and being all around flawless


Tagged by @jjonghyun (she’s so flawless im uwuwu), and others a looong time ago, for the cute moodboard aesthetic thingy. I didn’t have any new pictures taken so I went into my archive and found these treasures :) uhm…what colors are these even? I tried to stick with like black and pink but there’s some magenta and blue thrown in there too… \/(^_^)\/

Anywaaaaaay I’ll tag @staerry-sky @aswaggerprince @leejinks @cinnaminroll @jeon-jpg @ourshineeshrine @prettypinkjince @baeksdroopyeyes @otterrpop @nekobuns @minfreakingyoongi @yoongiminkook @suhoui-tokki @chanyowassupp