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For the Genyatta prompt: sometimes I imagine that when Genji and Zen have practise fights and Genji has only just met Zen, he sometimes becomes so enraged he accidentally imagines Zen is Hanzo. He immediately flees to his designated room due to how awful he feels after almost killing Zen. So I was thinking as a prompt, maybe Zen goes to comfort Genji after he has one of those moments. Thank you! <33


Thank you so much for the amazing PROMPT

Reaction of each sign when they don’t know how to do something

Aries: they insist and do really anything.

Taurus: they insist and finally succeed what they wanted to do.

Gemini: they are looking for a tutorial on YouTube.

Cancer: they become enraged against themselves and sometimes even against others.

Leo: they look for an excuse and walk away quietly.

Virgo: they study the problem from A to Z and find the solution.

Libra: they call someone on the phone and ask for help.

Scorpio: they evacuate stress, get very angry, and then concentrate again.

Sagittarius: they need to change the air, to do something else …

Capricorn: they insist, growl, murmur insults, still insist.

Aquarius: they finally try to do things in their own way and it works.

Pisces: they give up and fall asleep.

Submission: As a queer, nonbinary person and an animal educator, I’ve thought a lot about the issues recently being discussed on this blog and I wanted to share some of that here. I’ve tried to be as calm and clear as possible, but this is an emotional issue for me so it might be a bit emphatic.

Serveral people in this discussion have mentioned already the problems with questioning the existence of bi/pan/trans/ace/aro animals, but not questioning the existance of straight, cis animals. You’ve made passing mentions to this, but I think it’s actually really important to step back and reframe the entire discussion in this context, if you want to be fair and accurate both to the animals and to the people emotionally affected by this issue.

In particular, this passage: “However, the animal science world uses gendered pronouns to denote physical sex in an animal, because that is how efficient and accurate communication about the animal is ensured” raises some massive red flags for me. Yes, it’s important to clearly communicate with your vet about the body parts an animal does and doesn’t have, for ease of treatment. However, pronouns are far from the only way to do this, and definitely not the most efficient. The pronoun “she” doesn’t tell you if a dog is unaltered, spayed, in heat, pregnant, or menopausal - information your vet definitely needs to know.
It’s the work of half a moment to state “my dog is a spayed female” at the start of an appointment, regardless of what pronouns you use after that. In fact, many trans* people have already learned to talk with their doctors in specific terms about their hormone levels and organs they do or don’t have, and cis people need to catch up. Part of the reason this is such an emotional issue for trans people is that the argument, “your doctor needs to know the gender you were assigned at birth! Therefore everyone you meet needs to know, and it should be on your ID, in case you get in an accident and we have to tell the doctor!” is often invoked. (I wish that was an exaggeration. It’s not. This is in spite of the fact that, as a trans* person, knowing the gender you were assigned at birth is more likely to lead to false assumptions about your health and biology than true ones.) So yes, your doctor needs to know about your biology and your vet needs to know about your pet’s, but gender pronouns really aren’t the way to do it.

Outside the vet’s office, insisting on cisgender-equivalent pronouns for your pet leads to a world of problems. I volunteer at an animal shelter, and I see people misinterpret animal’s actions through their percieved, anthropomorphic gender roles constantly. They’re more eager to read aggression from a male animal and affection from a female, which has the potential to lead to massive problems, since both of those behaviors can be dangerous to misinterpret. I would personally argue for the stance that people would be more able to accurately interpret the behavior of animals if we refered to all non-human animals with gender-neutral pronouns, to more accurately reflect the fact that animals do not have gender. Even in social animals that do have sex-differentied social roles, those are completely different from human gender roles and should not be confused with them by the use of human gendered pronouns. If the biological sex of an animal matters in a particular context, you can mention it in that context, rather than applying it all the time as though it was part of their identity.

I do understand that some people find it reassuring to observe that the social roles of biologically male or female animals are different from those of humans, and that they too can be as nurturing as a male penguin or as fierce as a female hyena. So I understand that sometimes people will want to refer to those animals as male or female, in the same way that I want to refer to a cuttlefish as genderfluid because it makes me feel happy and validated. I just want cis people to understand that those interpretations are exactly equivalent.

