and because he's so pretty when he's angry

Since it’s midnight and I have a flight to catch at 5am, why not break down this little argument scene?

This scene is short but it’s important. We tend to quantify closeness by the times we see Viktor and Yuuri kissing, hugging, or otherwise acting explicitly intimate, but this little argument is just as important in conveying a shared emotional intimacy between the two. 

It’s pretty obvious from the start that Viktor doesn’t care about the damn nuts. He seems irritated already by the beginning of the scene, and I don’t think it’s because of the missing bag. Judging from Yuuri’s flustered state, he’s probably been dragging them all over, re-tracing their steps panicking trying to find the bag he lost. 

Viktor is patient so he’s gone along with it, but even he has his breaking point. Despite his irritation, he does what Viktor tends to do when he’s angry, and hides his feelings behind a fake smile. He’s aware of Yuuri’s anxiety which is probably why he’s placated him up till now, but he’s no saint and anyone would be tired and frustrated after being dragged around a city looking for a missing bag. Still, he doesn’t want to upset Yuuri further, so he appeals to logic: the shop is closed, aren’t you tired?

Yuuri isn’t having it, though. He sees right through Viktor’s fake smile and he knows what he’s doing. He hears Viktor’s words and feels that he is being blamed for a ruined evening. He doesn’t like it and he tells him so. 

This scene feels so realistic to me because it’s an argument I’ve had with my own girlfriend many times. The argument of semantics. There is no resolution here because neither Yuuri nor Viktor is really in the wrong. They’re just both in bad moods: Yuuri, because the bag got lost and he feels bad about it and thinks that Viktor is mad at him because of it, and Viktor, because the nuts don’t matter to him and he just wants Yuuri to stop fixating on it and let them enjoy their evening. 

What’s so striking is that neither of these characters is confrontational. Yuuri tends to fall into self-deprecation and, as previously mentioned, Viktor hides his feelings behind a smile. Yet, here they are, getting peeved at each other over something so minor. And not only getting mad but expressing that anger. For characters that tend not to do that, it speak of an extremely strong mutual trust. 

They know that an argument isn’t fatal to their relationship. They trust the other to not abandon them if they exhibit anything other than an agreeable attitude.

And then they walk in silence and the argument resolves itself. They don’t have to part ways, they don’t have to break everything down verbally, they just need to cool down and give each other the time and space to do so. 

I feel it’s rare to see such a realistic couple’s tiff. Normally, things are always 100% wonderful or extremely dramatic. But sometimes these little arguments pop up, sometimes someone gets hangry or anxious or tired and they take it out on their partner because that’s who is available and–unconsciously or not–that’s the person you know won’t abandon you just for showing a non-ideal side of yourself. 

I was never skeptical of Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship to begin with, but especially not now. We’ve seen them tackle so many different hardships together, we’ve seen Yuuri correct Viktor when he really was in the wrong, and now we’ve seen them resolve a minor clashing of personalities respectfully and maturely. This is a couple I can realistically see staying together. They’re not together for convenience, they’re not together just because they idolize each other or find the other hot–they truly seem to understand one another and work well together, and it makes their relationship a joy to watch. 


the first frame is right after isak tells jonas that the person he likes is not a girl, and he’s waiting for his reaction, and you can read all over his face that he’s scared, because at that point the ball is in jonas’ court, what he’s going to say or do now will determine the future of their friendship. and he can’t go back now. he already said it. it’s out and he’s exposed and vulnerable. and isak can’t afford to lose what they have, so he’s trying to read jonas’ face, just hoping that it’s all going to be okay.

and then you have the second frame, right after jonas’ response, when he asks isak “is it me?”, but he doesn’t seem angry, or disgusted, his body language doesn’t indicate that he’s rejecting isak and you can see the immediate relief on isak’s face, because although pretty much everything in his life feels like it’s a mess, their friendship isn’t. he and jonas are okay, they’ll be okay, and now, yes, perhaps he will be okay. 

what i love about keith is that he’s definitely the fiery, angry one of team voltron. he’s like the quietest and most brooding. when he first met the team he really only greeted them with sarcasm and seriousness.

