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Hi! I was wondering whether you might have pointers to resources for gifted+ADHD adults, if there are any decent ones out there that don't minimize the disabling nature of ADHD and just treat it like a magic creativity bonus. I hope this isn't presumptuous to ask, but I'm really struggling with stuff like being able to go to bed in time to get enough sleep at the same time as holding down a career that makes people go "ooooo you must be ~so smart" and am incredibly frustrated by the combination.

Giftedness is such a frustrating thing to talk about, because there are all these cultural narratives around ~bragging and ~egotism and shit and like… no. Giftedness isn’t important to me because I want to be TEH SMRTST, it’s important to me because I had no friends as a child. Realizing, “Hey, I have this neurodivergence that means that OF COURSE 99.9% of the kids I meet think I’m weird” meant I stopped thinking that I was just uniquely broken and unlovable.

It’s about being smart enough to name all the moons of Jupiter, but not realizing the other 7-year-olds don’t want to hear them. It’s about being literally mandated by all the adults in your life to do work that they know is too easy for you for a dozen years, and having your executive function atrophy, and then almost drowning when you’re thrown in the river of work hard enough for you in college.

Soooo yeah. I care about it a lot. (For people who aren’t familiar with my extensive back catalogue: I’ve written essays before on giftedness as neurodivergence and how most gifted children don’t grow up into eminent adults)

Anyway, the term for giftedness+disability (learning disability, autism spectrum, physical disability, mental illness) is “twice-exceptional” or “2e”.  Twee as fuck, but whatever, it’s googleable. I guess parents don’t want to be like my friend Feather and call it “comorbidity”. I also find ADDitude magazine to be a perpetually good resource.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) a huge number of resources for ADHD adults honestly are aimed at Gifted ADHD adults, just because most things written about psychology and self-help are inaccessible to people who aren’t cognitively strong. So if you like reading tons of psychological literature, ADDitude has a list of classics in the field.

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What does a person's favorite sufjan song say abt them?

Fuqq I meant album

carrie & lowell: they have severe clinical depression but they’re pretty chill and probably don’t have too many weird fetishes.

the age of adz: LOTS of weird fetishes. campy shit is their lifeblood. they love big wild tacky things and they are constantly filling their place of residence with random ugly broken shit they found in antique shops or thrift stores. probably a functioning alcoholic. has a weird relationship with their religious upbringing.

all delighted people ep: they’re very language-oriented and at risk of becoming an english major. they love thorough analysis. they wish they could be louder and campier but they’re too anxious to potentially attract the attention of other people. they really really like birds.

illinois: at risk of already being a fan of neutral milk hotel. either a late-20s straight man who takes unnecessarily attentive care of his beard and thinks too much about beer, or a socialist-leaning woman who’s still not over her ex-girlfriend.

seven swans: has a REALLY weird relationship with their religious upbringing. 

michigan: just wants to retire to a small, energy-efficient woodland cabin somewhere up north with the multiple large dogs they will own in the future that they have already picked out names for.

a sun came: has collected or will one day begin collecting knives. thinks performance art gets a bad rap. definitely a stoner.

Pokemon game concept

You play as Arceus and you have to invent the world.

You gotta do stuff like:

