and being slightly suggestive

My Girl

Request: Okay, so this is Sirius x Reader where you like him and he likes you but neither of you know that and you ask the Marauders and Lily and Marlene if they wanna go to Hogsmeade or whatever the next day but they are all busy except Sirius. So you guys go and you get cold so he gives you his hoodie and you forget to return it or don’t want to because it smells like him and when you do at the end of the day he gets really happy because it smells like you and he wears it. Basically just fluff thanks.

Word Count: About 2,800.

Warning(s): Sexual tension, slightly suggestive comments, Sirius being hot as hell, kissing and stuff.

Note: In summary, this is a Sirius x Reader work about a cold night at Hogsmeade. Also, I deviated a bit from the request. Just a bit.

“We’re all still on for tonight, right?”

“Yeah.” Lily nodded, shrugging on a warm jacket as she headed out the door. “Marlene said to meet them in the common room before we go.”

As you made your way down the staircase next to Lily, you spotted James, Peter, and Marlene lounging on a sofa near the fireplace. Huddled together, the trio seemed to be in a heated conversation.

Nearing them, you heard their hushed whispers.


“Just make up some excuse to–”

Once Peter spotted you approaching, however, he nudged the other two into silence. 

“Y/N! Lily!” exclaimed Marlene, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear nervously. “Just the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

With a quirked eyebrow, you took a seat on the arm of the couch. When they smiled innocently at you, you shook your head with a small laugh, looking around the room. You thought it might be best to ignore their impish antics. Around you, the Gryffindor common room was bustling with life and chatter. But amidst it all, you couldn’t spot Sirius.

Not that you were waiting for him, of course. He just happened to cross your mind as you looked around.

“He’s almost ready,” said James, a cheeky grin playing on his face.

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Alone Time (Fred Weasley x Male!Reader)

It was really hard for me to not call this fic “Cockblock”…

Also, I’m back with a normal RQ, yay! Thank you so much for being patient with me <3

Wordcount: 1,500+
Warnings: slightly suggestive at the end

“It’s getting creepy again,“ George mumbled as he put more egg on his plate.

Another morning at Hogwarts had rolled around and not too long after Fred and George Weasley had sat down for breakfast, a certain Hufflepuff had also entered the Great Hall.

“What…?” Fred murmured absentmindedly, almost missing his plate while reaching for his piece of toast, due to his eyes still resting on the younger boy. Suddenly, a forceful slap to his back brought him right back into reality.

“Fred, you seem distracted!” Harry Potter himself almost shouted at him before sitting down next to him.

Yes, he was in trouble. For not only crushing on the brother of one of his friends, but also for being caught staring creepily at him from across the Hall.

“I do?” He turned to Harry with a sheepish smile, “I’m planning a new little joke thing we’re gonna pull on one of the upperclassmen, nothing to worry for you.”

Harry pulled a face and was about to say something else, but Hermione elbowed him in the side and shut him up effectively.

“So, how was you-?” Ginny started, but Fred noticed (M/N) getting up and walking towards the exit of the Big Hall and quickly got up, too.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do the ndrv3 guys making their S/O breakfast in bed?

I certainly can~

DRV3 Boys making S/O breakfast in bed

Shuuchi Saihara            

  • He’s not the best chef
  • So he doesn’t try anything too complex
  • So he cooks croissants for you
  • With a selection of jams, spreads and that sort
  • Gets some juice for you too
  • And makes a little bowl of strawberries and blueberries for you to accompany it
  • He’s super conscious about it when he walks in and wakes you
  • Just gently taps you and places the tray on your lap
  • “I… Um… Made you breakfast… If you don’t like it don’t worry!”
  • He’s blushing slightly and avoiding eye contact
  • But sits down beside you and smiles when you thank him

Kaito Momota

  • Doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing
  • Sure he can cook for himself and stuff
  • But he wanted this to be all romantic and stuff
  • What food is romantic…?
  • He ends up trying to make fruit muffins for you
  • But they don’t rise greatly
  • So he just kinda
  • Glams them up
  • With decorative fruit
  • Follows photos on the internet tbh
  • But then is all sheepish when he gives it to you
  • “Sorry it isn’t perfect but I wanted to treat you,”


