and becomes enraged


In Aztec mythology, Coatlicue (”she with serpent skirts”) is the mother of the 400 stars in the sky, and one daughter, Coyolxauhqui (”she with bells on her cheeks”). When Coatlicue becomes pregnant illegitimately (by touching a tuft of hummingbird feathers - this sort of stuff happens a lot in Mesoamercan mythos), her children become both embarrassed and enraged. But none more so than her daughter, Coyolxauhqui. Together with her 400 brothers, she launches an attack on her mother, but it is foiled when her mother’s unborn son Huitzilopochtli (”the hummingbird on the left”) springs forth from her womb, armed for battle.

Huitzilopochtli dismembers Coyolxauhqui, and flings her head into the sky where it becomes the moon, so that her mother might look upon her always.


One way to get an abuser and toxic people, all emotional vultures to leave you, to lose interest in you, to stop stalking you, is to be BORING.

- Become as boring as you can be
Dull. Tedious. Abusers love drama. They get excited when they make people suffer. They love to be the center of attention. They want your undivided attention. They love to control. To control you, to control every single second of your life, to control every single aspect of your life.

- Become boring

It’s a better idea than to just leave. When you leave, they might become so enraged at losing control, they can hurt you. They have no feelings. The only “feelings” they have are the pleasure they get of hurting, torturing, humiliating, making you suffer, and reducing you to become a zero.

- Torturing you gives them pleasure. 

Having control over you makes them breathe. They crave all the attention they can get. By letting them decide to leave you, you’ll be free for life. When you become boring, but so boring, and bored, when you show no emotion, they start to look for their next victim somewhere else. Eventually they’ll be the one to leave you.

- They can’t stand boredom

They need a victim they can manipulate. A victim they can torture. A victim they can control. They love to see their victim falling apart. They love to control any emotion you might have.

- Let them think it’s you

This has nothing to do with them, throw them off guard. Your reactions, your emotions, your torture, your fears are their oxygen. Cut their oxygen supply. Hide your emotions for a while. With time they’ll lose interest in you, and they decide to leave you.

- For those who

can’t get away from their tormentor after they’re no longer together. For those who share custody of a child or children, continue to be tedious when they see you. Be dull as dishwater. Flat as a pancake. They can’t stand that.

- They move on to their next victim

to suck their life out, to crush their joys, to manipulate and abuse. Remember, they must have control. Each time you meet, you must remember to be boring. You don’t want to arouse their interest in you again.

- They are the ones who can decide

to leave, not you. Don’t even cry when they decide to leave. Show absolutely no emotion when they decide to leave, or they’ll stay and tear you apart. They will leave when they get bored. Just give them a hand. By being BORING.

What do I have to do to make this shitehole of a site understand that if I don’t like sp*hura it’s not because I’m racist and *how dare spock be with a black woman* (What is this bullshit people pull out of their asses???) but it’s literally because I detest seeing a competent, amazing black woman being used as heterometer for the two obviously closeted leads


On 11 October, 2014, police in Domascus Township, Pennsylvania, received a phone call from 69-year-old Anthony Virbitsky, informing them that an elderly lady he was caring for, 90-year-old Helen Novak, wasn’t breathing. When authorities arrived at the house, it was clear that Novak certainly hadn’t died from natural causes. It was noted that Virbitsky’s grandson, 10-year-old Tristen Kurilla, was acting very suspiciously. Later on in the afternoon, Kurilla’s mother brought him into the police station for questioning. He readily confessed that he had become enraged when Novak had shouted at him. He responded by grabbing the elderly ladies cane and hooking her by the neck before brutally beating her in the throat and stomach. An autopsy uncovered her cause of death as blunt force trauma to the neck. Kurilla claimed that he didn’t intent to kill Novak but just harm her. He is currently in an adult jail awaiting his trial.