As for how this perspective affects the emotions of humans impacted by this issue: claiming that gendered pronouns are a form of scientific terminology that accurately reflects the biological sex of an animal is, intentionally or not, supporting the idea that there are biologically and scientifically two genders. It gives fuel to people who try to force that mindset onto humans, and believe me, they use it. I’ve met many people who become enraged if I use the wrong pronouns for their dog, but refuse to respect my identity and pronouns. The attatchment of gendered pronouns to biological sex in non-humans is absolutely reflected back into humans by most of the public, whether that is your intention as an educator or not.

Using gender pronouns as scientific terminology also muddies issues significantly as soon as you leave the field of mammals, where it quickly becomes clear that a male/female dichotomy is far from absolute. Do I use female pronouns for the hermaphroditic flatworm who lost the penis-fencing match and is now carrying eggs? Will those pronouns still apply after the eggs have hatched? What if they win the penis-fencing match next time and contribute sperm instead?
How about a worker bee, who is genetically female but has not developed reproductive organs and plays no reproductive role?
Do I use male pronouns for a fish who was born genetically male, but isn’t able to engage in sexual behavior and fulfill the male sexual role until mating is initiated by the supermale? How about for the supermale, who is genetically female and used to be reproductively female but has since morphed to be reproductively male due to being the largest fish in the school? Is it even accurate to say “genetically female” of a species where both major reproductive roles are carried out by the same genetic category of animals, and those born “biologically” male only reproduce at all by swimming into the middle of the mating dance, ejaculating, and hoping for the best?

A similar issue exists with the assumption that animals are straight. I’ve seen some cringe-worthy anthropomorphization of male/female pairs of animals, including calling them “married,” referring to them as being “in love,” and a lot of analogies to human married-couple behavior, but I’ve never seen this criticized or significantly discussed as an issue of anthropomorphization. But every time I see a post about lesbian birds or trans fish, this issue comes up. I don’t think that animal educators are doing this on purpose, but I do think it is an indicator that many animal educators have not sufficiently deeply challenged the cultural narrative that straight and cis are “normal” but queer and trans* are “debatable” and should be challenged and argued about. 

Science is an ever-changing field, and scientific terminology becomes outdated and is changed as we realize that it reflects our social assumptions more accurately than in reflects reality. The terms we use to discuss sex, gender, pair-bonding, and mating behavior are all deeply intertwined with human social assumptions of cisgender, heterosexual, monogamous life-time bonds that are simultaneously romantic/affectionate and sexual in nature. Scientific communication would be improved by dropping those assumptions and the terminology that comes with them.

I don’t think I have much to add to this - it’s really well thought out and well said - so I’m going to boost it as is as part of the continued discussion. 

Scientific communication would absolutely be improved by changing the terminology to something more accurate. I don’t know if it’s something that would currently be feasible - because of a myriad of things that make attempting that type of change across so many cultures and languages and historical/social contexts difficult - but I definitely support the idea. 


One way to get an abuser and toxic people, all emotional vultures to leave you, to lose interest in you, to stop stalking you, is to be BORING.

- Become as boring as you can be
Dull. Tedious. Abusers love drama. They get excited when they make people suffer. They love to be the center of attention. They want your undivided attention. They love to control. To control you, to control every single second of your life, to control every single aspect of your life.

- Become boring

It’s a better idea than to just leave. When you leave, they might become so enraged at losing control, they can hurt you. They have no feelings. The only “feelings” they have are the pleasure they get of hurting, torturing, humiliating, making you suffer, and reducing you to become a zero.

- Torturing you gives them pleasure. 

Having control over you makes them breathe. They crave all the attention they can get. By letting them decide to leave you, you’ll be free for life. When you become boring, but so boring, and bored, when you show no emotion, they start to look for their next victim somewhere else. Eventually they’ll be the one to leave you.

- They can’t stand boredom

They need a victim they can manipulate. A victim they can torture. A victim they can control. They love to see their victim falling apart. They love to control any emotion you might have.

