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A Second Big Sister

“An extended scene of Maggie comforting Kara in the bank vault at the beginning please!! I need more of their relationship.” prompt from @itsme-lissabee and “Maggie and Kara scene.. Maggie was so protective and went into ‘mom’ mode!” from @figuringoutme4me and “ Maybe the Maggie/Kara/Alex sister moment I was really hoping we were gonna get after she rescued her at the bank.” from @whatdoidowiththisthing and “A big sister Maggie Sawyer fic would be cool” from @misadventurous-meridian

She’s not scared when she sees everyone on the ground, in evident agony.

She’s not scared, because she’s done this before.

She’s not scared – okay, maybe she’s terrified – but she has it under control.

Her order for her team to check that the others are okay is crisp, as is her outward control.

But she is scared when she checks the vault.


Her voice even cracks.

Because she and Kara may not always get along, and she would never tell Kara this – well, maybe not never – but she’s come to think of Kid Danvers as… well, as something other than her fiancee’s little sister.

Maybe a little something like hers, too.

And she’s seen Kara scared. She’s seen Kara enraged. She’s seen Kara utterly helpless, desperate to save her sister.

But she’s never seen Kara… unhinged.

Alex has told her about Kara’s panic attacks when they were kids, when Alex has her own, when Maggie has her own.

But this doesn’t look like… a typical panic attack.

This looks… whatever… whoever can do this to Kara… this is beyond terrifying.

She orders an evacuation.

Because Supergirl doesn’t need assistance right now.

Kara Danvers does.

She sprints.


She hesitates before putting her hands on her, because Kara’s half slumped on the ground, but she might be averse to touch, and Maggie has enough trouble navigating Kara’s boundaries in typical situations, but this…

She hesitates, but she grabs her when Kara is about to completely collapse.

She tells her she’s got her and she tells her she’s okay.

Kara’s eyes, Kara’s body, don’t respond.

Maggie’s own panic starts rising.

She raises Alex and Winn on the comms.

“Alex, you need to come get her.”

“What is it?”

“Is she alright?”

Maggie gulps, and she stares, and she holds her future sister-in-law in her hands, and she wishes it were her, instead.

Because, complicated as their relationship is, Alex isn’t the only Danvers girl Maggie would die for.

“She’ll be alright, but she can’t fly us outta here. I’ll keep her okay until you get here, okay? Just be safe coming, you hear me?”

If Alex responds beyond ordering an evac team to assemble, Maggie doesn’t hear it.

Winn, instead, chirps softly into Maggie’s ear.

“She likes when you hold her hand,” he tells her, and Maggie promises herself she’ll give him the biggest hug – and the biggest bar of chocolate she can find – when she gets them both home safe.

“Kara, I’m gonna hold your hand, okay? It’s Maggie, Kara. You’re in National City. Everyone’s okay. You’re okay. Everyone loves you, Kara. You’re gonna get through this, okay? You’re not alone, Kara. I got you.”

And maybe it’s the way she keeps repeating Kara’s name.

Maybe it’s the way she’s holding her hand, smoothing her hair out of her face.

Maybe it’s the way she presses a soft kiss to Kara’s forehead.

Maybe it’s the way she doesn’t flinch or complain at the strength of Kara’s hold when Kara melds her body into Maggie’s, pressing her ear to Maggie’s chest, needing to feel someone’s heartbeat thrum in her ears that isn’t her own.

Needing to feel someone else’s heartbeat, because back then? In that pod?

Her heartbeat was the only one she thought she’d ever hear again.

Or maybe it’s the way Maggie uses Alex’s phrase.

I got you.

Maybe it’s everything. Maybe it’s gravity and maybe it’s trust and maybe it’s forgiveness.

Whatever it is, Kara opens her eyes and her chest loosens somewhat and she returns to Earth. 

To a planet that is populated.

A planet that isn’t full of dying screams.

A planet that’s alive.

A planet that isn’t rubble and the shredded memories of an abandoned child.

“That’s right,” Maggie’s voice smiles softly at her. “Hey, Little Danvers,” she tilts her head so Kara can see her eyes. So Kara can have someone’s eyes – something warm – to focus on.

To take her out of her nightmares.