On this day in music history: December 31, 1984 - Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen loses his left arm in an automobile accident near Sheffield, UK. While on a break from recording “Hysteria”, the follow up to the bands’ multi-platinum album “Pyromania”, Allen is driving in his Corvette Stingray with girlfriend Miriam Barendsen. The two are on the way to a party at Allen’s family home in Sheffield, when a driver in an Alfa Romeo passes them on the road and then prevents them from passing on either side. Allen becomes enraged and attempts to pass the car again, when he doesn’t see a sharp turn on the road ahead. He loses control of the car which becomes airborne, flying over a stone wall and into a field. Allen is thrown from the vehicle, during which his left arm is severed by his improperly fastened seat belt. Barendsen, still in the car (which lands upside down), only receives minor injuries, her life being saved by having worn her seat belt. Allen is rushed to a hospital where his arm is reattached. Unfortunately, infection sets in shortly after, forcing doctors to amputate the arm. After a period of rehabilitation and recovery, Rick Allen teaches himself how to play drums again, using a specially designed electronic drum kit with foot pedals allowing him to trigger drum sounds with his left foot. Allen rejoins his band mates and resumes recording the album in progress.

Goblin King! AU

Genre: This part is some angsty shit with the grandmother but that’s about it, and even then there’s not much. There will be a second part that will wrap it up (the second most likely going to be more filth than plot just an fyi) w/ Goblin King! Jimin

Pairing: Goblin King! Jimin X Reader

Posted: 2/22/17

Words: 2.3k, just a warning it is really long even if it may not seem like it.

Warnings: mature themes, swearing, shitty writing, alternate universe (So Jimin will act different, as well as the other members), winky wonk sturf (not until later), shitty writing, and oh did I mention shitty writing?

Description/Summary - When your stepmother treats you like dirt and tells you that she’s selling your childhood home, the one that held all of the memories you had of your now deceased father, you become enraged, betrayal seeping through your veins. In a fit of a thunderous rage you call upon the Goblin King and beg him to kill her and take you away from your horrible life. Little did you know, he heard your call. But there is a price ;).

A/N: I’m warning y’all now, I haven’t really written in a while so I’m a bit rusty, oh and I’m shit at writing. Yeah I’m just damn trash floating around in a void of more trash that consumes my every being. I also did not edit this, I was hella bored and this happened. I don’t really feel like editing this after 3 days of work on this thing. Let me know if you guys want the other parts, and please be nice.
Also, some ideas are taken from the cinematic genius that is the movie Labyrinth, It has David Bowie in it and it’s one of my favorite movies from my childhood. If you haven’t seen it, set your shit down and go fucking watch it, it’s awesome. I do not own the Goblin King aspect, but most of the other stuff is mine.

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One Piece Stuff

Just a quick diddle.

Rewatching Luffy’s fight with Arlong, and watching his realization that he needs to destroy the mapping room where Nami worked in Arlong Park got me thinking. With Sabo’s storyline being revisited in the anime, it really goes to show you how much Sabo’s death affected how Luffy and Ace lead their lives. Luffy only becomes truly enraged when his friends are threatened with harm, especially with entrapment. When they were kids, Sabo gave himself up to his father so that Ace and Luffy would be spared, and they decided not to pursue him, thinking maybe that was where he wanted to be all along. When they find out Sabo ‘died’ trying to flee his home, they’re stricken with guilt over letting him languish in his own hell, for not attempting to free him, even if they couldn’t have known better. They pledge after that to live life freer than anybody else. Sabo’s death was the foundation upon which a fundamental truth about Luffy’s character was built, the stepping stone to his simple, but ironclad outlook on life: to live free. Free of cares and responsibility, free to be anything, to do anything, or do nothing at all, on his terms. 

since it’s almost christmas, i decided to make a set of billdip holiday headcanons! because who couldnt use more headcanons?

-upon hearing the tradition of christmas, bill becomes completely enraged. he was NOT going to let this jolly fat man break into his pinetree’s house. he stays up all night on christmas eve with a baseball bat to bash up this “saint nicholas” if he tries to get inside.
-dipper agrees to stay up with him since he thinks it’s kind of (really) cute how protective bill is being. and also how he thinks santa is real. bill lets dipper fall asleep with his head in his lap while he guards the house.
-bill pretends that he’s too good for holiday presents and doesn’t care if he gets something. but dipper always gets him stuff and he always cries a little and tells him he loves it, no matter how mediocre it is.
-once bill learns of the mistletoe tradition, he hangs one up on every doorframe, ready to smother dipper with love any time he enters or exits a room

if you have any knowledge of hannukah I’d love if you added some hannukah hcs to the post! 💙

  “Neah is a damp squib and Tryde’s gone to spare. Wha’ does that wanker Tyki see in Neah anyway? This is all bollocks if ye ask me.”

