and because perfect being who's come to grace us with her perfection


Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: Jensen forgets an important day for the Reader and he tries to come up with a good way of apologizing.

Word Count: 2k-ish

Warnings: Fluff 

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge. My quote is bolded! I hope you guys like this! I’m still trying to get back into the groove of writing. I’m sorry if this isn’t up to par. *hides face* feedback is always welcomed!!

Eleven missed calls.

I knew I had screwed up when her phone went straight to voicemail after the third ring. She was avoiding my calls, that much I knew. I tried racking my brain, coming up blank with reasons for the cold shoulder she was giving me.

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Things I loved about The Dark Prophecy: 

Once again, it starts with Apollo hating his humanity, something that I believe won’t change in some time, he was born a god, after all. Though I fervently believe that he is learning from his time as a mortal. 

Through the whole book, we are able to read some of his most selfish comments, which is to be expected, since he had always been portrayed as a selfish, self-centered god. However, we’re able to see his selfless and kind side, too. 



“…It went against the very nature of being Apollo. I should always be the most obvious, brilliant source of light in the world. If you had to search for me, something was wrong.” 

And: “I tried to contain my bitterness. Soldiers and sailors were all very well, but if your city’s biggest monument is not Apollo, I’m sorry, you’re doing something wrong.” 


“You rescued me.” Then I added two words that never came easily to a god: “Thank you.” 


“When I was a god, I would’ve been delighted to leave the mortal heroes to fend for themselves. I would’ve made popcorn and watched the bloodbath from a distance on Mount Olympus, or simply caught the highlight reel later. But as Lester, I felt obligated to defend these people….I wanted to be here for them.” 


“Their eyes were so full of concern- concern for me- that I had to swallow back a lump in my throat. Six weeks we had been traveling together. Most of that time, I had fervently wished I could be anywhere else, with anyone else. But with the exception of my sister, had I ever shared so many experiences with anyone? I realized, gods help me, that I was going to miss these two.” 

These are some of the parts I loved the most about the book:

  • The Waystation. It’s nice to know of more demigod safe-spaces, more so when they’re under the loving care of Emmie and Josephine: 

We’ve saved a lot of demigods and other outcasts- raised them at the Waystation, let them go to school and have a more or less normal childhood, then sent them out into the world as adults with the skills they needed to survive.” 

It’s different from both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, where, no matter how much they protect you and care for you, it could never be as normal and comforting as being raised in a “normal” loving environment. 

  • The relationship between Apollo and Calypso: They hate each other, that much is perfectly clear…

“Lo!” I said. “I arrived at Camp Half-Blood as Lester Papadopoulos!” 

“A pathetic mortal!” Calypso chorused. “Most worthless of teens!” 

“-…her evil stepfather had poisoned her mind!”

“Poison!” Calypso cried. “Like the breath of Lester Papadopoulos, most worthless of teens!” 

“Lo!” I shouted. “From the Oracle of Dodona we received a prophecy- a limerick most terrible!”  

“Terrible!” Calypso chorused. “Like the skills of Lester, most worthless of teens!” 

Though as the chapters progress, it appears that it’s more of a mutual disagreement than actual hatred.  Apollo realizes how unfair their punishment on her was, and starts to feel like his own treatment towards her is unfair: 

“Just yesterday, I had toyed with the idea of leaving Calypso behind to the blemmyae when she was wounded. I’d like to say that it wasn’t a serious thought, but it had been, however briefly. Now Calypso refused to leave Meg, whom she barely knew. It was almost enough to make me question whether I was a good person…” 

And, in the end, they become friends. They still have much path to cover and much to discuss, but I believe they’re on good terms now. 

  • Calypso and Leo: 

One of the many topics vastly discussed after Blood of Olympus was how short and forced their relationship seemed. However, in The Dark Prophecy, we caught a glimpse of the reality they’re living on: 

They’re trying to discover who they are together, as a couple and as friends. We see their multiple fights and their disagreements, and I believe it’s a very good thing! They’re exploring the possibilities of their relationship! 

We see Calypso missing her island, we see her missing her powers, but most than anything else, we can see that Calypso and Leo truly love one another, and that they’re trying. It feels real, their problems, which only makes it better. It was to be expected that they’d be fighting and having problems, since they hadn’t talked much back on her island before he was forced to leave. They’re testing the waters, as Calypso explained. 

They’re trying to build a good future for each other, they’re even going to enter school together. I like how their relationship improved, I like that Rick portrayed and fixed the mess that was their relationship by the end of BoO. 

I also loved that Leo keeps calling her mamacita, and that Leo’s full name is actually Leonidas

  • In general, everything about Emmie and Josephine was pure perfection. 

They were hunters of Artemis, hunters who fell in love with one another and decided to choose each other over immortality. Their love was beautifully portrayed, and the fact that they adopted a daughter was even more precious for me and for everyone in the LGBT community.

I like that, on a similar topic, we had more explanation about the Hunters of Artemis and their rules: 

“All romance is off-limits. My sister is quite unreasonable in that regard. The mission of the Hunters is to live without romantic distractions of any kind.”

It makes more sense that the Hunters only being prohibited the company of men, as was stated by the Titan’s Curse. I like that Rick fixed that, too. 


Also, Zeus forbidding Artemis from interfering with Apollo makes me so angry, but I didn’t expect anything less than that coming from him. It was good, though, that Artemis sent her Hunters to help Apollo discretely, just like when Apollo helped Percy and co. with rescuing Artemis and Annabeth. 

  • Apollo being thirsty as fuck: 

Apollo having the hots for Tall, Dark & Handsome Jamie. 

Apollo being a fluttering mess when talking to him, then feeling away as soon as he heard Jamie had a girlfriend. 

Apollo canonically having fantasies involving Thalia: “Thalia Grace climbed up behind me on the elephant- which fulfilled a daydream I’d once had about the pretty Hunter, though I hadn’t imagined it happening quite this way.” 

Apollo canonically doing all sort of stuff to get Britomartis’ attention. To get a “kiss” and a “cute date” from her. (We all know that he wanted more than just a date and a kiss, but alas, this is a “children’s book”

  • Apollo and Commodus: 

I’m aware that Commodus is evil, and I don’t like him as a character, but honestly, his relationship with Apollo killed me unlike any other relationship ever had. More specially, this: 

“Overhead, a white silk canopy billowed in the gentle breeze. Inn one corner, a musician sat discretely serenading us with his lyre. Under our feet spread the finest rugs from the eastern provinces. Between our two couches, a table was spread with an afternoon snack of roast boar, pheasant, salmon, and fruit spilling from gold solid cornucopia. 

I was amusing myself by throwing grapes at Commodus’ mouth. Of course, I never missed unless I wanted to, but it was fun to watch the fruit bounce off Commodus’ nose.

“You are terrible,” He teased me. 

And you are perfect, I thought, but merely smiled.”


“I didn’t mean to laugh at the expense of his distant wife, but part of me was pleased when he talked badly about her. I wanted all his attention for myself.” 

And, of course: 

“Commodus looked at me, panic in his eyes.

“Go,” I said, as calmly as I could, forcing down my misgivings. “You will always have my blessings. You will do fine.” 

But I already suspected what would happen: the young man I knew and loved was about to be consumed by the emperor he would become. 

He rose and kissed me one last time. Then he left the tent- walking, as Romans would say, into the mouth of the wolf. 

“Apollo,” Calypso nudged my arm.

“Don’t go!” I pleaded. Then my past life burned away. “ 

Never forget this hear-wrenching part: 

“As I often did for him after our workout sessions, I filled his great marble bath with streaming rose-scented water. I helped him out of his soiled tunic and eased him into the tub. For a moment, he relaxed and closed his eyes. 

I recalled how he looked sleeping besides me when we were teens. I remembered his easy laugh as we raced through the woods, and the way his face scrunched up adorably when I bounced grapes off his nose. 

I sponged away the spittle and blood from his beard. I gently washed his face. Then I closed my hands around his neck. “I’m sorry.”

I pushed his head underwater and began to squeeze. Commodus was strong. Even in his weakened state, he thrashed and fought. In had to channel my godly might to keep him submerged, and, in doing so, I must’ve revealed my true nature to him. 

He went still, his blue eyes wide with surprise and betrayal. He could not speak, but he mouthed the words: You. Blessed. Me. 

The accusation forced a sob from my throat. The day his father died, I had promised Commodus: You will always have my blessings, Now I was ending his reign. I was interfering in mortal affairs- not just to save lives, or to save Rome, but because I could not stand to see my beautiful Commodus die by anyone else’s hands. 

