and being torn apart by fate


Luke Garroway Appreciation Week

Day one: Favorite Luke Moments

I loved Luke and Simon’s relationship from the get go, but this scene really got me because I feel like it shows, fundamentally, who Luke is. Luke has been through some shit. He was betrayed by his best friend, not just to die, but with the fate of being torn apart by werewolves. He survived it. Luke is the sort of character that has the perfectly crafted backstory for a villain. He had his like stolen from him by someone he loved and trusted. And yet Luke took the hand he’d been dealt and he crafted a new life that let him go on protecting people in the best ways he could. He couldn’t be a shadowhunter, so he became a cop, using his access to crime scenes to protect humans and downworlders from the kinds of things you don’t put behind bars.

Luke knows what it’s like to have your whole world change overnight, to feel like you’ve been turned into a monster, to want so desperately to remember how to be normal. Luke handles Simon’s fear and anxiety with compassion, understanding, and his signature humor. We’re given the feeling that the meal is less about teaching Simon how to look inconspicuous and more about letting him know that nothing has changed between them. Luke still cares about Simon, Luke still has his back. Luke is such a wonderful, gentle father figure in this show and I will honestly fight anyone over how great he is. 

Saber Lily (Prince Arthur)

The son of Uther Pendragon and the heir to the throne of Britain. When the country was being torn apart between the Romanised Britons and the Saxons, Uther left the young Arthur in the care of Sir Ector and his son Sir Kay.

The wizard Merlin tutored Arthur and would later serve as his advisor. One day, deep in the forests, Arthur would come across something that would change his life forever.

A Sword in a Stone…