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Vixen Muse - Jughead Jones

 Request: Hiiii ! I have a really cute idea in my mind, and I was wondering if you could write an imagine, where reader’s mom is English teacher, and she suggested Jughead to tutor him, help him with his work, improve his writing style, and when she go to her house he met his daughter, a sweet, lovely and kind River Vixen and he falls for her immediately ? <333

Well look at that I actually did something productive, I’m so sorry for the wait on this request <3 I hope it was okay :)


Words: 2,132

Warnings: Didn’t proofread, I’m honestly so dead / mild mild swearing

“You’re writing what?” Archie raised an eyebrow.

The ginger and his beanie clad best friend were sat in a booth at Pop’s, drinking the evening away with rounds of strawberry and chocolate milkshakes.

“A novel,” Jughead replied simply, sipping on his straw.

“About Jason Blossom. As in the Jason Blossom who got shot this summer?” Archie had to clarify. Jughead tried to refrain from rolling his eyes.

“Last time I checked there was only one,” He reached under the table and emerged with his laptop bag. “Although a clone would make a thrilling plot twist.”

“Are you sure that’s healthy? Writing about a murder? I mean, it’s all you’ve been talking about for the past few weeks and maybe it would be better just to drop the subject,” Archie tried to advise, ignoring the shaking of Jughead’s head in disapproval.

“You know what maybe I’d have more stuff to talk about if you were around this summer,” He scoffed, the bitter tone is his voice taking Archie by surprise. “I don’t need your opinion on the context anyway, I need help on my writing and the words I use and the structure. It all flows in my head but when I try to put those words on paper, my mind just clouds over and all I’m left with is unnecessary rambling.”

“Speaking of rambling, there’s no point talking to me about this Juggie. There’s nothing I can say to you in this situation that would actually help you out rather than annoy you with my irrelevant comments,” Archie shrugged, leaning back into the booth and slumping casually.

Jughead rested his head in his hands. He’d been suffering with writers block for over a week now and it was killing his novel. He needed something inspiring and he needed it fast. 

“What about Mrs (Y/L/N)?” Archie suggested and Jughead’s head snapped up, his attention having been caught.

“What about her?”

“Isn’t she offering small after-school tutoring sessions because the school offered to pay her?” Archie took out his phone and pulled up the school website, showing Jughead the ‘news’ page which informed them of the opening.

“Why would she even do that?” Jughead took the phone off of Archie and quickly scanned the article, picking out key information like contact details which he proceeded to write down on a napkin.

“I think the school is offering her a pretty decent amount, they’re having to secure their teacher reputation record because of…. ya know,” Archie trailed off. “Anyways, she’s a pretty nice teacher right? Smart too, I’m sure she’ll give you all the artsy, angsty advice you need to fuel your supposed novel,” He reached over the table and took his phone back, leaving Jughead to think things through.

“Mrs (Y/L/N)?” Jughead stayed behind after class, now standing at the side of the teachers desk. The aforementioned woman looked up through her glasses and smiled warmly at the boy.

“Yes Jughead, how can I help?” She put down the papers she was grading and gave him her full attention.

“Well, it’s nothing really just something stupid,” Jughead scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. He was almost ashamed in himself for not overcoming his difficulties alone and having to ask an English teacher for help. Archie was probably right anyway, the concept was stupid. 

“Please Jughead, I’m sure it’s not as stupid as you say,” Her voice was smooth and reassuring. Jughead slung his arm so that his backpack fell off of his shoulder and onto the floor. He took out his drafted manuscript, which had been kept under lock and key for weeks. He wouldn’t let anyone see his work until he was sure it was up to his own standards.

Mrs (Y/L/N) didn’t seem to be giving away much with her facial expressions as she nonchalantly skimmed through the pages, nodding her head and humming. After a few minutes of awkward silence, she put the pages down and looked up at the nervous brooding boy before her.

“W-What do you think? It’s just an early draft, I just wanted to know if you could maybe help me improve it. I don’t mean to waste your time or anything though, of course!” Jughead scrambled to pick up the manuscript and shove it back in his bag, refusing to meet the English teacher’s eyes.

“It’s great Jones, very interesting take on the whole ordeal. Very real,” She reached out a hand, stopping him in his path. Mrs (Y/L/N) stood up and neatly tucked in her chair before coming round to the front of the desk and perching on the edge. “I’d love to discuss it with you in more detail, if you would be okay with that?” She had already pulled out her diary from her desk and started to scribble some notes down in the dates of this week.