  • Stopping your horrible Legendary children when they bicker
  • horrible horrible bickering children
  • When Giratina appears you have to send it back to the Distortion World or things start to warp
  • you get to choose the order in which you create the regions (not necessarily the canon ones? just like, go wild n design ‘em yourself or whatever) but
  • after X amount of time, Arceus is tired. gotta take a nap for 100-1000 years. have you made sure there are safeguards to stop your horrible children from wrecking the world? (eg you’ve locked up Palkia and Dialga away from each other for a bit so the space-time continuum remains mostly in-tact, if you’ve made Groudon and Kyogre you’ve also installed Rayquaza or else the continents may not be where you left them)
  • things will Still Happen while you’re asleep tho. spice up your life. depends on how long you sleep
  • maybe Mew decides to get involved in making Legendaries too and you have to be aware of what might be required for damage control
  • no Mew why would you make Yveltal why i was asleep. i gotta stop it eating the survivors and also make a Big Deer
  • populations of ‘mons in regions are randomised by the biomes and space and stuff
  • you might end up with a region where there are a bunch of different ‘mons or just Bidoofs and Magikarps and maybe a Sunkern. RNG’s a Heck.
  • you can dedicate time to altering the diversity of a region if you really want after the fact but you’ve only got so much time before you gotta nap again and there’s A LOT TO MANAGE
  • once you’ve got most of the Legendaries and their constraints in place things get easier OR DO THEY
  • at some point once the Legendaries are set to go, humans show up, they’re probably from another world? idk the whole thing’s weird and vague
  • you gotta deal with their shenannigans and now when you nap you might wake up to your current region suddenly being colonised
  • or humans messing with the Legendaries so you gotta interfere and send a Holy Ten-Year-Old to deal with it
  • or Suddenly Human War
  • ultra beasts?? ???? who let them in???
  • how do you deal with the artificial ‘mons?
  • what is Deoxys?????
  • if a human finds you while you’re nappin you wake up Grumpy and function at half capacity for the rest of your waking time so you gotta make sure your naptime place is too difficult to reach
  • more??

aim of the game is to create all of the Pokemon in the Pokedex. once you’re done you can either just sit and watch your world carry on by itself, or become Micromanage God and start poking things for no reason

Symmetra sees Junkrat,eyes wide, standing totally still in the spawn after the match has started. At first she thinks he was just, whats that unsightly phrase of Roadhog’s, being a dick but after a few seconds she realises what’s actually going on. gently she takes his metal hand in her hard light one, and teaches him a simple focusing technique. Junkrat had never heard the phrase ‘sensory overload’ or even ‘executive function’ but that thought trick the weird Indian sheila taught him really helped when his brain got too noisy! He blew up the gorilla when he was trying to fuck with her shield generator, so he reckoned they’re even! 

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Hi!! I reeeaally live your train au (especially since its based in Dublin. Its nice to have someone acknowledge this country lol). I hope I dont sound like an asshole when I say that it is slightly inaccurate since we dont play american football in Ireland. Most schools have a GAA (Gaelic football) team. I feel like Keith would love GAA since its preeety violent. But anyway, I love your au!!! Thanks for listening I guess

Not offensive at all !! When I thought up the setting I knew I really wanted it to be like Ireland and I played around with the idea of football. 

But in the end, I decided to make this a made up a place that looks and feels like Ireland, but the schools function like American classes with American football being the school’ sport. 

I hope it’s not too jarring, I love football but American football has somethings I knew I wanted draw and prompt. 

Thank you though!!! I hope this made-up weird country isn’t too confusing!

Being Neurodivergent

Being Neurodivergent is being predisposed to mood disorders/mental illnesses and no one ever talking about it

Being Neurodivergent is having your special interests/hyperfixations repressed by your family for your “own protection” despite those things being your only form of comfort or satisfaction

Being Neurodivergent is having teachers refuse to give you your accommodations because you’re “high functioning” or “you’re not really disabled”

Being Neurodivergent is having your siblings call you weird/a freak/disabled (with an offensive tone - being disabled in itself is not a bad thing)/annoying/ useless/completely helpless

Being Neurodivergent is doing what people tell you, but still doing it wrong because they weren’t specific enough

Being Neurodivergent is breaking down sobbing in the middle of shopping because everything was too much and you couldn’t process anything correctly/plan what you were going to do next

Being Neurodivergent is having everyone know something is wrong/different with you from the time you were an infant but never getting a proper diagnosis out of fear that you’ll be held out of honors/ap classes

Being Neurodivergent is having to hide checklists of “brush teeth” and “put books in backpack” when your friends come over because you simply cannot think through those steps on your own

Being Neurodivergent is being more susceptible to people using/abusing/manipulating you but not having anyone ever talk about it