I hunched over him, crying, my hands around his throat, until the bathwater cooled. 

Britomartis was wrong. I didn’t fear water. I simply couldn’t look at the surface of any pool without imagining Commodus’ face, stung with betrayal, staring up at me.” 

Rick Riordan has a talent of portraying gods and their actions unlike anyone else. 

Apollo loved Commodus, he loved him deeply and wholeheartedly, but he couldn’t see anyone else killing his beloved Commodus. He killed him, for he could not stand the way the young man he loved had destroyed himself, turning into a murderous, evil emperor. 

For me, Apollo has always been a complex god. 

He said so himself in the first book, when he called his arrogance a pretense, when he mentioned he was a guilt-ridden, miserable god. He has never been good at love, for some reason, all of his lovers end tragically in one way or another, some by his own hand (Cassandra, Commodus, etc). It weighs him down more than he admitted when he was a god. As a mortal, he is more connected to his emotions, and is unable to put his usual facade of coolness and of arrogance. 

Everything he has done, every sin he has committed, weighs him down: 

“I imagined Trophonius’ head transposed on his body- my son’s agonized voice crying to the heavens, Take me instead! Save him, Father, please!

This blended with the face of Commodus, staring at me, wounded and betrayed as his carotid pulse hammered against my hands. You. Blessed. Me.

I sobbed and hugged the commode- the only thing that wasn’t spinning. Was there anyone I hadn’t betrayed and disappointed? Any relationship I hadn’t destroyed? 

  • And, since we’re talking about Apollo and his change, I’d like to mention his relationship with Meg. 

In the beginning, he could not stand her. Then by the end of the first book, he cared for her. Now, on this second book, the feeling grows and morphs into something so profound and so beautiful that I do not have words for it. 

“No! She was- she was trying to protect me.” I choked on the words. “She is my friend. Take me instead!”

And also:

“She is precious to you,” Said the Oracle. “Would you give your life in exchange for hers?”

I had trouble processing that question. Give up my life? At any point in my four thousand years of existence, my answer would’ve been an emphatic No! Are you crazy? One should never give up on one’s life. One’s life is important! The whole point of my quests in the mortal world, finding and securing all these ancient Oracles, was to regain immorality so I wouldn’t have to ponder such awful questions! 

And yet… I thought of Emmie and Josephine renouncing immortality for each other. I thought of Calypso giving up her home, her powers, and eternal life for a chance to roam the world, experience love, and possibly enjoy the wonders of high school in Indiana. 

“Yes,” I found myself saying. “Yes, I would die for Meg McCaffrey.”  

And lastly but not least important:

When Apollo shared Meg’s curse, slipping into her mind and trying to save her: “I would share this burden with her, even if it kills me.” 

What saved us what a simultaneous thought: Meg/Apollo needs me. 

There we had Apollo, someone that, supposedly, only cared about himself, risking his life, his human life, to save his little but beloved friend from madness and darkness. 

It’s a beautiful moment, more so for those of us that adore Apollo since before the PJO books. It’s a beautiful character development from the fuckboy we saw in Titan’s Curse; it’s a beautiful character development from the god that we met in the first TOA book, the god that could only feel annoyance towards Meg.

“Let the girl go,” I whimpered through the pain. “Kill me and let her go.” 

I surprised myself. These were not the last words I had planned. In the event of my death, I’d been hoping to have time to compose a ballad of my glorious deeds- a very long ballad. Yet here I was, at the end of my life, pleading not for myself, but for Meg McCaffrey.” 

  • The mention of other gods through the book: 

Apparently, gods have a weekly game night in Mount Olympus where Athena loves to gloat about her Scrabble scores. 

AND THIS SAVAGE LINES: (AKA: my cute, dorky ex-god being dorky as fuck)

“Ever since my famous battle with Python, I’ve had a phobia of scaly reptilian creatures. (Especially if you include my stepmother, Hera. BOOM!)

“I’ve always found spiders fascinating creatures, despite what Athena thinks. If you ask me, she’s just jealous of their beautiful faces. BOOM!” 

This important, yet short part: 

Leto knelt at Zeus’ side, her hands clasped in prayer. Her bronze arms glowed against her white sundress. Her long golden hair zigzagged down her back in an elaborate ladder weave. 

“Please, my lord!” She implored. “He is your son. He has learned his lesson!”

“Not yet,” Zeus rumbled. “His real test is yet to come.” 

I laughed and waved. “Hi, mom! Hi, dad!” 

There we have a glimpse of Leto being concerned over Apollo’s fate and we see that she cares. Zeus is, as always, being shady as fuck, and Apollo is super cute while hallucinating and being under the effect of the waters of Mnemosyne and Lethe. 

  • Apollo realizes how hard some demigods have it: 


“I’m new to these heroic-quest business. Shouldn’t there be a reward at the end? Not just more deadly quests?”

“Nope,” Leo said. “This is pretty standard.” 

My sweet, innocent Lester seems to forget that when he was Apollo, as a god, he never cared much for the quests he made demigods go through. 

“I wondered if demigods ever felt the need to restrain themselves when facing ungrateful gods like this. No. Surely not. I was special and different. And I deserved better treatment.” 

Had Percy Jackson been there, he would’ve written a gigantic thesis statement with a power-point presentation about how wrong Apollo was. 

Also, this part: 

“I knelt next to him- a boy of about sixteen, my mortal age. I felt no pulse. I didn’t know whose side he had fought on, but that didn’t matter. Either way, his death had gone to waste. I had begun to think that perhaps demigod lives were not as disposable as we gods liked to believe.” 

Finally, at the moment of war, Apollo realizes how easy it is for a mortal to die. And most times, demigods die because of the gods. 

  • The part where they find out Georgina might be Apollo’s daughter: 

The whole scene, though the most painful part was when Emmie asked if it was payback for having renounced to his gift of immortality: 

“I hadn’t known I could feel any worse, until I did. I really hate that about the mortal heart. It seems to have an infinite capacity of getting heavier. 

“Dear Emmie,” I said. “I would never. Even on my worse days, when I’m destroying nations with plague arrows or putting together set lists for Kidz Bop compilations, I would never take revenge in such a way…” 

That shows that he was a good god, even if he murdered and punished people, he had some kind of morality. He knew where his boundaries went: like when he mentioned that he flirted with the Hunters, but that he would never dare to go any further than that. 

Had it been Zeus, he would’ve raped them already; and canonically, on mythology, I’ve never read about any case of Apollo raping anyone. 

  • Also, I really liked that Rick added certain parts that showed that our actions, as mortals, are what define us and that, once we take one wrong decision, we cannot pray for better things when it is us that fuck things up. 

I’ve heard so many people complain that their prayers were never answered, that their God never helped them. They don’t seem to realize that God cannot help us if we don’t help ourselves first. 

It’s shown here: 

“Don’t blame me for you robbing the king’s treasury!” I snarled. “You are here because you messed up.” 

“I prayed to you!” 

“Well, perhaps you didn’t pray for the right thing at the right time!” I yelled. “Pray for wisdom before you do something stupid! Don’t pray for me to bail you out after you follow your worst instincts!” 

Apollo’s son, Trophonius, made wrong choices all his life, and when it came back to him, he wanted his father to miraculously save him. It doesn’t work like that, God/gods cannot help if we try to make them fix our whole lives. 

  • The way they temporarily defeated Commodus. (I found extremely pretty the way Apollo’s real form was revealed) (Finally we had an explanation as to why gods’ real forms are deadly to mortals: they’re pure light.)
  • The second chance Apollo gave Lityerses. “Everything alive deserves a chance to grow.
  • Lityerses sobbing when Emmie said he could be part of their family. 
  • All the “lit” jokes. And the commode ones too. 
  • “The two bumped fists as if they hadn’t spent the last few days talking about how much they wanted to kill each other. They would’ve made fine Olympian gods.” 
  • Little Georgina’s words to Apollo. How he told her he was there for her if she wanted to talk. How he was concerned about her, even if he was not sure if she was his daughter. 
  • You’ve built something good here, Hemithea.” I said. “Commodus could not destroy it. You’ll restore what you’ve lost. I envy you.” 

Everywhere he goes, Apollo seems to crave home. Not Olympus. Home, as in: a place where he’d feel loved and safe. In the 1st book, he wanted to stay in Camp with his children, now there, he admits that he craved the lovely home, the safe environment that they created at the Waystation. 

“It all felt so homey and cozy, I wanted to volunteer to wash dishes if it meant getting to stay another day.” 