- Let them think it’s you

This has nothing to do with them, throw them off guard. Your reactions, your emotions, your torture, your fears are their oxygen. Cut their oxygen supply. Hide your emotions for a while. With time they’ll lose interest in you, and they decide to leave you.

- For those who

can’t get away from their tormentor after they’re no longer together. For those who share custody of a child or children, continue to be tedious when they see you. Be dull as dishwater. Flat as a pancake. They can’t stand that.

- They move on to their next victim

to suck their life out, to crush their joys, to manipulate and abuse. Remember, they must have control. Each time you meet, you must remember to be boring. You don’t want to arouse their interest in you again.

- They are the ones who can decide

to leave, not you. Don’t even cry when they decide to leave. Show absolutely no emotion when they decide to leave, or they’ll stay and tear you apart. They will leave when they get bored. Just give them a hand. By being BORING.


In Aztec mythology, Coatlicue (”she with serpent skirts”) is the mother of the 400 stars in the sky, and one daughter, Coyolxauhqui (”she with bells on her cheeks”). When Coatlicue becomes pregnant illegitimately (by touching a tuft of hummingbird feathers - this sort of stuff happens a lot in Mesoamercan mythos), her children become both embarrassed and enraged. But none more so than her daughter, Coyolxauhqui. Together with her 400 brothers, she launches an attack on her mother, but it is foiled when her mother’s unborn son Huitzilopochtli (”the hummingbird on the left”) springs forth from her womb, armed for battle.

Huitzilopochtli dismembers Coyolxauhqui, and flings her head into the sky where it becomes the moon, so that her mother might look upon her always.

Yuri!!! On Ice Old Hollywood AU

I know actor aus are pretty common within fandom, but just think about a Yuri!!! On Ice actor AU set in Old Hollywood! It would take place in the late 40s, but have all the aspects of the YOI universe that we have come to love (no prejudice against race, gender, sexual orientation etc.).

·         Victor Nikiforov as five time award winning mega star and darling of the studio, being bored and disenchanted with his career sees a picture starring Yuuri Katsuki. Despite the movie’s flaws, he is enthralled by this new charming actor and his performance.

·         Yuuri Katsuki as a promising actor who suffers from anxiety and as a result doesn’t have the ability to choose the correct vehicles to fully showcase his talent and wonders if he should just quit Hollywood.

·         At the after party of the biggest award ceremony of the season Yuuri becomes drunk and hits on Victor, a super star who he has admired for years and made him want to become an actor in the first place.

·         Victor becomes even more enchanted with Yuuri after this and decides to take a break from his acting career to help Yuuri pursue his dream of playing a part that’s so good he would win an Academy Award for it, much to the displeasure of studio boss Yakov Feltsman.

·         Yuri Plisetsky as the child actor who is now an adolescent and wants to have his perfect debut in his first mature role. He is the son of a former child actress and was raised on the studio lot, groomed by the executives to be the next Victor Nikiforov. He was promised to be mentored by Victor and becomes enraged to know he has been ditched for another actor that shares his first name. He’s taken under the wing of former dancer/ silent movie star turned studio big shot Lilia Baranovskaya instead.

·         Phichit Chulanot as Yuuri’s friend who he studied acting with under the tutelage of Celestino Chialdini. He excels in singing and dancing and wants to be the biggest star to feature in Technicolor musicals like Gene Kelly. He dreams of writing and starring in his own musical and ropes in his good buddies Guang-Hong Ji, tap dancer extraordinaire, and Leo de la Iglesia, singer turned actor, to work with him on this project.

·         Christophe Giacometti, one of Hollywood’s most popular bombshells, is mostly known for his roles as the ditzy blond (think Marilyn Monroe), but is actually deeply intellectual and sensitive. He wants to transcend this persona and craves to be taken more seriously, but can’t seem to shake the clueless sexpot image. He can’t help but feel jealous of his good friend Victor, who is equally considered a sex bomb but IS taken seriously.