Being Neurodivergent is losing friends because once they move on from a an interest that is your special interest/hyperfixation and they get sick of never being able to discuss anything else

Being Neurodivergent is constantly having people think you’re lying/are guilty of something because you can’t make eye contact

Being Neurodivergent is having to suppress yourself, hide key parts of yourself away, and remodeling every little bit of yourself for the neurotypical world you live in, and then being told it’s your fault when that facade fails, and it freaking sucks

The ENTP Awkward Phase

The ENTP awkward phase is a time, normally in the teen years, where the naturally goofy and loveable ENTP, represses themselves in order to fit in. 

The problem with this is that ENTPs are well… naturally unique. Not everyone is like them which is why they’re one of the rarer personalities. Yet they want to fit in somewhat and to do this, they start repressing their naturally unique personality. It could be their weirdness, their loudness, their talkative nature, their annoyingness or anything really. But repressing it feels awful and it can lead the ENTP to feeling really upset.

When in this phase, ENTPs may fit in, but can still come across as rather introverted or just awkward. Yet this frustrates the ENTP because they know that that isn’t themselves at their best, and it feels like barely anyone knows what they’re actually like.

It can be hard to break out of this phase and be your happy ENTP self again, but the key is to not care about others. Their expectations shouldn’t be stopping you from being yourself. It doesn’t matter if they think you’re kind or not, what matters is your happiness and if being yourself upsets them, then that’s too bad.

As an ENTP, your charm comes from your weird and loveable personality and by repressing it, you’re no longer special. Once you can accept your personality you won’t be acting or repressing yourself. Instead you’ll enjoy being yourself and find that everyone else is naturally drawn to you when you can do that sincerely.

This is really complicated to talk around but like…

A really common way of coding someone autistic (without going through the bother of providing any real representation via research and canonical confirmation of neurotype) is by making them “smart but socially awkward”.

You probably know the type. It’s ridiculously common. I’d probably be more hard pressed to name a tv show that doesn’t have it, off the top of my head, than one that does. They’re almost always white, they’re usually men.

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things are so bad my guys.

Cartman the ESTP-A


These will be my own interpretations of each of the main four. Since these are gonna take a while I may as well separate them into individual posts by character. Besides they’re easier on people’s dashes this way.

Extraverted – “I like getting my energy from active involvement in events and having a lot of different activities. I’m excited when I’m around people and I like to energize other people. I like moving into action and making things happen.”

Pretty self-explanatory. Anyone who’s watched the show could tell you that Cartman’s favorite place is the spotlight. He thrives on the things going on around him, but only concerns himself with what he’s interested in. If he personally doesn’t deem the newest trends cool enough, he doesn’t want to be a part of them and will need a lot of pushing to get into it.

External image

Despite his obvious notoriety, Cartman actually has a very high range of influence, and if he really wants to, he can manipulate others to do what he wants. Whether that’s making every kid think Kyle did 9/11

Or rallying a group against Wendy for killing smurfs.

Granted the anti-wendy group was much smaller but Wendy’s popularity counteracting his influence, combined with the stupidity of his statements made only a few students actually believe him. But still, Cartman can say “Wendy kills smurfs,” and there are people that will actually believe him. That is evidence of his people skills.

The hidden con to this is that if Cartman is ignored for long enough, he becomes incredibly malleable to those who will give him attention. External attention is Cartman’s life force. He needs it to function. And when he says he would love it if he was the only person existing on the planet it’s definitely a front. That would be Cartman’s worst nightmare.

That being said, Cartman doesn’t mind alone time. It’s more the situation of there being people around that aren’t paying attention to him that gets him. In general if there was a threat of Cartman never getting attention again, he would not be happy.

Sensing – “Paying attention to physical reality, what I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. I’m concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real. I notice facts and I remember details that are important to me. I like to see the practical use of things and learn best when I see how to use what I’m learning. Experience speaks to me louder than words.”