  • Uuuuhhhhh
  • Okay
  • Right
  • In prep for this he’s watched YouTube tutorials
  • Learns as he watches more
  • So he tries his best to make Eggs Benedict
  • And it’s impressive
  • He learned fast
  • And it’s nearly perfect
  • Even the sauce on top is displayed with a heart
  • He’s kinda curious what it tastes like himself
  • So when he takes it to you he’s asking a lot of questions
  • But mostly if it’s okay for you and if you don’t like it he wants to know how to improve

Rantaro Amami

  • He’s pretty confident
  • Makes you a fruit salad
  • But a few have cocktail sticks in
  • And they’re shaped
  • Like little hearts
  • Or stars
  • Kinda looks like a cute bento
  • And he puts extra detail into each one to make sure they’re perfect
  • He spends time freshly squeezing juice for you too
  • Basically the whole thing looks cute af
  • And he makes out like it’s not a big deal
  • But watches all your reactions closely to make sure he did a good job

Kokichi Ouma

  • Well I mean do you trust Ouma to cook something safely
  • He wants to show off
  • And opts for a Full English Breakfast
  • And you can imagine how well that went
  • First lot of toast is burned
  • Bacon is somewhat crispy
  • Fried eggs end up merging into one
  • Second lot of toast is okay
  • Doesn’t dare try to make black pudding
  • But manages to cook a couple of sausages okay
  • And tries to make you a cup of tea but it ends up kinda cold by the time he gets to you
  • But you can tell the effort he put in purely from the amount of stains now on him

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He wants to make sure he cooks successfully
  • So he plays it safe
  • Or so he thinks
  • With pancakes
  • What could go wrong?
  • As long as you stay in bed, nothing went wrong.
  • He brings you a little stack of pancakes
  • With a collection of sauce options
  • And makes you a hot drink to accompany it
  • But little do you know
  • There’s about 7 pancakes stuck to the ceiling in the kitchen
  • So he goes and removes them while you eat
  • What do you mean where did those stains come from?! There’s always been stains on the ceiling.

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • Of course he goes with a slightly more suggestive breakfast
  • That being a Spanish breakfast
  • Consisting of churros
  • And chocolate
  • He put a lot of time into making sure the churros were perfect
  • And that the chocolate was hot enough
  • Before taking it to you in bed
  • Oh no
  • “Close your eyes, I have a surprise breakfast for you,”
  • He definitely doesn’t indulge in the image of you with your eyes shut eating what
  • But when the little smile falls on your lips he places the tray on your lap and leaves to make more

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He’s kinda lazy with breakfast generally
  • So the idea of making it for you isn’t what appeals
  • It’s the idea of taking it to you in bed so you can eat together
  • So he makes a little assortment of things
  • Like a little continental breakfast
  • And brings it to you
  • And sits beside you
  • The pair of you enjoy it, but if you run out he bans you from leaving the bed and gets up to make more himself
  • Though he forgets about toast quite often
  • So there’s a lotta smoke when he returns to the kitchen
lazytown d&d headcanons

because i love lazytown and i love d&d and if there’s anything i love more than the things i love it’s smashing the things i love together

