Andy Mientus: Fuzzy socks and hot chocolate by a warm fire with tons of blankets while having a Disney movie marathon
  • Aaron Tveit: The cold side of your pillow that feels oh-so-good in the middle of the night
  • Jeremy Jordan: Dressing in a cute outfit and strutting around while everyone is checking you out and you KNOW you look hot AF
  • Alex Wyse: That one harmony in every Broadway musical that just is so frickin beautiful and you want to die because of it
  • James Monroe Iglehart: When you're home alone and you act out all of your favorite Broadway musicals. At the same time
  • Austin P. Mackenzie: Walking outside on a warm day and it's the perfect temperature and the sun hitting your face makes you feel so peaceful
  • Daveed Diggs: Tap dancing. Just tap dancing but also rapping at the same time
  • Ben Fankhauser: GO AND LOOK IT UP THE POOR GUY'S HEAD IS SPINNING!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Jonathan Groff: That one commercial for Coca Cola that they play at Christmas Time that makes everyone laugh,smile, and cry.
  • Gideon Glick: When Harry Potter opens up that golden egg underwater and that beautiful mermaid song starts playing

It’s 2018. After four years of waiting you finally got the new Dragon Age 4. Full of excitement you install it, spend an hour making your perfect, new protagonist and import your one true world state (OTWS).

The import was successful and you can’t wait for the loadingscreen to be gone so you can start playing.

Suddenly the following message appears: “According to your imported world state your warden is still alive. Is this correct?”

Your hands start shaking. Your breathing gets heavy.

Your Warden. The last thing you remember about your Warden is that horrible DA:O-2009-graphic. But now… it’s suddenly mentioned. You can’t believe it. Your beloved Warden is going to-

You pause and stare empty into the air. Could it be? Could Bioware, after nine years and two games finally bring back your beloved baby?

Your excitement suddenly gets unbearable and you press “correct”. The next message appears: “Please create your Hero of Ferelden.”

Suddenly a new character-menu opens.

Your eyes get teary while you define your wardens race and start creating them in this beautiful DA4-graphic. It’s really happening!

The joy… All the joy you feel! No more waiting and hoping for a brief mention of the Warden! No more pressure, the uncertainty is gone! They will be here, in this game! Finally!
You spend ages creating the Hero of Ferelden. Everything has to be perfect. It’s so breathtaking to see the Warden in this beautiful graphic.

You start crying of joy and need at least three packs of tissues and one Ben and Jerrys ice cream to make through this life-changing experience without passing away.

But now you’re done. It’s perfect. Your tears dry and your broad grin slowly fades.

It’s alright. You can do this. You’re a strong, independent person, an adult! It all will be fine.

And then the game starts.

The graphic and storyline is great, you really love your new protagonist and the companions but you can’t get the warden out of your subconsciousness.

But the game really gets you. You love it. The story is good and slowly you forget about the Warden, at least periodically.

But you’re playing it for days now! Still no Hero of Ferelden! But you want to be patient. Your Wardens moment to shine will come. It HAS to. You know it.

Days become weeks. Still no sight of the Hero of Ferelden.

You get anticipated. Did you forgot something? Maybe you should have done a sidequest to gain access to your Warden.

Slowly you know the game ends. It can’t take long anymore.


And then, one day… you just finish the game. All that’s left now are cutscenes.

You can’t believe it… your Warden… your beloved Hero of Ferelden… You missed it. You must have done something wrong. Your disappointment is indescribable.

You watch the last cutscenes with tears in your eyes. The game was so awesome but… Ouch. It still hurts.

The last cutscene starts. You see grass. The camera is slightly above it, in cat-perspective. Suddenly a big, brown paw stomps the grass down and you hear a bark. The subtitle says “Happy bark”.

Your heart almost stops.
No… Could it be?! IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!