This is the businessman in Cartman. You’d think with his crazy schemes and big imagination that would not make him very in-tuned with reality, but it’s the opposite. Cartman is very observant of what’s around him, more so than any other boy in school. 

He is aware of patterns in groups, genders, races and even social classes. Granted he uses these to pass judgement on people in a way that he can unfairly dismissive manor, but he is very observant and even points out stereotypes he’s never heard anybody use before. And he’s especially observant of Kyle, so much that he can predict how he’ll respond to things.

Not only that, he knows what laws are being passed. He knows what he can and can’t do legally, whether it’s taking the Washington Redskin’s name or using the girl’s restroom because he identifies as a girl. 

By observing and keeping up with the world around him he uses these like pieces of a puzzle to put together a big picture of whatever he wants.

Thinking – “When I make a decision, I like to find the basic truth or principle to be applied, regardless of the specific situation involved. I like to analyze pros and cons. I notice inconsistencies. Sometimes I miss or don’t value the ’people’part of a situation.”

Cartman is a very passion oriented person. However, he’s also very methodical.

 I take Thinking over Feeling because these traits simply don’t apply to him;

  • I have a people or communications orientation.
  • I am concerned with harmony and nervous when it is missing.
  • I look for what is important to others and express concern for others.
  • I make decisions with my heart and want to be compassionate.
  • I believe being tactful is more important than telling the “cold” truth.
  • Sometimes I miss seeing or communicating the “hard truth” of situations.
  • I am sometimes experienced by others as too idealistic, mushy, or indirect.

While Cartman is definitely a people person, it’s more so because he understands how they work as opposed to feeling how they feel. It takes a much deeper connection for Cartman to actually care about how people are feeling, and this is only with a select group of individuals. His Mom, His four friends, and cats.

But Cartman is very down to business when he needs to be. He cares about  potential and wastes no time turning potential into results. Morality isn’t a concern to him, just efficiency. To him morality is just a word he can use to dupe competitors.

He will speak very bluntly with no regard for others’ feelings unless they’re valuable partners to him.

 and he will push his subordinates and not let anybody slack. 

Overall, he’d make a very efficient boss.

Him not being overly concerned about subordinate comfort will often make people defect from him, but it also means that he maintains efficiency. So while some leave, the ones that stay benefit from his methods.

This being clearly seen in the Wacky Molestation Adventure episode. Kyle and Stan left Cartman because he was in their eyes too strict and created their own sect of people. Even though they were lenient with their half of the town, their side also ended up filthy and savage while Cartman’s half had their usual clean clothes, while utilizing some weird fucking jar technology that Stan and Kyle’s side didn’t have.

At the end of the day even if he is affected by the atmosphere surrounding him, his actions do still make sense and he still weighs the pros and cons in most situations. This only stops being a fact when his ego is threatened, and then he becomes a wildcard.

Percieving – “ I use my perceiving function (whether it is Sensing or Intuition) in my outer life. To others, I seem to prefer a flexible and spontaneous way of life, and I like to understand and adapt to the world rather than organize it. Others see me staying open to new experiences and information.”

Cartman can be very stubborn, but only if what he’s pushing for is plausible in the atmosphere he’s in. Cartman is a very opportunistic person and adapts with whatever’s going on, attaching to the newest event and finding out ways to make it work for him.

His biggest struggle was with the PC agenda, unable to fit it into his personal interests at first. As he first saw it, PC was a threat to everything he enjoyed doing. PC Principal quickly beat that out of him, at which point he was actually having an internal arc in the hospital, trying to decide whether or not he should just adapt to this weird philosophy.

Before and afterward, his resistance to the PC trend strongly stemmed from Kyle. 

Kyle is a very strong influence to Cartman, and, in a dilemna where Cartman’s ego is clashing with his adaptability, he would rely on Kyle’s support to make that kind of decision.

The three things that keep him going in this decision being, his set of values, his adaptability, and Kyle’s set of values. 

Kyle ultimately gave up on going against political correctness.

In turn, so did Cartman.

