and behind them is

Sand Worm

Shai-Hulud Mojaviensis is a large creature native to the Mojave Desert and closely related to the Mongolian Death Worm and Arrakeen Sand Worm

Specimens up to 400 meters long have been observed in the deep desert. They feed upon bacteria and other creatures in the sand and soft soil of the mojave as they move under it creating giant tunnels that collapse behind them. They work just as earth worms do but on a much larger scale. 

Their body is segmented and they are attracted to vibration. If you are brave enough you can climb the worm with aid of hooks and then open one of the segments. The Sand Worm will roll so that the open segment does not get sand inside of it and then you can toss down lines to your friends and ride upon it’s back until it tires. 

They’re so massive that the movement of them in the sand often causes static electricity to build up and discharge. It’s not uncommon to have static lightning flashes in front of them as they travel in the desert. While uncommon now days since the 1960′s they have been making a come back in recent years. They are thought to have a link with the Sand Trout but it is unproven. They are also most often found around Spice and Spice blows but it is unknown if they are linked to it. 

World Behind My Wall

Jughead x Reader

The reader has built up walls around her heart, but Jughead is determined to break them down. Based on the requested song: World Behind My Wall by Tokio Hotel

Warnings: Mentions of abusive parenting, homelessness

Wordcount: 2,775

A/N: I’m a terrible person.

they’re telling me

it’s beautiful

i believe them

but will I ever know

Dreams are a funny thing. They either show you what you want to see, or something you never want to experience. You weren’t exactly sure where Jughead Jones fit into the equation, but he was there nonetheless.

You hadn’t known Jughead that long either, truth be told you’ve only had one, maybe two conversations with him about schoolwork, but your brain must have taken a liking to him because every night, there he was.

It was the same every night. You and him would be looking up at the stars, and he would lift his hand and point to the brightest one.

‘That one was made for you,’ he would say, ‘the light in the darkness.’

I couldn’t seem to keep ahold of anything else from the dream, except that moment.

You didn’t really mind being asleep all that much, it was better than being awake.

A part of you felt like it was fate, that maybe these dreams were because you were connected spiritually or maybe you were even soul mates.

Or then it also might just be because you’re sleeping where he was just a few weeks ago. That’s right, you were homeless. Well, you could probably go stay with your aunt and uncle, but they lived all the way across town, and you would have to go to a different high school and that was not an option. Rumour had it is that Jughead was staying under the stairs for a while after the drive-in closed, until he went to go live with his best friend Archie. It seemed too perfect that your parents had to be assholes at the exact same time an abandoned place opened up right in the middle of the school.

Not even a day after Jughead had gotten all of his stuff out, you moved in.

It had been a long time coming, though, even you had to admit. Your parents weren’t the best, always out late, always working, always drinking. They never seemed to be sober anymore, always ignoring their real problems. They had probably cheated on each other so many times they lost count. They were emotionally abusive, picking on you for every little thing you did wrong in their eyes. Only problem was, you never knew which version of a parent you were going to get, so it was impossible to please them all the time. You had started staying out later to avoid them, your grades dropped to B’s and C’s instead of A’s because of your busy schedule, and when you came home with a tattoo on your 18th birthday that you had been talking about for the past three years,  they about lost their shit, and said that they didn’t know you anymore. They said if that’s the way you were going to repay them for everything they had done for you then you might as well leave, so you did.

You didn’t have very many friends, at least none that you were extremely close to that you could ask to stay with as you just genuinely tried to be nice to everyone, and you very well didn’t want to live on the streets, so the school closet it was. It was four walls, and that’s all you needed.

You woke up early, just like every day for the past two weeks, to shower and get dressed before the rest of the school arrived. You stop your alarm clock for the 5th time and drag yourself out of bed. You grab your shampoo and towel and open the door. You’re still rubbing your eyes, when you run face first into a wall.

You step back to orientate yourself, when you realize that there wasn’t a wall there, there never had been. You open your eyes all the way to see none other than Jughead Jones staring back at you.

“Uhm.. hi.” is all you manage to mutter out, not sure what to do. You’re basically a deer in the headlights.

“Who are you?” he asks, dumbfounded.

“I’m (Y/N), the new homeless person living under the stairs! Didn’t you hear? The front desk is renting it out, 10 bucks a night!” you exclaim, trying to make light of the situation. Making fun of yourself and laughing at things is how you’ve learned to deal with everything, because as long as people were laughing with you they wouldn’t be laughing at you. (Y/N) was your name and sarcastic humor was your game.