but as you get to know him… it’s increasingly obvious he’s a huge dork. just because he’s the angry one doesn’t stop him from laughing loudly like a little kid when hunk held those arusian lollipop thingies in front of his eyes and cried out dramatically. keith has plenty of smiles like he teases lance that his comms are shorting out after proving to him that nyma couldn’t be trusted. he’s so clueless when lance tries to get him to cheer with him. “i say vol, you say??” “uh….. vol… tron???”

i’m pretty satisfied that the writers gave many sides to him. they made keith a kid pretty well like. he’s probably one of the older teenagers of the group, and he’s likely had a rough past, but he’s still a boy. and he still acts like a kid and it’s so great

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Well you asked for more headcannons, and here's mine: I'm pretty sure their first kiss was when Yuri as pissed off at Otabek and then they just were shouting at each other and out of nowhere Yuri just kisses Otabek angrily because yeah... I think he would do that hen he's angry. Well... That's how I picture it... Sorry this was complete random.

omg i am 100% on board with this. I think yuri would def realize his feelings for otabek first, & he’d be so frustrated by how kind & gentle otabek always is with him. it feels to yuri like he’s the only one who’s confused, like otabek is far too mature and composed to ever love yuri the way he loves him. so he starts acting out & picking fights. yuri is desperate to prove that otabek is as affected by him as yuri is. and of course he takes it too far, he cuts too fucking deep and otabek finally snaps, matching yuri’s curses and shouts with his own. yuri is still angry, but finally seeing that pure unbridled emotion in otabeks eyes causes him to act without thinking. they collide almost painfully, bruised lips and heavy hearts, but yuri wouldn’t have it any other way.

Headcanons for Josh Washington and a reader with social issues (aka reader is not neurotypical so I’ll leave it vague) as requested by absolute babe @daddymenrah:

- Josh fully embraces your fucked up side - as long as it makes you happy. He lets you get angry, he lets you smash shit - he even joins in when you start throwing plates at the wall and insists on cleaning up after. 

- Josh is a pretty intense guy but he knows when you need space. When you’re living together he leaves you holed up in your own little world, staying one floor below so he’s ready for when you want to come back out again. When you’re apart he might send you a little text every now and again but he’s happy to deal with the radio silence because he knows you’ll always come back in the end. 

- Josh is by far at his best when you feel hyperactive. The two of you cause havoc wherever you go but you love it. You’re constantly pushing one another for the next buzz. Tell him to take that pill? He won’t ask what it is. Tell him to fuck you against that wall? Josh is already one step ahead. 

- It’s not all fun and games, naturally. Sometimes you feel very fucking depressed but Josh never lets his stuff get to you. You worry that he’s suffering, it keeps you up at night but he just grins at you and says “I’m not fucking going anywhere, chill” and that makes it more bearable for you. 

- After being together for a while Josh is pretty much immune to feeling bad about anything you throw at him. He’ll go to kiss you and you might say “gross I’m not doing this right now” and he’ll just do some ridiculous giggle and think your inability to process these feelings is the funniest thing in the world.

Lukas' father.

OK I ADMIT, something else bothers me and i’m pretty sure im not the only one… When Lukas’ father got angry…..well…. lukas’ reaction??? He immediatly got scared and protected himself like it’s….. usual? Like his father has already been (physically) violent before. And when his father walked out of the room, Lukas hide the alcohol, which could also mean his father has a drinking problem. idk, it just really hurt me to realize that lukas don’t feel safe at home either. This scene, to me, is really important because it really shows why Lukas is so afraid to come out to his father. Why he is not ready to be himself openly.


Gifs are mine

Imagine Pride defending you when Gibbs yells at you? 

Requested by Anon~

“How could you be so stupid?!” Gibbs snapped out, stepping closer into your personal space. “Don’t you realize you could’ve gotten someone killed?”

You didn’t reply to Gibbs, admittedly because you were pretty intimidated. Gibbs was normally kind of scary, but when he was angry and yelling, you found that you couldn’t even speak. But Pride was there. He came to your rescue, not at all fazed by Gibbs’ temper. In fact, he tried to put himself between you and the older Marine.

“Gibbs, Brother, c’mon. Y/N did what they thought was right.” Pride gently yet firmly replied.

He held strong as Gibbs shifted his angry gaze to his old friend. If anybody could bear the brunt of Gibbs’ frustration, it was Pride. “Dwayne, it was a stupid thing to do, and you know it.” The Marine stated.