·         Jean-Jacques Leroy as a heartthrob who mainly stars as the hero in adventure movies and swashbucklers. He has a reputation to be difficult to work with, because according to directors he is always trying to push his own vision onto a movie. He’s often accused of his pictures being vehicles to display his own ego.

·         Seung Gil Lee as the actor who abhors the publicity and elbow rubbing with his fellow actors that is involved with being a celebrity. His perceived coldness makes him shine as a suave villain in film noir pictures.

·         Michele and Sara Crispino as former child actors who starred in vaudeville together as a double act. Since trying to become big in Hollywood, Sara longs for independent projects that don’t include her and her brother as a set, much to the distress of Michele. He, in his turn, is pursued by good friend Emil Nekola, who is a great comedian, to star in his next screwball comedy together.

·         Mila Babicheva as the beauty queen of Hollywood, known for her roles as the femme fatale and the hottest redhead since Rita Hayworth. She becomes quite taken with her friend Sara, who has a sweet yet powerful voice like Judy Garland, after seeing her in a musical picture.

·         Georgi Popovich, dramatic actor, deeply romantic and a THESPIAN above all things. He has a tumultuous love life and his over the top performances are often considered too avant-garde for Old Hollywood sensibilities. Loves to star in Shakespeare adaptations.

·         Otabek Altin as an actor who is admired by everyone in the industry for his quiet yet intense performances. He simultaneously has the reputation of being a bad boy involved in some minor scandals as well as keeping to himself mostly. Is often type-cast as the manly, smoldering anti-hero in film noir pictures. Remembers Yuri Plisetsky well from his youth on the studio lot and tells him this rather dramatically when Yuri is set to co-star with him in his latest crime movie as ‘the icy blond’.

If y’all like this I’m going to write a fic, I s2g.

Edit: Yeeesss, I’m going to write a fic! check #yoi old hollywood au for future updates!

this is a controversial opinion and there’s probably going to be a lot of people who disagree with me on this

But it really irks me when someone claims to be a fan of an artist or creator yet they’re really a fan of only ONE thing they’re known for, are CONSTANTLY talking down about everything else they’ve done, whining about how their new stuff doesn’t cater to them simply because they were a fan of the old stuff, getting mad at any and all of their new endeavors because it isn’t something they’re personally interested in.

Stop saying you’re the artist’s fan. I’m dead serious.

You can be a fan (a big one too) of that one piece of media they happened to make, but if you’re a wet blanket about everything else they’re doing and the core aspects of what they relate to and put in their (yes newer) works, you’re not a fan of them specifically. Fans of a creator can openly criticize things they’ve done sure, but if you don’t click with 90% of the stuff they’ve done and act hostile because the stuff they’re doing isn’t what you like, you are NOT their fan.

I see this all the time when an internet artist who’s known for drawing one thing wants to branch out and draw something else for a change. People become ENRAGED that “HOW DARE THEY harm us FANS this way!?” Like the creator somehow owes their fans content that the fans want.

Even if you are a fan, you’re a bad one.

Gafou friends,

Let’s talk about how potentially angst the “Gaston is always the best!” mindset can be? Imagine Gaston hiding insecurities and suffocating feelings because he /has to/ be the best. Imagine LeFou seeing him with dark circles under his eyes and asking what’s going on and Gaston saying just he hadn’t much sleep that night, his tone implying a wild night with some girl. The truth, though: he spent the night tossing and turning on his bed, plagued by dreams of the war.

Imagine Gaston missing an easy shot and becoming enraged with himself at his “failure”. Gaston working out to the point of complete exhaustion. Lefou finding him sleeping against the wall of his house cause he didn’t have energy to drag himself back.

Gaston waking up to see Lefou sitting beside him on the ground, asleep, because he wasn’t strong enough to carry him inside but couldn’t leave him alone outside.

Gaston breaking down at the sight of his friend, uncomfortable on the cold floor, but keeping him company anyway.

Lefou waking up to the sound of Gaston’s muffled sobs and, instead of asking questions, just holding him and squeezing his hand and pressing closer and just being there.