“What?” he asks, not really getting the joke.

“I’m Harry Potter, I’m living the dream, pretend you never saw me.” you tell him, turning towards the showers to try to make a speedy exit.

“Oh no you don’t.” Jug says, grabbing your arm before you make it too far, “I know this routine all too well.”

“What routine?” you play dumb. You were a very observant person, always listening to things happening around you. Archie and his gang were famous around here, or at least that’s what it seemed like. You couldn’t help it if you got to school early every day to avoid your parents and just so happened to overhear his conversation with Archie about his living situation. It was all timing and coincidences.

“Are you living here?” he asks, an odd look of concern in his eyes.

“Yeah, the last guy couldn’t keep up with rent, so I thought it was a steal.” you joke, cracking a small smile.

He doesn’t say anything, he just stares at you, no smile. It’s completely silent in the hall, and you swear that if a pin dropped, you would be able to hear it. Your smile disappears.

“All right, all right, I get it. ‘But (Y/N) can’t you go home? Don’t you have family? It would be so much better if you could just get along with your parents,’” you mimic, “I don’t have time for this. I have to shower before the sane people who get to wake up at normal times start arriving.” you tell him, finally taking your arm away from his grip.

You walk away from him, not turning around, because you know that if you did, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from telling him everything.

That night you lay down to sleep, hoping that he will be there to greet you.

one day i will be

ready to go

see the world behind my wall

Lunch time was the only time you could be alone. You enjoyed the time, being able to sit and observe others, make up stories about what’s going on in their minds. You always imagined that their lives were actually put together. You loved to daydream. Sometimes you would sit and observe and daydream about having a best friend, someone to rely on. Of course, you had a few friends, you were nice to everyone, but you were always someone’s second choice. All of your friends seemed to have better best friends. A best friend and a not shit family was the most prominent thought in your mind, and so that’s what your daydreams consisted of.

You pick at your food, unable to eat most of it from the cafeteria. You had been getting free meals since you can remember, your parents not bothering to fill out any paperwork. The school just assumed you were poor, but it was food, so you couldn’t complain.

You’re in the middle of making up a story for a couple sitting on a blanket under a tree when a figure appears in front of you, casting a shadow over your face and blocking the view.

“Hey, this is quality TV, what are you doing?” you tease, motioning for them to move. Only when your eyes move up to meet theres do you realize that it’s Jughead Jones.

You roll your eyes, managing to smile slightly at the look he’s giving you. It’s almost like he was a disappointed, concerned husband.

He didn’t say anything, only sat down and started to eat his lunch. Since he didn’t respond you just kind of stare at him, and then look around to see if any of his friends are in this lunch period, and sure enough: Betty and Ronnie, Archie, and Kevin are all there.

So why was Jughead sitting with you?

Maybe he just wanted to be nice, because after all, he did just discover you the other day living in a closet in the school. This was probably his way of trying to be nice to you or something, so you let it pass. It was probably nothing in his eyes anyway.

At least, that’s what it seemed like for the first day.

Every day for a month, Jughead would come and sit by you. He wouldn’t say a word, he would just sit at lunch to keep you company. He also didn’t tell anyone about your living situation. He didn’t report it to the school, and he certainly didn’t tell his friends. Every now and again they would look over at where you were sitting with Jug and you knew they were probably talking about you both, but oddly enough you didn’t care.

Every night for that same month, Jughead would appear in your sleep.

‘That one was made for you,’ he would say about the star, ‘the light in the darkness.’

It was getting cooler out, and on a nice autumn day you had decided to finally ask him why.

Why did he sit with you?

You got to the table a little early that day, the crummy food from the cafeteria getting cold on your tray already. You anxiously look around, pulling your sleeves down over your hands.

You watch the same couple from under the tree, making up a new story than the one from yesterday and the day before. A familiar figure soon blocked your view.

“Hey, this is quality TV.” you would always say, his cue to sit down across from you, which is exactly what he did.

You sit in silence for a few minutes, picking over your tray once more.

You finally glance up, only to see him looking back at you. Did he always do that?

“So.. uhm..” you start, unsure of what to say. You’d been daydreaming about telling him for so long now that it was the real deal you weren’t exactly sure how to say it.

He just  looks at you with expectant eyes, his mouth pinned in the straight line it always was. His hair curled perfectly underneath his signature beanie.