Laughter follows and the camera slowly rises. You can see the brown Mabaris’ legs, his neck and then you see his face. The once darker fur there is now grey, almost white and as he barks again you can see that he already is missing some teeth. The big, brown eyes show a slight, grey shimmer. His eyesight also isn’t the best anymore. He just got old. A hand is petting his ears and he puts his head back with pleasure. The laughter is still there.

The camera zooms out and you can now see the person the hand belongs to.

It’s happening. There it is.

IT’S HAPPENING! Your beloved Warden is there anD YOU CAN FINALLY SEE IT!

All your hopes and dreams finally came true! Finally your Warden will be part of the game again!  You can’t wait for your protagonist and the Hero of Ferelden to meet and spend the rest of the game together. After all the game has to last at least a little longer, now that your Warden is here.

You cry of joy and your sweaty hands shake.

BTW, did you romance Zevran? Well, he’s there too, right next to your Warden and the Mabari, smirking at them and looking ridiculously handsome. Your shipperheart just explodes. They’re still together and in love! You knew it. You knew it all the time!

The Warden turns around and looks at something in their hand. A small glasbottle…
“Well… looks like I finally succeeded…”, the Warden says smiling.

You pause. Wait… is this… could this be the cure for the blight? DID THE WARDEN REALLY FOUND IT?!

“Well… Come on honey!”, the Warden says grinning and encouragingly pats on their thighs. The Mabari barks happily and follows. The last thing you see is your Warden with a small, tired but satisfied smile, looking into the distance.

The music reaches its climax and the screen becomes black.

And then, through your tears of incredible joy you see….

The Credits roll in.

And now… just imagine the extreme change of feelings you experienced. From endless happiness to all-destroying agony in 0,5 seconds.

Imagine the mixture of disappointment and unbearable agony and hate you feel for Bioware for doing this..

Just imagine the whole DA-team sitting in their office and laughing wickedly over their trolling. The trolling of millions of fans.

Imaging all the raging fangirls, making Tumblr explode.

Just… Imagine. *Jon Lennons ‘Imagine’ starts playing in the background*

His Light

Request: “god damn I got another okay so it’s Kylo’s and reader’s first times? and Kylo is actually Ben? idk what age Kylo turned and left his mom and dad, but let’s say he’s old-ish; 16-21. so maybe have it very caring and sweet and loving? and they’ve been dating for a while and they’re nervous and such blah blah xx

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2121

Warnings: Smut

Originally posted by loveviral

“Ben.” You whispered. “Do you promise?”

“Promise what?” he frowned, his large hand intertwining with yours.

“That you’ll never leave me.”

“You know I wouldn’t.”


“I promise.”

You exhaled shakily, your eyes watering up. You knew it was a lie, but at least he didn’t know it was. You knew that the ways of the Jedi were weighing down on Ben. His power couldn’t be contained to the order and rules that Luke had set out, and it was starting to show.

“We’ll always be together, you and me.” He smiled, swinging his legs off the edge.

You were both sat on the edge of a Cliffside, overlooking the temple. It was your secret spot; where you’d always come to talk, and sometimes make out without the worry of being caught. If Luke found out he would freak. Dusk had descended on the quiet planet, and you could see the other students’ tiny figures in the distance heading back to their quarters.

“Eighteen tomorrow.” You shook your head with a small smile. “That’ll make for an entire year.”

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My Thoughts on the Recording of "Newsies"

So I just got home about an hour ago from watching this musical and I’m still ecstatic. Here’s my (very biased) thoughts, all randomly jumbled!

*THE SET!!! As a techie, I love me a good set and the Newsies set does not disappoint! It is basically a bunch of fire escape-esque staircases rearranged throughout the show for different settings. There are also screens that come out of it and just blow my mind

*THE SCREENS!!! So the screens i mentioned above are the ones where they’re translucent when a light is shone from behind and opaque when the light source is from the front. There’s text put on it when papers are being read, which makes me think that maybe Dear Evan Hansen got an idea or two from it? Idk

*JEREMY JORDAN!!! I am in love with him, and Newsies made me love him a million times more. Jack has a few speeches/monologues that Jeremy just slays!! He shouts his head off (in a good way) and really impacts everyone. Like I said, I love him so. Damn. Much.