  • Apollo trying to fix what he did to Agamethus by offering to go to the Underworld once he became a god again, to ask Hades to send him to Elysium. 
  • “Never underestimate the healing power of music.” 
  • Lit staying in the Waystation. 
  • Apollo mentioning that he believed in second chances, and that he could understand Lit since they had things in common- being attractive being one of those things. 
  • Apollo’s talking arrow only speaking bad Shakespearean English. 
  • Being productive. Urgh.Same, Apollo, same. 
  • The whole choo-choo scene, I don’t now why but I really really loved that part. 

I must’ve missed many points, but this was already very long. In general, I really loved The Dark Prophecy, and I recommend everyone to read it as soon as they can! It is honestly so, so good. As good as the first one, I cannot wait for The Burning Maze

Date Your Best Friend

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1,169

Genre: Fluff

Joshua sits in front of his camera. An outlet to share his music to the world has evolved into so much more. His viewers turned into fans, and his fans loved beyond the guitar and the voice. They wanted to know more about Joshua the person, not just Joshua the singer.

So how could Joshua talk about himself without mentioning you? He couldn’t do that. Even with the guys, your name is brought up every two sentences. 

However, being the sweet person that Joshua is, he never really said your name on camera out of consideration for your privacy. Of course, he flaunts the fact that his girlfriend was the most amazing person on earth, and he gushes about how much he loves you in vlogs. He’d also dedicate every song that reminded him of you, which is a lot, every chance he gets. Naturally, when you watch his videos a big happy smile would beautifully grace your face. 

“Hi, it’s Joshua! We have a very special guest today!” Joshua announces in front of his camera. You giggle quietly in your spot out of the frame. 

“Drum roll please!” Joshua exclaims excitedly, patting his lap. He pulled you into the frame, his arms were wrapped around your shoulder as yours were wrapped around his waist. 

You managed to wave to the camera and squeak out a cute hi while you and Joshua laugh happily, simply enjoying each others company.

“So, this is the person that I have been telling you guys about. AKA the person that I’m completely in love with, y/n.” Joshua’s words rang inside the shaken corridors of your heart. 

“Hi, guys! I’m Y/N! It’s nice to finally meet you all.” You say with a bright smile. 

Joshua holds up his phone, and explains, “So today, my lovely ray of sunshine has taken a break from their busy schedule to answer questions you guys have left us on my twitter, Instagram, and snapchat!” 

Joshua’s right hand was holding his phone, as his left was holding your hand.

“When did you two first meet?” Joshua reads from the phone.

“It was in elementary school right?” You recall back the memory.

Joshua laughs out loud. “Oh yeahhh! You stole my juice box, and then told me my haircut looked stupid.” He playfully nudged your shoulder with his.

“Hey, all great friendships start out that way!” You giggle.

He humorously scrunched his face up at your statement. “No you were a bully.”

“Only because you were so adorable when you got mad at me. Even now.” You messily ruffled his hair causing him to roll his eyes and try to get his perfect  hair back into place. 

“Wait, did you guys hear that? Y/N thinks I’m adorable.” Joshua lowly chuckles with a proud expression on his face.

“Okay, okay next question, you weirdo.” You laugh, taking his phone to scroll down the twitter feed. 

Joshua points to the screen at one question that has caught his eyes. “Has Joshua ever serenaded you?” 

“Yes, actually.” You smile at the sweet memories of him singing to you. “No matter how late it is at night, or how tired he is, if I’m having trouble sleeping he’d always sing me to sleep. Or if I’m sad, he’d sing something to cheer up. All in all, Joshua is always singing to me. So thank you, babe.” You top your answer off with a kiss on Joshua’s smiling lips. 

“Oh this is a good one!” You point at a question.

Joshua reads it out loud. “When did you start realizing that you were catching feelings, when did you tell the boys and how did they react?”

“I’m assuming that one is for me.” Joshua chuckles at the camera, a hint of blush starts to show on his cheeks. 

“I’ve always seen you as a friend up until freshman year. That was when you told me you had a crush on one of our classmates, but I didn’t know why I was so bothered by it.” Joshua explains.

“Because of how strangely I was feeling, I talked to Vernon about it and he was actually the one that helped me come to terms with my feelings.” 

“Wait,” You pause him. “You’ve liked me since freshman year?”

Joshua nods shyly. “Yeah, I did. But I decided not to tell you until last year because I was just scared of how you would react.” 

That was something you never knew. It was senior year now, the last year of high school for the both of you. So, you’ve realized Joshua has loved you for quite some time now.

“Vernon was especially annoyed with me during that time because I’ve always talked about you, but I never had the confidence to ask you out.” Joshua says sweetly with a peck on your cheek, causing you to blush and to tease him about his little crush on you at that time. 

“Ooh! I found the perfect follow up question.” You excitedly start to read, “How did Joshua ask you out?”

Joshua groans out in embarrassment while you laugh at his expense. “You’re never going to let that go, huh?”

“Nope!” You grin. 

He rolled his eyes but nonetheless he continued on telling the story. “I took her out to our favorite spot to hang out which is this little dock on the lake. I was so nervous and out of it, then why you told me that you would go on a date with me I was so happy that I started to jump. Then, I fell off the dock and into the lake.”

You couldn’t stop giggling at the image of wet Joshua doggy paddling at the surface of the water. 

“Okay okay, let’s move on.” Joshua says as he attempts to control your laughter by rubbing your back.

“What is it like to date me?” Joshua asks.

“Hm..” You smile. “It’s like I’m dating my best friend. But don’t tell Vernon I said that, because he’s gonna argue with me that he’s your only best friend.”

“Who cares about Vernon?” Joshua jokes. “You are my best friend.” Joshua pulls you in for a hug as a means to leave sloppy kisses on your face. Joshua pauses to look at the camera. “Just kidding man, I love you, you’re my best friend too, Vernon.”

The next fifteen minutes, you and your boyfriend answered questions about your relationship and each other. Some were funny, and some led you to find out things about Joshua that you never knew before. 

“Ok, last question. Do you love me?” You asked, slightly tilting your head amusedly. 

Joshua diverted his attention from his phone to your eyes. A smile spread across your lips, transferred to your cheeks and reached your eyes. 

“I’ve loved you ever since you stole my juice box, and I’ve been and will continue to love you as hard as any human possibly can love.” Joshua places a kiss upon your forehead, and you could feel the truth behind his words. 

Written by Admin V.K

Golden - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: Lin-Manuel is holding his daughter for the first time. 

Words: 1,077 (short and sweet!)

Warnings: There is death at the end but it’s like cute but you know it’s like…yeah

A/N: WOW. Day 5: Reverse POV day is happening. I cannot believe this. I barely got this done in time so it’s super bad, but it’s the thought that counts! Enjoy. 

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Eldora Luz Miranda, whose name meant golden was born on a wet day full of rainstorms on April 23rd.

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Mystic Messenger Poolside

I lied I enjoy these because they are short. I dunno just the RFA at the pool . I’m making this up as i go along. I am desperate for warmer weather and long pool days where you can just relax, read a book, and try not to get eaten by bugs. Maybe I will do more of these this was relatively painless to write and these are cute little scenarios. I can see the appeal now.


  • he is the typical college male
  • a normal body, not well toned but not chubby either guy is probably self-conscious
  • he has to take out his bobby pins to go into the pool
  • has goofy patterned swim trunks with animals on them, or LOLOL themed
  • immediately jumps into the pool with no hesitation trying to make the biggest splash possible
  • if MC is laying out he splashes her for laughs
  • MC pulls him around in the water as he floats
  • MC and Yoosung attempt to climb into the same raft ending in someone being thrown off the side into the deep end
  • probably hold competitions on who can hold their breath the longest
  • hes not bad at diving off the diving board but he still manages to splash everywhere


  • the pool god himself
  • the best part is watching him peel off his shirt and reveal those chiseled abs and perfect body, and he loves knowing that probably everyone is watching him
  • he could pull off the Speedo if he really wanted to, however that for private time only, he sticks to board shorts like every other guy at the pool
  • if you ask nicely for him to be your pool boy he will gladly put on the Speedo if you wanted
  • probably uses the oil “lotion” by the pool because his body glistens in the sun
  • when you both are in the water he enjoys poking your sides and letting you float in his arms
  • but if Jumin challenges him to a duel via chicken fight you best bet you are getting on his shoulders and are going to win. there is no way he would ever forgive himself if he lost to Jumin
  • as beautiful and talented as this man is, he is a horrible diver off the diving board. He is a fumbling flopping figure dropping into the water. 
  • he enjoys a few pool beers in a raft
  • will casually swim laps as part of his workout routine when it is warmer out
  • always reassures you that you are beautiful even when you feel self-conscious. 
  • its also easier for him to just pull the string to your bikini bottoms to have you completely naked.