Out of her memories.

Out of her panic.

“Maggie,” Kara rasps, and it sounds like she hasn’t spoken since she got into that pod all those decades ago.

And, for a long moment, it feels like she hasn’t.

“That’s right, kid. I’m right here. I’ve got you, and I’m not going anywhere. And Alex is on her way, okay?”

“Alex,” Kara croaks, keeping her ear pressed to Maggie’s chest. Maggie hesitates before pressing a kiss to the crown of Kara’s head.

“Yeah, that’s right. Alex. Alex is on her way, Kara. We’ve got you. We’ve all got you.”

“Those people,” Kara starts to struggle to sit up, but Maggie shushes her softly, holding her still.

Part of Kara wants to resist. Most of Kara is relieved. Grateful. Exhausted.

“They’re okay, Kara. They’re okay. And so are you.”

“Kara?” Alex’s shout makes them both jump slightly, but Kara stays limp in Maggie’s arms.

“In the vault, Alex!” Maggie calls, lifting her face so she’s not yelling right in Kara’s ear. 

“Kara,” Alex repeats, softer now that she’s entered the vault, and Maggie turns her head to see Alex’s gun clatter to the ground, to see Alex’s heart shatter on the floor.

“Hey, it’s me,” she tells her little sister, but she doesn’t extract Kara from Maggie’s arms. She just settles into her other side, holding her, protecting her from all sides. “I got you. I got you.”

And for that moment, being surrounded – being enclosed – isn’t the end of the world.

For that moment, being surrounded – being enclosed – is the beginning of it.



Laelia jumped, her vision cleared and her fantasy dispersed into smoke. She looked over at Nate, who unfortunately was clothed. She stared into those green orbs which stared back at her with worry. 

“Umm… uh,” she stuttered. Flushed and embarrassed at her lewd thoughts. She didn’t think she could be this way and if Nate knew what she’d just envisioned he might be surprised. 

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been really quiet,” Nate inquired and ran his fingers through her hair. 

Here she was thinking those things about the pool while he worried for her. She averted her eyes but grasped his hand to reassure him. He always paid attention to the little things and she appreciated that. 

“Yeah. Sorry… I uh… was thinking how much I love it here. Thanks for bringing me here,” Laelia responded. 

“It’s a special place. For me especially because it’s when I saw you for the first time. I want it to continue to remain special,” Nate whispered. 

Laelia turned to look at him and found that he was looking at her with that intense look that sucked the air out of her lungs and caused her heart-rate to increase to dangerous levels. Nate suddenly moved away and got to his feet. 

“We should stand up,” he suggested and moved his hand to help her up from her spot on the blanket. 


“Trust me,” he reassured and smiled down at her. Was he going to help her live out her dirty thoughts of doing those things in the pool. Despite her outward denial, she hoped he would. 

I was uncertain what to draw because I wanted to do a warmup but I also felt stiff — then I remembered I’ve always wanted to draw a brodlyor with this kind of hair. And pink. So here’s a warmup I’m actually pretty pleased with! She looks so tall

It’s interesting to think that if she was from Liparein, considering the length and fullness of her hair, I think she’s considered pretty masculine? Boyf will need to confirm this ♥

I think if I could re-imagine it I’d probably draw her as male, just because I’d love to see her hair on a male brod. That’d be so cute (maybe I’ll draw her a twin for another warmup. Maybe)

Watch the Speedpaint on YouTube!

Important things I just remembered

So at the Broadway Flea market this year a lot happened

• My friend and I got a picture with Kara Lindsey and she looked at my friend and got really excited and called her Elsa because my friend had her hair in a side braid (Kara is so pure omg)

• One of the Guys who was selling Newsies things had a hand full of those trading cards from the musical and Kara walked over and saw them. She got really excited again. I think she forgot those existed because when he asked if she’s seen her card she shook her head and laughed as she looked through the cards

• Ben Tyler Cook apparently calls people ‘Love’ platonically because when I went to get a picture with him he was like “Come here love!” And it was Pure™

• Ben Fankhauser was taking pictures with people and someone asked him to riff and he did it. Sadly I missed this but apparently it was amazing

anonymous asked:

Hi there! How would the RFA react when they meet MC for the first time and see that she has unnaturally dyed hair (u know, something like blue or purple or whatever) ? Thank you in advance for writing this and even if you don't still thanks for being an awesome person! :D

Little A/N here; We’re now two people on this blog. :’) Admin being @rougeheichou , so I’ll tag stuff with Admin Rouge….
So if you guys don’t now me… yeah just call me Rouge or Vandy. :p
I hope I don’t mess this up. T^T

Btw, I love this request, because I do tend to dye my hair in every possible colour aha!