*ANDREW KEENAN-BOLGER!!! Andrew is another person that I am hopelessly in love with (y'all if he weren’t gay and in a happy relationship I’d be all over that) He is such a cute Crutchie and made me sob with the song they added in in act two. I just feel like I’m so biased because I love all of these people 😂😂

*KARA LINDSAY!!! Okay so I have mixed opinions. Her voice is beautiful, her characterization is wonderful, and her dancing is great, but I don’t like her vibrato. It was just a little too much for me but she still did such a good job!

*BEN COOK!!! He has a cigarette and hot af arms and flips and dances and sings and I fell in love so quickly holy crap. Also, he’s only a few years older than me so that’s good right???

*BEN FANKHAUSER!!! Babe. Like all of these guys I am in love with I feel like I’m just repeating myself. He made me love Davey so freaking much and I guess he’s another guy I need to meet. His voice is wonderful and jdkdckksjsfjkfkcdk. What more can I say

*SHIPS!!! Okay so I love Katherine/Jack (a lot) but I can’t help but ship Jack and Davey. They’re just so perfect for each other. Also, the family-like friendship that Jack and Crutchie have is so cute and heartbreaking when Crutchie is arrested. But, like, Javey

*THE CHOREO!!! All I could ask for and more! The tap dancing, the dancing on papes, the running on staircases. Literally makes me love the guys a million times more.

*THE TEARS!!! I just randomly started crying a few times even though there was no reason to ??? This happened with PotO, too, so I think musicals just make me overly emotional.
Ben Hutton #5

Requested by Anon:  Happy thanksgiving 😘 perfect timing, Can you write an imagine where trade rumours are flying like crazy but your bf Ben Hutton ends up staying.

*I can’t believe I missed out on this one. I am so so soorrryyy!! I hope you like this still, even though it’s been a few months too late. Enjoy!:) Also I honestly really liked writing this. If you’ve read the few I put out recently, I’m not very much pleased with them but this, I really really  like. :)*

Word count: 869

Originally posted by danhammerhuis

February and March are supposed to be the best months. It’s still the start of the year and the snow and cold winter air just makes you feel like you have a fresh start. A start on what, you’re not sure exactly, but a start nonetheless.

That’s until you started dating a professional hockey player and the words ‘trade deadline’ entered your vocabulary. Cue: haunted, gloomy music here.

