and befriend me

morrigan was raised by an abusive mother. we know that she was emotionally abused and subjected to forms of neglect

although you may not like her, its important to realize the reasons behind her cold demeanour and somewhat harsh beliefs. flemeth was a horrible mother 

the warden, if befriended, is her first friend ever. she’s never before been in constant contact with anyone but her abusive parent

the way she grows with the warden is reason enough to reevaluate whatever previous thoughts you’ve had about “how much of a bitch she is”. she develops a sense of caring and loyalty. her growth is an important part of her character arc when you take into consideration her isolated and cruel childhood 

befriending me is just basically getting a front-row ticket to my easily-excited ass yelling about everything, always. even if i’m not literally yelling i’m still, in spirit, yelling. that’s the ticket you bought. you didn’t ask for it but you got a backstage pass too, free of charge. welcome to hell

Making “Popular” Friends 101

Ok, so I keep hearing from people I know and seeing posts about how hard it is to make friends, especially popular creators and artist ones. How when you do, they are not what you thought they would be. As a person who has been at both ends of this spectrum, I have had some less then stellar experiences with popular blogs and I have had a lot of less then stellar experiences with people trying to befriend me, I would like to share some tips.

Here are 16 pointers to keep in mind when making friends with artists and/or other popular creators.

1: Realize that if your goal for befriending them is simply BECAUSE they are popular, then you are doing it for the wrong reason. There is a huge difference between, “they have a lot of followers I need to know them,” and “I really like what they do, but they seem to have a lot of followers.”

2: If your goal for talking to them is to get something out of them, whether it is art, a ship, public attention, self validation, or anything of the like, then you are still doing it wrong. They are people, not dispensers, respect that. As their own person they reserve the right to choose who they give their resources to.

3: Understand that you are NOT the only person trying to get their attention at any given point. You are one among many who may be trying to befriend them. It is a lot for a person to take in, and they simply do not have the time nor energy to build deep personable relationships with every person they talk to.

4: Actually contacting them. Use only means they provide to contact them. Do not get their skype, discord, or any other contact info from a second hand party. This will make them incredibly uncomfortable and feel like you are invading their space. If there is no way to privately contact them, then make an effort to leave kind replies and like their work. Eventually this will stick in their mind and you will become a positive interaction for when you can contact them.

5: So you have their contact now and the opportunity to talk to them. Don’t push it. You only barely met this person, you have to build a standing with them and make an impression. Do not expect a deep personal connection with them simply because you small talked a couple times. Friendship takes time and dedication.

6: Realize that at the beginning, the desire for a deep friendship is purely one-sided, and that’s OK! You know how cool you are, they don’t. If you get angry that they are not as into talking to you as you are with them, then you need to take a step back.

7. Be yourself, but the best part of yourself. It is ok to express yourself and be strange or eccentric. It is not ok to expect someone to right off the bat accept all your flaws just because. It takes time to see past a persons flaws, let them get to know your good side before expecting them to tolerate your bad side.

8: Be aware that not all personality types click. You may be strongly drawn to this person, but on their end they may not feel that friendship spark. They have a right to choose their close friends based on what makes them happy, just as much as you do. However this does not mean they don’t like you, and don’t welcome you messaging them.

9: Be prepared for different preferences, beliefs, desires, and so on. Friends can and will have differences between them. This does not mean you have to change, or they have to. It simply means being tolerant and understanding. Do not try to force them to take on your views in order to be your friend.

10: Your friendship can not be measured by the “amount” or “quality” of your interactions. There are a lot of people who have deep long conversations with even casual friends, and then there are some who barely talk to anyone, but still consider them their closest friends. It’s ok to worry if you are in good standing. Do not, however, assume your position with someone, but share in open conversation to know where you stand with them.

11: Do not play mind games. Maybe things are fading, or were not very strong to begin with. This is not excuse to play mind games, “testing” the legitimacy of your friendship. The biggest example of such mind games is “they never message me first, so I just won’t message them until they do.” More often then not, you will only be upset by the outcome, or make the person run in fear of a clingy relationship.

12: Do not cling for dear life. The harder you hold something the more you make it choke and want to run from you. These are people, they want their freedom to talk to who they want, do what they want, and spend their time how they want. Being upset because they do not devote that time to you is harmful to your emotions, and can become harmful to this person you want to be your friend. Sit back, relax a little and let things happen naturally.

13: So you are now friends with this person. Do not use this as a status symbol for yourself. Whether they are famous or not has nothing to do with you. They got there themselves. Yes, they may help promote you at some point. This does not mean you can brag about your friendship to others, or about what you get from them. This is all around not cool, and will only make your friend feel used like a sort of object.

14: Do not make every little issue into a public matter to guarder sympathy or to pressure the person to do what you want them to. This not only ruins friendships, but destroys trust. Don’t think people are unaware of what you are doing and why, they are not that dumb. More often you will make people completely uninvolved question themselves and only push even more people away. And in all it’s kinda a cruddy thing to do anyways.

15: It might not work out. There is always the possibility that it just won’t work. You tried everything, you pushed forward and darn it they just would not bite. This does not make you a bad friend and this does not make them a bad person. There are billions of people on this planet, we can’t all be friends, that’s life.

16: If it doesn’t work out, do not go on a rampage about how awful the person is just because they could not see you for as cool as you see yourself. This will only make a negative impression about you. Even vague-ing is a bad idea because you will not only ostracize those who you tried to be friends with, but possible current or future friends.

All in all, I hope that this helped to open a few eyes. I’m not trying to pick on anyone, heck I HAVE DONE SOME OF THESE NO-NOS BEFORE. No one is perfect, but we need to keep in mind that people are people no matter their status and should be treated as equals. So happy friend-making!

i feel sorry for anyone who befriends me and expects me to like things in a normal capacity??? like no my guy if i take an interest in something you bet your sweet bippy im gonna dive into that shit headfirst and consume every available piece of trivia and lore i can get my dirty goblin hands on because i dont know how to casually enjoy things


Luna: I knew it.

Noctis: Well, you were the one telling Prompto to befriend with me since elementary school.

i have yet to ship PrompNoct, although i have a feeling i will. I like Lunafreya too but i don’t see much of her interaction with Noctis and i honestly can’t imagine them as couple. to me they’re more like big sis and younger bro, but i could’ve missed something somewhere :P

i drew this after having seen many gamers chose photos of various ladies (be it Cindy, Iris, Gentiana, Aranea) at game’s ending and to me it was…duh. what will Luna think!? lol, and here i am doing this myself…

Ed stahp
  • S1 Ed: Wow that's a Mr. Penguin, so cool let me befriend you with riddles of foot eggs
  • S2 Ed: Omg let me love you and I will love you until you learn to love yourself also you're not getting those clothes back what is personal space your mommy is dead want some spicy mustard?
  • S3 Ed: Hey thanks for the prison break and the nice suits and giving me a job and feeding me but ugh stop calling me when I'm trying to murder why are you so self centered
  • Me: (ಥ_ಥ)