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i would like to bring to everyone’s attention that wanna one has a new main vocal, park woojin, who has showcased his outstanding vocal skills in this short clip of him assisting ex-main vocal kim jaehwan in his concert with his amazing ad-lib



Opening 5 more slots before I go on hiatus for convention season rush!


Additional Examples: (x)

Slot Info: (x)

Originals of commissions can be mailed for an extra $4 (domestic) and 10$ (international)

Here’s what to do If you’d like to commission me!

  1. Email me at with your commission info
  2. My PayPal is also ( paypal payments only)
  3. Please include a reference link to the character you’d like, and/or a description. whatever will help me to make it look the way you like 8).
  4. I won’t start a commission or fill you into a slot until the payment is made.
  5. please DO NOT send your payment until I have emailed you back confirming I will do your commission and also the final cost.

Flat Digital Color on Pencil and Ink drawings are an additional $13 as stated above :0

These are all base prices. Additional costs may be added for really complex characters (ex: armor,highly detailed outfits, an extra but small simple character…etc.)

I’m ok with doing most gore (blood,disembowelment/guts type stuff), and risqué/pin-up type characters are welcome! (I love drawing girls) don’t be afraid to ask! If I’m not comfortable drawing it I will let you know!

Tips are always welcome and appreciated as well!;

Thanks so much! ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ

i just saw a "relatable hamilton lines post" and i want to put something out before i go on hiatus, so here's a relatable 1776 lines post

• ohmygod
• would someone shut that man up?!
• A triumph. If I was ever sure of anything, it’s that. And if it isn’t… we’ve still got four days left to figure something else out.
• I wont put politics on paper- it’s a mania!
• Be glad you have the likes of John Adams to abuse, for no sane man would tolerate it!
• I have such a desire to knock heads together
•"Do you mean to say that it is not yet finished??“ "No sir. I mean to say that it is not yet begun.”
• What makes you so sure you can do it?
• Solitary, celibate; I hate it!
• wE ArE COoL!!!!!!11!1!1
• At a stage in life where most men prosper, I’m reduced to living in Philadelphia!
• I’m convinced the only purpose this Congress ever had was to gather here specifically to drive John Adams mad
• It appears Georgia is split right down the middle; The people are against it, and I’m for it.
• Why doesn’t New York just stay in New York??
• Hell yeah! I’m for debating anything!
• They speak very fast and very loud, and nobody listens to anybody else, with the result that nothing ever gets done.
• Oh for heaven’s sake, let me get through it once

I will make it quick.

Alright, trying not to cry while writing this post. I just hate the fact that this will be my last time, of sorts, that I will click that ‘Post’ button down there. Anyhow-

As some of you already know this is my last year in high school and that also means my finals are just around the corner. In order to study as much as I need to to be able to get into university I need to make sacrifices. And one of them is tumblr. I wish I wouldnt have to make this post but I need to.

I need to inform you that starting from tomorrow and until the 1st of July I will need to go on a hiatus. And before anyone is fast to click that unfollow button I am here telling you that this blog is NOT dead. We have just come to a season finale, that is all. The next season starts on July second. It is only a hiatus!

This is not something I want, under no circumstances. If it was up to me I’d be writing and posting evryday all year round but this is about my future. And I can’t be an asshole, neither to myself nor to my parents and teachers. They have all tried very hard, me included, to be able to come here and have hope that I can actually get to be something in my life.

I am not talking big here, never was. I’d like to believe I am a down to Earth person (minus the times I daydream about Supernatural) and as that I have decided to take this difficut decision. I could stay, yes, and go on hiatus for only a monthh or two before my exams but I can’t. I need to take this seriously. Other kids have been making this kind of sacrifices ever since the beginning of September and if I wan to achieve my goals I need to do this now.

I won’t be able to post however I will be able to reply occasionally to your mail (not inbox, the other thing though) and I would really love to keep contact with you. Again, the blog is not being closed. I am not quitting because I think that I have a lot more in me as far as energy, passion, love and stories are concerned.

