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What was the moment that made you start shipping gruvia? P.s love your blog😁.

Thank you! That makes me very happy to hear! <3 

As for the moment that I started shipping it, I’ve actually mentioned it before, but I’ve always wanted to do a gif reaction set, and I think this story is appropriate for that, so I’ll run down the exact moments, and my personal realization of the beauty that is Gruvia with gifs included this time lol. ^^

It happened during the fight between Juvia and Meredy. At first, I was like, woah… Juvia is really strong! I forgot she was one of the elite mages of Phantom Lord! Holy crap! Yeah, you kick that pink-haired girl’s butt!! 

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Then I wondered to myself, why the author was especially highlighting the fact that, no, this isn’t a silly crush, Juvia really and truly LOVES Gray. Because up until then, I didn’t think of Juvia as important, and I thought her feelings for him were just a running gag, that Gray himself would never realize existed, nor would he ever address, let alone reciprocate them. 

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Then, when Gray and Juvia were connected via the sensory link, and things got even more intense, I started to really ask myself why on earth the author would put Juvia through all of this, and even bother to write such a fight, if her love would forever be unrequited.

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And I quickly realized, he wouldn’t…

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Then the fight ended, and it was beautiful, and Juvia saved the day by being all selfless and lovely, and making a friend, and she instantly became my fav character. 

But the THOUGHT of Gray and Juvia eventually becoming canon was one I’ve been sure of since then. And the ANTICIPATION of the JOURNEY that had to happen for Gray to reciprocate Juvia’s love one day, made me beyond excited. And so I shipped them. HARD.

And then later on in the arc Gray came in and saved Juvia from Ultear in the most badass way, and I knew I was right. And that they were perfection.

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But it wasn’t until the GMG arc, where Lyon fell for Juvia, making this hilarious love triangle, that Gruvia became my OTP, because I realized the only reason Mashima would do something like that, was to push along GRAY’S FEELINGS!

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And thus Gruvia has been my OTP ever since. ^-^

Dibs (MET x FemReader) drabble

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Request:  Hi!! Me again. (I’ll probably send you 80000 requests) I was wondering if I could get a story where femreader lives with Ethan, Tyler, and Mark and is a youtube gamer. She dyes her hair (purple or pink probably), and the boys fangirl over her. There can be romance, if ya want. Thank you so much!! <3

Warnings: I don’t even know guys


Finally- god, finally you got it done.

The colour you have seriously wanted for so many months finally became a reality and fuck were you bloody happy about it. It wasn’t for a stream- or a bet. It was because you could.

You fucking loved purple.

Couldn’t have looked better, if you were blunt. It complimented everything about you to a T.

In fact, you had just left the salon that made it possible. A smile bannered across your face and your hands ruffling non-stop through your hair.

The drive home almost became impossible with how much you checked yourself out in the mirror. You really couldn’t get over the flattering style. Even more so, you were fidgeting with anticipation for the boys to see it.

That was something to look forward to.

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i loved Clarke's hair and clothes in the finale i don't know if anyone has seen the cartoon the legend of korra the part were she cuts off her hair with a knife i believe Clarke wanted to start over and gave herself a new look by cutting her hair into a short bob cut i thinks that's what it is called. the clothes she is wearing shows she is a delinquent from space and that her friends are her safe place waiting for them to come home because they are her family i'm just going to sob in a corner

I absolutely freaking love her hair; I liked it in the braid and I like it now that it’s short too. Such a big step up from season 3 hair lmao. Can’t wait for Bellamy to see the new hair ;)

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It is the BEST ASS. Those big, Bambi eyes? That fluffy hair and nicely groomed facial hair? His full lip, gentle curves (man has got a trim waist and lovely hips) and that BUTT? She would want to dress him in gold and silks and keep him as her own. His ass would be her greatest treasure and she would give it a proper worship whenever she could. (Because hello rimming and fingering)

All I’m thinking about now is that Tony would be her royal consort because yes, hello I’m signing up for all of this. 

I’ll post my baby girl once she decides to emerge from under my bed BUT here’s what u should know:
• Her name is Josie. I will be calling her Jo often.
• She is tiny. 2 years old and around 5 lbs.
• She is a short-haired dilute calico with an amber eye.
• Yes, I said eye. She only has one. She had to have an enulation because she was found with a fish hook through her left eye socket.
• She loves to be held and make biscuits with her itsy bitsy feet
• Seriously she’s so small the other cat I live with is a 15+ lb Himalayan mix and I never realized how massive he is until I met this tiny creature

MUN STUFF.      

NAME: kat valentine!
GENDER:  a lady human
HAIR COLOUR:  very dark brown/black
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:  @conclaved has to put up with my romantic bullshit 24/7
ZODIAC:  cancer
FAVOURITE COLOUR: baby pink, like ballet slipper pink
FAVOURITE PLACE:  wherever i am with someone i love
FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME:  legend of zelda ocarina of time FOREVER
LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED:  currently watching the keepers because i LOVE true crime docs
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: alana is both more stable than me and less stable than me but mostly she needs to get her shit together
WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE?: no but i’d totally be her friend
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE KINDS OF THREADS?: i’m a ho for angst but needs a happy ending
DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSE?:  alana, my baby
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?: i wanted to do justice to what i knew fuller wouldn’t. much to no one’s surprise i was completely right and i’ve been a staple here a long time now
DO YOU SEE YOURSELF STAYING WITH THE FANDOM FOR A LONG TIME?: i’ve been here an age and a half and yes, yes, yes– i met a lot of people who are very important to me here, including the love of my life and some of my best friends. were small, now, but we’re family

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Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.