“Yes, that would be great. Umm when and where Miss?” Jughead didn’t want to sound too eager but he couldn’t help but feel a flood of relief.

“I’d have you come in during a lunchtime but sadly I have reports to do and papers to mark for the seniors. I’ll send you my address and contact details over school email okay, we’ll try and meet for afternoons for a week and see where we go from there,” The teacher scribbled all of this down whilst Jughead just made a simple mental note. He was on a laptop 24/7 anyway, he didn’t need to be promoted to check his emails.

“She must really want to help you then,” Veronica laughed as Jughead explained his daily English plan also now known as ‘his excuse for not turning up to group days at Pop’s for the next month or so’.

“Guys she’s just interested, it’s actually quite nice to be offered some professional support considering it’s been weighing me down,” Jughead sighed, picking at his fries. The Sad Breakfast Club were all gathered by the bleachers eating their lunch and just sticking to their casual weekday routine. 

“You’re making it sound as if she’s your therapist,” Kevin pointed out and the others nodded with smirks, much to Jughead’s annoyance.

“Wait, doesn’t she have a kid?” Betty perked up, finally chiming into the conversation after just simply observing. There was a brief moment of silence as everyone contemplated her question.

“I think so…” Veronica didn’t sound so sure.

“If she does, she probably goes to another high school. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone like that around Riverdale high,” Jughead simply shook it off. Boy, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

He’d been knocking for almost five minutes now. Perhaps it was the determination to just finish the chapter that kept him standing at the (Y/L/N) doorstep that Wednesday afternoon but it was slowly seeping away, seeing as nobody was willing to answer. Or maybe it was fate, because if he left a little earlier, there was a chance he may have never met her.

“Hello?” That honey voice Jughead recognised came from behind him but it sounded even sweeter, soft and innocent almost. Perhaps even angelic if you wanted to go that far. He turned around, his expression irritated but his features quickly softened when he took in your appearance.

You were stood there in all your beauty, gym bag slung over shoulder and River Vixen uniform proudly on display. Your hair was tied in a tight high ponytail that could rival Betty Cooper’s, adorned with blue and gold ribbons. 

“Um, hi. I’m sorry, do I have the wrong house?” Jughead stuttered, his face changing from pale to tomato red very quickly.

“Oh no, this is the right house. You must be the boy my mother told me about,” Her confused expression instantly shifted into a warm smile, her eyes bright and welcoming. That smile could melt an iceberg. “She said you’d be stopping by, for help with your poem or novel or whatever it was. She’s out right now getting the groceries but luckily I have my spare key so you can come on in and binge some snacks with me,” She giggled heartily, skipping past him and unlocking the door. She beckoned Jughead to follow her as she dropped her gym bag off by the stairwell and ran into the kitchen, emerging with bags of popcorn.

Jughead grinned, following her into the living room where they both sat down on the same couch and started to talk.

She had only recently moved to town to stay with her Mum. Her parents were divorced and her Dad wanted time alone with his new family so they could settle in together, to your dismay. Thanks to her prestigious background, Cheryl had been quick to accept her as a River Vixen but other than her five minutes of fame at the audition, she’d purposefully sunken into the background of Riverdale High, keeping a low profile and fulfilling her role as a wallflower.

Jughead noticed how expressive she was. She would move her hands when she talked, waving them all over the place and gesturing. She could tell the whole story with her bright eyes, which leaked with emotion and passion. The words she used and her way of phrasing things filled Jughead’s head with ideas. The inspiration he’d been looking for was right in front of him and it hit him quick how fast he was falling head first for the charming Vixen.

“And then I told her that it wasn’t fair that ethnic minorities are portrayed that way in this show but she decide- Jughead? Are you alive? Helloooo Earth to Juggie?” You waved your hand in front of his face since the boy seemed to be lost in a trance. The two of you had been talking for almost an hour now and you’d been concealing your blush whenever he stared at you. It was undeniable he was kind of cute and different to most other boys you’d met. To him though you were probably the perfect girl next door. Untouchable and innocent. Not with your history, no. Nobody is ever perfect in Riverdale.

“Sorry I was just thinking about how pretty you look,” Jughead smirked, the confidence coming from nowhere. Jughead even looked surprised himself at his comment. You felt flustered and you looked down so he couldn’t see your rosy cheeks. So… he wants to play huh?

