and become as obsessed with it as i am :d

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Have become high level obsessed with your Russian Revolution Rebelcaptain fics tonight. Would you be interested in a prompt for that series? Since so much is based on the aristocrats decadence of the period, I'd be so into Jyn tracking Cassian to some seedy safe house, with a bunch of gruff Revolutionaries that really have no time for any raucous, and proceeding to seduce him-- and arriving in a fur coat/cape, stockings, and nothing else. Bonus points if you teases Cassian about sharing w/comrad

(Favorite AU to write because I am always up to my neck in period dramas, I think all of these are going to get a Great Comet song-specific theme because it’s what I listen to to write this one)

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Cassian slips easily into her world. Seamlessly, without question of his presence. In the right clothes and the right words. An unassuming gentleman, a desirable eye to have settled on from across a crowded room. 

He can’t picture her in his, lifting the train of her skirts to stride through mud and slush, dark nights bent over a fire, reeking and rotting along everyone not benefitting from the empire. So many nights spent beside her on lush sheets, he could never once picture her freezing next to him in his bed.

So he sees the coat before he sees her. Red, cheerful, clean. Huddled with Bodhi and Chirrut and Baze like she belongs there, sharing their vodka and swearing in words he’d never think she’d hear. 

She held back her glass with a hearty laugh, singing a familiar drinking song that she could not have picked up alongside her education in French Opera:

Drink with me my love

For there’s fire in the sky,

and there’s ice upon the ground

either way, my soul will die

The vodka slid down her throat without so much as a whimper. 

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Okay So Like

Noah’s like obsessed with Mara and would give up everything for her and shit, and he’s like so far up her ass, I’d never doubt that; but The Becoming of Noah Shaw is scaring me a lil. Like I was so confident in M.A.D.N.E.S.S. and I still am, but a small part of me is concerned and afraid.

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My friend was telling me that there was a lot of destiel meta during season 8 and a lot of people were positive it was going to become canon - what do you reckon makes season 12 more likely to go along with this rather than just ignoring it? I agree it wouldn't make sense and I am honestly obsessed with the idea of destiel being endgame and I can see it so clearly, but I'm just a little nervous about the fact that season 8 meta was apparently very similar to the meta in season 12. Thank you!

Hi :D 

I am a little confused because you seem to say that you are excited about endgame Destiel yet still nervous that it didn’t happen in season 8… but it CAN’T have happened in season 8 because that wasn’t endgame ;)

I’ve actually written about my POV on this, it’s at the end of this post:

The main point being:

For a romance story to work and the characters need to each individually get to their own endgame (usually with the other person helping them to get there).

Dean and Cas in season 8 were not at the culmination of their own individual arcs, therefore they couldn’t get the “reward” at the end. They were still deeply within their ‘dark periods’. 

Cas still didn’t know where he belonged, he wasn’t a part of the Winchester family, he was still trying to be a part of Heaven and Earth, he was still awkwardly in between the two. He hadn’t even had the experience of being a Human yet, but he was intrigued by it, not really a true Angel anymore. His story was nowhere near it’s endgame.

Dean was still sublimating, he hadn’t stopped being Sam’s parent, they were still toxically codependent.


Canon Destiel at this point would clearly have led to a later break up, they were not narratively at the climax point yet of their own stories therefore the climax of the romance did not fit.

There could have been a rush to the finish line here, but there wasn’t. Again in season 10. But there wasn’t. Hence the Endgame speculation.

Before season 12, we still didn’t have our characters at the climax point. BUT we definitely had more subtext, more TEXT that is showing us that it is leading there, throughout season 12. We also know that the show is ending ‘relatively’ soon…

NOW in 12x22 we have DEAN arriving at his own character arc’s turning / climax point.

Cas dies in 12x23 (which, in Supernatural, means he is going to be reborn into a new chapter of his story, IMO his endgame arc) and moving forwards we will see him reach his own character arc’s climax point, but this is not going to be immediate, he still has a way to go.

So we have HALF of our OTP at the finish line.

So it is still not going to happen, like, in 13x01, but IMO it is endgame, and potentially a little before then but really endgame and the story is just continuing to build towards that, not me saying “it’s going to happen in season 13″ because I don’t believe so.

This is why I have a #ENDGAGE DESTIEL tag.