The Signs When Jealous

Aries: Aggressively sighs constantly, will become enraged when someone accuses them of being jealous.

Taurus: Makes sarcastic responses, doesn’t bother hiding it, and tries to assert their possession over the person.

Gemini: Is jealous for .2 seconds then bounces to the next person.

Cancer: Gets really emotional and self-loathing, thinks that the other person is better than them anyways.

Leo: In public laughs it off, is super upset in private.

Virgo: Tries to analyze what the other person has that they don’t, really bad at hiding it.

Libra: Tries to make the other person jealous in return.

Scorpio: Gets enraged; there is no hiding jealousy in a Scorpio. Gets incredibly possessive and territorial.

Sagittarius: Doesn’t really care.

Capricorn: Really good at pretending they’re not jealous, emotional wrecks behind closed doors.

Aquarius: Confronts the person they’re jealous of and tells them to back off.

Pisces: Blubbering mess, asks all their friends for advice.

The Taoists have a famous teaching about an empty boat that rams into your boat in the middle of a river. While you probably wouldn’t be angry at an empty boat, you might well become enraged if someone were at its helm.

The point of the story is that the parents who didn’t see you, the other kids who teased you as a child, the driver who aggressively tailgated you yesterday – are all in fact empty, rudderless boats. They were compulsively driven to act as they did by their own unexamined wounds, therefore they did not know what they were doing and had little control over it.

Just as an empty boat that rams into us isn’t targeting us, so too people who act unkindly are driven along by the unconscious force of their own wounding and pain.

Until we realize this, we will remain prisoners of our grievance, our past, and our victim identity, all of which keep us from opening to the more powerful currents of life and love that are always flowing through the present moment.

—  Claudia Azula Altucher
  • Aries: Aggressively sighs constantly, will become enraged when someone accuses them of being jealous.
  • Taurus: Makes sarcastic responses, doesn't bother hiding it, tries to assert their possession over the person.
  • Gemini: Is jealous for .2 seconds then bounces to the next person.
  • Cancer: Gets really emotional and self-loathing, thinks that the other person is better than them anyways.
  • Leo: In public laughs it off, is super upset in private.
  • Virgo: Tries to analyze what the other person has that they don't, really bad at hiding it.
  • Libra: Tries to make the other person jealous in return.
  • Scorpio: Gets enraged, there is no hiding jealousy in a Scorpio. Gets incredibly possessive and territorial.
  • Sagittarius: Doesn't really care.
  • Capricorn: Really good at pretending they're not jealous, emotional wrecks behind closed doors.
  • Aquarius: Confronts the person they're jealous of and tells them to back off.
  • Pisces: Blubbering mess, asks all their friends for advice.

This is pure crack and I’m sorry but Online Gay Revolution Clexa AU:

- Clarke as a Suffering Bisexual on Tumblr leading the boycott against shows that kill off gay characters;

- Lexa as a smol gentle bean who’s really put off by Clarke’s attitude at first;
- Lexa coming at Clarke on anon and completely missing the point bless her poor secretly gay soul;

- Clarke intrigued by this anon because while all the other anons are The Straights™ screaming about their boring het ship sailing, this one actually challenges her and with every new message, it looks like they are actually trying to understand instead of reprimanding her;

- Lexa dubbed as The Babe Anon by Clarke because once Lexa let it slip that she’s had women hit on her before, like, a lot, which was frankly a stupid argument but hey they are my problematic faves in this AU;

- Lexa slowly learning and seeing the bigger picture and becoming enraged with this stupid trope because a) she scrolled through Clarke’s blog and those gifs of that Lexark ship were rather intriguing so she caved and watched the show and holy fuck how is it possible to be feeling so much for two fictional queer girls; and b)every time Clarke posts something new Lexa’s heart flutters in her chest and damn the gay agenda must be working because the thoughts she’s been having lately are so not straight;