  • i imagine the kids being slightly older in this
  • pixel is the one who suggested that they all form a d&d campaign. at first it was just going to be the kids, but then stephanie got the idea to invite sportacus and robbie along as well.
  • pixel’s the dm, and the players are thus: stephanie with her halfling bard, trixie with a half-orc barbarian, stingy with a human warlord (prince, he corrects literally anyone. but prince isn’t a class is it), ziggy with a dwarven fighter, sportacus with an elven paladin, and robbie with a human arcane trickster
  • since robbie’s really good at making characters (master of disguise, HELLO!), he helps the kids come up with backstories for their characters
  • stephanie and sportacus are the party healers, and good thing there’s two of them because trixie, ziggy, and robbie all keep getting injured in fights and other such things (especially trixie omfg)
  • trixie’s barbarian somehow ends up being INCREDIBLY op. she got insanely good rolls when she was making her character’s stats, and she’s really good at bending the rules but not quite breaking them. like she finds the loophole in everything; it’s really quite amazing. she beats enemies that players twice her level should have trouble beating
  • there are days when robbie rolls natural twenty after natural twenty, and then there are days when the dice just. hate him
  • most of the sessions take place in either the town hall or robbie’s lair
  • whenever it’s not his turn, sportacus is just doing pushups in the background. he also does pushups when it IS his turn. in fact, he always flips at least five times before rolling the dice
  • at first, sportacus rolled for everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. “ї řŏľľ ŧŏ ώαľқ їήšїđэ!” “ї řŏľľ ŧŏ эαŧ αή αÞÞľэ!” “ї řŏľľ ŧŏ Þэŧ ŧЋэ đŏġ!” like he has a lot of fun with the dice. however, he stops doing that when “ї řŏľľ ŧŏ šαỶ Ћї ŧŏ řŏЪЪїэ!” and he rolls a 1 and ends up insulting him instead. (now he just sticks to rolling for the necessary stuff, like fights and such)
  • stingy claims his dice are solid gold and gets incredibly territorial with them
  • trixie and robbie’s characters become a VERY chaotic neutral duo, always finding ways to break every single fight. they go to underground wrestling matches in game–robbie’s trickster sets up the bet, trixie’s barbarian does the fighting, and then makes damn sure they get paid afterward. ESPECIALLY since robbie gets the idea to use magic to cheat in these matches so that they always win
  • sportacus slightly disapproves but says nothing because it is a game after all
  • pixel is Done
  • jives, penny, the trio, rottenella, the cat, sugarpie, glanni, and ithro are all npcs
  • sportacus’ character is literally himself. like named ‘sportacus’ and everything
  • same with stingy, except he’s ~prince~ stingy
  • trixie, ziggy, and sportacus’ characters are all tanks, while robbie’s character is VERY MUCH a glass canon
  • after a while sportacus and robbie’s characters start flirting with each other in-game, and then before long sporp and robbie start flirting with each other as well. the kids notice this and try to set them up, both in game and out of the game
  • one time the party was trying to bargain with this stubborn shopowner npc for an Incredibly Important Artifact™. stingy of course goes “this Incredibly Important Artifact™ is mine” and rolls a natural twenty
  • that’s all i can think of for now but i’ll certainly add more if i can think of more!

if every natasha scene isn’t her and gamora being slightly competitive while also flirting and being at least mildly suggestive i’ll kill the r*ssos myself


I thought I’d upload some progress drawings of this guy as I’ve done quite a few of these drawings in the past year. I spend quite a lot of time and care in thumbnailing and working out exactly the right attitude and pose of these characters. When does it become too sexual and banal? When does it get boring and loose it’s mojo? I’m trying to keep a balance between being suggestive and slightly “unknowingly” sexy but still keep it light and tongue in cheek. Most of these are pretty silly, but underneath it I’d like there to be a sense that it’s a real moment in there. A fleeting look or a sexy glance from a hottie. I love doing them and hopefully there’ll be more to come this year. -B

potatoesareimportant  asked:

Congrats on your 2k *throw confetti* For the prompt thingy I would like you to write any kind of fluffy nalu haaavvveee fuuunnnn and ccongats again!!!🎉🎉

Title: poker face

Rating: T

Summary: “Happy,” he said, meeting the gaze of his Exceed calmly, “tell Lucy she’s a dirty little liar.”

Word count: 2,936

Warnings: fluff, nalu being dorks, nudity, slightly suggestive themes, humor

Thank you!! This is based off of the most recent chapter, 453. Why wouldn’t Lucy play Strip Poker with Natsu and Happy?? Well, you’re about to find out… Brace yourselves. And happy early birthday to me!! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

It wasn’t all that unusual for Natsu and Happy to spend most of their time at Lucy’s house–ever since their reunion, it seemed as though they came over every day. Sometimes they had excuses, sometimes they didn’t–sometimes it felt like they just wanted to annoy her and drive her up a wall.

So, Lucy was accustomed to finding them waiting for her in her living room or bedroom. It was pretty normal, actually.

What wasn’t normal, was finding them sitting on her bedroom floor, partially undressed, with playing cards scattered about them.