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Finn Shelby x reader
Word count: 1992
Request: Can you please write a Finn Shelby fic where he cheats on the reader, they break up and weeks later see each other and decide to try again and can the brother give him advices or something. Good luck with the blog.
Warnings: Swearing, fluff, suggested smut
Writer Comment: i went off topic and rambled a little bit I am so sorry but really enjoyed thsi one!
It had been three weeks. Three weeks since your world was turned upside down. One drunken night out with your friends, Isaiah had let slip after one too many that Finn cheated on you with Viola Brawley. Viola was the daughter of a very powerful brummie, not as powerful as the Shelbys but he was up there. You left the pub in tears as Finn followed you. You screamed and screamed. Cried and cried until there was absolutely nothing left to cry. You wouldn’t listen to a word he had to say and he stood outside your door for hours every day for two weeks. Nothing. You had no response. You and Finn had been inseparable since you were 13 and he finally plucked the courage to ask you out on your 16th birthday. You were turning 18 next month and talk was Finn was going to ask you to marry him. He eventually stopped waiting outside your door even though there were blinders watching and following you everywhere you go. It still hurt, you still sat up at night unable to sleep. The thought of Finn touching Viola’s body the way he touched yours made you physically sick. You couldn’t compete with her in the slightest.
You were walking down the streets of Small Heath to your favourite bakery knowing full well you were being followed by one of the blinders the whole way. As you swung the door open to say hello to the owner Frank and his wife you were stopped dead in your tracks.
“Finn…” you whispered, as the tall slim boy you were in love with turned round on his heels almost dropping the loaf he was holding. Seeing his face felt like a punch in the gut, you didn’t even notice you had started crying until Frank asked if you were ok. You politely nodded and spun back around on your heels before quickly walking away. Finn threw money on the counter quickly before running after you as quick as he could.
“(Y/N)!” He shouted but you kept walking, ignoring him.
“(Y/N)! Stop!” He shouted again, after this you practically broke into a run but he was the fitter one out of the two of you obviously and soon caught up and stood in front of you grabbing your arms preventing your from moving.
“Get off me you fucking bastard!” you screamed punching him in the chest, before practically collapsing down sobbing. He held you, stroking your back and gently hushing you trying to calm you down. When you felt you had enough strength you shook Finn off you and stood up quickly drying your eyes and sorting yourself out.
“(Y/N) can we please just talk? Please just let me explain!” He begged you with tears in his eyes almost looking as broken as you were. But you just shook your head and went to walk past him.
“I love you (Y/N), please stay. Please” He took your hand and you quickly turned back around to face him.
“You don’t love me, if you loved me you would never ever have hurted me like you did. If you didn’t want me you could have let me know…” you trailed off looking at his face as he know began to sob. You knew this was your cue to walk away.
Finn burst through the door into the betting shop, his face red and puffy.
“Where’s Tommy?” he hissed to one of the men in the shop his voice cracking and laced with anger. He looked around in panic trying to locate the most powerful shelby when Pol walked out of her office. She was shocked to see Finn standing breathing heavy, fists clenched.
“Finn, what the hell is wrong with you?” Polly asked her nephew rubbing his back trying to calm him down.
“I need Tommy now,” he seethed. She saw that there was no arguing with him right now and followed him quickly as he stormed towards his office. As Finn burst open the door Tommy and John were sitting at his desk going over a plan in front of them.
“Not now Fi…” Tommy was shocked when he looked up from the papers to see his youngest brother standing in front of him with rage burning through his eyes. The look on aunt Pol’s face let Tommy know that something was wrong.
“What’s wrong with you?” Tommy asked, actually concerned for his brother.
“You! You did this! You’re the reason the
girl I love, the only person in this damn world i really care about hate’s me!” Finn was screaming now, this took everyone back as he was never one to shout. “You told me the only way we would land the deal is if i would seduce the bloody daughter of George fucking Brawley that you would land the deal! You told me she’d never find out!”
Tommy sank back in his chair as John looked down at his hands, Finn was sobbing again and slumped in the chair across the desk from the other two boys, his head collapsing down into his hands.
“I am so sorry Finn,” Pol whispered before squeezing his shoulders and nodding to John and Thomas. A look that told them they better sort this out.
“Finn,” Tommy started, guilt filled him seeing his brother so destroyed, “listen I am so sorry. I will speak to her, I’ll sort this out.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” John stated, “she needs to hear it from you Finn.”
“She won’t speak to me, she won’t even look at me and i have no idea what I’m meant to do.” Finn sounded defeated.
“Give her time, sit her down and tell her everything that happened. If you really love her and she really loves you, everything will work out,” Tommy said trying to soothe his brother.
That’s when the door burst open, Isaiah had seen his friend upset and decided he knew a quick fix to help his broken heart. “Come on mate, we are going out.”