Gaston, after calming down, being embarrassed because of the display of weaknesses and Lefou interrupting him with a smile and getting up, offering to cook them breakfast and asking if Gaston has eggs. Gaston giving a shaky laugh as he answers that “Of course there’s eggs, my dear Lefou.”

Them walking inside hand in hand and Gaston /knowing/ that Lefou wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t the best all the time. And maybe he doesn’t have to.


Killer Cousin

On the evening of 16 June, 2009, 18-year-old Engelico Castillo called the police to inform them that her cousin, 2-year-old Jada Justice was missing. Castillo had been babysitting the toddler when she drove to a nearby gas station for milk and cigarettes, leaving Jada in the back seat. When Castillo returned, Jada was gone, she claimed. A search party was put together and they scoured the area for any clues as to her whereabouts.

Castillo’s story started to fall to pieces when witnesses at the gas station said they hadn’t seen anything suspicious. In fact, they reported that the car had nobody in the back seat when Castillo pulled into the gas station. Furthermore, when sniffer dogs were brought in to aid in the search, they were unable to pick up a scent. Police soon began to look into the events running up to the disappearance. Jada’s mother told them that she had left Jada in the care of Castillo and her 23-year-old boyfriend, Timothy Tkachik. When the duo were brought in for questioning, a large burn on Tkachik’s arm was noticed by police. The following week, after intense interrogation, Tkachik directed police to a swampy area in LaPorte County in northwest Indiana. Encased in a cement block, the body of Jada was discovered.

As it transpired, Castillo and Tkachik, who were both heroin addicts and drug dealers, had become enraged at Jada when she spilt some juice while they were babysitting her. Both Castillo and Tkachnik yelled at the 2-year-old before taking turns spanking her. As the day progressed, Jada decided she would share her lunch with the dog. This infuriated the drug addicted duo who unleashed fury on the little girl by slapping her, shoving her, hitting her with a belt, and pulling her hair. At one point, she was hit so hard that she fell against a table and cut her eye. The sadistic couple then decided they would tie her to a chair and beat her senseless.

Following he brutal attack, Castillo and Tkachik drove from Hobart to Chicago to buy more heroin. They had been injecting it perpetually throughout the day. Jada was shoved into the back seat to accompany them on this trip. As they drove to their destination, they noticed she wasn’t breathing. Nevertheless, they carried on their way to pick up their heroin. When they returned home, they hid her in the basement while they decided what to do. The following day, Castillo and Tkachik attempted to burn the small lifeless body in a garbage can stuffed with garbage bags but to no avail. It was here that Tkachik sustained a burn on his arm. When they discovered that her body was still intact, they decided to encase her in cement and dump her in swampland.

Castillo was sentenced to 65 years while Tkachik received life imprisonment.

Hear me out on this:

Get a talisman or an apotropaic charm, and wear it on your person. You can design one, or take an example from the past. It doesn’t really matter. But wear it, and keep your eyes on it. If it breaks or disappears, pay attention to what is happening around you.

Malevolent spirits are ‘bad luck bringing,’ associated with sickness, famine, death, and hopelessness. They hit you the hardest when you’re unguarded and on uneven footing. When you least expect it, and the most can go wrong.

“I don’t have time to deal with this” is a sentiment they want you to have. So carry around an item that averts their gaze. And, when you do have time, offer cool water, olive oil, and bread to the Gods that avert wicked and noxious spirits, and to the hungry ghosts that have become enraged as they were forgotten.

I Hate You (M) // Kim Yugyeom AU

Originally posted by yuginom

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst

Summary//Request: You and Yugyeom both attend the same college - and you hate each others guts. But one day when you both reach the end of your tether, the two of you find a better way to take out your frustrations; on each other.

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut and strong language.

“Can you move?”

“I don’t know, can I?” Yugyeom didn’t even bother looking up from his phone as you tried to step over his legs which were currently blocking the entrance to the kitchen in the student common room.

“Seriously Yugyeom, you’re such a dickhead” you said under your breath as you stepped over him, stumbling slightly before finding your balance – shooting him an evil glare before you began rummaging through the fridge to find your lunch you had placed there earlier.

