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Castle Ficlet: Just the Essentials 1/1

Just the Essentials

A Season 7 AUish Ficlet - Set after 7x16

Based on a prompt (which is posted at the end) from @inkstainedcoffeecup, and enabled by @i-prefer-west-side. <3

“What the hell is that?”

Heads have been turning ever since he stepped foot into the precinct with his cargo, but this time the looks – along with Esposito’s question – stop him mid-stride.

He’s been preparing what he’s going to say for the last eight blocks, he’s got this.

“What do you mean?” he asks, feigning innocence. Always start with innocence. Never admit guilt until necessary. “Beckett said make a run for food. I’m supplying nourishment to keep us going as we work this case. I got beef lo mein, I got moo shu pork, I got sesame chicke–”

“And a dog,” his wife supplies, crossing her arms over her chest, one eyebrow jumping high enough on her forehead to blend in with her hairline. “I’m sorry, two dogs.”

“I also got your favorite,” Castle deflects, bouncing on his toes. “The spare ribs.”

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3 word prompt - beckett, allergic, cats

#289 (set during Beckett’s suspension summer)


He was really excited about something. She didn’t know what; he seemed to love surprises disproportionately more than she liked being surprised. 

Which was not at all. Which was why she was so hesitant about showing up to his place after his day-long squirming-in-place excitement. But this morning he had stood in line for those fist-sized muffins that were all the rage in the city, and then he had come to her place with those and the gourmet coffee, and they’d been interrupted when she’d tried to thank him…

So Beckett scraped a hand through her hair and thumped on his front door.

She could do this. They could do this. A surprise. Game face.

“Beckett.” He opened with a wide grin even as his mother descended the stairs in her satin robe and sleep mask pushed up. 

Martha lifted a fluttering hand to her throat. “Darling, Katherine, next time? please do try not to sound like the police are pounding down our door.”

She winced. “Sorry, force a habit, Martha. I apologize-”

But his mother was already waving her hand and ascending the stairs once more. “Rehearsal in the morning. Have a good night, darlings.” But she did stop at the top and turn around, pointing a finger at Castle. “If that thing keeps me up-”

“Mother, hush.”

Beckett turned to Castle. “What’s-”

“Nothing, come on. In here. I’ll show you.”

“You’ll show me… nothing?”

“Alexis got a pet,” he squealed. No, surely he wasn’t really squealing. Except he was actually, he had squealed, his shoulders hunched up and his face alight with glee and she wasn’t sure how in the world she’d fallen in love with this man.

This man who squealed.

He was tugging her by the hand towards the office, his fingers thick and warm and strong-

Oh, that was part of it. Why she was in love with him. Though she hadn’t known then what she knew now about how wonderfully strong and thick those fingers were.

“Come here, look, look,” he said, and pulled her right over to the black leather couch.

Upon which a single ball of orange fur rested.

“Is that-”

Castle scooped it up and in one movement held the mewling, squirming thing right up to her face. “An adorable sweet kitten. Look at her. Isn’t she so-”

Kate sneezed.

Hard, loud. Jerking backwards with it. 

She stumbled over an armchair and had to clutch at the back to keep her balance. “Castle.” 

He looked astonished. Cat hanging in his cupped hands, about to spill out. “Kate?”

He stepped forward and she jerked back. “No, hang on, wait.”

Castle stopped suddenly. Cute malevolent ball of fur.

“I’m allergic,” she said. Held up a hand. “Highly. Don’t…”

“Oh.” His face fell. “I thought… I offered to keep her while Alexis is in Africa.”

“Africa?” she gasped. “When did Africa happen, Castle?”

“Uh, like, no, I swear, just today. Today. I think Alexis wanted to…” He trailed off and his face went slack. “Oh.”

“Oh, she bought you a kitten to butter you up for Africa.”

He winced. “She bought me a kitten to butter me up for Africa. Wow. I did not even see it. I was so…”

“Blinded by a ratty orange mewling-”

“Hey, now. It’s cute.”

“It’s a ginger,” she said flatly.

He narrowed his eyes. “As are my mother and daughter.”

“And an ex-wife.”

“Are we having a fight?” he hissed.

“Over a nasty cat?” she hissed back. “No. Just. I can’t be here while that’s here.”

“Wow, that’s really-”

“I’m allergic, Castle. My eyes swell. Everything itches. I can’t stop sneezing. And then, if I stick around long enough, my throat closes up and-”

“Okay, yeah, done. I’ll send the cat with mother to the theatre tomorrow. She’ll find a home for it. Uh… in the meantime-”

“In the meantime, I’m going to my place before I get any on me-”

He smirked.

She narrowed her eyes, continued. “And if you take a long hot shower and scrub really good, I’ll let you come.” She paused long enough for him to get the message. “To my place.”

Beckett turned on her heel and strode back out of his office.

She would be putting a moratorium on surprises.



Kate BeckettObscuring her face.

Castle 5x07, Swan Song.