You had just tanned your third Gin of the evening and you’d only been out an hour or so. Your friends had decided that it was time to get dolled up and go out to get finn off your mind. It was working, you felt good, you looked great and the drinks were flowing. The pub was popular among people your age and it was one of the busiest nights you had seen it in a while. Perfect opportunity to hit the dance floor, as you got up to start dancing you spotted your ex’s cousin michael standing at the bar with a very attractive friend. You made your way over eyeing up the mystery boy.
“Michael!” you squealed while jumping in for a hug.
“Well it looks like someone is enjoying their night!” Michael chuckled, “nice to see you (Y/N), what are you drinking tonight?” as you told michael your drink order in no time at all there was another one in front of you.
“(Y/N), this is my friend Benjamin. Ben this is (Y/N).”
“Lovely to meet you (Y/N),” the boy said whilst pecking your hand which in turn made you blush, “but please just call me Ben.”
“Well ben,” you started, “how well can you dance?”
The boy looked at Michael who just started to laugh.
“She’s a handful this one,” Michael laughed. But before you know it you’re in the middle of the dance floor dancing with your new friend. The world was spinning and your face was hot from all the liquor, you were too caught up in the moment to think of anything else. You didn’t realise how close you and Ben’s faces had actually gotten. You quickly pulled back becoming very aware that the only boy you had ever kissed had been Finn.
“Wow it’s getting so hot in here, I think I need to get back to that drink,” you shouted over the loud music at the boy who nodded and agreed whilst walking back to the bar. You sat on the bar and quickly downed the drink and that’s when your whole body went limp.
“Who the fuck put something in her drink!” Michael shouted as he caught you before you hit the floor. You couldn’t move or speak and your noise and vision was extremely warped. You could see the boy from earlier try to run to the door. That’s when you saw him. Finn. Isaiah had grabbed the boy as michael and finn ran to the boy taking off their hats as Isaiah held his hands behind his back. You tried to scream but nothing would come out as your friend was gently stroking your hair out your face reassuring you it would be ok.

You woke up in a familiar feeling, you tried to look around but the light was so bright and all of your muscles ached. As your eyes started to adjust you saw you were in Finn’s bed and he was sat at the end staring at the wall. He looked so very tired. He quickly noticed you were awake and ran round the side of the bed to kneel next to you.
“Are you ok? Are you hurt at all?” he asked sounding panicked whilst running a hand across your forehead.
“Why am I hear?” You croaked, trying to sit up but winced at the pain.
Finn helped you sit up and make you comfy as he told you what happened the night before. That the boy at the bar had tried spiked you to try and take you home and that Finn and Isaiah had arrived just in time to help michael ‘take care of things’. I fell unconscious and my breathing started to becoming less and less noticeable so Finn ran you here. He hadn’t left your side since. He was whisked out the room by Pol after this although he was very reluctant to leave your side. She wanted to examine you incase you had any injuries and didn’t want to ‘expose’ you to Finn, nothing he hadn’t seen before though was what he argued.
“He loves you, you know,” she said once Finn had left the room. You stayed silent as you weren’t sure what to believe. “He hasn’t left your side, not slept a wink all night. He was in tears carrying you through that door. He thought he’d lost you (Y/N) and It almost broke him.”
When Pol was finished she washed you up and put you in night clothes to rest before going to pack your things so you could go home.
Finn slipped back into the room and sat on the other side of the bed.
“(Y/N),” He whispered barely audible, “Can we please talk about this?”
You thought about what Polly had said and decided you were tough enough now to accept what he had to say. You nodded and Finn explained everything. How tommy was settling a deal. How he was a key role. He finished explaining and there was silence. You were still hurt he could have done such a thing to you. But he was putting his family first as he always did it’s how he goes about life family first.
“I really do love you,” he said intertwining his fingers with yours on the bed.
“I know, I still love you,” he looked at you with wide eyes and pulled you into his chest. You sat there for a moment him holding you tight in a warm embrace.
“(Y/N)(Y/L/N), will you marry me?” You looked at him in shock, confused at was going on.
“I put family first, I want to put you first. I want you to be family.”
“Yes.” you said before going in for a passionate kiss, the best kiss you have ever had.

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Prompt - Ben Solo bridal carrying Rey. She's not unconscious and not impressed because he's always doing this to make fun of how smol she is, which he is, but he mainly does it so he can touch her.