“And you’re a bitch, but you don’t see me complaining” he replied nonchalantly as he watched you from the corner of his eye – bent over and beginning to become even more agitated than you already were.

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One Piece Stuff

Just a quick diddle.

Rewatching Luffy’s fight with Arlong, and watching his realization that he needs to destroy the mapping room where Nami worked in Arlong Park got me thinking. With Sabo’s storyline being revisited in the anime, it really goes to show you how much Sabo’s death affected how Luffy and Ace lead their lives. Luffy only becomes truly enraged when his friends are threatened with harm, especially with entrapment. When they were kids, Sabo gave himself up to his father so that Ace and Luffy would be spared, and they decided not to pursue him, thinking maybe that was where he wanted to be all along. When they find out Sabo ‘died’ trying to flee his home, they’re stricken with guilt over letting him languish in his own hell, for not attempting to free him, even if they couldn’t have known better. They pledge after that to live life freer than anybody else. Sabo’s death was the foundation upon which a fundamental truth about Luffy’s character was built, the stepping stone to his simple, but ironclad outlook on life: to live free. Free of cares and responsibility, free to be anything, to do anything, or do nothing at all, on his terms. 

Breath of the Wild spoilers

This game takes place after Twilight Princess, and Calamity Ganon is a horrific spider with, apparently, the head/skull of Ganondorf - that head having a different, longer beard than Twilight Princess Ganondorf’s body had when he ‘died’ in Twilight Princess.

So if I have this right, Zelda of her own volition went back to Hyrule Castle and stayed there, alone, “holding Ganon” for 100 years, waiting for Link’s resurrection. 

She somehow, in those intervening years, learned enough about Ganon’s motivations to say for certain that he’d given up on reincarnation. 

All I’m hearing here is “Zelda spent 100 years holding Ganon and learning everything about him.” So… I’d like to read a fanfiction answering some pressing questions I have. 

  • What were those 100 years like? (Apparently, Zelda was aware that whole time, since she talks about how she watched over Link.)
  • Where was she staying in the castle?
  • Where did Princess Zelda get the Bow of Light?
  • When/how did she figure out that Ganon had “turned his back on reincarnation?” Did she talk to him?
  • When exactly did Ganon become like the “pure enraged” version in this game?
  • If it was so evil and enraged, why did Ganon do basically nothing except for bringing all the monsters Link killed back to life during the Blood Moon? What was Ganon doing that whole 100 years?
  • When or where did Ganon/dorf get that sweet beard?

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“I do not think you understand how irritating you are!” You said through a sigh as Ivar wilfully ignored you, twisting the blade in his hand into the side of the chair he was leaning against.

“And I do not think you understand how beautiful you are but I do not become enraged by the thought.” He muttered, inspecting the knife without looking up at you.

“Well… I… you cannot say such things just to win an argument Ivar!” You scolded which had him finally paying attention to you. You expected Ivar to yell when a glower set across his face but it quickly became a wide smile which lit up his face. “What now?” You asked him quickly.

“It’s cute when you blush.” He said softly, grinning when his words had you blushing even more and attempting to hide your face from him.

“Be quiet!” you complained as he started to chuckle.

“If I am silent how shall I make you blush?” He asked curiously and rolled his eyes when you sighed loudly.

“I am going to find Helga.” You glanced at him but found a smile still playing over his face as he nodded.

 “Very well, off you go.” He hummed, winking which made you blush again and almost trip over your own feet.

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Jaehyun being a boyfriend material (like backhugs while you're cooking, cuddling, and spooning) 😁

A/N: idk y, but whenever I wonder who would be the best boyfriend in NCT I automatically think of Jae. Something about him just screams perfect.

