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literally dying tho at the concept of a “belle’s dad decides to stay w/ the beast rather than let his only child take his place, falls in love with the beast instead” bc its just a really good concept for so many reasons like

1. it really shows a familial love and really makes sense that belle’s father wouldnt want her to stay there, and it would give us a very loving and doting father while also having belle be kickass back in her village as she tries to help her father out

2. gay…..

3. can give us a really sweet “older gay men fall in love and are happy” trope, which really isnt as common and would just be nice to see the protagonists be two older, lonely gay dudes who slowly learn to love each other

4. it’s so unique and adorable i???



Summary: According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another. On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string.

Song: Sun - Sleeping at Last

masterlist // TRS masterlist

His kiss is like the forest; you could get lost in it forever. You’ve been standing there, together, for about a minute now. A good, safe minute - which is something you haven’t had for a long time.

In your head, you have no plans of going anywhere but when Bell holds your hand gently and leads you into the tent, your plans change. 

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Welcome To The Wild Side [4]

<– [One[Two] [Three] |

Genre: Superpowers + College AU

Rated: T

Words: 2,028

A/N: Here’s an update that no one asked for! :D Too bad! It’s here anyway lmao

On Saturday, you find yourself walking to a pub near the west end of your campus. Jimin had suggested that you two meet for lunch, and, of course, you were always down to get food, so you had agreed to meet up.

Waiting out front, your purse slung over your shoulder, the plaid shirt tied around your waist lightly blowing with the breeze, you glance around the semi-busy street. You’re hoping Jimin didn’t forget about you—especially considering you’d actually given in to meeting despite the fact you hadn’t interacted with him more than once. Seriously—that’s a miracle in your book—so he better show u—

“Hey there!” a voice calls, and before you can turn an arm is slung over your shoulder, silky brown hair tickling the side of your face. Grunting at the impact, you fall forward a little, but Jimin is quick to help steady you.

“You keep forgetting that I am a regular human girl,” you mumble at him as he releases you, and Jimin grins somewhat apologetically.

“I haven’t forgotten~ Sorry, I was just excited to see you.”

You stare at him, eyes narrowing.

“What motive do you have in saying something like that…”

“What?? I’m not allowed to say that I was excited to see you??” Jimin asks in surprise. When your eyes only narrow further, obviously not believing him, Jimin rolls his own eyes and takes a step forward. Raising his hands, he places them on your shoulders, and you stare, now even more suspicious.

“What are you doing?”

“Do you know my power?” he asks, cheeky as hell. You pause, suddenly a little weary of him. You honestly have no idea what Jimin’s power is…in fact, you only know three of their powers. Jungkook has strength, Namjoon has regeneration, and Hoseok has teleportation, but…the other four…

“Jimin, are you going to murder me. Because listen that’d be very rude ‘cause I actually kind of like you guys—”

“Oh~? You like us?” he immediately interrupts, his tone playful. You glare at him, lips curling into an angry pout, and Jimin smiles, staring right into your eyes.

“I don’t plan on murdering you—you’re too pretty for that, and I’m not a bad guy anyway, but–,” he says, shushing you when you open your mouth to refute his words, your cheeks having turned pink from embarrassment.

“Tell me, Y/N…,” meeting his stare again, your eyes widen when you see his eyes slightly changing color—a pink tinge outlining his cornea. “How do you feel about me?”

It’s almost as if your entire attitude flips at his words. Any skepticism or weariness about the situation vanishes, replaced by the steady pounding of your heart in your chest and a burst of adrenaline through your veins. Just like that you find yourself biting your lower lip, hands pressing forward to wrap around Jimin’s neck. All you can think about is him—how much you adore him—and as if possessed you lean forward and press your lips to his cheek.

However…when your eye contact with him breaks—your arms loosening from around him, your alert mind sinking back into its rightful place, screaming warning bells at you—you slowly step back away from him. You rub at your head, as if in a slight daze, and then after a few seconds—when you feel normal again—glance back up at him, both embarrassed and petrified.

“I just kissed you,” you say, your face feeling far too warm, and Jimin laughs.

“I kissed you—what the fuck just happened?? I didn’t even…what…”

“My power is empathy,” he says, carding a hand through his floofy hair. His voice softens as he continues. “I can sense the emotions of other people and also change them—so long as I make eye contact.”

SO,” he says, smiling at you again, his eyes pressing into little half-moons. However, this time you can tell he’s not being cheeky, just personable. “When we made eye contact I could tell that you were feeling a little…uncomfortable, right? Probably because you’re still getting to know all of us and you and I haven’t really hung out one on one but…I promise I’m nice, ok? You don’t need to be nervous around me.”