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OMG I love love love your blog!!! BTw, my bias is rapmonster I am so so obsessed with his Kimdaily and huhuhu can I request something? I dont know but I really want to see namjoon's hand up close I dont know why am I becoming obsess to his hands. HAHA !!

Hiiiiiiiiiii~ :)))) thank you so much for the loooooove!

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Well I can’t really blame you for that because Rap Monster is the only ones with jams in the group. HAHAHAHA. :D I’m glad to help you with this one….

Let’s gooo and investigate…




EXHIBIT#4: Hands in Motion

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l have become so obsessed with Critical Role that I literally do not care about anything else. Books, what are books? The Sims? Huh? Guys, I don’t even care about Survivor.

…see you in early December, which is when I’ve calculated I will be caught up to the last episode.


or maybe he stole it ♥

6-18 is kurasawa day!! i am obsessed with the idea of them fighting all the time with no exact point of where it becomes cuddling (ღ′◡‵) it just sort of happens.
that way mochi also turns himself in the smol yet big spoon!
umm.. and… that shirt is very sappy… i have no excuse (*゚▽゚*)

heyy! my name is antonella, and i live in the wonderfully rainy state of florida! i don’t usually post about myself on these blogs but today’s the day haha. well, i’m 14 years old and i’m honestly looking for a bestfriend that i could possibly meet someday! since i don’t have very many good friends in my daily life, i’d love to have someone to talk to, have sleepovers with on facetime, watch shows together somehow, and just someone i can really put my friendliness into! i mentioned watching tv shows together, which brings me to my interests: as you can tell by my blog, i am a huge tv show person, and when it comes down to it ill become totally obsessed! don’t let this fool you, im picky about finding good ones, but when i do it’s all my attention will be focused on. my obsessions right now are criminal minds and riverdale and i am alllll in! as for secondary hobbies, i write sometimes and i enjoy cooking but otherwise ill do anything that satisfies me for the time being! im really flexible (not not physically lol i’m as flexible as a pencil in that sense) when it comes to interests and music! as for music i listen to anything although i tend to lean towards justin timberlake and old/new pop. fret not! i still enjoy p!atd, tøp, nirvana and all that good stuff. i read plenty, but it’s mostly books that i hear are turning into movies. i enjoy challenging myself and seeing if i can read the book before the movie comes out, and then going to see the movie just to complain about how the book was better lol. while i was born in america, my parents are latinos and i have italian and spanish in my blood. i only speak english and spanish though, and im working on italian. im probably the least fit person you’ll ever meet because i do not like exercise but i eat pretty well so i guess that makes up for it! as for friendship qualities i am very loyal and ill always want to make you smile regardless! im a sarcastic human being but my humor is always changing with the seasons. im looking for someone who i can truly become bestfriends with:) any age below 18, any gender, any race, any anything honestly! since this is already long i’ll tell you more about myself if you send me a message and i’ll be glad to listen about you! my blog is @antopologie and please please please don’t be worried about sending me a message, i’d love to her from you!! anyways, xoxo super excited to talk to any one of you beautiful people :)

No Weigh July!

Im joining the no weigh in July challenge! Thank you @fatmaninalittlesuit

I’ve started to notice that I am starting to go on the scale more and more often to have reassurance that I am losing weight. I don’t want it to become an unhealthy obsession D: 

SO for the month of July I will not use the scale, until the end. As of yesterday I was 166.6 lbs, had a BMI of 27.1% and a body fat percentage of 27.1% (yes I know its weird that those numbers are the same lol!) I’m hoping the when i pop on the scale at the end of the month to check my BMI and my BF% I will be shocked! :D  

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Ok so I didn't realise that it was possible to become so obsessed with gif sets but your What could of been ones where Bonnie comes to New Orleans have proved me wrong. I absolutely love them! Is there any chance you'd consider writing a fic with that plot? It would be incredible

I am so glad you enjoyed those gif sets! I honestly had nothing to do with them.  All the credit goes to @godiva-duchess and the @thefudge for their awesome work! I just reblogged the pretty! 

I agree — having her go to New Orleans would be damn awesome! I love love love fics that take her out of Mystic Falls and plunk her down in the middle of the witch covens and the Mikaelsons of New Orleans.