And with this change he was able to adapt to the PC culture and use it to feed his ego the way he saw other people do the same. Despite what everyone thought he would do, he became part of PC culture and was able to make it benefit him.

Because he doesn’t need a set of values to be an asshole, he just needs to know how to use the set of values that the majority people believe in to his advantage.

He generally however adapts way quicker and much more instantaneously, never missing a beat. This PC culture along with the High School Musical scenario are the only two scenarios where he struggled to adapt.

Other times he was crowd funding, running a business, running half a town, rolling with the weird reality that there were creatures from the void invading their dimension, starting a peruvian flute band on the fly and making a boyband. 

Though Cartman is a domineering person, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a stubborn person. A lot of his control is being able to adapt to his surroundings and properly understand them. This requires him to be Percieving, to think on his feet and be receptive to whatever the universe throws at him.

Similar to Stan’s functions, Cartman’s are tightly knit together and complement each other very fluidly, allowing him to act without much hesitation most times.

Stan the ESFP-T
Kyle the INFJ-A
Kenny the ISFP-T

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seventy years | simon/jace | 2.3k | ao3 | inspired by this post | tw / very vague mentions of nazis in relation to ww2

He pushes his hands into the sheets and the numbers three twenty-seven flash up harsh when he unlocks his unearthed phone, still open on his messages. Simon’s name is tantalising, almost, inviting some sort of interaction and he doesn’t know what kind.

(Jace can’t sleep.)

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hello could you help me, i wanna write a story were onw of the characters is autistic i want a little help is there some sites about it

First of all, I’m very glad you turn to the autistic community. I’m sure you’ve seen this written a bunch of times, but just to be sure: please, please stay away from Autism Speaks. They demonize autism (basically saying autistic people ruin their families and would be better off dead). They promote a “cure” (which means aborting children that test positive for autism genes) and abusive “therapy”. A good post about why ABA is bad is HERE.
This is a very good post on what to look out for in research.

Tbh, I don’t go on other websites as much, so I’ll put some links of stuff that I know. For a general understanding, you can look into the DSM-V criteria (the offical criteria to diagnose autism). This won’t give you much to write a lively character, but with all the resources, it can be overwhelming. You should also definitely check out the organizations run by autistics, such as the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and the Autistic Women’s Network.

Autism is a spectrum. (See here for an explanation on what that means.) No two autistics are the same, and experience the world the same. An important tip I read was “don’t make autism their only defining trait” (it’s the same with race or sexuality, really). It’s tempting, since autism is literally affect how our brain works, but it’s better to do it in subtle ways e.g.

This is a very cute comic that gives an overview over common issues and how to be a good ally.

For inspiration and relatable things, you can definitely check out the #actuallyautistic tag! If you need examples for sensory things: Sensory hell and Sensory heaven
If you look on tumblr, you’ll find tons of examples for stimming. The trick is obviously to write it in a way that doesn’t degrade it (especially happy flapping has become a meme that basically says people who flap are R*tarded or just insane). That goes for all autistic behavior.

Another big topic is ableism. Warning: You will fuck up. We all do. I’m autistic and I still struggle with internalized ableism a lot. That includes automatically thinking autistic behavior looks weird, or not being able to express it, hell I haven’t even told more than four people in real life I’m autistic. Autistic is still used to mean something negative and you don’t shake that easily. Just be critical of your own thinking.
Ableism has many facettes, too many for me to line up here. Some include:

  • Not listening to us: People who talk are “obviously” too high-functioning to speak about autism, people who can’t talk are not assumed to be able to express an opinion.
  • Everyone has met at least one neurotypical who assumed they knew more about autism than an autistic person.
  • Medical ableism: Goes both directions. Either autistics are treated as if we could not make decisions, even as adults, or our problems are dismissed, especially other symptoms
  • Sexism: Women much less likely to receive a diagnosis or to be treated for medical problems both. Resources masterpost on autism in women
  • An article about lack of diagnosis in autistic women
  • Abuse: Can range from emotional abuse (e.g. guilt tripping, gaslighting) to physical (e.g. provoking a meltdown / sensory overload on purpose), usually both
  • Generally just ignoring an autistic person’s boundaries.
  • “Autistics are only worth something if they have a special talent” (basically Rain Man)
    -> dehumanization in general, “we’re not human for not having certain traits / abilities”