  • the one piece bikini, or tank-ini wearer 
  • MC would have to steal all her one pieces to get her to wear a two piece 
  • probably wears a huge hat by the pool
  • would rather read a book in a float than actually swim
  • will probably lose her mind if someone tried to flip her
  • hugs MC from behind in the water
  • always gets out every 2 hours to apply SPF 60 and makes sure that MC uses it to
  • MC helps Jaehee apply those hard to reach places and she returns the favor
  • the most competent and graceful diver into the pool
  • when she is alone she likes to put on her swim cap and swim a few laps when she has time


  • the one who has to put on a crap ton of sunscreen just to sit outside because redheads burn easily in the sun
  • similar to Yoosung will immediately throw himself into the water
  • his goal is to get MC wet 
  • if MC is in a float you can bet she is 100% going to get flipped
  • tries to perfect his cannon ball and measures its effectiveness by MC screaming at him for getting her wet
  • will drag MC into the pool even if she is holding onto the gate for dear life will throw her over his shoulder and drag her into the pool
  • just don’t expect to stay dry
  • when you try to get back at him by holding hands and jumping into the pool you both count to three and neither of you jump. You both laugh and attempt it again counting to three. Neither of you jump. the third time you tell yourself you are going to just push him in. You both count to three holding each others hands, and neither of you jump. You immediately charger after him and he doges your moves and your momentum takes you straight into the pool. 
  • he fell laughing so hard at MC
  • will play little games with MC in the pool
  • MC carries him around the pool when he is more calm


  • hes perfect too
  • SPF 60 does not want to burn in the sun and he brings out a hat to protect his face
  • helps MC apply her sunscreen and allows MC to run her hands up and down his chest and back. Not that MC is complaining
  • he spends a decent amount of time in and out of the pool and under the umbrella
  • MC catches him staring at her a lot while she is sitting on the edge of the pool
  • has a waterproof watch on that he wears around water
  • has a tumbler for wine on the go 
  • buys the best outdoor furniture, rafts, and luxuries for the pool
  • loves to hold MC in his arms and run his hands over her body
  • buys her nice bikinis he thinks will flatter her
  • she rarely wears the scantly clad ones around others but saves those for when her and Jumin are in one of those days where they cant keep their hands off of each other


  • hesitant to get into the water because his vision is failing him
  • it was too hot outside for him to stay indoors waiting around until his surgery date came around
  • MC held his hand as they walked into the pool from the steps
  • both let out a sigh in relief from the hot summer sun
  • MC let V feel his way around the pool and teasing him slightly by splashing him with water
  • hot dad #2 
  • this man was perfect 
  • when V was nodding off in a pool float MC grabbed his camera and snapped a few shots of him in the pool and his blue hair
  • V sound asleep started rolling off of the raft and woke himself up abruptly with cold water
  • V likes to pull MC close to his chest kissing the top of her head as his fingers trail up her back
  • V may or may not have purposely pulled her bikini top strings
  • he was lucky that he was partially blind he couldn’t see


  • Hates the pool
  • will sit under an umbrella with his headphones in listening to his music or reading something
  • when MC comes out in her bikini hes more willing to get into the water if shes going in
  • she makes sure he keeps applying sunscreen so he doesn’t burn to a crisp
  • if his brother visits at the pool they more than likely will get into a wrestling match trying to throw one another into the pool and eventually they both will fall in.
  • probably splash each other to the death
  • he enjoys eating his ice cream and watching MC float around in the pool
  • when he does decide to get in he likes to give MC a ride on his back carrying her around the pool area 

there were times i had wholeheartedly sunken myself into islam, ‘submitting’ completely and trying my best to follow the teachings, better myself, be sincere blah etc. but no matter how much i tried, it never sat perfectly well with me. i had so many questions and all of the answers when i asked came back to ‘yes, but allah is god, he created us and he knows best, so don’t question his eternal wisdom’. and i’d say okay, well i’m already believing in a god that i can’t see, i already have faith in a being i have no evidence of, let me just follow whatever he says to do and maybe one day the benefits will be clear. but my conscience would never let me. if allah said all humans are equal and they are only better than each other in terms of their worship of god, how much more and better they do etc, then why, why are men superior to women? they kept telling me ‘oh islam loves women, women are powerful in islam’ 

but why are men the guardians of women if women are so powerful? why is their inheritance worth less than their male counterparts? why are the dress codes much different -and harsher- for women? why is women’s testimony a joke? because a woman’s testimony counting as less than man’s even by a minuscule is a joke to me, a demeaning one. as if women do not have rational minds. as if women cannot even trust their brains. as if women are more mindless animals than rational, thinking humans. why can men have more than one wife? i always asked my mom and she told me i would make a very jealous wife. but why? why shouldn’t i want the person who has promised to spend their lifetime with me all to myself? why should i have to share? why does allah endorse men’s infidelity? my mom told me that men are more prone to committing zina because their sexual drive is higher than women’s and having more than one wife available to a man at any given time would make a him less likely to commit zina. to be honest, this broke my young heart. to think that my religion would condone my husband cheating on me and i would have to be pious and pretty, even smile at my co wife. how demeaning. how belittling. 

why does allah endorse rape? by bringing forth this twisted perspective that men cannot control their sexual urges - and like an animal- need to mate immediately they feel them, makes it seem like it’s okay for men to use women as a vessel for their pleasure. for their carnal needs and nothing more. why is it that this beloved religion portrays women as nothing more children-bearing-house-keeping-pleasure-giving-weak-willed-vessels to be controlled by men? that a woman’s place does not go beyond the four walls of a home-cell. passed down from man to man in her lifetime, from her father then to a demon disguised as a husband whom she must answer to, as if he is her saving grace and obedience to him will lead her to god? in fact, islam continually broke my heart. it is a sin to be a ‘bad wife’. but islam says that i must obey my husband because he is my guardian. that when i get married, my husband has the most rights over me, even more so than my father. are two people in a marriage not equal? that i cannot argue with my husband because we are both human and equal and my opinion is not less than his? that if i deny him sex, i will be cursed by angels? am i only a pleasure giving vessel? 

it seemed to me that islam was all about submission but it would be better for you if you are a man because men are above women and children. the teachings of islam in terms of women is one i can go on about for days, and it seemed i was going to settle for a life of oppression at the hands of men, endorsed by god almighty so i could reach his perfect little heaven that i also may or may not reach for the slightest of things, even if i faced many trials and tribulations…

god said that he created man with a rational mind so he can think for himself, unlike animals. but why is questioning islam and allah a sin? why is questioning anything about this perfect religion a ticket to hell? and god said that he is the one that shows people the right path and he is also the one that leads them astray. so if he is merciful and loving and benign, then why, why would he create a burning pit of torture? if you are a god at all, why would you create a hell for your subjects if you really are merciful and forgiving? unless you are a bored, narcissistic jerk who wants his balls licked? why would you let people die unjustly in war, let children be blown to bits and die of starvation? why would you let the miseries of the world happen if you had the power to stop them? you mean to tell me that allah is all powerful, there is nothing he cannot do yet he lets people suffer in the most wretched of ways? why does this god who promotes goodness and the spirit of good actions not do anything about the sufferings he can help? what does he do on his throne in heaven, close his eyes and listen to the praises he’s being bestowed and ignore everything else? wtf? what a jerk???

submitting to islam is giving up on life. and i realized that was what i was submitting to. a life of oppression, unhappiness, misogyny, disrespect, mistreatment, silence, anguish. that’s what islam is. it’s like islam was concocted by some elites who wanted most people to suffer in a half-life, sacrificing and submitting with the promise that good things were yet to come in an afterlife, only for the elites to stay powerful and fulfilled and the rest oppressed.or maybe islam was made up by some of the most brilliant story-tellers, an impressive piecing together of bullshit. it makes sense that islam is man made. humans are brilliant at making things up. we love to engage our imaginations. but like all things human, surely there will be flaws. and if you see past the coat of ‘peace, loving, tolerant,’ bulllshit, you will see that islam is deeply flawed. horribly so. 