Little side note, I’ll not write for Jaehee for now, as I haven’t played her route yet and I don’t want to mess her up. (I’ll probably force myself into her route once I get that god damn normal ending for Saeyoung)
But for that matter, “RFA” for me contains V, so he’ll always be included.



★ Thinks it’s super cool?

★ I mean, he has dyed hair himself, even though it might not be as unnatural

★ He honestly thinks your hair looks like some of the characters in LOLOL that he sees

★ He’ll always come up with some new colour suggestions

★ “MC, you’ve had blue for a couple weeks now, why don’t you try green?? IT WOULD BE SO COOL


📱 He’s a bit surprised at first

📱 But he loves it

📱 Dyed colourful hair speaks for a certain confidence

📱 But he is the beauty king, he knows colourful hair requires bleaching your hair and bleaching your hair too much, will ruin it!

📱 Will always bring you the best conditioners he can find

📱 Or will generally come up with stuff to keep your hair all soft and healthy

📱 He’s low-key jealous you get as much, if not more attention for your hair colour than him for his looks in general


♛ “That’s not your natural hair colour? I mean… Jihyun also….”

♛ Genuinely thinks it’s your natural hair colour

♛ I mean his best friend got natural mint hair??? He thought you were just one of those really rare cases so he thought it would be a bit rude to just ask you about it

♛ Until he comes home from work early one day and finds you in the bathroom, dyeing your hair

♛ He’s a little shocked, but he thinks it suits you

♛ You’re not one of his employees, so you can do whatever you like

♛ You’ll have his full support

♛ He’ll always get you appointments with his hairdresser to make sure your hair stays healthy and soft



☆ No matter what hair colour it is he has a wig in the same colour

☆ and o boi he’ll wear the wig whenever you go outside


☆ similar to Yoosung, he’ll also suggest you other colours 

☆ but he’ll just throw one of his wigs your way so you can check whether the colour suits you or not


☼ He’s so relaxed, not even shocked, I mean who is he to be “shocked” over anyones hair colour???

☼ but did you just dye your hair mint to match his hair??

☼ He’d feel so loved and blessed if that were the case

☼ He’ll always run his fingers through your hair while cuddling

☼ is a little relieved now that people don’t only stare at him for his hair colour

Morning bliss

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Alex x reader

Alex Danvers was never a fan of intimacy. 

That all changed when she met you. 

She smiled when you held her hand or kissed her cheek. 

She loved being able to tell people you were hers and she was yours. 

But her favorite thing?

Her favorite thing were the mornings that you shared. 

Waking up with your arm around her waist.

Lacing your fingers together. 

The way you left the gentlest of kisses up her neck until you reached her lips. 

Being able to have one hand gliding up your back and the other tangled in your hair to bring you closer. 

Having the goofiest smile on her face but not caring because your own smile was just as wide. 

The quiet exchange of ‘I love you’s that neither one of you would ever grow tired of hearing. 

The playful push and pull for dominance that always ended in her softly moaning your name. 

Wishing you could stay in bed forever but reluctantly getting up to get ready for work. 

Knowing each other’s morning routine by heart. 

No more lonely daybreaks, breakfast and coffee was now made for two. 

The lingering kiss goodbye knowing that tomorrow you’d get to do this all over again. 

Mornings with Alex Danvers were complete and total bliss. 

literally sitting on the bed 5 feet from my roomie and her bf and they are goals. she farted in his face by accident, he pulled her hair, he is so tall that his legs are on the desk, she was yawning and he stuck his finger in her mouth to make her gag, she keeps calling him dumb, and he keeps making fun of her because it has been 30 minutes and she can’t decide on a movie, but yet they are cuddled up and keep saying I love you and they just flow so easy. it is literally everything I want in a relationship. minus the dick. 


