and because she deserves to be happier

sanvers happier au where maggie sees alex after a month from their break up do to the Emily Drama™

au where maggie has been keeping truths from alex even when they’ve tried to move on and its just not working

alex is playing the field a little, meets a nice girl that tells her its okay if shes the rebound but alex deserves to smile and feel like enough and be treated Better even tho alex says she thinks maggie treated her great 

maggie seeing them playing pool together, and she sees alex laughing the same laugh she used to make spill from alexs lips

and maggies scared because,,, no one’s gonna love alex the way she does but god what if shes happier

i know that there’s others that deserve you but my darling i am still in love with you!!!!!

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Why is it so hard to for some fans to understand that Taylor has been in the spotlight for 10 years. She is one of the most famous people in the world. It must be so tiring to have your life plastered through the media everyday. She deserves a break. Just because we don't see her friends posting about spending time with her doesn't mean they don't hang out. It annoys me why some fans are so bothered with taylor being private for once

if this ain’t me!

Of course I’m bored and tired. Of course I miss her. But it’s her life, and it’s not always for our consumption. It must be nice to recharge for the first time basically since her career took off. I think she’ll be a much happier and healthier person when promo rolls around than she was the last we saw of her. 

I am just gonna rant about Mon~el and Karamel thing even I am Supercorp shipper. I dont like Mon~el as a character. He is annoying and irritating. He never listened to Kara, it was always about himself as Kara said herself too. So coming into her home opening window and showing up like a stalker when she opens the door into her home and just waiting there like some kind of creep? I understand he has made big mistakes and he tries to change himself into a better person, but he always always the center in the relationship. When Kara was crying and when she was sad, she gave him plenty of chances. She made her decision herself because relationship was too toxic and unhealthy, she was thinking and she made a right decision, for her deserving better and happier relationship or whatever will be. I understand why he lied and had his own reasons. I just want Kara to be happy, whenever if she single or not, or with her superfriends, I dont care. Let her be happy and make her own decisions. He should have said that earlier and apologized to her. I never liked him and I never will.

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How do you deal with family members (who are really important and special to you) that are homophobic and don't support you? I just don't know which is more painful, cutting them off or allowing them to stay in my life. :(

Ok, so I suggest first giving them a chance.  Give them some time to adjust, I remember that when I came out to my mom, I thought the world was going to end because she seemed so shocked and kind of unsupportive. If you’ve already given them a chance, do what benefits you.  If cutting a family member off would make you feel happier (better about yourself/your sexuality, safer) than do it.  It might be painful, but you do not deserve to be with homophobic people.  What will likely happen is that they will realize their mistake, and they will try to make amends. I’m sorry if this wasn’t very helpful, since I’m not out to most of my family, but really, just do what will make you happy.  Don’t let yourself be miserable.

Things to consider about hater and wander's wedding

> What venue would be big enough for their wedding (the Skullship wouldn’t fit all the Watchdogs AND all of Wander’s friends). Maybe Janet would be willing to host the wedding; she could make the venue as beautiful and stunning as the wedding that Wander truly deserves

> WHO PROPOSES????? Is it Wander, who springs it upon an unsuspecting hater?? Or is it Hater, who refuses to be Outdone and decides to do the Perfect Proposal, only to mess up horribly, and still, no ones ever seen Wander happier?? These are important questions

> Just how hard Peepers cries when Hater asks him to be his best man (“oh don’t get sappy on me, Peepers! I only picked you because I have no other option! Can you imagine Emperor NOT-Awesome being MY best man??? Or some insignificant Watchdog????? STOP CRYING PEEPERS ITS NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!”) (Sylvia is Wander’s Best Zbornak but was there ever any doubt)


> Who cries more at the wedding; Wander or Hater? YOU decide!!!

> Almost everyone in the goddamn universe is at this freaking wedding. Redeemed or not, Dominator is invited. Whether she comes to cause havoc or doesn’t is up to you

> Hater being UNBELIEVABLY nervous leading up to the wedding. There are like five Watchdogs wiping sweat off his forehead. Meanwhile, Wander is nervous TENFOLD and Sylvia nearly has to tie him down he’s bouncing too much

> Even after the wedding, Wander is still shaking and won’t let go of Hater’s hand for anything


> Imagine how many fucking wedding presents


> They probably hire professional singers and everything, but Hater and Wander insist on performing at least one (or thirty) song


> Holy shit imagine all the awkward toasts

> I’m sorry I’m just rambling at this point just imagine then getting married and getting lost in each other’s eyes and getting so happy and Hater keeps getting embarrassed and I’m dead

Here’s Giacomo Taldegardo Francesco di Sales Saverio Pietro Leopardi (29 June 1798 - 14 June 1837), mostly known as Giacomo Leopardi. He was an Italian poet, philosopher, essayist and philologist. He was part of the romanticism, classicism and enlightenment.