“Why are you sitting with me?” you blurt out, flinching at your own words. Your voice didn’t sound like yours at this time of day, you rarely use it.

“Hm?” he questions, raising his eyebrows.

“Why have you been sitting with me all this time? For the past month you’ve come here every day and just sat with me, not saying anything, I might add, and for what? Your friends are right over there, why sit with me?” you ramble, trying to avoid eye contact. Despite sitting with him every day you really didn’t know anything about him.

“I figured you might need some company. Someone to talk to, when you were ready. I figured, why keep thinking about it, when I could just do it? So I did.” he states plainly.

You’re speechless for a minute, not sure of how to respond. Your normal humor wouldn’t work, that seemed like such a genuine response.

“Well, I think I’m ready.” you say, finally looking in his eyes. You weren’t sure, but you were almost positive that you could see a hint of a smile playing on his lips as you both took a sigh of relief.

i’m ready to heal

i’m ready to feel

You tell Jughead everything. You tell him about your parents, your non-existent friends. Hell, you even tell him about the struggles of living in a cabinet under the school.

He just nods, listening to everything. He doesn’t judge, and seems to show interest in every detail of your woes.

When you are finally finished, he just looks at you for a minute, blinks a few times, and says, “Let me take you to Pop’s after school.”

You couldn’t say no, it’s not like you had any real obligations to attend to after school.

You smiled, excited at the possibility of an actual dinner.

The bell rings before you can respond.

He meets you out front right at the end of school, a smile on his lips as you walk down the steps.

“For a minute I thought you wouldn’t come.” he says as you begin the trail to Pop’s.

“And miss food? Are you insane?” you say with a chuckle. Your arms are swinging lightly in the wind, feeling free as you’re not confined to the small four walls you were used to.

He just smiles, shoving his hands in his pockets, his shoulder bag behind his back. He starts kicking rocks along the road, trading off and even letting you kick some.

This continues the entire way there, giggling and laughing like you haven’t done in years.

In no time your at Pop’s, ordering burgers  and milkshakes.

“I have a question.” you say, getting his attention. He has his laptop out, typing away.

“Hm?” he raises his eyebrow, the cue to continue talking.

“How did you know?” you look him dead in the eyes, the question burning in the air.

“I had a dream about it. About someone under the stairs. A girl. You.” he states, glancing up for only a moment, “I had to at least go check.” he admits.

“Why though? Why not just push the dream aside?” you wonder, seeing if you can get him to admit anything else.

“It would nag at me if I didn’t. And if I was wrong, I could move on. If I was right, which I was, I might add, then I knew that the universe was probably trying to tell me something.” he breathes out, the last part of the sentence so soft and airy you can barely make out the words.

Suddenly you get an idea. It’s crazy, and probably a little insane, but you have to try.

“Come with me.” you say, sliding out of the booth and grabbing his arm, just like he did to you the first time you had an encounter.

You lead him outside, back down the path and onto the football field, racing him. He is surprisingly fast, able to keep up with you. When you reach the field you turn to face him.

“What are you doing?” he asks, breathless. You were honestly surprised he keeps putting up with your antics.

“Just wait.” you say, releasing his arm and going over to the light box. You flip the switch, turning all the jumbo lights off, revealing the starry night above you.

“I’ve always wanted to see what this looked like for real.” you say as you walk back over to him.

He looks up at the sky, then back at you, and in this moment you know that you are going to tell this boy everything. You’re going to feel and you’re going to heal again because of Jug. You admit to yourself that you like him, but if you were being honest with yourself you knew you always had. You couldn’t deny it any longer.

“You see that?” he asks, pointing to the brightest star in the sky.

You nod as he takes your hands, making your heart skip a beat.  

“That one was made for you,” he says, “the light in the darkness.”

You nearly have a heart attack at the words, speechless to say or do anything.

“What?” is all you can manage.

“(Y/N), you’ve been the highlight of my day for the past month, just sitting there and looking at you looking at everyone else. You were a mystery, and you still are, but somehow I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime. I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner, that I didn’t see you sooner.” he says, one hand going to cup your cheek, “Please, come stay with me.”

You lean into him, a huge smile on his face.

“Jug, I-” you begin, but he stops you by placing a kiss on your lips, bringing you close to his body.  You feel safe, you feel loved, and you know that no matter what anyone says, the universe is somehow trying to tell you something.