Undeniable Heat Chapter 9: The Date

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1500 Words

Chapter Summary: It was finally time for your date with Jensen Ackles.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was only two hours until your date, and you could feel yourself growing nervous, second guessing yourself for saying yes. You never had the greatest luck with dates, and you were afraid this one would go as the rest, down the drain. And you really didn’t want that to happen, because it was Jensen, and seemed like a really good man. And if it did go south, you hoped it wouldn’t mess up your working relationship.

There had been a couple of times throughout the long day that you had considered marching to his apartment, and canceling the date. But each time you held back, another part of yourself beyond excited to see where this went. That’s why you let yourself relax in a bath, pampering yourself with scented bath oils, making sure your legs were silky smooth. You had soft music playing in the background, and along with your favorite candles it did the trick, and you felt much more relaxed and ready for the evening.

Before you could turn into a prune, you slipped out of the luxurious bathtub, pulling on your robe, before you began the task of applying make up. It was true, you were a make up artist, but because you dealt with it on a daily basis, and in a lot of quantity, you usually applied the minimum to yourself. But tonight you wanted to look special, so you took your time, applying a light coat of foundation, along with the rest of the works.

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Nights with you E.D

Originally posted by dolan-twins-fics


Warnings:None, really just swearing

Based off of “Nights with you” By MØ

“Girl, you’re gorgeous
Even though you might not always feel like it, but you are
And you’re worth it (yeah)
I assure you I would dye my hair in crazy colors
Just to make you smile”

Ethan’s Pov~

Y/n, the girl was. Well, everything to me, we were best friends,Me, Grayson, and y/n, that’s how it’s always been “The three musketeers if you will. We’ve been best friends since childbirth, even our mothers were best friends. And little did she know, her “Best friend” was in love with her. I loved her, not a “little crush”. I loved her, more than my self some times, she was everything to me, and she knew it. But, she never did anything with it. She had a boyfriend. There was no way, we could be together, she was with him, not me. Did i wish she was with me? Of course, but she’s happy, that’s all that matters. I would do anything to make her happy, and i did. 

Anything to make her happy, i did. One time, i can recall even dyeing my hair, just because she wanted me too!We were both bored that night, and she had the idea, of putting a blue streak in my “mop” of brown curls, and i agreed. And, i’ll never forget how much we laughed about it that night. Silly, yes. But, anything for her. I was whipped, she knew it, i knew it, hell, i’m pretty sure everyone knew it, what could i do? I’m hopelessly in love with her. And, even though she knew it, we were still friends, it was never awkward with her. Not, even when she rejected me, it hurt, a lot.But, we didn’t let it effect our friendship   She was, my love. Gorgeous, perfect, even if she thought otherwise, even if her boyfriend told her different. She was flawless in my eyes, breathtaking. And her smile, could light up a whole fucking room, that was maybe, well it was my favorite thing about her.

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Five Minutes - [Grace/Frankie]

This is my first Grace and Frankie fic! More to come. I just love them to pieces. Here on A03.


Grace anxiously licked her fingers before flipping the page, scanning the same paragraph twice, then a third time, not sure she was even digesting half of what she read. She took a sip of her wine, smoothing out the wrinkles in her blue pajama pants as she sat straight up on the bed, eyes shifting to the door every few minutes without even realizing it. When she caught herself, her stomach ached, pinging with guilt and questions she couldn’t yet find the courage to answer.

She and Frankie came home from their hot air balloon ride hours ago. Frankie disappeared into her studio soon after, coming down from the thrill of the experience, it’s breathtaking views, nothing but the wind and the smell of propane to distract them from the looming tension in their lives. Nothing else seemed to matter for the hour or so they soared above the city, nothing but the fact that things didn’t have to change, not yet at least. Grace could still feel the sun on her face, the pressure of Frankie’s hand on her back as they stood together, mostly silent, trying not to think about anything other than the fact that things felt good, just the way they were, in that perfect moment.

“Hey,” Frankie’s distinctive voice cut through the silence.

Grace jumped a little, looking up to find the other woman finally standing in the doorway, wringing her hands, fidgeting furiously before shoving them in the pockets of her denim nightgown.

“Hey,” the blonde cleared her throat, speaking softly as she removed her glasses, abandoning them with her book on the nightstand. “How’d it go? Did you talk to Jacob?”

“I did,” Frankie nodded.

“And?” Grace nudged.

“I told him I had a chance to think about things from a ‘higher plane,’ though I didn’t mention the balloon ride. I knew that would make him way too jealous,” she shared. “But I did say he was right. Santa Fe sounds like the perfect place for me, in many ways. It has everything I could want from a creative and spiritual perspective. Vibrant arts scene. Vegan food trucks. Mud bathing nudist colonies.”

“Uh huh,” Grace winced at the thought. “So…you said yes then? You’ll go with him?”

“No,” Frankie answered quickly. “I said I couldn’t. Not now, not ever. So we broke up. For good.”

“Wow,” Grace swallowed, a bit stunned. She ran a hand through her hair, heart racing. “But I…I thought you loved him?”

“I do,” she sighed. “But not enough to leave all this behind. My home. My family. You.”

Grace did her best to school her features, knowing her eyes said more than she wanted them to, but she kept breathing just the same.

“And…what did he say?”

“He said I should think about what that really means.”

“Yeah,” Grace practically whispered. “What, uh…what does it mean exactly?”

“I don’t know,” Frankie turned away, dropping her eyes uncharacteristically, pacing at the foot of the bed. “That I’m happy I suppose?”

“Are you?”

“You know I am,” she told her. “Except…”

“What?” Grace waited on bated breath.

Frankie stopped moving, slowly looking up. It was so quiet, they could hear the waves crashing onto the beach from the other side of the house.

“Can I please sleep in here tonight?” she finally exploded, flopping onto the bed, grabbing hold of one of Grace’s ankles for extra effect.

“Not this again,” Grace rolled her eyes, shimmying away.

“Please? I know I’m not alone anymore, not metaphorically or even literally, but I did just break up with my boyfriend and I could use some extra human energy flowing in and around my aura right now. Please? Please, Grace.”

“Fine,” she relented, a bit too quickly.

“Oh thank you,” Frankie climbed up the length of the king sized bed, pulling the covers back, burying herself beneath them like she belonged there, like she’d done it a million times.

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cottoncandyfrizz  asked:

aaah requests are open!! can i ask for the rfa + v/unknown and their reactions when it's time to remove the wedding garter in their reception?? thank youu (*/_\)


  • stop bullshitting yoosung he’s such a prude about this n is like… physically incapable he’s so red he’s sweating his hands are clammy arms spaghetti
  • he’s not ok he looks literally like he’s choking on food 
  • he needs like a giant swig of jack to finally be able to
  • *inhales* BOI he bout to do it and he has dove under the giant fluffy dress 
  • he bumps into mc’s knee and everyone hears a rlly loud “ow” 
  • please don’t get a boner please don’t get a boner please don’t get a boner
  • he has made contact with the garter
  • he has now bitten the garter and lowkey accidentally bit mc
  • surprisingly he gets it off rllllly fast and he’s sweatin and drunk and he’s all “I GOT IT!!!!” and basically zen and seven lift him into the air 
  • our boy is finally a MAN


  • it’s his favorite part
  • he’s been waitin for this oh m an he keeps asking seven when it’s time to remove the garter
  • he just loves being a little showy shit he lives and dies for it tbh, after all he is a musical actor
  • he’ll do it provocatively and still look like a god even though his hair gets messed up under MC’s dress
  • every single girl holl e r s when it’s time to remove the garter 
  • jumin is unimpressed by zen’s flashy display of affection and it definitely ain’t appropriate for a wedding
  • he does it tauntingly slow and everyone freaks out but his movements are so smooth and so perfect everyone is just really mad because zen looks perfect doing anything tbqh
  • when he pulls out the garter he raises it with a clenched fist like he’s won some sort of trophy
  • the photos will literally be on every website by the next day who looks so flawless after being under a dress????