Lucy paused in her doorway, the new book in her hand momentarily forgotten.

Natsu sat cross-legged on her floor, his torso bare as he frowned at the cards in front of him. His finger tapped against his fabric-covered knee in an innate rhythm as he waited for Happy to make a decision.

The blue Exceed was equally pensive, looking down at his own cards.

They were…playing poker, she realized as she hesitantly stepped into the room and cleared her throat.

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Ash Dirty Talk

* This is slightly suggestive, but not too horrible. And this being my first post as co-owner, feedback would be nice haha. *


     When our extremely cute baking session had started i never thought it would end up being this… “Babe I’m serious! When I opened the new bag of flour it just happened to get all over you! It wasn’t my fault!” I whined and looked innocently at Ash, who was now staring at the front of himself in disbelief as he was covered in flour. “ (Y/N) you made me all dirty!” He suddenly mumbled out, since i already told him it wasn’t my fault I crossed my arms, looked to the opposite side of the kitchen and sarcastically mumbled, “ Since when is that a problem.!” I hadn’t noticed that Ash had stopped looking at himself and was now smirking at me, eyes filled with lust as he suddenly took the two steps to get to me and passionately attached our lips. I pulled back slightly and smirked, “ Now you’ve got me all dirty daddy.” I faked a pout and the noise that then came from Ash’s mouth was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard… I hungrily attached our lips, forgetting our baking session. As Ash lifts me onto the counter he attacks my neck with his lips as i moan, “ Take me to bed daddy please..” Ash’s smirk was prominent as he picked me up by my thighs and began carrying me to our bedroom, never once breaking the love bite attack happening to my neck. Making it to our bedroom Ash threw me on the bed and started undressing himself. I quickly begin to do the same but Ash soon catches sight of me and grabs my wrists, he quickly pulls them above my head and whispers in my ear, “ Don’t make me get the hand cuffs baby girl.. You wanted to play games and get me all dirty, this is payback..” His breath on my neck was enough motivation as i simply said “ Sure thing Ash.” with a smirk. Ash looked straight up at me, “ What did you just call me?” He was standing at the end of the bed now, simply looking at me waiting for the answer he knew i wouldn’t give him.  I gasped as Ash quickly flipped me over and connected his hand with my ass, then a little more demanding asked me, “ WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!?!” Deciding to play along with Ash’s kinky game i say, “ nothing daddy I’m sorry..” as innocently as i can while looking back at Ash, seeing his evil smile and eyes full of lust he says, “Yeah, you’ll be sorry by the time i’m done with you.” Being flipped over once more i again moan when Ash starts kissing up my legs, reaching the bottom of my shorts he stops and says, “ Does daddy’s little girl deserve punishment?” Being upset that he had stopped exactly when i needed him most i say, “ Yes daddy! Lots of punishment! Please? Until I can’t speak anymore.” The smile on Ash’s face seemed innocent until he says, “ mmhhh… Don’t worry, Daddy will..” Slowly slinking his hands within my waist band to bring down my shorts. After sliding them off, leaving my in my underwear, Ash’s curls are all I can see as he slinks down to settle his face between my thighs.

* alright guys… its horrible i know… but if you have any feedback for me let me know!! ha love you guys! *

- Kenzi <3

Perhaps in reality we’re dead. Once I even heard one of the wise men say that we are now dead and that our bodies are our tombs, and that the part of our souls in which our appetites reside is actually the sort of thing to be open to persuasion and to shift back and forth. And hence some clever man…named this part a jar [pithos], on account of its being a persuadable [pithanon] and suggestible thing, thus slightly changing the name. And fools [anoetoi] he named uninitiated [amuetoi], suggesting that that part of the souls of fools where their appetites are located is their undisciplined part, one not tightly closed, a leaking jar, as it were. Now this man…shows that of the people in Hades – meaning the unseen [aides] – these, the uninitiated ones, would be the most miserable. They would carry water into the leaking jar using another leaky thing, a sieve. That’s why by the sieve he means the soul…And because they leak, he likened the souls of fools to sieves; for their untrustworthiness and forgetfulness makes them unable to retain anything.
—  Socrates, in Plato’s Gorgias, 493 a