You just hope you can remember that when you wake up.

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This is a giant fuck you to my store manager.

Everytime my store manager is working a group (2 or more) of non-white people enter our store she will tell ME (and only ME) over the walkies to drop everything that I’m doing and go over and greet them and to start cleaning near them. I can be in the stock room or in the very back corner of the store and she will ALWAYS tell me to do it even then there are other people working the floor closer to these them.

I used to go and greet like like she told me but lately I’ve just been relocating to a row or two behind/in front of them instead of actually interacting with them…. they’ve already been greeted by whoever was near them when they entered why do I have to leave w/e I’m doing in the stockroom to greet them, too ?! Is it stranger for me to do that or for me to obviously come from far away in the store, greet them, and start cleaning 2 inches from them ?? That makes three of us at least surrounding them as they shop!

The other night really crossed the line as I once again was called to greet them but instead relocated kinda near them. My manager saw that I didn’t go right into their aisle and went to greet them herself and started reshelving already cleaned merchandise right next to them until they left. Apparently when they went to the check out (to surprise PAY FOR THEIR STUFF!!!!!!!) the older girl told the girl who was at the reg that the two girls out on the floor ‘are fucking racists that were following them around’ and that she would have called a manager to deal with us (aka me and my store manager) if she wasn’t in a hurry.

I talked to my co-worker after they left and she told me that the store manager has always been like that and that you can’t really do anything because she wasn’t explicitly 'racist’ because greeting people IS part of our job description like when the managers tell me when I try to question why /I/ need to greet this people (the next time we let a customer into our stockroom i’d be glad to greet them, i really will….)

Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do when I’m put into a situation like this? I’m can’t loose my job because it pays for my car/food/house payday by payday but I’m also mortified every time this happens and I’ve gotten in trouble for not “interacting well enough” with our customers. I’m actively looking for a new job but I can’t quit/yell back until something else is secured.

3. BTS Reaction When You Have Tattoos.

Please request some ideas that you want because it inspires me to carry on writing (sorry for any mistakes) hope you enjoy!! :)


I feel like out of all of the members Jin would like it the least only because I see him with a more traditional girl. Although after a while I have no doubt he’ll start to find your tattoos sexy.

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I think Yoongi would find your tattoos so sexy especially when you’re in your underwear and he can see every single one of them. He would love to run his hands over your smooth skin, tracing the outline of his favourite tattoos on you.

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Namjoon would LOVE the tattoos, he would definitely like them the most out of the boys. Whether it’s a small tattoo or lots of them, he would adore them especially when you tell him the story behind some of them making him love you even more.

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Hoseok would love to trace the outlines of your tattoos, running his big hands over them. It would be surprising to him when he first found out but he would get so excited seeing them litter your skin and he would just love to kiss all over them.

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Boy, oh boy. Expect him to be touching and asking about your tattoos, he would love seeing them and would love going with you to get a new tattoo. Jimin would also love to be part of the making of your tattoos and would get so happy when you ask for his opinions when you’re planning a new one.

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He would have so many questions about when you got them, what made you get them and the meaning behind all of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if you catch him taking photos of your tattoos and he would love it when you were in your underwear just so he can admire you and find out about all of the hidden tattoos under your clothes.

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The baby bun would be so curious, he would probably be pretty unsure about the tattoos at first only because he’s young and didn’t know you had them. Although over time when jungkook starts getting used to them he would really like them as they’re apart of you and he loves you.

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when i’m working, i get asked about my tattoos every once in a while.* it annoys me for several reasons. mainly, it’s my body & i didn’t get them for you & i don’t want to explain the reasons behind them at all, really, unless we’re friends. we don’t commonly ask each other so directly why we make other style choices so plainly in our society (why did you get that haircut/why the goatee etc.) so it seems odd that it is a thing a lot of people feel the need to ask a stranger. also, i work in busy service industry jobs & time is money, son, so, let me get it & don’t slow me down with boring, intrusive questions.

i’m at the point where i have a good number of them, mostly under clothes unless it’s super hot out. but i’m considering getting more, not only because i want more, but to fill space in more visible places in hopes of shutting people up a bit more? instead of ‘why did you get THAT tattoo’, maybe it will sound dumb enough to prevent the question ‘why did you get ALL your tattoos’? i don’t know, that might be a naive hope.