  • is rlly private and doesn’t want to do it but after mc begs (aka asks very politely because jumin would commit murder for mc) he is willing
  • he’s very graceful doing it too but in a lot more formal way in comparison to zen doing it
  • he treats it like an obligatory thing and he’s very happy to marry mc but is this necessary
  • why do commoners engage in this type of crudeness???????
  • but to mc’s sweet request he purposely drags his teeth along mc’s skin to let them know whats happening later
  • leaves little kisses between their thighs just to be funny, since he’s already doing something wildly ridiculous
  • once he gets ahold of the garter he’s a little frustrated by the lack of space but after the second try he gets it done
  • he’s rlly embarrassed n he looks calm af but afterwards he whispers in mc’s ear and they’re expecting some freaky shit or whateva but he’s just like
  • “did i do ok”


  • she wouldn’t she can’t she doesn’t waNT TO but
  • this is inescapable 
  • she does it hesitantly and is surpisingly very gentle 
  • so gentle that mc doesn’t even remember that there’s someone literally under their dress
  • jaehee is rlly frustrated like “do i have to use my teeth” yes baehee come on
  • she gets it after like a long amount of time of trying poor babe she’s so red and kinda embarrassed but she’s so cu t e and mc gives her a lil kiss just to be sweet and be like hey,,, bub u did good
  • it’s on recording and everyone always spams the rfa chat with it it’s so funny and jaehee gets so MAD
  • like she doesn’t want to remember it even tho she was literally under mc’s dress it was so weird to do it in front of mc’s pARENTS AND
  • probably throws hands at seven afterwards for even mentioning the idea (i like to think seven is involved in all of this because come on. he would. he would honestly have a hand in having all of these scenarios happen.)


  • HOOOOOOOOOOO shit SON he’s been preparing and practicing grabbing things with his teeth since the wedding was announced
  • ya boi seven was ready to dive in that giant fluffball dress he’s been ready since he was born he’s so lit at weddings and at his own?? biiiitch
  • he’s the one that literally takes the mic and goes “OKAY SO TIME FOR THE GARTER”
  • he’s so excited he didn’t even practice his vows this much
  • seven gets in there so fast it’s actually frightening and he pulls it out within like 3 seconds how does he do that
  • he, too, raises the garter in the air like a true #champion 
  • this is not what mc expected like he got in and got so quick why did this amuse him so much
  • he just finds this part the cutest and afterwards gives mc the cutest kiss on the cheek 
  • probably gets it timed and submits it to guinness or something so he can have the world record for fastest garter removal
  • he always remembers that part of the wedding the most


  • he’s a complaining little baby he’s just like “what’s the POINT of this”
  • he whines and moans about it and hopes everyone forgets at the reception and just is a crybaby until mc pulls the puppy eyes
  • oh boy he melts and is suddenly willing
  • still grudgingly, but now willing 
  • he’s really awkward and bumps everywhere and is confused and lost inside the dress
  • he was up in that bih like a tampon but he’s so confused and grumpy and frustrated but once he finds it he’s like “thank GOd”
  • but then he moves like one inch and this fucking dress is going to kill him he’s so mad at an inanimate object 
  • like why did they pay so much for this giant fluffy dress this fluffy dress needs a map installed under it for him he’s just grumbling the whole time under there and it takes him the longest out of everyone l m a o 
  • once he locates it again he nearly rips it taking it off mc
  • and then when he comes out from under there he’s sweating and red and the suit is very stuffy while everyone congratulates him


  • dat boi v is blind so this will take years. why did ya do this to him. 
  • seven refuses to let him use his hands still but he’s at such an advantage how could u do this
  • of course v doesn’t complain he didn’t even talk about when his ex turned into a crazy cult leader so he doesn’t have an opinion about the garter removal
  • on the inside he’s pretty hesitant 
  • really??? gentle??? he kind of uses his face to find his way around and accidentally bumps into mc’s pelvic bone poor boy 
  • he’s so lost under there!!! something help him!!!
  • once seven is like “okay fiiine i mean i GUESS u can use ur hands” he’s got the softest touch tracing mc’s legs and he uses both 
  • sneaky bastard grazes mc’s inner thighs just to be extra even though he’s already located the garter
  • pulls it out with his teeth and comes out victorious
  • he’s so cute with his ruffled teal hair and he’s got the cutest small grin on his face that mc takes note of and just  
  • how does anyone hate v

anonymous asked:

Alex and maggie. One of them proposing to the other?

Maggie lies in bed blinking up at the darkness, the bright red of the alarm clock burning into her retinas, Alex lying peacefully beside her, her soft snores the only thing calming Maggie’s heartbeat. They’d come to Midvale for their five year anniversary weekend; Alex had suggested they take a proper vacation, go somewhere with actual sun and foreign climates but Maggie had shaken her head softly, whispering that there was no place she’d rather be because Midvale was home for Alex, Midvale held so many good memories for Alex and that was where Maggie always wanted to go, because Midvale for Maggie was a reminder that now she had a family too. Now she had Eliza, and she had a little sister in Kara and she felt at home in their childhood house, pictures of her and Alex pinned to the fridge alongside Lena and Kara, Eliza proud of her daughters. Her soon to be daughter in law. Because that was another reason Maggie had demanded they come to Midvale for the weekend. She was going to propose, and she was going to propose here. She’d told Kara months ago, enlisting her soon to be sister in law and her girlfriend to help her buy Alex’s ring, to help her plan the perfect beach proposal. Turns out she didn’t really need Kara’s help in the ring department; the second store they’d walked into Maggie was drawn towards a ring that screamed Alex. It was beautiful and it was simple, and it was perfect. Maggie knew Alex didn’t want flashy, never wanted flashy, she’d just want a constant reminder that she was Maggie’s and Maggie was hers. The band was gold and not too thick, and three simple diamond stones adorned the top, clustered close together, glinting softly off the late afternoon sunlight and all Maggie could think was how perfect it would look in the early morning light as Alex lay naked beside her and smoothed her hair behind her ear as Alex loved to do, the diamonds catching the sunlight, a promise of everything good to come. So Maggie had bought the ring and Maggie had hidden it amongst her socks, nervous that Alex would find it, that Alex would realise her plans. But she hadn’t and now the day was here and Maggie hadn’t slept a wink.

She’d text Kara the night before, confirming their plans for her to fly James out in the early morning so he could photograph the moment Alex said yes, the rest of their friends being flown over soon after to celebrate properly and Maggie’s heart pounded out of her chest.

What if she says no Kara? Oh god what if she says no?

Maggie. My sister is obsessed with you, she’s not going to say no.

But what if she doesn’t want to get married? She’s always been independent I don’t want to tie her down.

Maggie, this is Lena. Kara keeps talking to herself and making odd noises, so I’m here to reassure you. Alex will 100% say yes. She looks at you like you hung the moon. Trust me. We’ll see you tomorrow, future Mrs Danvers-Sawyer.

Maggie smiles at that.

Thanks guys, night.

She gets a text back off Kara.

Night future big sis!!! XXXX and she laughs to herself.

Alex is gonna say yes. Alex has to say yes, right?

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Spoiler Alert

 Based on this post/prompt

Darcy/Bucky, Soulmate AU

Word Count: 1855

(I know Darcy is American, but I just can’t bring myself to refer to Philosopher’s Stone as Sorcerer’s Stone so assume her copy of the book came from England or something, if you need an excuse for that).

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- haunted by the ghost of you

request: could you write one where the reader is a Blossom and they get torn apart because of wat happened in episode 12? 

a/n: so it just so happened that I was listening to The Night We Met by Lord Huron while I opened this ask and BAM instant idea popped into my head! Also last nights episode really hit me, so this WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS.  

It’s odd being in a place that is so familiar yet so detached at the same time. It feels almost like you are disembodied from something once so stable and often encountered. The setting remains the same but the people and the stories are woven with new threads while barely clinging to the old. 

It felt strange to be in Riverdale after so many years. 

To many passers by the sudden reappearance of the youngest Blossom child seemed highly alarming and unnerving. It felt almost as if time had slipped away and reversed to the past, a past where her image along with her twin siblings seemed permanent. She had seemed like a character in a novel that had been abandoned halfway through; only to be picked up again weeks later. Frozen in a state of unknowing by so many and now was back animate and lively, as if she had never disappeared from Riverdale so many years before. 

She was however, alone, and no other Blossom was staying within the confines of the town her family had once dominated. She tried to keep her head down as she made her way through the quiet suburban area in case anyone decided to stop her and ask how she was doing after all these years. Her efforts to go unnoticed however were in vain. The red sweeping curls that were so like Cheryl’s gave her away, the Blossom trademark too bold to hide. 

People stared as she made her way by. People like Fred Andrews who was out walking his dog that seemed ancient by now, it was odd for him to stare since he’d known she was coming. Maybe he wasn’t expecting her so soon. 

A small house, that had resided down the lane from the Andrews and the Coopers, lived in for years by an elderly couple, was now her end goal on her long walk. Nostalgia washed over her like a heat wave as she passed by Betty’s house, remembering all the late night sleepovers they used to have. 