Oh anon, I don’t know if you knew but I have such a weakness for the word ‘smol’. Smut after the break. 

Also this was fun. Prompt away people.

AO3 link

Rey steeled herself as she prepared for yet another mission aboard the Millennium Falcon with Ben Solo, Han’s irritating son. As if it wasn’t enough that she had to deal with being alone with him for days on end the man seemed to take a savage pleasure in belittling her at every turn. If it wasn’t mocking the Force, it was picking her up whenever he fancied as she relaxed, then carrying her to some random room in the Falcon and jeering something inane in her ear.

“You’re so tiny scavenger.” His last words echoed from the past.

Rey shivered. Humiliatingly, Ben’s low voice had an effect on her, but she’d never ever let him know. The prick was arrogant enough already, whole base alight with his various exploits, and she did not want to be on that list, everyone kriffing stared at her enough already. Stars, she was minded to use the Force and knock him out every time he picked her up, but no, Master Luke had told her how important it was only to use it in self-defence and she knew Ben wasn’t actually going to hurt her.

Yeah, that’s why you won’t use it. Sure Rey.

“Solo.” She spoke as she boarded the Falcon.

“Rey.” He smirked. “If it isn’t the prettiest scavenger in the galaxy.”

Ugh. Always with the insulting remarks. Rey had seen the other women of the Resistance, knew she lacked a great deal of flesh, but still it stung.

“Just– can we go?”

Ben smirked. “Always so eager, Rey. I love it.”

You know what? No.

Not this time.


Ben approached her as she read her holo on the lounge, fingers burning.

He didn’t know when exactly he’d started doing this, but he knew why. Rey’s weight felt perfect in his arms and this was the only way he could really have an opportunity to touch the beautiful Jedi, the only way she’d sort of tolerate. It was absolute pathetic and puerile, he knew, but everything else in his extremely large skillset had failed so far and he was nothing if not persistent. It figured that the only girl he couldn’t seduce was the one he wanted.

Thanks Han.

Whatever. He didn’t much feel like thinking about his parents right now as he leant down, ready to scoop her up.

“Don’t.” Rey spoke.

He ignored her. She always said something along those lines and he always ignored her. Rey could kick his ass to Tatooine if she wanted, but she never did, and that at least was something. He slotted his hands underneath her body and then–