Pride blinked once at Gibbs before giving a small half-smirk, his shoulders shrugging a little. “Maybe it was, but we’ve all done stupid stuff for the right reasons.”

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...aaand now I need a merman/veela victuuri AU where Victor is so confused at first because he doesn't seem to have the same effect on that mysterious Japanese guy, and when he realizes he's a merman everything makes so much sense! Yuri meanwhile is still somewhat oblivious to the effect he has on everyone :P

This is actually really interesting! Because Veela are exceptionally beautiful and with their light hair and pale skin it super fits Victor, but at the same time, they’re:

  1. Always women.
  2. When they get angry, they transform into what are basically harpies.

So we’ve got Victor, a man, who isn’t the type to really get angry that easily?? He’s a pretty mellow guy. And he’s a male Veela, which like pretty much doesn’t exist. 

Does a male Veela have the power to attract women as well? Because Victor would uh, not be interested in that because gay, and it would probably make him kind of uncomfortable. But of course, unwittingly attracting men he’s not interested in probably would too! 

Victor the hapless Veela who has always been a little bit frustrated by his powers despite being a really nice, charismatic guy, even if yes he is absolutely GORGEOUS and he knows it, meets Yuuri who he actually REALLY LIKES, and is confused when he turns on the charm and Yuuri just scuttles away totally embarrassed (turns out he’s sort of had a crush on Victor for a while- and he is of course immune to Victor’s powers). Not that he wants Yuuri’s feelings for him to be false anyway, but he thought his Veela status would at least hold Yuuri’s attention until he could form a genuine relationship with him. 

When Victor finally gets super pissed about something that someone did to Yuuri and transforms in front of him, he’s like really self-conscious and worried about it because uh, it’s a little horrifying honestly. 

And yes Yuuri is totally oblivious of the effect he has on people, bless his heart. Like Yuuri you’re basically a siren and a really powerful one.

“I’m a really bad one/dime a dozen merman from the sea of Japan.” *a bunch of sailors literally swooning over Yuuri and about to crash into a giant rock.* “Oh shit those guys are about to wreck their boat??” “BECAUSE OF YOU.” “Umm no??? I wasn’t even singing.” “You didn’t have to.” “Well whatever that’s obviously not what happened. Anyway I need to go stop them from DYING.”  

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How would a fight with Harry be like then? <3

Fights between you both wouldn’t happen as often. But, when they did happen, they’d be very loud, very vocal, and very gesticulative. 

If I recall right, Liam (or one of the boys!) has said that Harry is the most scariest when he’s angry because his voice increases in volume and he gets louder and starts booming around the room - which I can very much see to be true because his voice is so deep - so I think, if it was a pretty nasty fight and he’s trying to get his word across, he’ll start yelling and shouting and groaning and sighing out heavily and rather dramatically which only riles you up more because he refuses to listen to you. 

When it comes to his turn to talk, he’s probably very talkative with his hands and his fingers. Moving them to bring some kind of visual aid to what he’s talking about and banging his fists against a flat surface when he needs you to listen to him which only scares you even more yet he doesn’t recoil back at his actions because he needs you to understand what he’s saying. 

And, when it’s your turn to speak or when you’ve interrupted him, he’ll stand with his hip popped and his arms folded over his chest with a raised eyebrow and an angry expression on his features. And it angers you more because he looks so angry and he’s too stubborn to see the argument and the discussion topic from your perspective. 

I think he’d be really scary but, when he’s been given some time to cool down, he’ll realise just how awful he was being and he’d be instantly regretting how loud he was and how vocal he was and he’d over-analyse what he said in hopes that he didn’t upset you in anyway. xx

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You have no idea how happy I am to hear you like duck comics too ;w; and I am equally angry I didn't make the Gladstone Gander connection myself. Because now it seems so obvious. Maybe because RGB is a little nicer than how insufferable Gladstone is? And I'm always on Donald's side.

Yeah, Gladstone is pretty insufferable- this is what I mean by ‘the back of my mind’, it’s not like he was my no.1 model for RGB (heck you guys know all that already right), more like he was one of those ‘flavors’ that went into the melting pot. He’s just one of several hundred kind-of-obvious-when-you-know-them influences; like Number 6 from The Prisoner and Bert from Mary Poppins.