You scooted closer to him on the couch, slowly draping your legs over his lap and leaning back onto a pillow lazily. He was looking at you, eyes wide. You batted your eyelashes innocently, smiling up at him in a way that could only be described as… seductive?

You had no idea where this mood came from and neither did he. Some harmless flirting didn’t hurt nobody though. 

Within the next five minutes you were snuggled into his side talking about your day whilst he was stroking your legs and wrapping his fingers around the curls in your hair. There was just some kind of comfort and butterflies you felt when so close to him and it was clear he felt the same.

“Am I really pretty?” You suddenly mumbled, rubbing over your stomach subconsciously. You’d always been insecure about your weight and it had been your weakness when it came to dealing with high school bitches.

Jughead leaned back and gave you a look. “I’m being honest when I say you’re honestly so pretty, and it’s not all about your looks. You have a great personality from what I can tell. I mean, I can’t really judge you yet but based on the cover of your book you’re funny and charismatic and I would love to take you out on a date,” The last part was barely audible but you’d heard every single word. You sat up quick, mouth wide open. You began to fidget with your hands like you always did when the words just wouldn’t come out. You could just whisper.

“I would love that,” You stared at his soft lips and he blushed, staring right back at yours. You scooted closer once more, leaning in.

“I’M HOME HONEY!” The front door slammed shut and the sound of bags being dumped on the floor was heard from the hallway. The two of you jumped apart quickly as your Mum walked in to find the two of you, sitting on opposite ends of the couch with red faces. “Hey guys, I bought pizza! If you want to stay for dinner Jughead just let me know, (Y/N) can you help me unpack these groceries please,” She smiled at the both of you before walking off to the kitchen.

You reluctantly sat up but before you left the room, you turned around to meet Jughead Jones’ eyes. You smiled bashfully.

“It’s a date.”

i’m so sorry that i’m slow and ew, i hope this was okay + didn’t proofread because i’m dead. Will read tomorrow :)


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wait tell me in what way is the 5sos fandom sexist

Okay so I’m gonna preface this with clarifying that I am in no way asserting that everyone in this fandom is sexist. The point of me bringing this up and trying to open a discussion about this is so that an acknowledgement of the worrying portion of the fandom that is sexist can be made.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, is how, in general, the 5sos fam treats the girls that 5sos see. Regardless of your personal opinion on these girls, the things that this fandom says about the girls they date are disgusting.

Before we even know anything about the girls, people immediately jump to the conclusion that the girl is dating them for the money, that they’re manipulating the guys, or that their only worth is their relationship with the boys. It feeds in from the ancient archetype of the Evil Woman™ who only cares about vanity and who only has her best interests in mind.

People act as if these girls have no lives outside of destroying the lives of the boys. As if they have no personal lives of their own, like their relationship is literally all that defines them. That. Is. Not Okay. Girls who see people perpetuating these ideas are then led to believe that who they date or have dated in the past are their only defining factors.

Of course, I realize that it’s hard to avoid this since it makes sense that we’d only talk about the girls in context of the boys, but some of the posts that I’ve read that are dedicated to tearing the girls down will make them out to be self-obsessed monsters who truly don’t have anything going for them outside of their relationships. Most, if not all, of us don’t know jack shit about these girls’ personal lives. We have no place to be making such presumptions.

The part of the fandom that actively hate their girlfriends also make it seem like the boys are helpless kids who are the victims 110% of the time. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: 5sos are anything but perfect. They’ve made so many shitty decisions in the past, but most of us recognize that that’s okay (to a certain extent). We realized that their shitty decisions aren’t the only things that define them and we know that we ourselves have done or said equally shitty things before as well. So, acknowledging these things, we move on from their “””problematic””” histories and move on.

But then?? If one of the girls did something on May 22nd, 2011, at 8:02:35 am, you best believe people in this fandom will be pulling up those receipts non-fucking-stop. It’s ridiculous. Like I said, you may have your own personal opinions on these girls, and that’s completely fine, but the notion that the girls must be perfect angels almost every moment of every day while ignoring the fact that the boys are anything but is ultimately and undeniably sexist.