Jae is prince charming a gentleman and very patient. When first dating he’d be very mature, proving himself to be a reliable partner you can lean on when troubled.
His mature side is incredibly charming.
- his small grins as you fumbled to remove your shoes in the doorway
- his caring hands finding their way to your shoulders and hips, moving you to his other side as people ran through the puddles of the sidewalk, splashing wildly AND how his hands are constantly on your, their gentle presence always setting you at ease.
- his thoughtful words, his mature manner showing as he spoke elegantly.
- he likes getting you small gifts too, not expensive gifts you’d feel bad accepting, just small things as he thinks of you like a burgundy sweater saying something like ‘it looked really warm, remember to stay warm,’ as he coincidentally wears a burgundy hoodie himself

Originally posted by nctech

Jae is also a clown. He’s incredibly fun, his charming charisma shining through as he whined childishly, pressing your buttons before laughing heartily.

Originally posted by neotechs

He loves skinship.
- from little things like unconsciously draping an arm around your shoulders or touching your knee beneath the table.
I think he finds comfort in contact, esp with his S/O
- he’d do playful things like tickling as you argued with him pettily.
- one of his favorite things would be lying his head in your lap. [as you watch tv or something, he’d find comfort in lying his head in your lap, smiling to himself softly as you played with his soft hair.]
- cuddling
- His favorite hug is a back-hug, either gently embracing you or aggressively surprising you, lifting you off your feet.

He’s also a rlly suggestive bf.
- he’d not do anything without your permission of course, but he’s a rlly sly pervert sometimes.
- making suggestive remarks and jokes, his playful gaze meeting your own as he rose a brow.
- I think his main strategy would be hugging your from behind, pressing his member against you, his once thoughtful and elegant words slurring into low murmurs as he told you of his ‘problem’ or how much he missed you; slyly ghosting his lips over your neck, his hands toying with the hem of your shirt before pulling you into him [if possible].
- he doesn’t disappoint in bed
   - he is naturally more dominant, but if you ask to be in charge he’d let you. He’d think it was cute, letting you have your moment.
   - ok, fcking is one thing, love-making is something else omf he’d so sensual, taking his time.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Just like any other boyfriend, he’s possessive and protective.
- he’s not overboard tho and sometimes you probably wish he would be more possessive.
- he trusts you tho and has confidence in himself, not worrying too much as a stranger makes a pass at you, laughing it off.
- however, he can become seriously enraged if triggered.
   - when angry he yells, scorning you for your mistake [if it was your fault]
   - he doesn’t yell in public though bc he doesn’t want to cause a scene, he’d become rather quiet and cold instead, his actions a bit rough [pulling you by your wrist, keeping you right in front of him, etc…]
- I think although he doesn’t ‘show’ his possessive nature as much as you would like it’s def there and sometimes leads to aggressive making-out and/or sex.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Overall, I think the relationship would last for a long time, both of you mature and understanding of one another’s feelings and needs.

10 Signs You’ve Probably Caught White Guilt

1. You now acknowledge your privilege every time you talk and you only talk once you are one hundred percent certain that you aren’t taking the platform away from nearby minorities. 

2. Your every decision is now decided by minorities. You vote for whoever your minority friend is voting for, you recite whatever injustice your minority friend posts about, you eat whatever breakfast cereal your minority friend eats.

3. You have become hyperaware of how many of your friends are black or Muslim and if you are doing a good enough job being sensitive around them.

4. You have taken affirmative action and racial quotas into dating to prove you’re not a racist by spreading your legs for x amount of black and Asian guys.

5. You spent days on tumblr talking about how amazing and wonderful Moonlight is compared to La La Land.

6. You have participated in BLM or anti-Trump protests or you have made a post on tumblr along the lines of, “can’t make it to the protest thanks to my bitch racist mom but sending positive vibes to my comrades out there.” 

7. You have stopped finding white comedians funny and now find yourself laughing at everything Aziz Ansari and Leslie Jones say. 

8. You often find yourself looking down at your milky white skin and becoming so ashamed and enraged, knowing it’s the reason behind every single problem in the world. 

9. Your very first reaction to the barbaric slaughter of Westerners is: “not all Muslims” or “Islam is the religion of peace.”

10. You now feel as if it is your duty to begin educating your family - everyone from your newborn sister to your great-grandfather - about the horrific crimes white people have committed and how you must come together to start righting your evil wrongs.