“O-Okay,” is your response, feeling a little baffled, but also somehow touched by his reassurance at the same time. However—

“Was in necessary to make me feel…whatever that was for you??” you ask as Jimin steps towards the door of the pub and pulls it open.

“It was attraction, Y/N,” he laughs, motioning for you to step inside. With a little huff you do, Jimin following a step behind you.

“And no, it wasn’t necessary—but I wanted to show you somehow, and I think that was the best outcome for the both of us~”

“Asshole,” you mumble, bumping your hip into his. Jimin laughs, smiling at the hostess as she shows the both of you to a table.

“Just be glad I only made it ‘attraction’ and not ‘lust’.”

At that, a few lewd images float through your mind, and you decide to shut up.

About an hour into your meal together—half of your plate of food now in your stomach and also a few of Jimin’s French fries (“payback for earlier, bitch” “*laughter* I’ll get you back for getting me back, just wait”)—you remember something that you had wanted to ask him.

“Hey, so…I know that usually, you know…people with super powers don’t exactly tell what their power is, but…the other day I couldn’t figure out what Jin, Yoongi, or Taehyung’s powers are. And I’m really curious…”

It’s almost embarrassing to admit it but it’s true. Your mind just keeps turning back to the instant before Hoseok teleported you out of the classroom—the remaining boys getting into fighting stance and tables lifting off the ground—but you hadn’t been able to discern their powers.

“Well, under normal circumstances I would probably look at you like you’re crazy and just walk away,” Jimin says, waving one of his only remaining fries around as he talks. “But because you bumped into Jungkook and because we decided to put our asses on the line to save you—you’re kind of lowkey stuck with us, so I’ll tell you.

“Jin hyung can use telekinesis—”

“Like…moving shit with your mind??” you clarify, wide amazed eyes making Jimin smile—just a little.

“Yeah. Like obviously the heavier the object means the more strain on him, ya know? But he’s strong. For the most part he just uses it to help him clean the house and cook meals.”

“Practical,” you laugh, and Jimin nods in agreement.

“Yoongi hyung has water manipulation.”

“Like water bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender?”

“I guess if you want to put it that way. But he has way less finesse than any water bender. He just kind of…does it. He can make his water turn to ice too—but only if he’s super mad. Overall, he’s really lazy about it, honestly. Out of all of us he actively uses his power the least.

“And Taehyungie has shape-shifting. It’s a pain in the ass,” Jimin groans, face sinking into his hands, and you laugh a little.

“Why is that?” you ask, cheek resting against your palm as you stare at him in amusement.

“Because he can be nearly anything,” Jimin explains. “One time I was at a party dancing with this girl, and she was acting weird but I was too drunk to notice, and then all of the sudden as she starts grinding on me I look up and it’s Kim fucking Taehyung. You never know where he’s gonna be! One time he changed to look like his professor and started teaching class, and then when the real professor got there Taehyung had to run for his life. Like, he uses his power too freely, ok? When he wants to skip class he’ll change into a squirrel and go hang out in a tree. Who does that??”

“Taehyung,” you respond smartly, and Jimin huffs, reaching across the table to poke your forehead.

“Shut up. He’s a dumbass.”

“Obviously you’re good friends,” you smile, and Jimin nearly blushes, cheeks puffing out indignantly. Luckily, before he can say anything, your waitress stops by to drop off your bill. Both you and Jimin smile at her, thanking her politely, but just as she’s about to walk away a disgruntled looking man storms past and knocks into her. You make a sound of surprise, quickly reaching out to catch your waitress as she half-way falls into your lap. At the same time, the now even more pissed off man—even though it’s his fault—makes a full 180 and glares daggers at her.

“Hey!” he growls, hand reaching forward to grab her, and you feel the girl push back against you, scared out of her mind. Also, who the fuck does this dude think he is?

Lashing out, you quickly grab onto his wrist, stopping him from grabbing your waitress. Immediately his anger turns to you, teeth grinding, but before he can make another move Jimin is out of his seat.

“C’mon now, let’s calm down,” he says, the male’s attention turning to him, and as soon as Jimin makes eye contact the man freezes. You release his wrist, his arm dropping back to his side, and within seconds his previous fury seems to melt away.

“Just keep going to where you were going, ok? Ok,” Jimin says somewhat awkwardly, patting his shoulder, and the guy nods before turning on his heel and walking away. As soon as he turns Jimin is digging in his back pocket for his wallet, a little frantic.

