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ok but aren't shadowhunters supposed to be the protectors?? why are they always running away and letting downworlds deal with the threat for them?? their job is to protect downworlders and mundanes!! so they should do that!! jace and clary shouldn't have gone throught the portal without dot. if anyone was supposed to stay and fight sebastian that was jace, bc he didn't have the mirror, which they need to protect, and he was a shadowhunter. like?? why don't they ever do their jobs??

One is always able to show more kindness. There really is no limit. Whether it be to a friend or acquaintance; make it a point of caring a little more, reaching a little farther, and loving a little stronger.

medalion confirmed isabella is a lesbian, which means ssc had a black girl as a main as well as a black man as a prince and a middle eastern lesbian princess and tons of other rep for everyone, but you guys decided to sleep on it because white feminists were pissy. got it. 

Consider: Maxwell is the traitor but not because of any evil plot. He’s just an adorable dumbass.

Leaked the bachelor party photos to the press? Just wanted to show off him and his friends having a good time and the photos fell into the wrong hands. No lock on MC’s door? Idiot accidentally broke it when going to talk to MC and forgot to tell anyone.

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Hi, I love this blog very much. I'm not certain if this ask belongs here, but here goes. I've been strongly identifying as a lesbian for some time, but at my job I've developed a big crush on a male coworker. This has been bringing up a lot of internalized biphobia toward myself that I didn't know I had. It's very hard for me to even consider that I might be bi, after finding a lot of comfort in the lesbian community (I feel like I'm betraying it, honestly). Any advice?

It’s important to know that you aren’t hurting anyone if you find out that you are bisexual. Lesbophobia is not your fault and anyone who tries to imply that or use your experience to hurt lesbians is evil. When questioning, it’s definitely healthier to let go of the past and the implications of you questioning and just try to find your true self. 

A lot of lesbians have false crushes on men due to comp het, so I’m not going to say that this experience 100% means you’re bisexual. But I think it might be good to admit to yourself that it’s possible and that you need to do some soul searching. I think you should read up on lesbians’ experiences with their false attraction but also read up on the experiences of bi women who once identified as lesbians. 

But remember that you are not betraying lesbians by questioning. Lesbophobia is not your fault and you do not need to deny yourself your identity in fear of that. It’s ok to be wrong about this stuff. I went through a lot of the same feelings as a lesbians who once identified as bi. I didn’t want to leave that community and I didn’t want to contribute to biphobia. But I ultimately found a great home here in the lesbian community. And if you are bi you will find i great home in the bi community. 

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so apparently there’s going to be some “exciting news about eurovision 2018” tomorrow

i hope it’ll be about esc 2018 being full of memes lol

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Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you no matter what. And you will always be one of my fav blogs. I understand how stressful it gets having to make gifs right after the vid. I'll enjoy gifs you make whenever you make them. Don't care if it's a day later.

ouch my heart aches.. tysm everyone is very kind for the most part and i appreciate it a lot and i think i am going to finally be more active than i have been in the past few weeks ! woooooo~

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((warning: spoilers for the rpo book!!)) ive just read the book, and ive been rlly curious; is there a parallel for the big reveal in the book where aech and parzival meet irl where ((spoiler)) aech is actually a girl ((spoiler over)) for this ask blog? you dont have to answer this, but im rlly curious!

((Yeah ya know I’ve honestly been thinking a lot about that too and?? At first I considered having the “big reveal” being Michael being trans but–while I personally enjoy that headcanon, it’s not something that I myself believe in…? If that makes sense? Like yeah I like seeing others draw him that way but I just don’t think he’s trans. Which is fine!! Everyone can have their own thoughts and opinions about it~

And like. Even if my Michael were trans I wouldn’t want that to be the main focus of the blog anyway! This is about Mike and Jer being nerds in a video game together, and that’s the gist. So idk what I’d even do for that–I mean there is some big secret I’m thinking of putting into one of Michael or Jeremy’s backstories that they’ve come to terms with now (thinkin’ it’s gonna be Jeremy) but that’s about it?

I just. The reveal of who Aech really is irl was such a wonderful shock and I don’t want to ruin that by making some half-assed parallel;; And that moment itself was so amazing and it made me really emotional and I…want to preserve that…))

I almost forgot it was Monday it was such a chill day, but in the wake of media apparently loving Nazi’s  –  I can tell you we do not. In fact every single day I’d like to remind you that the Airforce Core Values are ‘Service Before Self,’ ‘Integrity First,’ & ‘Excellence In All We Do.’ I’m just a new flight line soldier, but in my short time in the service I’ve heard so many war stories, daring stories, so if there’s ever a soldier in front of you. Ask them about their service. They want to tell you. A lot of people joined for college education, to get away from abusive homes, numerous reasons. Those two are the top ones. To get away from abusive homes. Some of these people joined the damn military to better themselves in any way possible. But we all raised our right hand because we love everything good about America. We chose to protect the people. 

We chose to protect you. 