Even just the idea that the boys are helpless and clueless idiots who can’t possibly survive unless we, their 170 IQ, 4.7 GPA holding fans, educate them by “””exposing””” what their gfs have done is sexist to the boys as well!! They’re full grown adults. People in this fandom act as if they’re  children who don’t have the brain capacity to decide on their own whether who they’re dating is good for them or not.

And this sexism isn’t new either. Even before any of the boys began officially dating girls, the “groupie drama” of yesteryear was just as ugly. I’m not gonna get into whether any of it was true or not (because frankly who cares), but even if hypothetically they did have “groupies”: 1) The term itself is gross. It reduces the girls down to nothing but casual fucks to not care about later and 2) The girls would always be the ones getting called sluts or other similar, shitty names, despite the fact that, surprise surprise!! Sex involves at least two parties!! Anything that the girls were being blamed for should have, at the very least, been directed to the guys as well. (Not that any hate like that should ever be directed to anyone ever, for the record.)

The sexism was high key years ago, and it’s just as bad today. Even just searching Crystal’s name on Twitter/Tumblr/Insta will get you to posts of people hating on Crystal for dying her hair blonde,,, as if Michael - her boyfriend!!! - hasn’t dyed his hair a million times before.

And if anyone reading this is still not convinced, I urge you to imagine if any of the boys were dating a guy instead, and then try to tell me if the guy would get even a fraction of the hate these girls get. (Of course, that’s also a product of the regressive fetishization of homosexuality among fandoms in general, but that’s another rant for another day.)

Everyone definitely has differing opinions on these girls that they’re dating or have seen in the past, and I’m sure those opinions will greatly influence your opinion on this matter. However, I think even by just looking at the drama in this fandom objectively, it is undeniable that even if all of the hate caused by the idiosyncrasies of their relationships with the boys were removed from the equation, we’d still be left with the immense amount of internalized sexism that parts of this fandom have wrongfully encouraged for years now.

Mostly About Being Queer, And A Little Bit About Why Trying To Police That Word Is BS

Hey everyone, I know that this might seem like kind of an odd time to post something like this essay about my identity, given other real-life stuff, but I actually wrote it a couple weeks ago and just finished reading it over now. And I still want to say the things in it, so I am.

This is a long piece, about 6000 words.

All this is kind of a knot in my mind, so forgive me if it doesn’t come out like a 5-paragraph essay.

Right. I’m going to start off with sexuality. If you follow me you probably know I’m asexual. I didn’t know about asexuality until my time on tumblr, and I first noticed conversations about asexuality shortly after I created my blog, in early 2013. Luckily, this was during a time when the posts I saw were mostly either explanations of what asexuality was, memes and jokes about being ace, and posts stating clearly that the A in LGBTQIA+ (and other versions of the acronym that included the A) stood for asexual, not ally. The atmosphere I encountered at that time was highly inclusive. Remarks that aces shouldn’t be in relationships with allosexual* people, and suchlike, were met with wide rebuttal.

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the angel from the prophecy

(undertale spoilers)

just who is “the angel”? what does the prophecy really mean? i have some theories. first, who the angel is depends on which route the player completes.


the delta rune (an anagram of “undertale”) can be seen beside gerson, on toriel’s, asgore’s, and asriel’s clothing, and many other places throughout the underground. it represents the monsters below and the “angel” from above, according to gerson. it is a symbol of hope.

the angel is someone who has “seen the surface”. they will come to the underground and grant monsters “freedom”, although this could either mean letting the monsters roam free on the surface or killing them all. for some, it is a symbol of despair.


so who fits the criteria? asriel, who has killed so many, and frisk, who can eventually set the wheels in motion that would cause the barrier to break, come to mind. but wait – what if frisk doesn’t actually meet all the prophecy’s conditions after all?

this is the official prophecy, recorded in history for all monsters to see. it mentions a key detail that gerson leaves out – the angel is someone who has seen the surface, and “they will return”. in order to “return” somewhere, one would have had to have been there before. frisk could never “return” to the underground because they had never left it in the first place. 


there are only two individuals in the entirety of undertale who have left the underground and then returned: asriel and chara. 

chara was never really “dead” when asriel crossed the barrier.

after absorbing chara’s soul, asriel and chara’s souls were combined and they became one individual. however, both of them could control the body. the two of them retained their own individual feelings and desires despite this. as a result, both chara and asriel left the underground only to return to it when asriel decided he would rather be killed than kill anyone. 