“So uhhh…at the longest he’ll only be calm for another minute before my powers wear off, so let’s get the hell out of here,” he says, and your waitress scrambles off your lap, apologizing and thanking you both. You assure her that she’s fine, and as soon as you and Jimin have enough money on the table to cover the bill, you duck out of the pub and hurry down the street.

“Nice one,” you tell him, lungs heaving as you both stop to rest.

“Thanks,” he says, brushing his bangs out of his eyes. “I see now why Jungkook had to jump in and save you that one night. You like getting into trouble, don’t you?”

ME?” you say, flailing your arms, and Jimin laughs.

“Well, you’re nice enough to help others who are in bad situations, and consequently you end up getting in a sticky situation too. Like with the red-eyed dude and also the guy just now. When he went to grab our waitress you tried to protect her—”

“Well I’m not just going to let him hurt her when she didn’t do anything wrong—!”

“That’s what I’m talking about, Y/N,” he says, breathing a laugh. “You’re a good person for trying to help others, I’ll give you that.”

“Sorry,” you mumble, suddenly feeling a bit bad. After all, if Jimin hadn’t been there you probably would’ve been in big trouble again. “You guys keep saving my ass.”

“It’s fine,” he says, patting your shoulder. You glance up at him, and he flashes you a kind smile. “You were just trying to help, so I can’t be mad about it. And like I said, me and the rest of the guys have your back, ok? Just…try not to get into too much trouble, especially when we’re not around.”

“Fair enough,” you respond, rubbing your arm a little sheepishly, and Jimin pats your head.

“Good. Thanks for taking time to have lunch with me, Y/N. I’ll see you around, alright?”

“Alright,” you respond with a smile, waving as he walks away, and when Jimin turns his back to you, you sigh a little.

Am I just asking for trouble? You wonder, thinking of the seven boys who had accepted you into their little group. You don’t want to have them protect you…but…

“I’ll think about this a different day,” you say, shaking your head, and turn to head home.

Love is Everything

Real Life:

Characters: Tbs x Reader ( & an adorable kitten :D)

Rating: Fluff

Written by: Lauren 

Snuggled under the layers of blanket that were wrapped tightly around me, I looked at the frost and snowflakes that had gathered on the bedroom window, observing and admiring every single detail of its beautiful features. Silence was floating around the house as I continued laying in bed, still half awake from the depth of sleep. Outside, I could hear excited squeals and screams of children as they got out of their house ready to play  in the winter wonderland that was decorated in snow and I smiled to myself as I recalled my past childhood memories.

Of how I used to be like them when I was younger, screaming and running around the halls and jumping up and down and the thoughts of presents but now as I laid in bed, I was nowhere near the jubilee spirits that Christmas would normally bring to everyone.  I shifted to my side so that my back was now facing the window and sighed to myself sadly, as I looked at the empty side of the bed where I would usually find Thomas sleeping in. His absence was the reason why I felt so depressed and as if I was a wraith drifting through the streets and the world. It was the first Christmas that I would be spending in my shared house with Thomas and with his absence, the house and me was just sad and lonely and just missing the Christmas spirit that could be found in every house.

Closing my eyes and deciding that I should catch up with sleep before facing the dreadful day, the sounds of little bells ringing and heading towards the direction of the room echoed around the house, breaking the tense silence. What was that? I opened my eyes and immediately sat up, confused with my hair in a mess. I leaned against the headboard and listened attentively to the sounds of the bells again but nothing. I scratched my head in confusion and eyed the light that was coming from underneath the door but there wasn’t any shadows that moved. I cocked my head to the side and sighed, flopping my arms down onto the comforter covering me.

Great, great, first I’m flashbacking to childhood memories and now I’m imagining things. What a splendid way to begin Christmas morning, mind.

Then just as I began sliding down the covers to escape from the light that was pouring through the window, the sounds of bells ringing sounded again but this time it was louder and definitely closer. And, I was definitely wasn’t imagining it but where could it be coming from when there wasn’t a single soul available in my house except me? I slowly crawled out of bed, determined to be quiet so that whoever was in my house wouldn’t hear me,  and slowly dragged myself across the floor and towards the door, acting as if I was in an action or horror movie.

I positioned myself against the wall that was beside the door then waited, listening to the continuous ringing of bells. It got closer and closer the longer I sat there and finally deciding that I needed to see who was the one behind the ringing, I braced my hands on the cool metal doorknob of the door before pulling it open.  And there, crawling on the floor of my house with a small green collar that had bells attached to it, was an adorable grey kitten playing with a random string of yarn.