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  • People: Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean
  • April: *comes back to work late at night twice to get Ron to the hospital cause he has a hernia*
  • April: *gets the guy she likes to tell her his dream Christmas present and gives it to him*
  • April: *becomes Ron's assistant and does exactly what he wants her to*
  • April: *helps Andy find an apartment within his means*
  • April: *sits Ann's house for her*
  • April: *helps Leslie hide the possum*
  • April: *clearly doesn't care about Andy's lack of money*
  • April: *gets $180 in tips and decides to give it all back because it wasn't earned honestly*
  • April: *hurts Andy's feelings and does everything she can to get him to be happy again*
  • April: *even asks Ann for help, and Mouse Rat*
  • April: *finds Andy a new job when he feels like his life isn't progressing*
  • April: *finds Andy's bucket list and helps him achieve every item they can possibly do, even go to the Grand Canyon*
  • April: *comforts Leslie after she fought with Ben and ruined model UN*
  • April: *helps Ann organize Leslie's City Council campaign*
  • April: *adopts an adult disabled dog*
  • April: *offers to take Chris to the movies with her and Andy when he's depressed*
  • April: *observes Ann all night and sets her up with a guy who she seemed to actually enjoy being around*
  • April: *helps Ron hide his identity as Duke Silver, which she never told anyone about in the first place despite knowing about it from the beginning*
  • April: *tries to hook up Chris and Andy's teacher, and when Ron hooks up with her instead, gets him to tell Chris about it*
  • April: *sets up a pet adoption for all the pets of the shelters in Pawnee*
  • April: *reaches out to Chris when she notices he's depressed and reminds him he has friends and support*
  • April: *gets so nervous when she deletes Parks & Rec files by mistake that she has a breakdown and hides under the table and considers leaving the country*
  • April: *offers Ben a road trip to surprise Leslie with a visit when they're far away in Washington*
  • April: *gets Champion to cheer up Chris when he's feeling happy-sad during Ben and Leslie's engagement party*
  • April: *helps a little kid find his way back to his mommy when he's lost in City Hall*
  • April: *makes Andy understand that he's better at being a cop than his made-up persona*
  • April: *enthusiastically helps Leslie to collect garbage*
  • April: *gives Andy a creepy lucky charm to wish him luck*
  • April: *does her very best to cheer him up and support him unconditionally when he's failed the police exam*
  • April: *sings with Ann to take her mind off her anxiety about Chris not giving her a clear answer about donating his sperm*
  • April: *gives her a baby naming book and say she hopes it works out, with Chris or someone else*
  • April: *gets Burly to accept Andy back into the band because she doesn't want Andy to be sad, even though she doesn't really like Mouse Rat*
  • April: *constantly sends out applications for awards and prizes for everyone around her*
  • April: *notices Leslie is feeling really down about her lack of recognition and reads her a personalized emotional letter to lift her up*
  • April: *sets up Tom and Nadia because she wants him to be happy*
  • April: *comforts and supports Andy when he's feeling down about his job in London*
  • April: *spends a whole day trying to figure out Donna's spirit dog because she knows she hurts her feelings and she wants to make it up*
  • April: *helps Ron sell his cabin in the woods, and when that doesn't work, buys it from him and promises to take good care of it*
  • April: *spends all day helping Tom find a new business idea*
  • April: *gets Andy a new career as a kids performer*
  • April: *tells Ann she loves her, because though she's held a grudge for years, she does, and she wishes her everything good*
  • April: *supports and comforts Leslie when her idea to bring down the wall between Eagleton and Pawnee doesn't work, and helps the committee coming up with the Unity Concert idea*
  • April: *gives Leslie a teddy bear with a recording of Ann's voice because she knows Leslie has been missing her*
  • April: *votes for Andy a thousand times so he becomes Prom King*
  • April: *immediately offers to babysit for Leslie's kids as soon as she learns they're having babies*
  • April: *helps a Parks & Rec intern get out of the Department because she senses Jen has no passion for it and she doesn't want her to make the same mistake she did*
  • April: *comes up with an idea to save JJ's and get the National Park Leslie wanted*
  • April: *arranges everything for Donna's wedding*
  • April: *is so anxious about hurting Leslie's feelings when she tells her that she quits her job that she puts it off, and then when she does open up for real, thanks her for everything she's done for her ever since they started working together*
  • April: *insists that Ben becomes mayor of Pawnee because she wants him to accept his past and get over it*
  • April: *helps Donna set up Teach Yo Self*
  • April: *is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too perfect for this world, too pure*
  • People: Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean

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Hiiiiii, I love your art! Addi is my favorite Gravity Falls OC. X3 Yesterday I was watching National Treasure 2, and later I started thinking of a GF au with Ford as Ben, Fidds as Riley, and Addi as Abigail and now I can't stop thinking about it, I thought maybe you'd enjoy the idea. XD

Honestly, though, that’s freaking perfect! I need to rewatch those movies!

Ben Parish couldn’t be satisfied with being the most gorgeous guy in school. Just to torment me with his perfection, he also insisted on being one of the smartest. And have I mentioned he was kind to small animals and children? His little sister was on the sidelines at every game, and when we took the district title, Ben ran straight to the sidelines, hoisted her onto his shoulders, and led the parade around the track with her waving to the crowd like a home-coming queen. Oh, and one more thing: his killer smile. Don’t get me started.
—  Cassie Sullivan, about Ben Parish
Love and Marriage

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Dean, Lisa, Ben, Mary (kind of an OC, but I’ve seen the Dean’s-daughter-Mary thing played out all over the place)

Summary: AU, Dean stayed with Lisa after Sam came back. You want to spend the day with Sam alone, but Dean plans a family day.