Gif source:  Jason

Imagine trying to hide the fact that ‘A’ is after you from Jason so he doesn’t have another thing to worry about, but he finds out and gets upset that you hid it from him, and when you ask why he’s so angry about it, he admits that it’s because he loves you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Why would you hide this from me?” he shouts, angry worry getting the best of him as you give a panicked shrug.

“Why are you so angry?” you find yourself shouting back, only for Jason to reach out and grip your shoulders, keeping you from your subconscious retreat.

“Because I care about you, and I’m sick of ‘A’ going after the people I care about!”

ok but I’m so in awe of the fact that in this new extra we just saw a misunderstanding with people thinking Dex hates something when in reality he likes it, he’s just kind of puzzled by it because I can’t stop thinking about that one set of tweets with him asking about the “one in four maybe more” thing and everyone thinking he was homophobic.

How often does this happen to him? I think we can infer pretty easily from these two incidents alone that Dex just has a very angry face and on top of that doesn’t know how to respond to things and other people don’t understand him. is the smh starting to get this? They obviously like him now, so they must not think he’s homophobic anymore, but is that because they think they taught him better, or did they realize they misinterpreted his response? They clearly still don’t fully understand his facial expressions because they just thought, again, that he hated something he doesn’t

and what I’m trying to get at here is that to Nursey, who has demonstrated an inability to correctly understand Dex’s reactions on multiple occasions, it’s an established fact that Dex doesn’t like Nursey. 

Look at the pattern - Dex seems to have a problem with gay people but the fandom thinks he’s gay. Dex seems to hate fixing things but finds it rewarding.

Dex seems to hate Nursey. Dex loves Nursey?

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what do you think kubo meant with 'people who love Ichigo and Rukia like me' ??

Shady ass comment, anon. Since I believe Kubo is a liar that actually wrote IR the way he did for a reason, I guess he thought fans would cry because “their story” ends with this novel. They pretty much go their separate ways and the prospect of romance dies. Unfortunately, he’s an idiot because who would actually cry over something so poorly written? I mean I was hurt and angry by the initial spoilers, but it just kept getting more and more ridiculous so there’s nothing to be sad about because it’s trash. He was misinformed when he thought people who love IR would cry and he was lying when he said he loved them too. Clearly, he doesn’t even love himself to ruin his work the way he did.

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May I ask for a pillow fight with Semi, Tendou, and Kuroo when they have an introverted, sassy s/o who tends to avoid them if they're too embarrassed (like they'll see them in the hall and do a turn in the other direction)?

Semi Eita

  • To be honest I think Semi is a bit introverted himself so I don’t think he would understand why his s/o would avoid him he’s already a pretty chill guy
  • I feel like he may get a little upset if anything because again he doesn’t understand why they are avoiding him, then when he finally goes to confront them about it and he gets a sarcastic remark he gets angry and even more upset
  • He automatically thinks that they don’t want to be with him anymore and that if they didn’t want to be with him they could have just told him and not been a total asshole about it to which his s/o just rolls their eyes and walks away

Tendou Satori

  • Everything that Tendou does is embarrassing, like hell I wouldn’t want to be around him all that much either because he can easily do something dumb and make a fool out of himself which his s/o feels like it goes onto them
  • His s/o tells him on a daily basis that he needs to calm down when they are around him and he starts doing some dumb shit they will walk away, yet when you are dating someone that isn’t the best way to handle it
  • He gets pretty offended because he believes that if his s/o really liked them then they wouldn’t care about how embarrassing or dumb he may get

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Always giving his s/o nicknames to which they hate so much and find completely dumb, plus Kuroo is super into PDA and always want’s to be touching his s/o which they find uncomfortable
  • Long deep sighs when they are trying to focus on doing something and Kuroo interrupts them, this can be at home or at school, sometimes they just want to be alone 
  • Sarcastic remarks only when completely needed because Kuroo is very insecure about the relationship and thinks that his s/o will leave him if he makes a wrong move

- Admin Hope

Jack’s Speech Pattern

okay so i noticed this thing about how jack often uses colloquially contracted words like gonna, wanna, innit, gotta, etc when he’s in a comfortable environment (ie with bitty). i don’t really often see this in fic, i think because jack is usually thought of as being a rather “proper” guy who won’t use these contractions. 

we don’t see it in year one except for one time when he uses “gotta” while giving bitty a fist bump. in any case year one Jack is very uptight, angry at Bitty, pretty much an asshole.