My guards that I had put up thinking that it could have been a burglar in my house was immediately dropped at the sight of the kitten in front of me and I couldn’t help but move towards it. It stopped playing with the yarn the moment it realized that someone was staring at it then meowed at me when it looked up. I felt my heart melt just at the sight of it and even more, when it circled me before nuzzling its head against my legs. Smiling at the kitten, I picked it up from where it laid then cuddled it in my arms, not hesitating to stroke its fur that was soft and smooth.

“ Hello little guy, where did you come from?” I asked softly, playing with the bells that was on the collar that it wore. It meowed at me as a response to my question even though I highly doubt it understood what I just asked before cuddling its head against my arm then proceeding to purr. I continued to stroke its fur before scratching it behind its ears.  I watched as it looked at me looking at it and I let out a happy sigh.

“ Well, at least you’re here to keep me company today. C'mon, little guy,  lets get  go get you something to eat or drink,” I told it, figuring it would be at least a little thirsty, before I made my way down the stairs and towards the kitchen.  

The house was decorated with d all sorts of Christmas decorations that could be found. The living room’s fireplace had various stockings hung above it and the couch that was stationed right in front of the television had different fluffy pillows and throw blankets placed on top of it for an extra coziness. The windows had little Christmas lights placed above it that would light every night and the Christmas tree that was placed at the corner of the room and shone out from the other decorations, was covered in small adorable ornaments ranging from the usual balls to the candy cane like ones. I continued stroking the little kitten’s fur as I walked towards the kitchen but stopped in my tracks when I beheld what was in front of the Christmas Tree. I felt my heart stop beating before it started again.

There standing in front of the lit-up tree was Thomas with a huge bow on his head and a smile plastered on his face. He was dressed in his cream colored sweater that I loved so much with the collar of the blouse he wore underneath peaking out. His dirty blonde hair that was tousled in a disheveled mess, probably because he ran his hand through it multiple times was, had a huge bright red bow placed on top of it and his dark brown bambi eyes were regarding me with a spark of happiness in them. Thomas smiled at me as I stood in front of him, mouth open as if I was a goldfish who was still shell shocked. He chuckled once he realised that I wasn’t going to start moving any time soon and opened his arms for me. “ Merry Christmas, love”

I didn’t hesitate or even gave a thought before I dropped the kitten down onto the floor and bolted straight into Thomas’s arms. He embraced me into one of his many bear hugs that he would give me usually and I clung onto him just like a koala would to its tree. I smiled through the tears that fell down my cheek, knowing that finally I felt like I was back home. His warmth, his familiar scent of cologne that he would always wear and the way it felt to be in his arms. Oh, how I missed it all so much after not being able to be with him for weeks. Thomas and I both stood there right in front of the Christmas tree, hugging for god knows how long before he finally pulled away to see me wiping away  my salty tears with the sleeves of my sweater.

“ How are you home? I.. I thought you had to be in New Mexico to shoot for the Scorch Trials movie?” I asked softly, my voice suddenly hoarse. Thomas chuckled then tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear before cupping my face in his hands.

“ (Y/N), its Christmas. Do you honestly think Wes would be that cruel to hold us back and not let us fly back to visit the ones we love?” Thomas replied, smiling brightly at me as I sniffled back the remains of my tears. I shook my head in disbelief and smiled right back at Thomas, grateful for him to be finally home again.

“ Oh shut up, Thomas.” I fired back at him then giggled before wrapping my arms around his neck and and kissing him. His lips were soft and gentle as they moved against mine, and Thomas for some weird reason tasted like peppermint but not that I was complaining about it. I felt Thomas wrapped his arms around my waist and I grinned against the kiss, taking in joy to feel the familiar sparks flying around us. It felt as if little fireworks from the forth of july were exploding underneath my skin as we continued kissing, not caring about the time that passed. Our lips moved together like they were dancing in sync and soon when I was nearly out of breath, I pulled away and rested my forehead against his, panting.

“ Love, there still are many more presents left that needs to be unwrapped you know? ” Thomas whispered under his breath, grinning at me as he watched me watching him. I nuzzled my nose against his and smiled.

“ Tommy, you coming home for Christmas is already the best thing I could get as a present.”

“ Really?” Thomas raised his eyebrows at me in disbelief.