- Lexa stumbling on ‘me’ tag on Clarke’s blog and being blown the fuck away and yup she’s not straight;

- Clarke refreshing her inbox every second hoping The Babe Anon sends her something and stupidly smiling when she does;

- The Babe Anon’s asks becoming supportive and friendly and then just asking for advice;

- Great Fandom Angst when The Babe Anon confesses she thinks she might be bi or even gay and mentioning some girl when the whole fandom already highkey ships her with Clarke;

- Countless asks flow to Clarke’s inbox saying that “ugh I know you’re two actual real-life people but goddamn The Babe Anon better take her head out of her ass and propose to you already” and Clarke never posting them but lowkey being on board;

- Lexa wanting to come clean to Clarke but being afraid because there have been so many people saying they were The Babe Anon and Clarke’s really tired of it and Lexa’s blog is just a tiny lil boat compared to Clarke’s so Clarke won’t even notice her;

- Lexa getting drunk one day and spilling her guts in Clarke’s askbox and then accidentally sending it;

- Great Fandom Celebration because the next morning Clarke posted the ask from The Babe Anon confessing how much she likes her and Clarke’s response just reads: I know it’s really you, and the feeling is very mutual;

- The fandom making posts not to be jerks and not to pretend to be The Babe Anon so the real one has a chance;

- Lexa finally gathering up her courage and sending Clarke a message and after a while of messaging back and forth Clarke just knows it’s actually her

- Clarke stumbling into ‘me’ tag on Lexa’s blog and there aren’t any pics so she asks Lexa for a pic and is so fucking blown away because Lexa is truly The Babe;

- What are the fucking chances they live in the same city well you guessed it they are really fucking high they live in the same city and they meet up and post a pic and their followers go wild;

- Lexa’s actually a hot shot journalist and she uses her connections to help the cause and yup the showrunner is fired;

- Five years from the moment they met, Clarke Woods is announced the showrunner of a young-adult- TV show and her wife Lexa Woods is there to cover it;

- Man I’m such a gay nerd I’m sorry;

Why We Feel So Intensely: Understanding ADHD Emotions

Anger, outbursts, anxiety, irritability, impatience: more than most people, ADHDers can be driven by emotions.

by Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., author of Smart but Stuck: Emotions in Teens and Adults with ADHD

Emotions Rule

Few doctors factor in emotional challenges when making an ADHD diagnosis. In fact, current diagnostic criteria for ADHD include no mention of “problems with emotions.” Yet recent research reveals that those with ADHD have significantly more difficulty with low frustration tolerance, impatience, hot temper, and excitability than a control group.

Processing Emotion: A Brain Thing

Challenges with emotions start in the brain itself. Sometimes the working memory impairments of ADHD allow a momentary emotion to become too strong, flooding the brain with one intense emotion. At other times, the person with ADHD seems insensitive or unaware of the emotions of others. Brain connectivity networks carrying information related to emotion seem to be somewhat more limited in individuals with ADHD.

Fastening on a Feeling

When an adolescent with ADHD becomes enraged when a parent refuses him use of the car, for example, his extreme response may be due to “flooding” – a momentary emotion that can gobble up all of the space in an ADHDer’s head just like a computer virus can gobble up all of the space on a hard drive. This focus on one emotion crowds out other important information that might help him modulate his anger and regulate his behavior.

Extreme Sensitivity to Disapproval

ADHDers often become quickly immersed in one salient emotion and have problems shifting their focus to other aspects of a situation. Hearing a slight uncertainty in a coworker’s reaction to a suggestion may lead to interpreting this as criticism and an outburst of inappropriate self-defense without having listened carefully to the coworker’s response.

Bottled Up by Fear

Significant social anxiety is a chronic difficulty experienced by more than one third of teens and adults with ADHD. They live almost constantly with exaggerated fears of being seen by others as incompetent, unappealing, or uncool.