There’s also this huge debate on self-dx (see this post for example). In many places diagnosis is expensive and can have a lot of disadvantages (e.g. looking for jobs). Self-dx involves a shit ton of research, months and years of it, really. (Just like you are doing now!) My humble opinion: Psychologists fuck up as well, see the ableism section.

Here is a post on how to get diagnosed as an adult.
And here is a post on self-dx!
Here’s my story of getting diagnosed (maybe less relevant, but take it as a real life example)

Media representation of autistic people is unfortunately complete garbage for the most part:

This post has a lot of notes with people telling what irks them about media representation of disability in general.
Here is a post on why The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time )a pretty popular book that we read in school as “education” about autism) is a bad representation
A post on ableism in the series “Good Doctor”
I couldn’t find a cohesive review of the show “Atypical” and I haven’t seen it myself, nor do I intend to, but if you go in the #atypical tag the autistic community is very clear that it’s bullshit (and also backed by Autism Speaks, so big surprise)
Billy from the new power rangers is autistic! And from what I’ve heard he’s actually well-written. (A post about what the writers did right.)

Things to avoid (unless you present it in the context of ableism / being negative) :

  • cure rhethoric
  • functioning labels / mental age rhetoric (See this post)
  • The distinction aspergers and autism (I can’t find the post explaining in detail why it’s bullshit but here’s the short version: Aspergers is an outdated concept (in the new DSM-V it doesn’t exist anymore, you’re just autistic) and it has been used to separate the “good” autistics from the “bad” (it’s ableist and a functioning label basically)
  • Here’s also an explanation on Aspie supremacists
  • emotionless character
  • person first language (Here is a post on why PFL is bad)
  • white little boy with special interest in trains (they do exist, but it’s overdone)
  • he’s autistic BUT- (insert special ability) Click Here

Here is a post explaining our preference for the autism label above others
Here is another post on writing autistic characters
Lastly, I recently found a very good post about the difficulty of calling a character autistic in writing, you can check it out here.

I probably forgot a ton of important things, so if anyone wants to add something, please do so; or shoot me a message, whatever is more comfortable.

I’m still baffled that Bella- Bella who was embarrassed to start school midterm, to be noticed, who was super uncomfortable with being the new girl or after her accident with the truck- didn’t die of embarrassment throughout the books. I mean, being around vampires as the only person who has bodily functions that make weird noises and stink is embarrassing enough already, but to fall in love with a mind reader, an empath and a psychic around is so bad??? I mean okay, Edward couldn’t hear HER thoughts, but he could hear everyone elses- I’d be super self-concious if I ever so much as looked at the person I was falling for because Edward would know and also hear Emmett commenting on how smitten you are, Jasper feeling everything too. Plus, nobody sleeps and hears every stupid mushy thing you say to each other ALL THE TIME
It’s the worst

What if millennials started writing confused passive aggressive ‘studies’ of older generations with the same kind of bogus clickbait headlines and vague social observations about way too broad a range of people. like would the people writing this shit start to realize how weird and condescending it is that they never just. ask. young people.
“Why are boomers so mad at technology.”
“Why does my 60 year old aunt look like I killed a man in her living room every time i mention having to use the bathroom. Do boomers not understand bodily functions?“
“Why does my neighbor ‘believe’ in Trump when all evidence points to him being a hell goblin from a sideways dimension and not a real man”
“Baby Boomers killing science?? wtf”
“Boomers idealize hippie culture of the 60s and 70s, ‘confused’ by today’s counter culture movements. Didn’t We Do Enough Rebellion Back Then? Why can’t we be Happy With The Way Things Are???”