“ Okay, well you are placed in second position right behind the cat,” I whispered, jokingly and nearly burst into a fit of laughter when I felt the little furball trying to fit itself in between me and Tommy and pushing both of us apart though its efforts to no avail. Thomas looked down at the kitten that was battling against our bodies that were both laid together before smirking back at me.

“ Stupid bloody cat, I should have gotten you something else.”

I laughed before pulling in Thomas for another kiss. After a year of waiting,  I finally felt like I was back at home and I knew it wasn’t just because that I was situated at home. It was because Thomas was finally back and all the other presents that I got for Christmas that year was nothing compared to him just being at home with me to celebrate the joyful holiday.


Mega Banette!Dorian and bonus Roserade!Marly and Mega Banette!Dorian

Dorian doesn’t enjoy this form much but I have a new appreciation for mega banette.

i-ate-the-biscuit prompted: “Belle wants to get a dog, but it isn’t easy to convince Rumple”

I kind of twisted this one a bit because I’ve always thought that Rumpel is a definite dog person and wouldn’t need all that much convincing to get one. I hope you like it nonetheless!


“We’re not getting a puppy.” Rumpel’s voice is flat and its tone brokers no negotiation.

“But why not?” Belle persists. “You love dogs! I know you love dogs, and you used to have sheepdogs, and I’ve seen how well you get on with Pongo.”

“I have absolutely no issue with getting a dog,” Rumpel says. “What I am not getting, however, is a puppy. If we get a dog, we are getting a grown-up one that is already housebroken, does not chew everything in sight and has had basic obedience training.”

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there are monthly productions of hamilton sing-a-longs in the haus you cannot convince me otherwise

the team picks a random night every month where they get totally smashed and every single time bitty starts playing the hamilton soundtrack and after a couple times bitty they designate parts and who’s who and they all just go with it??? like even jack who is not totally trashed like the rest of them but is still intoxicated enough to go along with it

and because they do this monthly it gets louder every month and the lax bros make a joke out of it on yik yak and one time it happens one of the lax bros posts “the hockey team is putting on a full production of hamilton even the captain is in on it” and people start showing up???? like they just crowd into the living room to watch this and its actually really entertaining?????

eventually its like the whole womens volleyball team is there and a few girls from the womens tennis team and the lax bros are there and despite the feud between smh and the lax bros its a very good time

they stand in front of the tv when theyre singing and if theyre not featured in the song theyre just part of the ensemble and they sit with everyone else and eventually everyone that knows the words for the ensemble/company parts join in (smh and lardo sit in front of the couch (they left the lax bros with the disgusting couch because fuck the lax bros) so its easier for them to get up when they need to sing)

they do this for every single song on the soundtrack

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Luck of the Dork - Matthew Espinosa Fan Fiction

This is just the prologue and its not gonna be long, it just gives. You guys and idea of what’s coming! So I hope this is good! ——–

“Sophomore year was one hell of a year. I met the love of my life. ” I finish.

“Well why don’t you share that story?”

“Well, it all began on a nice Autumn Day…”


I walked through the courtyard of Montwood high, the sun was shining, the grass was the greenest of green. s Sky was blue, clouds were puffy. Most beautiful day ever. I waltzed around not paying attention to where I was going and bumped into someone, landing on top of the victim.

“Crap sorry…” I mutter .

“Its alright. ” they almost whisper in emberassment.

I dig my head out of their shoulder, pushing myself up.

“I’m reeaally sorry. ”

“Its f-fine”

We both stand up and I look straight at the victim.

Tall, He had the most beautiful brown eyes, his hair in a quiff, light skin, pink plum lips. Now he was cute.

“I-m K-”

“Kaylee..” he blushes fixing his vest.

“Yeah how do you know and are you new? ” I question.

“No um ive known you since kindergarten but you don’t know me… and your like the most popular girl here…” he trails off, in a serious tone messing with his colar.

“Oh ive never seen you around. ”

“Yeah, well I’m Matt …”

“N-nice to meet you M-Matt. ” Why am I so nervous ?

he blushes looking at the ground. Hes adorable.

The bell rings signaling its time for 6th period. “Well b-bye Kaylee” Matt stutters. “B-bye Matt”

I stay there for a while, looking down. ‘What the hell just happened?’ I question. I’m never nervous around anyone. As I’m thinking, I see a key ring on the floor. I pick it up and see keys, tags and a student I.D. on it.
‘Matthew Lee Espinosa ’ it read. Matthew Lee? What an adorable name.



Hayy guys! Here’s the prologue !It will get better I promise! I hope you like it!