*luckily the touching & grabbing that often accompanies these questions seems to be waning? this used to happen A LOT & i used to be FAR too fucking gentle in rebutting it.

askvolleyballers  asked:

If you're still doing the prompt thing, KuroKen or AsaNoya and nerf gun. XD

“Please don’t do this,” Asahi pleads, holding his hands up. 

“Give me one good reason,” Noya says, smirking. 

“You—there’s still hope for you.”

“Really? I think I left it back there—when I gave Ryuu a headshot!”

Asahi sobs. “Noya, please. This isn’t you.”

“Asahi,” Noya says, and his face turns sad for a moment. “I loved you once. But I’m too far gone. This… is too much power for one man.” He lifts his gun one last time. “Goodbye, Asahi.”

The rubber dart hits Asahi square in the chest, where his heart is, and he keels over with a pained whine. Noya drops the gun, hanging his head. 

Behind them, Tanaka has revived somehow, wiping tears from his eyes, while Hinata and Yamaguchi are cheering in the corner where they were sniped. Sugawara is slow-clapping it out, eyes suspiciously shiny, while the other second years are still playing dead. Tsukishima has his head in his hands. 

“Team bonding,” Daichi mutters, raising his eyes to the ceiling. “You can’t kill your libero or your ace, Daichi, this is just a team. bonding. exercise.”


He looked over at me and smiled a sincere smile. He knew what I was thinking: heading up stairs and celebrating our long-awaited engagement. but he took a couple steps forward, tossed our twins over each shoulder and carried them upstairs. I followed closely behind and watched as Stevie opened her little eyes and flashed me a quick smile. We tucked them into bed and tipped-toed our way into our bedroom where….y’know! 

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Dad! Can we have more bad boy Tae please? It can be the cutest fluff or the craziest nsfw, I would love it all the same. Thanks!

They meet in the tattoo shop Taehyung works at.  Yoongi happens to show up on his birthday with Hoseok, who knows Taehyung through Jimin, looking to get a piercing and wow holy shit they aren’t even sure who falls for who first. 

It’s literally just a mess of flirting and laughter tbh.

Taehyung smirks as Hoseok walks in with the pretty boy besides him and he jumps over the counter he’d been sitting behind to stand in front of the two of them. His eyes literally move up and down as he looks from Yoongi’s pink hair to the yellow daisies around his head in a pretty flower crown and the matching yellow sweater he wears. Yoongi blushes as Taehyung stares at his bare legs a bit too long and he’s both happy and a bit shy about the white shorts he chose to wear that day. 

“Hey Seok It’s not my birthday but how sweet of you to bring me such a pretty gift.” 

Yoongi can’t help but laugh at Taehyung’s greasy comment. Although he looks innocent as fuck he loves that kind of bluntness and he bats his eyelashes at Taehyung as he bites his bottom lip. 

“Well it’s my birthday so how about you be my gift instead?” 

Hoseok groans loudly. 

“Right well when you two are done deep throating each other, Yoongi here wants to get a belly button piercing.” 

The entire time Taehyung is “prepping” Yoongi for it he’s being such a flirt and maybe touching Yoongi’s stomach a bit extra because he likes the way Yoongi shivers the first time he lifts the sweater and his fingers rub against soft skin. 

Yoongi leaves with a new sun charm belly ring and Taehyung’s number that the boy personally slipped into the back pocket of his shorts. 

Yoongi has a lot of his first with Taehyung. I mean he’s not really innocent but there are certain things he hasn’t done and Taehyung is just happy to show him. 

The first time he ever goes to a club is thanks to Taehyung. 

Taehyung feels his breath catch in his throat as he waits for Yoongi to get dressed. He’s honestly a little bit excited to see what his boyfriend is gonna wear because Yoongi owns so many pretty light colors that just look beautiful on him. A grin forms on his face when Yoongi comes out of his bathroom in a white tee shirt with holes in it and pale pink skinny jeans on. 

Yoongi has a pout on his face as he holds two flower crowns in his hand. 

“I don’t know which one looks better. The lilies or the dahlias?” 

Taehyung pulls the lilies one onto Yoongi’s head and fixes it gently so it sits perfectly against Yoongi’s hair. 

“You’re the prettiest flower i’ve ever seen.” 

Taehyung totally tries to show off at first. When they arrive at the club Yoongi sighs as he sees the long line to get in and Taehyung smirks as he pulls Yoongi to walks past everyone. 

“YO TAE!” 

The doorman lets them in and Yoongi’s eyes widen.