Captain America is alive in the hearts of your soldiers. 

Remember to thank one next time you see them. 

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Malec + taking a silly selfie 😜

What’s better than one silly selfie??? Three silly selfies!

Alec gets the picture over breakfast. He’s already done coffee, morning workout, second cup of coffee, shower, and a bit of paperwork for his first meeting. But it looks like Magnus’s day is just starting. He’s still in bed, and his bare shoulders imply that he’s not wearing much (if anything at all). There’s a little bit of makeup smudged and crusted under his eyes, and in the crease of his lips. He’s making a ridiculously exaggerated frown, and glaring upwards, presumably toward his hair - which is a disaster. There’s still some semblance of the style it had been the night before, but now it’s spread out in all directions, totally uneven, with whole sections ratted or flattened or otherwise mussed beyond recognition. There are some patches where the lightly-shimmered hair product is still visible, and there’s a rather large spot underneath him where the product has soaked into the pillow case, too. Magnus has added the caption: ‘THIS is why one should always shower before bed’. Alec smiles around a mouthful of bagel, and saves the picture.

Magnus gets the picture as soon as he wakes up. It’s already a few hours old, according to the time it was received (Magnus has never envied the stupidly militaristic hours kept at the Institute). The picture is lit by the dim glow of Alec’s bedside lamp - which means he was awake before the goddamn sun this morning. His hair’s sticking up, and there’s still a bit of gunk in the corner of his eyes, and there’s something so delightfully sleepy about him. Like he’d taken this before he’d had the chance to really wake up. His face is tilted to one side, and he’s looking down with wide, surprised eyes. Because there’s a smudge on his cheek. A faded, muted pink. Magnus wouldn’t even be able to tell that it’s the remnant of a kiss mark, if he hadn’t been the one who put it there last night. Apparently, his lip stain is decent overnight-wear. ‘does this belong to u????’ God, it’s enough to make Magnus bury his face in his pillow for a moment. But only a moment. Then he opens up his camera, and makes the most ridiculous kissing face he can manage.

“Quick, scoot over before he moves.” Alec adjusts his arms, stretching them as far as he can without disturbing Chairman Meow (who’s lying on Alec’s chest, with both of his front paws resting on Alec’s face). He tilts the camera, trying to find the best angle to get him, and the Chairman, and Magnus - who’s in the process of cozying up to Alec’s side without making enough movement to make the Chairman bolt. Alec manages to get a decently-framed image in the front camera, with all three of them visible and not-too-horrifically lit. “Perfect.” He gives the best smile he can with tiny paws covering his mouth - but before he can take the picture, Magnus turns his head, and gives him a loud kiss on the cheek. The picture still turns out just fine, but Alec’s face is a bit redder than he’d wanted.

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@one-man-ensemble: (Had to submit instead of ask because this is going to be really long)
I had this theory (that’s probably far from what’s actually gonna happen) that Sonic Forces is a dream. I know it sounds cliche but i think there are some clues. The big thing though is that it’s not Sonic’s dream, or even the OC’s. Its yours. The player’s.
People have already picked up on some of the lines in Infinite’s theme regarding illusion and “what do you really see” which could be applied to Sonic I guess, but what i think of is the fact that this game essentially is a fan’s dream. You finally get to see your OC as a playable, canon character. Classic Sonic is back. A team of villains from over the years unites. All of it screams “Sonic Fan Dream”. And the one big thing that makes dreams stand out from reality is that anything can happen in a dream, even the impossible. Eggman can win. Someone can be faster than Sonic. Really the possibilities of a dream are Infinite.
Which brings me to another theory, those cubes Infinite has aren’t just other universes, they are other dreams. He is a manifestation of the limitlessness of dreams. Whereas Sonic is the embodiment of Endless Possibility, Infinite is unlimited power, the Toughest of Terrors, the Darkest of Days. They act as conflicting dreams and nightmares.
Sonic’s whole character is meant to be an inspiration, a hero to look up to and aspire to be. Naturally it would be living the dream to be fighting alongside him as an equal. But the fear that he might not be good enough, that something is able to defeat him, that’s simply a nightmare, Enter Infinite.
Now granted there is already much that kinda disproves this such as Eggman’s comment about Classic being from another dimension, but I think the theory has some ground. I may have throught way too much into this but it came to me while listening ti Infinite’s theme in the car and I felt like I just had to share it with someone.

Laying in bed watching friends.
Horrible headache and by horrible I mean I can feel it pounding in my ears/body ache from the pain.
I take a few of my pills because it’s just not giving up and I just want to sleep it away.
As I lay down husband pauses his game, brushes my hair off my neck and begins rubbing my neck muscles to help fend off my headache.
Seriously by the time he stopped my head was honestly 40% less pressure and pain, no longer in my ears, less body aches and I can feel myself ready to fall asleep now.
Swear he was meant to have a wife with a brain tumor because he knows exactly what to do when I don’t know how to help myself.