That being said, I hope you all can understand my reasons to this break. It would honestly mean a lot for me to know that you suppot me through this because, honestly, it is about my future guys. It is important for me, more than anything else, and I can’t afford to lose this chance.

So, I guess that’s what I had to say. Here I have links to my masterlist(s) for every story minus those 20 I just uploaded! If you are looking for them just scroll down in my blog and you can find them!

I used to have the entire Masterlist here. Links for every story and imagine I wrote but tumblr obviously let me have only a certain amount of links. So I’ve split it up:

Stories Masterlist 1#
Stories Masterlist 2#

My imagines are a little bit shorter stories, not just gifs, and there are a couple mini-series too! (All links are working trust me!)

Imagines Masterlist #1

Imagines Masterlist #2

So, with tears in my eyes I tell you this angels:

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hi-fi rendezvous chapter 1

i’m (finally) back with another release! this time, i’ll be working on hi-fi rendezvous by ymz! this will be my final release before i go on hiatus until 7 december (due to travel), so i apologise in advance for the lack of content over the next 2 weeks.

summary: childhood friends tsutsuji and kouji live in a small countryside village. due to a lack of students, their school is scheduled to be abolished at the end of the year; they are its final students. the two have always been together, but after graduation, they may find themselves going their own ways…?

here is the download link for higher quality images; otherwise feel free to continue reading below. enjoy!

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THE END.  (jkjkjkjk)

((Hey guys! This comic is going to be end of content from this blog for a while. I wanted to leave you with something nice before going on hiatus, as well as let you know that you’ll see Jotaro again on my new daily/bd blog;


I lost my spark, or motivation I guess? There’s a bunch of unanswered requests and asks in the box here gathering dust but its just making me feel anxious rather than excited like it used to. I need a break! I still love Jotakak but I’m really excited to focus on just Jotaro, and interact more with other daily/bd blogs and participate more readily in events. I hope I can see your support there as well in the future. Thank you all so much, your love and support means so much to me.))


The only person that Barbara allows to call her ‘Barbie’ is Jason. 

This goes back when they first met and worked together for the first time when Jason became Robin. Jason had always been fond of Barbara because she was this cool older pretty girl that he gets to work with and like you have to be an idiot to not find Batgirl attractive.

Whenever they were in their civies at events and such, Jason would call out to Barbara as Barbie much to her annoyance but she didn’t fight him because what’s the point.

“Hello Barbie, can I get you some refreshments?”

“Looking good, Barbie. You’re such a doll.”

“Smart and beautiful. You truly are a Barbie”

When Jason died, no one has called Barbara ‘Barbie’ since and she honestly misses it and having him around. One day when Jason came back as Red Hood, Barbara was curious about his Red Hood so she started to investigate him as Oracle and once day she managed to track him down.

“You were looking for me? I hope you’re offering me a job. I could use the money.”

“I never do business with the bad guy. I want you to stop killing people.”

“If you do your research, I only kill the bad guys. Scums who don’t deserve to live.”

“You’re just as bad as them. Batman will never let you get away with this. I’m warning you.”

“I don’t care what the old man says, Barbie. I’m doing this my way,” he says before disappearing into the night.

Barbara paused and realized that this Red Hood called her ‘Barbie’ and there’s only one person who calls her that. She knows Bruce has been investigating this guy and she wondered if it was her position to tell Bruce what she discovered. Whatever the case is, she knows the ending of this isn’t going to be pretty. 

@whore4batfam Did I pull your heartstrings? I want to give you as many hcs before you go on hiatus so you’ve been warned. :) 

Betrayal (1/2)

SUMMARY - You and Bucky fall in love while in Bucharest until you see the news of Bucky being a murderer in the news. 

WORDS- approx 900 

A/N - This has 2 parts . I hope you guys like it . I took me an hour to write this and probably 3 fucking hours to think of a title. I hate this part the most. That is why titles are never related to the freaking story .Also I have my end semester exam tmr and see how I am posting fics. Someone please tell me to study.Also I completely forgot about the requests I got before my hiatus so I’m going to work on them . Pls don’t send anymore until further notice.Thanks. 

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