“His ex boyfriend was a dick, i kick his ass and so now i have free access to the club.” 

Sadly that’s also the day Yoongi experiences his first club fight. 

He laughs as he’s gotten a few drinks in him and he’s enjoying grinding against Taehyung to the heavy beat of the song playing. He’s never been to a club before so he really loves how everyone is just like one pit of dancing and he especially loves the way Taehyung holds onto his hips tightly. 

He never notices the guy coming their way until he hears a shout and feels the bottle’s shards hit his shoulder as a beer bottle is broken on Taehyung. 

Of course Taehyung’s first instincts is to get Yoongi out of there. His vision is a bit blurry but he can see enough to know the asshole that hit him with the bottle is someone he’s gotten into tons of fight with and he knows for a fact that guy never fights alone. Before he can leave though he notices more guys coming his way and he curses as he pushes Yoongi in the direction away from where the fight is going to happen. 

Yoongi watches horrified as Taehyung throws himself at the guy that hit him with the bottle first and it’s a mess of fist as they both fall to the floor. Two more guys come and pulls Taehyung off their friend and one of them holds onto Taehyung as the other punches his stomach. Taehyung’s bleeding from the bottle wound and Yoongi remembers he had Taehyung’s phone in his pocket. 

“If i ever get into any mess and can’t be there for you call speed dial number three” 

It’s something Taehyung had told him a while ago and so he does just that.


The voice that answers is deep and Yoongi just screams. 


Namjoon shows up not too long after with Jungkook and Seokjin with bats and Yoongi’s not even sure when or how but suddenly he’s in the hospital besides Taehyung’s bed as the doctors wrap up his ribs. 

“You did good baby, calling the boys.” 

Yoongi actually slaps Taehyung before kissing him hard. 

“If you ever scare me like that again i will kick your ass myself.” 

Yoongi also never thought he’d be getting fucked in a dressing room in the mall before dating Taehyung but there he is. Taehyung isn’t even quiet about it either. 

They were supposed to be on a cute shopping date with their friends. Yoongi had heard about a sale at Claire’s on sweater and he really wanted to see if he could find this one baby blue bomber jacket he’d been eyeing for a while. It’d been cute the moment they walked into the mall and Taehyung wrapped his arm around Yoongi’s shoulder to pull him closer as they walked. 

Usually he hated how people stared. Taehyung was in a sleeveless tank and all his arm tattoos had been on display along with the ones on his neck and honestly it was enough with the one on his face to get peoples attention. Yoongi glared at everyone who looked at them until Taehyung had laughs and pressed a kiss to the side of his head. 

“Relax Moon, i don’t care about the look.” 

Yoongi let himself relax as he lead Taehyung into the store. 

He’d found the jacket along with other clothes and he’d honestly only asked Taehyung to go with him into the dressing room to help him with some jeans. He didn’t expect for Taehyung to press him up against the wall and kiss him so hard he was sure his lip was going to bruise. He wasn’t complaining though. 

Yoongi moans as he drops the clothes in his hands and buries them into Taehyung’s red hair as he pulls hard. Taehyung had moves his lips to Yoongi’s neck and was sucking deep purple marks into his neck. Yoongi really tried to stay quiet but Taehyung wasn’t having it. 

“Moan for me baby. I want this entire store to hear you.” 

Yoongi couldn’t stop it when Taehyung slipped his hands into the back of Yoongi’s pants to squeeze his ass. The sounds were really loud. Moans and whimpers and Taehyung easily stretches Yoongi as the elder tosses his head back. 

“Fuck me Tae please fuck me.” 

There’s a knock on the dressing room door and Taehyung smirks. The younger enters Yoongi until he’s to the hilt and Yoongi screams right as Taehyung speaks. 

“Sorry this room is busy try another one.” 

It’s the first time Yoongi is banned from a store but really he’s not complaining when he leaves with the best fuck he’s gotten. 

“Where did you get this one from?” 

Yoongi’s finger gently traces a scar on Taehyung’s neck. He’s sitting on Taehyung’s lap and both of them are shirtless laying on Taehyung’s bed. It’s way past his curfew and he knows he’s going to get in trouble when he gets home for being late but he really doesn’t want to leave when they’re having such an intimate moment. 

Taehyung laughs and covers Yoongi’s fingers with his own. 