after the shared body turned into dust, the two were able to “return” again; asriel was reborn as flowey and chara’s essence made its way inside frisk. although it seems that chara’s presence can be seen inside frisk in any route, the genocide route end is the only explicit confirmation of chara’s revival.

it could be argued that the player and frisk both “return” to the underground after a true reset, but the pacifist and genocide endings can each be achieved without resetting (without returning) once. therefore, i’m going to rule out the player and frisk as possible “angels”.


it seems that asriel is the angel of the pacifist route. he meets all of the conditions of the prophecy: he returned to the underground from the surface and his actions caused the barrier to be broken, setting the monsters free from their prison.

asriel is also littered with references to the delta rune.

in his first battled form, he wears the delta rune on his clothing in a similar manner to his mother, toriel.

in his final form, he takes on the appearance of the delta rune itself. ignore his head, and his arms and the heart-looking part at the bottom make up the three shapes on the bottom. the circle in the middle of his body makes the shape of the angel’s head and wings sprout from it.

despite appearances, it is the fact that he breaks the barrier in order to free monsters that makes him the angel. he did it just as he claimed he would many years ago:

asriel claimed he would “free everyone”, and he did.


it seems that chara is the genocide route’s angel of death. by leaving the underground, returning to it, and successfully being able to “free [monsters] from this mortal realm”, they meet all of the prophecy’s conditions. chara did it all with the player’s help, but it was still chara who erased the world, not the player.

the “angel of death” is something that could be likened to a “demon”. in the genocide route, chara makes multiple references to hell.

the first is to rg01.

the second is to rg02. granted, these are direct quotes from a book, but toby fox said himself that he thinks “references are OK as long as the material stands on its own without knowledge of the source material.”

he also said that there are “only 1 or 2 minor jokes” in undertale that require knowledge of the source material in order to enjoy it, but somehow the above doesn’t feel like a “joke”.

in this case, i believe the rg01/rg02 checks must be looked at within the context of undertale’s story.

after using the “threaten” option against burgerpants, he claims that “threats won’t work” on him and that he “can’t go to hell”. this seems to imply that chara quite literally told burgerpants to go to hell. that was their threat.

the final and most significant reference to hell is when chara refers to themself as a “demon”. it appears that, at least in the genocide route, chara has some sort of fascination with hell. consequently, it seems that chara would quite enjoy bearing a title like “angel of death”.

moreover, it was chara who convinced asriel to “free everyone”, although chara’s definition of “free” is a lot more ambiguous than asriel’s. it could very well mean the same type of freedom that gerson suggests when speaking about the angel of death.

flowey, near the end of the genocide route, also uses the word “free” in this manner:

he suggests that he and chara should “finish what [they] started”, possibly implying that, after having shared a body with chara, he was well aware of what “freedom” meant to them. either way, flowey goes on to talk about how he and chara should kill everyone, so it’s doubtful that he meant “free” in any peaceful way.

despite all of this, it is the fact that chara (with the player’s help) slaughters every monster in sight in order to “free” them that makes chara the angel of death. much like they claimed many years before, they were able to “free everyone”. 


asriel is probably the “angel” that appears in the pacifist route, and chara is probably the “angel of death” that appears in the genocide route. the two of them originally plotted to “free everyone”, and in their own ways, the two of them eventually succeeded.

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Coldflash 9

9. ‘meeting online’ AU

((as usual, I screwed it up a bit lol. AU where Len is a hacker, and Barry is still the Flash.

Warning for suicide mention: very brief, and it’s just a misunderstanding, not real intent, but still…))

Len’s fingers fly over the keyboard like angry hummingbirds, his eyes fixed on the code on his screens as he mentally counts down the time he has to bypass the STAR Labs’ security protocols before everything goes to shit.

He’s twelve seconds early, which might be a little disappointing due to the lack of a dramatic effect, but after a short wait while he downloads everything there is to find, Len is proud of himself anyway as he sifts through the encrypted files, deciding what to keep and what to ignore. Some of these will fetch quite a prize on the black market - however, the schematics aren’t really what he’s looking for tonight (even though that absolute zero weapon looks intriguing as hell).

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I mean, just LOOK at those eyes. They’re like PAINTINGS.  …which is cool, because they actually are paintings in a way :D

In principle photography their eyes started something like this:

External image

and in post production they went to something like this:

External image

How’d they do it?

[absolutely crazy numbers of photos behind the cut. you have been warned.]

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