Giving In to Avoidance and Denial

Some people with ADHD don’t suffer from a lack of awareness of important emotions but from an inability to tolerate those emotions enough to deal effectively with them. They become caught up in behavior patterns to avoid painful emotions that seem too overwhelming – looming deadlines or meeting an unfamiliar group of people.

Carried Away with Emotion

For many ADHDers, the brain’s gating mechanism for regulating emotion does not distinguish between dangerous threats and more minor problems. These individuals are often thrown into panic mode by thoughts or perceptions that do not warrant such a reaction. As a result, the ADHD brain can’t deal more rationally and realistically with events that are stressful.

Sadness and Low Self-Esteem

People with untreated ADHD can suffer from dysthymia – a mild but long-term form of depression or sadness. It is often brought on by living with the frustrations, failures, negative feedback, and stresses of life due to untreated or inadequately treated ADHD. People who are dysthymic suffer almost every day from low energy and self-esteem.

Emotions and Getting Started

Emotions motivate action­ – action to engage or action to avoid. Many people with untreated ADHD can readily mobilize interest only for activities offering very immediate gratification. They tend to have severe difficulty in activating and sustaining effort for tasks that offer rewards over the longer term.

Emotions and Getting Started 2

Brain imaging studies demonstrate that chemicals that activate reward-recognizing circuits in the brain tend to bind on significantly fewer receptor sites in people with ADHD than do those in a comparison group. People with ADHD are less able to anticipate pleasure or register satisfaction with tasks for which the payoff is delayed.

Emotions and Working Memory

Working memory brings into play, consciously and/or unconsciously, the emotional energy needed to help us organize, sustain focus, monitor and self-regulate. Many ADHDers, though, have inadequate working memory, which may explain why they are often disorganized, lose their temper, or procrastinate.

Emotions and Working Memory 2

Sometimes the working memory impairments of ADHD allow a momentary emotion to become too strong. At other times, working memory impairments leave the person with insufficient sensitivity to the importance of a particular emotion because he or she hasn’t kept other relevant information in mind.

Treating Emotional Challenges

Treating the emotional challenges of ADHD requires a multimodal approach: It starts with a careful and accurate evaluation for ADHD, one that explains ADHD and its effect on emotions. ADHD medication may improve the emotional networks in the brain. Talk therapy can help a person manage fear or low self-esteem. Coaching may help a person overcome problems with getting boring tasks completed.

From what I can gather, this is the moment lots of people, especially the critics, turned off their brains. This is not my usual defense of the indefensible, this is plain as day, fact. If you didn’t get it, please pay attention now. Batman does not spare Superman because their mothers share the same name. Batman has spent 18 months obsessing over killing this alien who can destroy the Earth. It isn’t until Superman uses the name, that the alien becomes humanized. At first, Batman becomes even more enraged because he thinks it’s another trick. Once he realizes it’s Clark’s mom’s name, he starts to understand that maybe they’re not so different. He never considered the evil alien had a human mother or let alone would be willing to die for her. Bruce couldn’t save his mother. No matter how many goons Batman brands, he was a helpless kid when she was killed, just like Clark is now. He’ll never be able to bring his Martha back. Now he has the opportunity for redemption. It literally has nothing to do with their mothers having the same name, that was just the spark (that you can see snapping Bruce out of his kill-rage) that showed him Superman wasn’t pure evil. With potentially his last breath, he asked his killer to save someone else. There’s no argument. It’s not confusing. It’s not grasping at straws. It’s in the narrative. It’s the entire reason we were shown the murder of the Waynes one more time. This moment goes down as one of the biggest problems amongst the dissenters, when it’s actually one of the most emotionally stirring and theme appropriate scenes if you’re paying attention.

Wrath of Con

Steven drags the Gems to a fan convention, where he hopes to attend a panel with one of the animators of Crying Breakfast Friends. Elsewhere, Peridot waits in line for hours to get an autograph from the actress that plays Paulette. But when it’s finally Peridot’s turn, she excitedly shares her ideas for future episodes (“Everything is the same… but in space!”), taking up all of the remaining time in the signing before she can actually get her poster signed. With Paulette gone and no autograph after hours waiting, Peridot becomes enraged and vows to destroy the Camp Pining Hearts.