“I was being stupid with Namjoon. We were both wasted on Tequila and thought we could race a Charger in a small truck. We ended up flipping and part of the window cut me, Namjoon thought i had died with how much i was bleeding but i was more pissed it’d fucked up my tattoo.” 

Yoongi hums and slowly trails his fingers down until he can stroke another scar, this one right above Taehyung’s waistline. 

“And this one?” 

“Tried to jump a fence running from the cops after i did a liquor run. I slipped and landed on the spike of the fence, had to get seven stitches.” 

A shiver rakes through Taehyung’s body as Yoongi bends down to press a kiss tot he scarred skin. Part of his heart warms at the feel of his boyfriend’s lips against the mark and Yoongi blushes when he moves to so his chest is pressed against Taehyung’s with his face pressed against Taehyung’s neck. The elder kisses the scar there as well and traces the rose tattooed over the skin with his tongue. 

“Lets make love one more time before you have to drop me off and i get yelled at by my parents.”  

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53 with pre apocalypse Daryl pleaseeee

At first, you can’t help but think the worse. The first loud thump from your living room was undeniably the sound of someone’s body hitting the ground. The second, the window slamming shut behind them. You knew you had little self-defence skills, and it was unlikely you’d be able to fight off an intruder. 

Through the open doorway, you could see a shadowy figure moving to the walls. You found yourself getting out of bed, despite the voice in your head screaming for you to stay still and pray you’ll get out of this alive. 

Your eyes never leave the figure. Instead, you search with your hands along your side table for something useful to use. Something cold hits your fingertips, spreading a tingle down the back of your hand. You glance to it, momentarily, to find a glass of ice cold water. 

It’ll do. You thought, grasping the glass in your shaky hands. Carefully, you sneak closer to the living room. At this point, you’re in the doorway. You ignore the liquid inside, raising the glass up to the same level as your face. Some splashes on the ground, but barely makes a noise. 

Yet the figure snaps it’s head to you, staring your way. 

“(Y/N)?” It asks. You recognize the voice almost instantly.

You sigh, pulling the cord on your lamp to illuminate the room. He stands there, dark clothing, dirty boots and all. You mumble a curse to yourself, setting the glass on the table beside you. 

“What the fuck, Daryl? Ever heard of knocking – or just calling?” 

He chuckles, which usually would’ve made your heart flutter, but at the moment it was recovering. “Sorry, (Y/N). Didn’t mean to frighten ya.” 

Daryl walked closer to you, “Just wanted to know if you wanted to..” He shrugs, looking up at you. You can see in the dim lighting, his eyes growing as he fumbles to say the words on his tongue. He looks nervous, and his voice sounds like it as he finishes, “I don’t know.. get some ice cream?” 

A smile starts tugging on your lips, and the small part of you that was annoyed by his actions had dissipated into nothing. You stare at him, the smile curing your chapping lips. A soft nod washes him over with relief. 

“Okay, sure. Just let me get dressed.” You mumble, turning to enter your room again. But before you close the door, you look back at the Dixon boy standing in your living room, his hands tucked in his jean pockets. “But Daryl,” You chuckle, Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?”

Smol and Tol Prompts

For anon who requested Smol and Tol Prompts

(A is always the Tol and B is always the Smol in this prompt set)

- A finding B in their sweater that is easily 3 sizes too big for them and B trying frantically to explain why they are in A’s sweater

- A just shows up to random events with friends with B on their shoulders for no reason and this has just became the norm

- A getting beat up by some bullies on the playground so B comes in, and B is not even half the size of the bullies, yet B pounds all of their asses into the ground and tells A that they are gonna teach A about self defense and A right then and there just fell in love

- A always runs up behind B and picks them up and twirls them around, and since B likes it so much, B tries to do the same thing to A but fails miserably

- B climbs up on the counter to get some ingredients to cook with and A comes in and laughs because B looks so cute standing on the normal size counter getting ingredients

- A makes a flower crown for B but it doesn’t turn out too good because their over sized fingers can’t tie knots right but B loves it anyway

- B loving being the big spoon and A loving to be held like this because A was always the big spoon in other relationships and all A wanted was to be held and B finally gives them what they want

- A randomly picking up B bridal style through out the day and kissing them and telling them how much they love B

- A coming behind B while they are cooking and wrapping their arms around B, B always leans back into A, and A always leans down and rests their chin on B’s shoulder and kisses their cheek

- B always gets a piggyback from A when they are in a huge crowd because A doesn’t want to loose them