The house sprung up in her vision as she rounded the corner, hidden behind a cherry blossom and a white picket fence. The house itself was the same color as the tree, just as ethereal and pleasant. The garden was trim and unblemished and the white shutters on the houses windows gleamed in the sunshine. In more ways than one y/n guessed that it was perfect for the couple who lived there now. 

She stood by the gate for a while, a smile playing on her lips and her heart thumping in her chest as she thought of finally seeing the people behind those doors in person, after so long. The excited tremors deep inside made her swiftly push open the gate. But before she could get halfway up the small walkway; the front door had been swung open and there stood the widest eyed and most wholesome blonde she’d ever encountered. 



The former River Vixens threw their arms around each other and embraced like personal space did not exist. Lungs and ribs were crushed but neither girl cared at all. They stood there in each others arms for what felt like hours. 

“Is that y/n I hear?” came the undeniable voice of Archie Andrews. Betty let her go as Archie came running down the porch, a goofy smile on his face and his arms open wide. 

It was hard, even after all these years how much he reminded her of the brother she lost. Of Jason. Same red hair, same wide smiles and love for football. Her throat tightened but she let him take her into a hug all the same. 

“Hey Archie!” y/n hugged back, squeezing him so tight that she was sure he’d be bruised. 

“I think I’m going to cry” Betty laughed while wiping tears from her eyes, those wide glistening spheres still staring into the Blossom girls face. She took Betty’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Archie comically rolled his eyes. 

“How long has it been since you’ve last seen each other?” he asked with an eyebrow raise, the scar in the middle of his brow deepening even more. 

“Eleven months, and it’s been two days since our last Skype call” y/n told him, grinning as Betty hugged her tightly again. 

It was true that the youngest Blossom had tried to avoid all things associated with Riverdale for a long time, but Betty Cooper hadn’t been so easy to forget about. She’d often visited New York, once spending a Christmas there while both women had been single and alone for the holidays. 

Her mother and Cheryl had almost left too easily. Maybe it was because Jason’s killer had been someone who they had loved and trusted. Someone who they thought they could be safe around. Being in this town and seeing how people looked at them afterwards had almost driven the Blossoms to madness, and had caused Penelope and her daughters to flee without a word. 

The blossom tree seemed to whisper to her as it blew in the breeze; calling her name like it haunted her. It was like those whispers spoke her secrets, those dark secrets shrouded in pain that she had buried within. This town was awakening the past, and she didn’t like it. Betty ushered her inside with the promise of tea, and they made their way towards the house; leaving the ghosts to linger. 

“Betty!” y/n gasped, one hand holding a warm mug of tea while the other now moved forward to caress the white billowing fabric of the dress Betty held up “it’s gorgeous. You’re going to be the most beautiful bride” 

Betty flushed a lovely pink, her light eyes sparkling in a way that made y/n believe that Archie probably hadn’t been able to wait until he proposed to her. It had been quick, but right and fitting and everyone knew Archie and Betty were meant to be together. Nothing but their wedding could have drawn a Blossom back to Riverdale. 

“Wait until you see the dress I got for you” the blonde bride to be walked back towards the closet of her and Archie’s shared bedroom with a smile “if it doesn’t fit we can do a few alterations but” she added with a flourish as she pulled a gathering of fabric in her arms “I think it will be perfect” 

It hung from the hanger like a graceful waterfall of soft chiffon, the color pretty and perfect for Betty’s spring theme. Y/n smiled wide, placing her mug on Betty’s dresser and walking towards her beaming best friend. 

“It’s blossom pink, of course. I thought it’d be perfect for my maid of honor” she said “and we’ll be carrying cherry blossoms in our bouquets, because despite what happened in the past…I want to acknowledge my Blossom heritage” 

“Oh Betty….” y/n sighed, putting her arms around her and giving her a soft squeeze “I think that’s a wonderful idea, what happened in the past needs to be healed. We can do that”

“So you like the dress?” Betty smiled a watery smile, tears brimming in her big eyes. 

“I love the dress!” y/n exclaimed “I just can’t wait to see my best friend married” 

“I still can’t believe it either, I mean I’m getting married in two days!” she squealed excitedly. 

“How did your mom and dad take it when you told them?” y/n asked, hanging the blossom pink dress back in the closet with a fond last look. 

“Gave me the whole speech about us being too young. How a couple of twenty two year olds weren’t responsible enough to get married” Betty rolled her eyes as she sat herself on the end of her bed “but Archie and I have gone through a lot in the past, and we really are in love y/n. So why wait?” 

The red head took up her mug again, her hands clasping around the fading heated porcelain and took a deep breath at the words in love. She hadn’t thought about being in love in a long time. Once, long ago, this town had held the promise of a forever. A type of forever that her friend now had instead. 

“Speaking of the past…..” Betty eluded, patting the bed beside her “we need to talk about yours. Specifically yours and Jugs” 

Betty….” y/n warned, her tone trying its best to come across as stern but it wavered in the middle. She held eye contact with her as she walked across the room and sat herself on the blue covers of the bed. 

“I’m serious y/n, Jughead will be at our wedding. I just want to know that you’ll be okay being around him after all this time”  

“I didn’t really think about him being there” that was a lie, and it sounded like one the minute it left her mouth. Betty didn’t seem convinced, she raised an eyebrow so high it created a crease in her forehead. 

“He’s basically like the only brother Archie will ever have. Did you think he wouldn’t be invited? He’s the best man, and you’re the maid of honor” Betty told her “how do you feel about that?” 

“I don’t want to see him, Betty” y/n sighed “I don’t want to have to face him after what I done, after how my family tore us apart. I can’t look into his eyes and fall in love all over again and know that all he sees is hate. He must hate me Betty” 

“He doesn’t talk about it. Ever. Not even with Archie, not after these five years. But I can tell that he doesn’t hate you. I don’t think he could ever hate you” her eyes held sincerity but doubt clouded y/ns mind. She was a Blossom; hating her and anything to do with her family was almost an automatic response among the locals of Riverdale. 

“It haunts me everyday what happened, and I’ve left a lot of things behind me that I wish I hadn’t and it hurts. I left my brother behind in the ground, I never got to see my father being buried even though he was a murderer. This place, this town has haunted my every move for five years, but nothing hurts me more than what happened with me and Jughead” y/n felt the tears pricking her eyes, but she held them back. 

Betty sat beside her, a hand clasped warmly over hers as the two girls sat and remembered what happened five years earlier. 

Drowning was pleasant. It was sweet to lie below the water as the waves crashed above. Watching destruction unfold while numbness took over was peaceful in a painful way. 

Cheryl hadn’t stopped crying, her small frame shaking as the tears flowed from her big brown eyes. She was curled up on the uncomfortable bench in the police station, one of y/ns arms wrapped around her. She just lay like a child against her sister, both of them wrapped up together; all pale limbs, crying eyes and red hair. 

While Cheryl was all emotion, y/n felt nothing but an aching hole inside her that was bottomless. The arms that were around her sister didn’t even try to comfort, they just lay there like dead weights. But somehow Cheryl felt safe where she was because she had stayed like that for the past day. 

Their brother was dead, murdered by their own father and now that father was dead too. His life had been taken by his own hand because of guilt and the fact that he knew he had been caught, by a bunch of sleuthing teenagers. Now their mother was being detained and questioned in association, even though the Blossom girls knew she had nothing to do with it. The pain in her face when she had been told it was Clifford was too genuine to stage. She too, was dead inside. 

The one person who wouldn’t leave y/ns head was Jughead. She hadn’t spoken to him properly since the dance, when he had thought that she had known that Archie, Betty and Veronica were going to break into his fathers trailer. They had fought before but this time was different. FP had been arrested and accused of her brothers murder, even though he clearly hadn’t done it. He was now locked in a cell in this very jail. 

“When do you think mommy can be let go?” Cheryl asked in her soft voice, her eyes leaking uncontrollably with mascara infused tears. 

“I don’t know Cheryl, another few hours maybe” y/n sighed, her voice hollow and empty. 

“Then we can leave?” her sister asked her. Y/n looked down at her, into her brown eyes and thought about the pain that was going to be felt when she spoke her next words. 

“Then we can leave. Forever” somehow, it didn’t hurt at all. 

Right this moment; housekeepers at Thornhill were packing everything the remaining Blossoms owned. They would soon be gone, and so would the image of this place. This cursed town. 

“I’m sorry…..for slapping Jughead” Cheryl almost whispered “I shouldn’t have done that” 

“It’s okay Cheryl. you were upset and didn’t know that it was…..” 

“Our father who really killed Jason?” Cheryl finished when y/n couldn’t. 