Word Count: 3,500 (oh, that makes me so happy!)

Warnings: lightly implied smut, cursing, drinking, daddy!Dean, fluff, angst

A/N: Little idea that popped into my brain as I was laying in bed last night. Hope you like it! 

*flashbacks are in bold

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

Stretching and yawning, you swung your legs around to the side of the bed and placed your feet on the cold hardwood floor. As you walked to the bathroom, you scooped up your shirt and underwear, but apparently left your dignity on the floor the night before. You turned the water on and let it get warm before splashing some over your face. When you looked up into the mirror, you noticed a purply-reddish bite mark at the base of your neck.

“Damn it, Sam.” You grumbled and threw the towel down on the corner of the sink, stomping into the kitchen.

“Mm, mornin’ beautiful.” He barely turned to look at you over his shoulder, one hand holding the phone to his ear while the other covered the microphone.

You should’ve been calling him beautiful. He was standing at the counter, waiting for the toaster to pop. His bare back was to you, making it hard not to gawk at him. The way his muscles flexed even when he was standing still, the perfect v-shape that his body had, his dark grey sweatpants hanging on to his hip bones just so, it was all too much to resist. So you didn’t. You walked to him and wrapped your arms around his middle, laying your head between his shoulder blades after pressing light kisses to the skin there.

“Yeah, see ya then.” He hung up the phone and snapped the phone shut before setting it on the counter.

“Mornin’, Sammy,” you said.

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so on valentines day benvolio and mercutio are the only ones in the gang who are single(romeo and juliet have been dating for about six months by then and tybalt had asked rosaline out on a date the week before) and mercutio heads over to benvolio’s house with some candy and some dumb action flicks

anyway halfway through die hard the two boys start to get bored and decide to play with a bag of conversational hearts, making something of a game out of it where they have to come up with the cheesiest sentence

ben decides this is perfect actually and decides to confess to merc with his sentences

merc doesn’t get the hint at first until ben, out of desperation, sets down a single heart that says “kiss me?”

merc of course does exactly that

(years later, after they’ve been dating for a long while, mercutio buys another bag of conversational hearts and makes the sentence ‘will you marry me")

Benji 10, featuring our heroine Benjamina (Benji) Tennyson, her brutally perfect cousin, Glen, and their sociopathic-criminal-turned-ally, Kevine Levin as they beat up a bunch of aliens and save the world a lot.

This started out as just an art exercise to play in Omniverse’s/Derrick J Wyatt’s style and then I ended up thinking way too much about it and getting all invested and then I ended up drawing a tiny lady Four Arms and a bunch of other junk which hopefully you’ll see shortly.

It really is awesome to see Jen and Colin already starting off with duo panels. It could mean it’s a trend that continues on down the line for years (not necessarily this year at all Creation cons, though they might…). Con organizers love doing that stuff because it brings in the audience. When you can get the two actors of a very popular pairing together, just the two of them, on stage for a panel, it’s usually gold every time. I think about Ben Browder and Claudia Black as a perfect example. Their duo panels are always amazing. I was watching this one of the two of them from Fedcon (I think last year?) and it’s awesome.

This is what I hope to see for Jen and Colin years from now. :D


young derek hale x reader

word count: 740

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ot3 moodboards ||  damelux modern au

everyone knows that ben solo and poe dameron have spent most of their young lives in love. so it’s no surprise that as soon as ben moves back home after graduating from college, poe proposes to him. the only (huge) hiccup is that the man they hire as a wedding coordinator is perfect in too many ways for both of them. he’s stunning, completing and complimenting their existing relationship in every way. what starts off as casual flirting escalates into more and they realize over the course of just a few weeks that everything they thought was set in stone might be unraveling, falling apart and coming back together in an entirely new and frightening way. the big question is: will hux have them. (fic coming soon, with @mob-lake)