He wrote this poem called A Silvia (To Silvia) where he basically tells her that he’s in love with her.
Silvia is supposedly Teresa Fattorini, a Leopardi family employe’s daughter. He saw her from the window during his “mad and most disperate” studies and fell in love, but she died at 21 because of tuberculosis.

He created the “cosmic pessimism” and became almost blind at the end of his life. The happier part of his life was his childhood, and the most chill part was the end, when his best friend Pietro Giordani wrote the poems Giacomo told him.

I love him so much and he definitely deserved more!

(another) random thought of the day

Though it is small comfort, it is comfort nonetheless that in reality (whatever that means), Luke and Leia would’ve made a point of telling what stories they could learn about their mother to their children, and their proteges/students/apprentices/etc, and setting her up as a role model, and making sure she got appropriate credit in the history books.

P.S. Imagine Leia using the Force to call up her father and he thinks she’s going to go off on him like she usually does (and he always takes it because he knows he deserves it) but instead she’s like, “Luke and I need a repository of stories about Mom” and he’s happier than he’s been in so long because he gets to indulge in his old favorite hobby (gushing about Padme) but now it’s even better because he gets to gush about Padme with his kids and Leia in particular is able to start to see him as a human being and I just…Padme is important okay

I hope she’s great
I hope she’s kind and funny
And I hope she brings out the best in you
I hope she goes insane when she can’t see you for 2 days
Because lord knows I did
And I hope you smile at just the thought of her
I hope she appreciates you and let’s you know daily
how much you mean to her
I hope she is crazy about you
And I hope you’re just as serious about her
I pray she brings out the good in you
That she puts God first
and you at a close second
I hope she notices how talented you are
And supports you in all you do
I hope she notices the small things about you
Like how much you love letters
Or looking at the stars

And if she isn’t all of these things
and she doesn’t do all of these things
That sucks
That sucks if you left for someone who wasn’t any better
Because that’s what you deserve
Someone who makes you happier than you could imagine
You deserve the best

I hope she’s great

—  letters to you

Sophie, this has been the best day of your life, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Taylor Swift invited you to her house…. what even?? This has been our dream forever. We talk late at night about this kind of stuff and its so so crazy that you got to meet her, let alone spend 3 HOURS with her? We’ve had late night 3am talks/freak outs about taylor and how we were so scared we’d never meet her, and then this happens and it honestly means the world to me because it shows that taylor cares so much. I love you so much you gorgeous girl, and I don’t know a single person who deserves it better. I’m so glad to call you my best friend, and I’m so glad that taylor brought us together.

PS: To anyone who hates on Sophie, BACK OFF. She’s so deserving of everything that happened today. I’ve never ever been happier. You’ll have me to deal with :)

yes, having another LGBT killed on tv is really fuckin tiring, but at least OITNB actually like treats her character with respect after?? like they showed how innocent and pure she was, they showed her past and everything amazing about her and didn’t just write her off after an episode. they showed that she, out of everyone, didn’t deserve to die.

the black group of OITNB is literally the most peaceful. like when have they ever started fights or smuggled shit or started hardcore death gangs or anything? and SHE was basically the angel of them all.

the entire prison is RIOTING because of what happened and honestly nothing makes me happier than to see those guards finally paying for the shit they’ve caused.


I’m finally on the last stretch of my very slow Cardcaptor Sakura rewatch and this episode happens, which is actually a pretty great episode that forever confirms Meilin most certainly did not deserve the fandom hate she got, way back in the day.

Also I remembered that my younger self (and let’s face it, current self) madly shipped these two because a) look at this cute shit and b) I was so mad that the show didn’t give them happier endings (you could argue that neither of them needed to be in a relationship which I am super across, but come on, at least have Tomoyo be in an actual requited relationship instead of silently gracefully pining), and I wrote all sorts of horribly written fic that thank god have been long buried by the internet.

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Do you think Inuyasha deserved Kagome ?

Ok first of all, I’m really sorry for forgetting this message in my inbox for months …woops… I don’t remember what prompted this ask BUT I’m finally motivated to tackle this subject because it’s something that I really wanted to talk about!

By your question I’m guessing there’s two things you’re asking: 
1- Would Kagome be happier if she was with someone else? 
2- Is Inuyasha “not a good boyfriend” to Kagome?