Imagine bonding with Joe

(A/N: For @kjs-s . I hope this is what you were looking for and that you and everyone else enjoys this!)

Imagine bonding with Joe

There is nothing worse than being all dressed up and having nothing to do.

You had attended a lot of charity events, political fundraisers and balls throughout your life. It was a side effect of having a politician as a Father. You’d thought you would get away with not attending once you left home and became an adult but then your Dad ran for Senator. And he won and he kept on winning. Attending these events became a part of his day job. He was keeping up appearances and to do that meant so did you. He had the reputation o being a family man so when he had to make a public appearance, you always had to attend too.

After attending these sorts of events almost your whole life, you could undeniably say, that you hated them. Everyone has some of the agenda and usually talking to you is a part of it. Everyone is trying to one-up each other and backstab, not to mention how pretentious everyone was. Talking about how great they are as if they aren’t talking about how great they are.

It was the same old story, every single time.

Well, except for this time.

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MtL likley to eat a new and weird food?

He grew up having a very limited and elegant menu. So when he started learning about commoner’s food, he was curious and was willing try any of it, no matter how weird and uncommon. He’d see it more as a learning opportunity than anything.

Living alone and being a broke college student definitely broadened his food horizons. He would make some weird stuff late at night, when he was too tired to go to the convenience store but too hungry to function. As long as he’s making it, he’ll try it.

She can definitely have her adventurous moments of trying something new. As long as it’s not bugs or deep fried, she’s game.

He can surprisingly be a pretty picky eater. Though the list of things he won’t eat isn’t too long, it still stops him from trying new things often.

He doesn’t like consuming anything unfamiliar. Even though he smokes and drinks, he tries to limit anything unhealthy and weird.

He didn’t like delving into anything he wasn’t familiar with, at least food-wise. Will just stick to what’s safe, his Honey Buddha Chips and PhD Pepper.

there's a room where the light won't find you

fandom: glee
pairing: blaine/sebastian
words: 1307
summary: Blaine finds himself calling Sebastian after his presidential win.
Seblaine Week 2017
- Day 4: Politics/Running for Office

AO3 link

Hey, this is Kurt-”

Blaine hangs up. He’s heard Kurt’s voicemail message so many times now he has it memorized; not just the words but the intonations as well, every little detail to the point where there wasn’t even any comfort in hearing Kurt’s voice anymore. It’s just a machine.

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New City

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Genre : Drabble/Oneshot


So i decided to do it! it isn’t that great but i thought it would be fun to explain the scenario I was talking about in my TaeTexts in a bit more detail. The texts continue on after this as you can tell if you’ve already read them. It is a bit drabble didn’t know if it was fluff worthy because eh i don’t know. I’m looking at writing more on here and posting about the boys because I used to write so much fanfiction and want to get back into it haha. Anyway I hope you all enjoy and thank you to my followers! I’m so happy you are all enjoying my text posts and would love to hear more about you all if you want to talk in my asks or PM’s I’m always up for a chat! 


My mind was going crazy. I had too many things to remember with moving to a new country. My new job and everything that came with it, getting around and figuring out how to get where I needed to be, as well as new living conditions. The cultural change was too much to take in, but I signed up for it. After leaving home and my now ex-boyfriend, I needed a fresh start. South Korea had always been a dream ever since I was a teenager, and now it was finally happening. My dream job in my dream country. Now all that was left was to fit in.

After my orientation at the school I was now working for, I had of course, managed to get myself lost. I knew I was close to my apartment but everything was so unfamiliar and I was slightly in a form of panic. My mind was running a million miles per hour and all I wanted to do was go home, relax and figure out an easier route to and from work for the next day. It didn’t help that I didn’t know anyone either.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” I said, bowing my head continuously to the man I had just ran into. I didn’t want to look up, I was so embarrassed. The only thing I was thankful for right now was being able to speak a decent amount of Korean. After a few seconds of silence I looked up at the taller man wishing I hadn’t. His eyes were big and brown; his hair a light hazelnut color, and his smile… why was he smiling?

