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Back surgery person hear again. I'm still using a chair at checkout and this lady kept talking rudely to me about being lazy. Eventually she asked for a manager. She started ranting and raving about how I was a "lazy ass bitch with no manners." Cue manager saying I had back surgery. This didn't satisfy her, so I was about to stand up and show her my incision when she says "the customer is always right so obviously you've never had surgery." Bitch, what???

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Heidi/ Rosalie? (Hisssss I need it lol)

send me a ship and i’ll reply with

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Despite their similarities in appearance and backstory, I feel like Heidi and Rosalie are fairly different people? Heidi’s waaay more dutiful and uptight; for the first time in her life, Rosalie would be the fun half of a relationship. And both of them would kind of love it. 

[I’m imagining Rose kissing Heidi after showing her how an engine works and leaving grease-smears on her cheeks or driving way too fast because it makes Heidi laugh–low and surprised and sincere– or taking her hiking somewhere quiet and ancient because Heidi never really gets to do that, and ow my heart hurts thanks for that]

Getting Close

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Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader
Word count: 348
Warnings: Swearing

Part 1 of A Simple Text

When it came to being a Winchester, you were like each of your brothers. You loved women like Dean, but were more on the romantic side, like Sam. You had more of Dean’s personality, but were more like Sam in actions. One thing you certainly did not get from them was their luck in the bedroom. Or well, with ladies in general.

Being a hunter only made that harder. It wasn’t that you didn’t want a serious relationship, they just seemed to slip through your fingers.

Until recently.

You’d met another hunter named Kayla, and really liked her. The two of you had seemed to hit it off, exchanging numbers. Since then, you texted her all day, every day. From the moment that you were both awake.

The two of you would constantly flirt, sending each other cute pictures, song lyrics, and anything that might bring the other to smile. Your oldest brother noted the mood change almost right away. He was happy for you, because you deserved to it. Then he saw the name that flashed across your screen. Kayla. He hoped to all hell that this wasn’t her usual MO. He knew Kayla, but it seemed that the truth about her hadn’t reached you. That left him with trying to warn you.

Dean dragged you out for lunch, wanting to deal with this in public. Less chance of you getting royally pissed off at him. You were munching on a fry when he finally brought it up. “So, you and Kayla seem to be getting close.” He glanced at you while sipping his soda.

Your face lit up. “Yeah! She’s great.” You agreed.

“I…fuck…” He sighed, making you look at him funny. “Kayla’s more like me than like Sammy.”

“What? Why the hell would I want to compare her to my brothers?”

“I mean that she’s more into picking up a chick at a bar than taking her out for dinner.” He was trying really hard not to blurt out that Kayla just wanted to fuck his baby sister. This entire conversation was weird to him.

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I’m watching some German SPN while helping my sister with her project (all I’m doing is cutting out stuff but it’s long and tedious work).

And it’s the episode 11x13 - Dean just came into the kitchen after a night of Valentines’ Day sex. And he says that he can’t help it because he’s a hopeless romantic and doing his civic duty to help single ladies in need.

Of course me being me thought about a/b/o and him doing his duty as an alpha (of course it’s not a real duty, it’s just some alpha tradition to go out on Valentine’s day and try to have sex with as many people as possible.) But then I got sad because he’d be cheating on his mate…! Unless he thinks they’re not together anymore (after all that happened) and maybe he tried reaching out to Cas but since Cas is possessed by Lucifer he doesn’t reply. So Dean, being sad and frustrated says “screw it” and goes out to prowl the streets like any unmated Alpha his age does.