So I’m going to start with the whole ‘’other guys would make her happier’’ thing, because it’s something that I hear a lot coming from people who ship her with someone else (like Koga or Hojo), because any these guys would “treat like a princess’’….  Personally I think that’s just… not a good way to look at a romantic relationship? I really don’t think that if your romantic partner is not showering you with compliments, then they not being ‘’good’’ to you? Everyone has different preferences, some people really need affection but for others it can be too overwhelming..

In Kagome’s case, we know that a lot of guys like her, but no matter what they did for her, she just wasn’t interested. I don’t think Kagome is playing hard to get or anything, but sometimes when the guy is already all over you, it’s not really fun, you know? 

It’s interesting to note that the first thing she says about Koga is that he’s ‘’not her type’’. So what is Kagome type exactly ? First, I believe that inside of her, she longed for a relationship with a person that would challenge her. It’s always a good thing to have someone who helps you balance out your flaws and work towards self-confidence by challenging your self-esteem. Also, since Kagome is a selfless girl who likes to give more she than receives, it’s pretty clear that she wants to be with a person who will need her. Someone who will crave her attention and her help. And surprise, Inuyasha is just that kind of guy!   

What is the first moment she started seeing Inuyasha as more than a friend? The moment he told her that he needed her by her side. That when she’s with him, he feels stronger. which is a very romantic thing to say btw??

Anyway, what baffles me the most about this whole ‘’Kagome deserve someone who would treat her better’’ thing, is that on many occasions, Inuyasha was very gentle and sweet with her and guess what happened ??

and also………..

Which brings me to my next point… I can admit that Inuyasha isn’t always the most pleasant guy to be around, but he only has a hard shell! Once Kagome saw what was inside, she saw that he really has a good heart. Anyway, she knows a bit about his life story and she understands that his attitude is a defense mechanism after years of being shunned by society and being treated like an outcast. 

Inuyasha might be grumpy, but he’s a ‘’cute’’ kind of grumpy, and Kagome likes it ! He’s never really angry at her and he was never really abusive with her. Inuyasha is all barks and no bite. I’m not saying it really makes sense that Kagome likes him when he’s angry, but Inuyasha is probably a lot more interesting than a lot of guys she met in the past. 

Anyway, it’s not like Inuyasha never did anything for her? He’s constantly putting himself at risk and enduring all sorts of pain to make sure she’s safe, he’s always screaming her name when he’s worried about her, he basically acts as if his life would be incomplete without her…. If THAT doesn’t make a girl feel wanted, then I don’t know what does!

It still makes me upset when I hear the arguments that “she’s only his second choice, Kikyo will always be first” or “he’s not telling her enough details about what is going on between him and Kikyo”… I just want to sigh, to be honest. Inuyasha was always honest with her. He always made it clear to both Kagome and Kikyo what his intentions were and he ALWAYS tried to do what’s best for her even if this whole situation with Kikyo was a mess. I mean, by the end of the series he even decides by himself to talk with her about this serious subject and he apologizes to her for hurting her because it was NEVER his intention. He will always try to protect her, both physically and emotionally. He’s even willing to let her go if that means she’s happy and safe in her home world.

So yeah, Inuyasha is not very romantic and open about his feelings, but does that really makes him “undeserving” of Kagome’s love? Not at all. 

tl:dr: The person who ‘’deserves’’ to be with Kagome is the person who makes her happy and the person she wants to be with.

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With a groan, Rose rolled on her back and looked up to the Doctor.

“We can’t,” Rose whispered, desperately wishing they could. “Not enough time.”

The Doctor kissed a leisurely path down her jaw. “Oh, we’ve got time.”

“Five minutes?” Rose squirmed, the Doctor’s stubble prickling her in a sensitive spot.

“I set the alarm an hour early,” he said, sounding very pleased with himself.

“Really?” She looked at the clock. One hour earlier than she expected. “That’s…”

“Clever of me,” he grinned. “I know.”

“… awfully presumptious,” Rose finished. But she kissed him anyway. Because he was clever, and the fact that he had planned this out made her feel happier than it ought to. The Doctor wanted morning sex. “Nice going.”

“Save the praise,” he said, all cheek. “I’ll deserve it more later.”

Oliver Queen is the best TV boyfriend out there ...

The second episode of the Arrow’s 4th season was not as gratifying as the season premiere for this Olicity fan but it had some moments.

For starters, Oliver Queen has established himself as the best boyfriend on TV. He has surpassed Pacey Witter as my go to reference for awesome boyfriends because buying a first-day-as-big-boss-fern and packing a home cooked lunch for his girlfriend after the night of fighting crime and saving the city trumps any blank wall in every universe. Oliver Queen is da bomb but Felicity Smoak is also da bomb and she deserves nothing less than this level of devotion. Together, they are da ultimate bomb that make our TVs combust every Wednesday night and I couldn’t be happier because this is everything I wanted them to be since I first laid eyes on them.

