and before there was literally nothing i repeat nothing at all

The signs as Courage the Cowardly Dog running gags
  • Aries: Absolutely useless government officials.
  • Taurus: "MURIEL! Where's my dinner?"
  • Gemini: "Or my name is _____, and it's not!"
  • Cancer: "The things I do for love.."
  • Leo: Courage shapeshifting to explain what he saw and nobody noticing.
  • Virgo: That doctor who just says "Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all."
  • Libra: "Watch where you're going ya FOOL"
  • Scorpio: Muriel hitting Eustace with something and him shouting "Ow, what did I do??"
  • Sagittarius: " A bit of sport before dying, dear boy?"
  • Capricorn: Eustace putting on a mask to scare Courage
  • Aquarius: The weird theme of ducks that repeats in several episodes.
  • Pisces: Muriel putting vinegar in Literally Everything.