“Jesus we’re so messed up, aren’t we?” y/n ran a shaking hand through her long red hair, the very thing that reminded her of exactly who she was “the sooner we leave this place the better” 

Anything Cheryl was about to say was cut short by the interrogation room door opening, and the bustling click of heels as Penelope Blossom was ushered out of the room. The girls snapped their heads up to see their mom being lead out by Sheriff Keller. She wasn’t in handcuffs. 

“Mom!” y/n exclaimed, jumping up from her seat on the bench. Her limbs and joints ached from being in the same position for so long. 

“Girls, we’re leaving. Now” she said, taking y/ns hand and pulling her towards the door. Sheriff Keller stood by watching the exchange with a sorrowful look, not one of a man who expected Mrs Blossom of murdering her own son. 

“Where are we going?” Cheryl asked breathlessly, desperately trying to clutch y/ns hand as they were pulled out of the police station. 

“New York” their mother told them “to our winter condo, just for a short time while this all blows over” 

“Blows over? This will never blow over mom” Cheryl said breathlessly as they stepped outside into the night. A car was already waiting for them, its headlights like the bright glow of an interrogation lamp. Y/n shut her eyes at the thought. 

“Then we don’t come back, we leave this place behind us, and everyone in it” 

She swung open the doors of the car- the Blossom chauffeur sitting behind the wheel- and gave the girls a desperate look. Something inside the youngest Blossom churned at the reality of her situation. 

Her father was really dead. He really had killed Jason. And she would really be leaving behind the love of her life; Jughead. 

All of a sudden she didn’t feel numb anymore, but felt everything all at once. 

“Y/N!” a shout rang out through the parking lot. It made all three Blossom women snap their heads around, but y/n already knew who it was. 

Jughead was sprinting through the parking lot, a frantic look on his face as he was followed close behind by Betty, Veronica and Archie. 

“Say your goodbyes, but make it quick” her mother warned her with a stern look, then taking Cheryl’s arm and pulling her into the car. 

“Y/n!” Jughead said again as he got closer, his breath rapid and harsh. He had clearly ran all the way here. She couldn’t look at him, couldn’t face the fact she was doing this. 

His hands grabbed her arms, shaking her a little so she would look at him. She regretted when she did, he was so pale and his eyes were red. His face was full of pain, most of it caused by her family. 

“You can’t be doing this” he said to her, his eyes searching her face and his hands tightening their hold on her arms “you’re not seriously leaving” 

“I’m sorry, Juggie” she whispered, watching as his face contorted like someone had just ripped his heart out. 

“No…’re not. You’re not leaving, I won’t let you leave!” he said frantically, tears welling in his eyes and threatening to spill over. 

“It’s for the best” y/n told him, her eyes looking towards her friends that stood in the background. Archie was practically squeezing Betty’s hand to death for comfort while she leaned on him for support. Veronica watched on with crying eyes. 

For the best?” Jughead repeated, dropping his hands from her body “you think running away from your problems is for the best!” 

“I’m the one running away? That’s what you’re good at Juggie! You always run away from your problems, now I’m the one doing it for a change” y/n told him, furiously wiping a tear away. 

“But I always run away to you” his voice was a whisper, his beautiful face a canvas of torture “I want you to be with me now, we need one another” 

“My father murdered my brother!” she shouted, hating how he winced when she did “my own brother Jughead, do you think I want to stay here and face that everyday? Do you think I want to be here when -” 

Her sobs were muffled by his chest as he pulled her close, letting her horrific cries soak into his jacket. His arms wrapped around her while his soft lips pressed into her hair. He was holding her tight but he knew she was slipping away. 

“Stay with me” he asked her, words leaving him but wavering in the nights breeze “please don’t go. I have nobody left” 

“I’m a Blossom, Jug. We shouldn’t be together, our families have done horrible things” y/n told him as she lifted her head, blinking at him through her tears. 

“But that doesn’t have to stop us. You don’t have to go” he pleaded, taking her face in his hands. 

“I have to go. Goodbye, Jughead” she whispered with a cry, taking his hands away from her face. He tried to fight with her as much as he could but she managed to get away. 

“No, wait! Please y/n don’t go!” he called after her but she was already running away, just like he said she was doing “I love you!” 

He’d never said those three words before and it almost made her stop, but her steps came faster and her tears fell heavier as she ran towards the car. She flung open the door and clambered inside. Cheryl and her mother watched y/n with raw eyes for a solid moment, and then Penelope spoke the command to make the driver move. 

Her heart was heavy and aching in her chest, and she wished she could have left that behind her as easily as she had left Riverdale. The town she was born and raised in disappeared from view the faster they drove, and with it the ghosts of those left behind. 

In the distance the sun was rising and for now she knew those ghosts would sleep. Until they would be awoken again when darkness fell.

If She Knew What She Wants.

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky likes you and you like Steve who is totally oblivious.  

Word Count: 1990 words

Prompt: Wanted by Hunter Hayes “You make me feel happy inside and out.”

A/N: I’ve been suffering a little bit of writers block recently but Bucky has been a dream to write for this one.  This is for @paigeinastory anniversary challenge and it was a pleasure to be part of this celebration.

Originally posted by immortalmurphy

He sat at the kitchen counter nursing his coffee and ignoring whatever Tony was ranting about.  He felt you enter the room before he saw you and he couldn’t help the sweet smile that graced his lips as he wished you good morning.  You had obviously been training with Romanov and as you slid onto the stool beside him and stole a slice of his toast he couldn’t help but think how beautiful you are.  It was a thought he had several times a day and each time he promised himself that one day he would tell you.  One day, but not today.  You had been the first to make him feel welcome at the compound, often diffusing the tension between him and Tony and he really didn’t know what he would do without you around.  There was just something about you that made him feel more like his old self, like you didn’t see The Winter Soldier whenever you looked at him, just Bucky. He had tried to test you plenty of times telling you about some of the atrocities he was personally responsible for, try to tell you he was a monster and each time you would just tilt your head squint at him as if studying his face before announcing with certainty that you definitely saw no signs of a monster in front of you, just a man, a man who was a damned good friend.  Your words simultaneously made his heart soar and sink.  You made him feel like being broken wasn’t a bad thing, that he actually made sense to you somehow and then you used the ‘friend’ word.

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Grace Hanson: The Velveteen Rabbit, Character Development and Gay repression

“There was once a velveteen rabbit, and in the beginning he was really splendid.” - Margery Williams. 

Season 2 Episode 3: The Negotiation 

Grace brings the book The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams out to her grandchildren, she wants to read it to them, but they are not interested in hearing the story. 

If you have not read it The Velveteen Rabbit is a children’s story about a toy rabbit who through the love of a little boy, becomes real. But it’s so much more than a story about a toy, it’s a story about love, about authenticity, and about the philosophical question: What makes us real?

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One Foot Out of the Grave (Part 4)

Read Part 3

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, discussion of death

Words: 1,391

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H’OKAY. SO. Last night we saw Dave Malloy as Pierre!! :D

We’d been planning this trip since they announced he was doing a series of shows–we knew we had to see him but we needed to make it work with timing and vacation days and stuff like that, so we ended up tagging this trip onto the front of my trip to Charlotte later this week, which inadvertently made it the first show after the Tonys, which we won’t talk about because I think I’ve made my saltiness on that front PRETTY CLEAR so far. With things working out the way they did, we decided that we should get a gift for Malloy to acknowledge how much this show has meant to us and that he won all the Tonys in our hearts. Initially I thought a plant was a good idea because flowers die and are also awkward to carry around. From there, my brain thought: well, we should put it in a box so he can just throw it in his bag. We should decorate the box. We should decorate the box to look like the theatre.

(At queer speed dating the other night, someone asked me which Parks and Rec character I most identify with. I said, “I feel like Ben Wyatt, but if you ask any of my friends, they’d say I’m Leslie Knope.”)

So, we decided all this on Monday night? So Tuesday was spent running around getting fabric and glue guns and putting all of this together. All of the little frames have pictures of members of the creative team. It’s PRETTY DARN CUTE, I’ve gotta say.

The entire day was a wild ride–we got the thing done just in time, then realized that my dad had taken my car keys with him so we were gonna miss the bus. Then he managed to get them to us in time for us to make the bus. Then the bus was stuck in traffic TWICE AS LONG AS USUAL. The florist was out of succulents and I had to run all over to find one. Literally run. I ran. With my legs and my lungs and stuff. It was the worst. But I managed to get to the theatre at 6:55 and use the rest room and get into my seat and chug a smoothie.


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