Oliver Queen also can’t stop telling people that Felicity Smoak is his girlfriend and sugar mama and we love him all the more for that. I mean how many alpha males you see on TV who are so secure in their masculinity that they are totally fine with living off of the largess of their generous girlfriends? Hardly any, so Oliver Queen is a trail blazer in that regard too. Because he was born rich and he still has absolutely shitty money sense and spent a chunk on buying a truck for the baddie of the week’s finger prints. We forgive his bad money sense because he is proving to be absolutely the bestest of the boyfriends – in both real and fictional world.

Everything that has anything to do with Oliver & Felicity as a couple and individuals was spot on in this episode. Their characters saw growth individually and as a couple. The writers have done them justice so far but it would be good to see at least one scene which is not rushed and where they get a bit of room to breathe and say more than 3 sentences to each other. Cuddling on their many couches in the loft with a glass of wine would be most appreciated.

Apart from Olicity, there were many things that made no sense. Team not Arrow was still giving Oliver attitude when they begged him to come back and it was obvious they were kind of useless without him and Felicity. What’s absolutely unforgiveable was John Diggle snubbing Felicity Smoak when she wanted to high five him after a successful mission. WHOSE DOES THAT TO A CUPCAKE LIKE FELICITY SMOAK WHO HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT KIND AND LOVING TO HIM SO FAR! WHAT THE FUCK WRITERS.

Laurel continues to be the most selfish and worst person around. There is a reason Oliver never told her anything and he was proven correct because the minute she found out about Thea’s resurrection, she got the idea to use an emotionally vulnerable girls for her plans to resurrect Sara Lance. Considering there was no love lost between the two sisters when SL was alive, she probably was only doing it to compete with Oliver. Hey, if Ollie can resurrect his sister, why can’t I. I am also a vigilante and wear leather. Great logic Laurel, it sucks like everything else you do.

Quentin Lance was not doing his job as always and asked Oliver to do it and when he did it, he remained the ungrateful bastard that he has always been and told him that he would be slapping him with murder charges if the bad guy had died. Again, why do these Lances do exists?

Not the best of the episodes but it was saved by some decent action sequences between Oliver Queen and Anarky and the absolute perfection that Oliver and Felicity has been. Just gimme more of these two please.

Phi Phi O'Hara Appreciation Post

Watching All Stars 2 made me feel so many emotions. I teared up when Phi Phi Ohara started crying. Like I want All Stars to be good for her so badly! I grew to love Phi Phi so much for her growth over these past years, and I relate to her so much. I rejected myself so much when I was younger, and hated myself so much for being a lesbian. But now I couldn’t be happier with my life and I have so much love for myself, and I see that in Phi Phi too. I think Phi Phi has grown so much and is someone who has my respect and admiration. I just want her to be happy and successful because she deserves it. I just wanted to say good luck Phi Phi O'Hara, and that I think you are so amazing 💗

You REALLY love her, don’t you? She can tear you apart, say mean things to you and make you wish you’d never met her, but at the end of the day she’s the only one you want to be with, right? Since the day you met her you knew you wanted to be with her forever. Even now, after all this time, you still get butterflies when you see her walking towards you. And even though you fight a lot, you always seem to find a way through it. Because even though she makes you cry, there’s no one else that can make you more happier than she does. And you’re friends sometimes tell you that you deserve so much better, but you always find yourself telling them that you just can’t let her go. You hang up on her when she says something stupid, even though you know you’re gonna answer the phone when she calls you right back 10 seconds later. You’ll have this major fight during the day, but she’ll still text you goodnight & tell you that she still loves you. And you’ll reply saying the same. And the truth is you’d rather have bad times with her than have good times with anyone else. No matter how many times you say that you hate her, you know you never will. You love her more than anything. You don’t care what you’re doing with her, as long as you’re with her, that’s enough. And you know she’s always going to be that one girl that will ALWAYS have your heart.

I’m literally so happy for my little sister. She told me she wants to learn fashion design and wants to pursue it like it instantly brought flashbacks to when I was in high school and wanted to do that but my family didn’t support me.
However, my mom supports her and I can’t be happier because she’s super talented and really deserves to have a place up there. I’m already planning how I’m gonna get her up to NYC and help her pay for college.

pls help!!!!

so my lovely friend reilly (her url spcepunk) just ended a relationship n now they’re getting lots of horrible messages bc their partner has lots of followers and is accusing her of lots of (untrue) things. she’s super super upset about all of this and she doesn’t deserve any of this shes goin to take a break because of what’s being said to her. could you guys please send her some nice messages, i dont mind what u say i just want her to feel safer and happier on here!!!!! :~)