“Don’t apologize! It was more my fault then yours.” His voice was deep and soothing, a tone I could honestly say, I’d never heard before in person. From his sudden kindness, I assumed he could see how embarrassed I was as my face started heating up. How could I have run into someone, let alone someone as handsome as him?

“I’m so sorry.” That’s all I could say. And when I did, he laughed. Making my face heat up even more. But I know this time it wasn’t out of embarrassment. His hand suddenly reached out and touched my shoulder gently. His smile was so warm.

“It’s really okay. Why are you so flustered? Are you lost?” I bit my lip and looked around for a few seconds, then straight back at him. I laughed a little to lighten the situation, although I was the only one who was tense.

“Ah yeah, a little. I was trying to remember my way home. I know I’m in the area I jus-“

“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain yourself. Where are you trying to go? I can probably help, I live around here too.’ He had guided me off to the side out of the way of the busy people rushing past.

“I’m looking for building 17. I’m hoping there’s only one of those in this area.” I said laughing lightly. I was still nervous. I was so thankful he was taking the time to help me. Who knows maybe meeting him was suppose to happen.

“Ah yeah, building 17 is just around the corner. Did you want directions? Or I can walk with you if you’d like.” Although his offer was tempting to take, I didn’t want to put this poor man I just run into so hard out of his way.

“Oh no no its okay. Just the directions if you don’t mind? I’ll have to learn my way around somehow.” I laughed. He half smiled at me and I was now worried I offended him. I have so much to learn being so new here.

“Okay. See the coffee shop on the corner over there?” He said pointing to the end of the street on the other side of the road. I nodded in response. “If you go down the street next to it, and turn left, you’ll see the building number lit up and you’re there. You weren’t too far away from it at all.” His smug laugh made me feel giddy. I felt terrible for not being able to pay him back with anything for helping me.

“Thank you so much! How can I repay you for your help?” his face suddenly looked confused but his smile was still obvious. Maybe he thought I was stupid. Maybe I was acting stupid. But I was only trying to be kind. He made my journey home a lot easier that’s for sure. I watched his expression change from confused to smug in a matter of seconds.

“I would usually say nothing but, seeing as how I’d like to meet you again, how about your number?” My heart fluttered. He wanted my number? This man who was way out of my league wanted my number? I couldn’t find the right words to come out of my mouth so I just fumbled in my bag for my phone, bringing my number up on the screen. I watched his face light up and he pulled his phone out also, typing the digits off my screen onto his. Although I was in shock, happiness was taking over my body.

As I watched him put his phone back in his pocket, I felt his eyes on my face. I was now way to nervous to think about what to say next.

“Thank you. Maybe I’ll text you later on.” I looked up and smiled, hoping I didn’t look too happy. But I was. I finally found someone who could possibly help me find my way around this city.

“Okay.” I said faintly. He laughed quietly this time and squeezed my shoulder gently before walking off behind me. I was in shock that he had just left without saying anything but maybe I was coming off as too weird? Oh god I probably stuffed this up. As soon as a cute guy asks for my number I can’t even function properly. What was wrong with me? Maybe it was because he caught me off guard? With the running into each other and the random ‘can I have your number?’. He was so not going to text me. He’d probably decided I was too weird and thought leaving now would be a decent thing to do.

When I found my building, I went in and took a long bath. Mentally bashing myself for not being more alive and confident in that situation. He was so good looking it left me speechless. And the fact he asked for my number! That was crazy! If anything I just blew my chance of having a decent friend let alone anything else!

A few hours had gone by and my brain just wouldn’t shut off. I hadn’t even looked up how to get to work tomorrow and it was already so late. How was I supposed to sleep anyway?

Just as I was getting ready to get out of the bath, my phone lit up. I almost jumped to grab it in hopes it was him. As I looked at the screen, it was from an unknown number.

998-098-167 : Hello! :)

If this wasn’t him, I was going to be a wreck all night.