I kind of have a fic set in New Orleans (a thousand souls crossed over).  She is the anchor in that one but it follows the plot of Season 1 of The Originals.  I really enjoy writing it! 

If there are any other Bonnie in New Orleans fics, please let me know people because I will gladly post some links here! 

I am obsessed with figure skating Eric Bittle. I really want a fic where Bitty becomes a professional figure skater and meets NHL star Jack Zimmermann through a charity event, or at a public rink, or just somewhere/somehow so that Jack gets to see Bitty do lots of jumps and twirls :D

Answer 8 questions, then tag 8 people.

Oh my gosh I got tagged in a thing. T_T @even-younger-young-neil thaaankssss

Last movie I watched: Lego Batman Movie! Cooked steak for my roommates and we sat down for the night.

Last song I listened to: Nightcore version of Clarity.

Last book I read: Matt Colville’s Ratcatchers series. It’s really good! Got hooked right away and stayed up til 3am reading the last one.

Last thing I ate: Chicken Lo Mein. Feeling kind of icky because sodium, but I am content.

Where would you like to time travel to: Probably ancient Mesopotamia. Just to see if I’d become an emperor or if they’d kill me on sight.

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Polgara the Sorceress. Hands down absolutely.

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be honestly? In a cabin of my own in the Alaskan woodlands. Or Maine.

Current fandom obsession: No obsessions! Haven’t really been to fandomy since my early tumblr days. Follow a lot of D&D blogs, though, and I love me some RPG games like Dragon Age and Skyrim.

Right! I’m supposed to tag people now. @the-radio-host @siriuslyaddictedtoreading @2bit-sunshine @vaanturtle @avenirturtures @deerwegoagain @ginabeena @batch-of-pengwings

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: missy is 9000% my aesthetic
  • what she means: michelle gomez fuck me up
  • what she means: missy had a d a ughter?????? spoiler alert it's me. i am that child.
  • what she means: when did i become missy trash when is the exact moment that my life took this dramatic turn

Morning all! I went out for dinner last night to celebrate my friend’s return from honeymoon and I ate soooo much haha :D huge salad bowl, broccoli and cheese pasta shells, sweet potato fries and chocolate cookie, brownie and caramel stack with ice cream, all washed down with a laaaaarge Shiraz 👍👍🍷🍴🍧🍪🍝

Why am I telling you this? To prove that one meal will not make you ‘fat’. Remember that if you lift heavy, your metabolic rate increases and your body becomes more efficient at using what you feed it :) never let a diet stop you from enjoying your life and friends, never deny yourself if you’re craving something because cravings quickly become obsession. And most of all never regret a cheat meal!

Also, PB on shoulders this morning :D and used all that fuel to kill those quads. adjust your attitude and great things will follow :) xxx

Happy Birthday Squadlings!!!

We have some Drabies with April birthdays! Hurrah! slightly-weird-book-worm, the-black-queen-of-hearts and talkdrarrytome I’m talking about you!  I have written you a silly little something, but I will explain more on that in a sec because…

…seeing as this is the first birthday post I’ve done since starting the master list, I wanted to include all you Drabies who’ve had birthdays since the start of the year - I didn’t want you to miss out! Sooo… silver–fish whatevermalfoy orangeholic96 dizpotter malfoy-pctter jeremiahtosis quiddatively drarrykisses4ever pinkfreud17 and hairylibrary, this is for you too my sweethearts!

I have to apologise because this is literally the third incarnation of this story, I scraped it twice to start afresh because it was pants, (and real life massively got in the way of writing/editing) but now I’m super happy with this little one-shot :-D But that’s meant it’s much, MUCH later being posted than I intended, so for that darlings I am truly sorry.

However, we persevere, and here’s a fluffy, smutty little one-shot for all you gorgeous peeps, where Harry makes a birthday wish for a “Happy Ever After”…and finds himself and Draco in a world full of danger where big bad curses can only be broken by one thing: true love’s kiss.

Yes…I have recently become obsessed with Once Upon A Time, and this story is obviously influenced by that, so I really take no credit for any of this (apart from the sex – that’s all me bitches! ;-D)

The photoset is also by me, but I take zero credit for any of the images, Google gets that accolade (long live Google <3) 

Read “Happy Ever After” here:

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dude i feel you i get that way about everything at some point in time. go on a d&p marathon and you’ll get the heart flippy feeling thing again