- B is the loving and sweet one who loves everyone and everything while A is an edgelord who hates everyone except for B

- A always making fun of B’s height so B perfects 6 inch stilettos so now they are the average height of everyone else

- A always feeling so abnormal for being so tall and B feeling so abnormal for being so short, so they both bond over being abnormal and then eventually get married and in their vows they talk about how they bonded over their height differences

- A accidentally grabbing one of B’s coats and being stuck freezing because how the hell can anyone even fit into this size of clothing? It’s so small

- A seeing B next to their gaint fuffly dog and A saying they have to take B’s picture because B looks photoshopped because of how smol they are

- A cuddling up to B because they are cold and B always being warm because B is a smol ball of fury at all times

- B sitting in A’s lap and they couldn’t feel happier

- A shielding B from the rain

- A using B as a bench press while B goes on their phone and blogs

- B using A as a bench press while A goes on their phone and blogs

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I don't know why, but it frustrates me A LOT when I respawn a second or two after someone else, and they run out of sight before I can fly to catch up to them. I've made it a habit to look behind me when I respawn so I can stay with whoever did after me. It seems insignificant, but I've made a point to my friends before to wait for me, or anyone else rlly, to run in with because it honestly makes a larger difference than people think.

what’s the logic behind every guy backing away when i finally like them back like even if it takes forever they’ll put in so much effort and without me even TELLING them that i caught feelings…they just know & immediately get distant

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Omg I love love LOVE The scars. Do you have back stories on them? How did Viktor get shot? And twice for that matter? What about the cuts on his arm? What about all the cuts on Yuuri? Some look more ragged than others (animal attack? Or a serrated knife?) Plz I love this AU and you I need more

Thanks thanks OuO
Happy you like the scars, they give me life XD
Uhhhh, I don’t have much of an idea about stories behind them tho ^^;;
Making something up off the top of my head, I’m thinking with Victor the ones on his arms come from a knife fight with some thugs encroaching on his territory. He guarded his face with his arm from one attack. The bullet wounds probably come from a time when, cornered on the docks or something, Victor was shot by JJ. Thankfully Victor’s men weren’t too far behind, and he was able to be treated.
Most of Yuri’s cuts come from various encounters with local criminals, just an occupational hazard really! O3O
I’d say the uneven looking one on his shoulder comes from a serrated knife tho, yeah :D

Thanks for your interest in this AU X3

Not a Feel

- Is it an autistic thing to be like 100% incapable of hiding your emotions no matter how hard you try?

It can be, though it’s by no means exclusive to autism

- hey not a feel but I’m curious, what replaces the use of ‘high functioning’ and 'low functioning’ labels?

Nothing. The concept behind them is inherently ableist (this person works better a person), and ignores the fact that autistic people often have a mixture of “high” and “low” functioning traits. Example: I am hyperlexic, have an IQ of 141 (not that IQ isn’t also a terrible concept), and remember information well, but also sometimes can’t tell when I’m hungry/need the loo and can’t handle meeting new people, large groups of people or loud noises, and find bathing difficult due to sensory issues.

- iiaat to be super prone to picking up the mannerisms of others? like, i met a girl who does this certain hand gesture when she’s talking and after a couple conversations with her i suddenly started doing it all the time, not just with her but with others. i’ll hear someone use one phrase once and then it’ll become permanently part of my speech pattern. it’s not deliberate; some of the mannerisms i’ve picked up i don’t even like, but it seems to happen way more often to me than to others.

Autistics are more likely than allistics to do this, yes

- how does one separate the symptoms of giftedness and autism? i’ve done my research and really see a lot of signs of autism in myself, but i’ve always been told that those things were just because i’m smart and mature. and i can see how social issues and possibly unusual fixations could be a sign of giftedness, but where does one draw the line? how can i tell if i’m both?

Autistic traits do not come from just being smart or good at things. If you have autistic behaviours it’s not because you’re “gifted”

- when i have meltdowns i tend to repeat words. Like i thought my roommate was mad at me and it triggered me (due childhood abuse) into a meltdown and i just kept repeating “im sorry” and couldn’t stop. Thats echolalia right?

Potentially, but it also sounds like a potential PTSD thing. When my PTSD’s triggered I tend to repeat “I can’t do it”

- is it possible for me to have fewer meltdowns as i grew up? they still definitely happen just not as much as when i was a kid

It’s very common, as often people can cope with things better as they get older, or shut down instead.