My best friend got married!! I was her MOH and it was the most amazing experience. I value her so much. To see her happy and loved so dearly by her husband is… I can’t find the words to describe it. She truly deserves all the best the world has to offer.

I only got one picture of her and I on my phone!! I did take hella selfies though because hair and makeup, am I right?

Her wedding seriously set the bar high for all weddings to come! I had so much fun. Alex was the most wonderful date and we had a blast dancing. So so so so happy!

“honey if you love me..”

i was originally going to remain anonymous for this, but this turned into a little fic and then someone helped me with it and i wanted to say thank you to @frickyfracking​ because you were awesome.

for @ariadnequagmire

rating: M


the original fic:  Bellamy bit down on his tongue, his eyes were drawn to the swaying hips in front of him. “Honey,” Clarke sat down on his lap, her fingers splayed through his hair, “if you love,” her tongue dragged along her bottom lip, before her teeth bit into it. “Just give me a smile.” He could see Miller smiling at him across the camp fire, arm slung around Monty as he took a swig, he tried not to glare back as he cleared his throat, willing the words to come out. “Honey, I love you but I just can’t smile.”

the continuation:

Clarke made her way back around the circle, searching for her original spot. Strangely, it was filled. In fact, all around the fire, there were no places to sit. She took another swig of Monty’s moonshine, the alcohol buzzing through her system, making her bold. She went back to Bellamy and sat in his lap.

She tried not to think about his legs beneath her ass, or his breath fanning against her cheek, focusing instead on how the flames licked upwards, racing towards the sky. She could almost get lost in those flames, fire was still a concept to her, after all those years on the Ark. Fire would be a concept to anyone.

Bellamy’s arm slipped around her waist and landed on her thigh. She arched an eyebrow at him slightly.

“So you don’t slip,” his lips whispered against her ear. She drew in a shuddering breath. Try not to think about it, she told herself, try not to think about it. Her arm that was curled against his chest, suddenly felt awkward like it was in the wrong place and didn’t belong at all. She moved it, to the only place logical in her mind. Around his back.

Her arm wasn’t as long as his, it only came around to his hip on the other side. Right at the edge of his shirt actually. Her fingers brushed along his waist line, touching his skin, his hot skin. Why was it so hot?

The hand on her thigh tightened, the pads of his fingers digging in in an almost painful way. But it wasn’t painful, no, no, no, it was like sweet agony.

She settled against him, her hips moving side to side to find the perfect spot, trying to get comfortable. It was his turn for a shuddering breath.

What was he doing? Why was he… Oh.

Oh, she thought, is it really that simple?

She pulled in closer to him, her head resting against his shoulder. Her lips just millimetres away from his throat. It was so close. She’d barely have to reach out to leave a mark, her mark, on his neck. She wanted that, God she wanted to do that so much.

Leave a little mark on his neck, some down on his shoulders, her scratches down his back.  Another mark on his chest, maybe more than one. Definitely more than one. And God, on his abs, on his tight fucking abs… she felt his neck shudder and she couldn’t help it anymore, her lips moved forward on their own, well, they had a bit of encouragement.

She felt Bellamy tighten against her, his other arm, shot forward pulling her even closer.

“Let’s get out of here,” he whispered. She didn’t even reply, too busy thinking about how his mark  would look on her neck, on her lips and more intimate places. What kind of marks he wanted to leave on her.

My OC, Honey!
She loves to sing and dance! She also takes ballerina classes and self defense classes. Honey does yoga every morning when she wakes up, and then every night before she goes to bed.
Honey is a beautiful singer and hopes to be a singing teacher someday.
Likes to eat oatmeal creme cookies and reading books.


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

nina and daniela for @smoltinypumpkinchild


nina doesn’t give in and now has a nice new bob


Favourite couple: Ben & Sophie


small diamaris from twitter

Kanan was with Chika and You that day and Dia had to play ‘big strong friend’

Mari thinks she did well

someone in the tags said they liked the way I draw Rand’s hair, and I was like !!!! yes, that’s the thing I’m super proud of!

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