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Feather-set’s Language-Learning Charm

This charm is meant to help you learn a language faster, better, and for longer. Wear it with you when you study the language you want to learn and you’ll retain and be able to access a lot more.

What you’ll need:

  • A key ring
  • A key
  • A bell 
  • Item(s) to represent mouth/tongue (mine are the jaw and vanilla bean [for a tongue])
  • Item(s) to represent language 

Craft a charm using the items you have gathered. Make sure that the key ring is big enough for all of the items you have. When you’re studying or surrounded in the language you want to learn, wear this charm on you. When practicing, hold the charm to your mouth and speak into it. 

BONUS: Add another item to the ring that symbolizes the language you most want to learn (be sure to remove it if you want to learn a language other than that one). Here’s mine for Swedish!

“The Familiar’s Bell” sigil
Sometimes, discovering your familiar can be difficult. If you use this sigil, however, it will call your familiar to reveal itself! Think of it as a bell. When the bell is rung, it beckons your familiar to appear before you! Whether in a dream, in the waking world, or wherever you wish to meet your familiar! This sigil can also be used if you want to summon your familiar!


Sooo @supercolm tagged me in a 10 selfies of 2016 thing but I don’t actually take selfies so here’s 10 pictures of me in cosplay? because that’s the only time I’ll allow photos of me to be taken bye

I’ve grown so much as a cosplayer this year, it’s unreal. I started 2016 off with my biggest costume to date, Kylo Ren, and after that, it was just a nonstop stream of learning new techniques and practicing my craft. I also did more charity events than ever. Now, I’m finishing the year with my first ever cosplay commission!

I’m tagging @thoreaus and @cosplayconspiracy to post 10 selfies in hopes that they actually take selfies lmao

Hi everyone! It’s Ana Margarida, aka @flowindia & Alli aka @bravend here… We have decided to host our 1st awards together, and since we both adore Radiohead, we have chosen a Radiohaed award whoohoo ! So here are the rule for participating :

❁ Rules ❁

mbf @flowindia & @bravend

must reblog this (likes only as bookmark)

❁ Awards❁  

(we are doing 2 for each category)

We Suck Young Blood  & No Surprises  Best posts

Stop Whispering  & House of Cards  Best URL

Electioneering  & My Iron Lung  Best theme

2+2=5  & Faust Arp  Best icon

Paranoid Android  & Karma Police - Best overall

All I need & How to Disappear Completely  Best new discovery

Fake Plastic Trees & Nude Best Playlist

Daydreaming & Burn the Witch Nicest blogger

Morning Bell/Amnesiac & You  Best different style

High and Dry  Ana’s fave

Creep  Alli’s fave

❁ Perks❁

2 super cool new friends

a feature on a lovely page (under co.)

promo to thousands 2 times per week (on request)

❁ Other❁

Be active

Have a clean and unique blog

Talk to us

Banne made by @flowindia

We will pick when we’re happy with the notes

Please don’t let this flop but if it does you never saw this okay