I cheated and combined days 11 (aged up Marinette) and day 14 (aged up Chat Noir) for Marichat May.  Chat is helping Marinette work up the courage to confess to her mystery crush.  ;3

I used @hchano‘s and @australet789‘s adult Chat designs here and here because THEY’RE AMAZING and I LOVE THE SHORT HAIR.

(Also, a big thanks to @baneismydragon for helping me come up with the cute idea!)

nina and daniela for @smoltinypumpkinchild


nina doesn’t give in and now has a nice new bob


Favourite couple: Ben & Sophie

Okay but- Sabine and Ezra undercover mission together.

I'm sure they know.

I’m sure Sean knows he’s a wonderful inspiration and and the cutest green bean ever, he’s been on the internet and popular for a while. He’s heard it before.

Same goes for Mark. I’m sure he knows we know that he is so damn impressive and smart in everything he does, he’s heard it before.

And surely Felix, by now, knows that his audience is there for a reason, and that he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

Ethan must know that he’s wonderful and can do almost anything at 20, and we support him through that.

I’m sure they’ve been reassured that they’re beautiful, too. Hell we make art of them daily.

They know.

But does Tyler know HE was the actively saving my life? Not Mark? That he is a walking miracle of a human in the way he acts, and WE KNOW IT.

Does Robin know that when some of us see a really funny part in a JSE video, a close up or a few pop up things. We think of that funny Swedish dude that we barely see but god we love him. (Additionally hes so impressive? Like??? Antisepticeye is part jack but also a HUGE part Robin go dude)

Does Katherine know, as the resident brown haired woman with glasses in teamiplier that she makes me accept myself as the brown haired girl with glasses because she is so damn beautiful

Does AMY know, that she is so passionate about what she loves and that drives some of us everyday. I want to be like Amy Nelson! And FUCK NO, when I say that I do not mean I want to date Mark. I want to be loving, passionate, and talented. And she’s a fucking good inspiration. (Even though she has a channel, still saying this, because it’s true and it might not have reached her yet)

Does Signé know she makes some of us feel not so alone anymore? That woman dealt with depression and anxiety and still deals with some today. She’s creative, she’s wonderful, she’s beautiful and when I say I want to be like Signe Hansen I don’t mean Sean’s girlfriend because I want to be creative and I want to fight off my depression and I am, with her help. (Even though she has a channel, I’m still saying this)

Gods sake, does MARZIA KNOW she is a sweetheart and smart and talented and not just Felix’s girlfriend because just a little scroll through the comments on her channel saying she’s using him for views makes me sorta insulted. Marzia is loving, and sweet and beautiful and when I say I want to be like Marzia Bisognin I don’t mean Felix’s girlfriend I mean a kind, loving and sweet woman with an impeccable fashion sense. Do all these people get left slightly behind and never told this, only getting indirect praise because it’s targeted at Mark? Or Sean? Or Ethan? Or Felix? I want Tyler, Robin, Katherine, Amy, Signe and Marzia to know they’re just as important as their friends/ significant others to some of us. Reblog with your own thoughts on these guys! Spread the love!

I really don’t think Paige really loves Emily, it always feels like a competition when she’s around Emily. We know she has an abusive competitive past:

Those are just examples of her abusive competitive past. but when she’s around Emily she seems to care more about Alison than Emily.

It’s like

Emily: Hey

Paige: Okay, so Alison is a BULLY!! she needs to go to jail!!

Those are all from season 1-4, but even her recent behavior is terrible. Who in their right mind blames someone for having a mentally ill and an abusive con husband? She’s doing everything she can to get Emily to hate Alison and she’s been doing this for YEARS. It’s sad and embarrassing. 

besides her victim blaming, she’s also known for being obsessive and a stalker. Paily fans like to hate on Alison for being an adult with a bitchy attitude, but guess what, she’s a pregnant, hormonal, jealous women. I’d like to see Paily fans find an excuse for her stalking Emily or do they only have selective memory?

on top of all that, she gets a job at Rosewood High School as an athletic supervisor, something that didn’t exist until Paige got there..

Now, I don’t think Paige is trying to get close to Emily because she loves her, but because she’s working with AD. The picture below (credit: broswatchplltoo) shows AD/AD’s helper with hair exactly like Paige’s hair and I’m sure it’s not a wig because Jenna’s blind.

I came on Tumblr, saw a post that aggravated me and decided to make this so it wasn’t planned and is probably all over the place but hopefully it’s understandable 


George wishing Ginny good luck before her first professional Quidditch game. I’ve always had the impression she looks up to the twins the most. However, after the war she was finding very hard to get near George because she never knew what to say - nothing seemed enough. This is, in my head, the moment when they finally had a genuine talk and things started to get well for George!

Also, I suddenly had this headcanon about Ginny having a pixie haircut when she became a Holyhead Harpy :) i wanted to see how she would look like so this was also very conceptual.

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someone in the tags said they liked the way I draw Rand’s hair, and I was like !!!! yes, that’s the thing I’m super proud of!

should i use it as my new icon?…