year two jack lightens up, we start to see him make jokes and flirt with bitty (since the comic is in bitty’s perspective, i refuse to believe that he hasn’t been sarcastically dadjoking shitty in year one, just that bitty didn’t get to see this side of him). 

and then comes this panel

okay ignoring bitty’s hearteyes and his adorable “all by yourself?!” notice jack’s “ ‘em” s and that “musta”. we know that he’s at least slightly drunk now, and he’s definitely feeling comfortable even in a party that he’s trying to impress Bitty with his tale of defeating the football team. Conclusion: jack will contract words when inebriated or very comfortable. 

then there’s a long stretch where he’s snarking everyone and flirting and in general being the dry witted lovable jack we all love and we get to this

and he repeats the “gotta” again on the next panel. and this is another scene where jack is pretty much very vulnerable; he’s basically laying his heart out to bitty and the “gotta slips out” 

and of course there’s a ton of other interactions that we don’t get to see in the comics, but i’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that jack will pretty often use slang like gonna wanna gotta etc when he’s talking to his close friends. 

in conclusion let me introduce a characterization of jack that has him occasionally bust out phrases like “hey the play they made was pretty cool, innit? bits do you wanna watch the highlight reel?”

Seo & Wakamatsu would probably get married without Waka even knowing about it

Like, he’s too flustered about Seo dragging him around again to notice when she proposes.  When he does notice that she put a ring on his finger, he mistakes it for another gift.  It’s super pretty, so he doesn’t want to put her money to waste by returning it, so he keeps it.

And when they get married, Waka’s so confused because why is Seo-senpai wearing a dress?????? Why did she force him to wear a suit?????????? Why is she dragging him into a church and laughing!!!!!!!!!????????? Is she finally going to ritually sacrifice him???????????!!!!!!!  He gets so angry when she won’t answer any of his questions that he says “I DO” to the priest without even thinking about it

He doesn’t realize that he just married Seo Yuzuki until she carries him over the threshold into some crappy hotel room and says “Let’s start the honeymoon!”

You're Wrong

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Requested By Anon.

Request: Hii could you write a story where there is a transfer from abnegation or amity so she’s pretty bad at fighting, but then when eric teases her about it, she back-sasses him and it makes him angry. Then she has to stay back after training and he’s really mean when he tries to train her hard, only because he kind of likes her. Could you add things like name-calling and teasing? Thank youu

A/N: I hope that this is what you wanted! And hiiiiii!

I was in training punching the punching bag, and feeling a lot of disappointment at how little it was moving. I was punching it as hard as I could, but it was still barely moving. I was never going to make it into Dauntless.

“You’re too weak. You’re never going to get into Dauntless like that.” Eric stated from behind me.

I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t in the mood to put up with him right now. All he ever did was pester me, and tease me, and it hurt my feelings and made me feel like I was a failure.

“Alright, weakling. Look, you’ve got to punch like this.” Eric walks closer to me, and grabs my arms. He kicks my feet to put them in  a different position. “Now punch.”

I did as he asked, and the punching bag moved farther than it did before. Yes! I mentally thanked Eric.

“There you go, Stiff.”

When he said that, I regretted mentally thanking him. Yeah, I’m from Abnegation, but I absolutely hate that name. And besides, I’m not Abnegation anymore. I was going to stick to my plan of not saying anything, but when he called me that, I snapped.

“Don’t call me that.” I spit out, still punching the bag.

If I could see his face, I knew that he would have a look of astonishment on it. “Excuse me?”

“I said, don’t call me a Stiff.” I repeat.

“I can call you whatever I want to call you.”

“You don’t have to be such a jerk all of the time.” I say.

“What did you just say?” He asks.

“You heard me.”

“You’re gonna stay after training.” He orders.


“Because I said so.”

And with that, he walked off, leaving me to regret everything I had just said.

After training, all of the initiates, and Four left the training room. Eric and I were the only ones left. I stood still, not making a sound.

“Go run five laps around the room.” He says.


“Don’t ask questions. Just do it.”

I roll my eyes, and do what I was told. While I ran, he just stood in the middle of the room watching me. Why? I don’t know. It creeped me out.

Five laps later, I felt like I was going to die. I need to work more on my cardio.

“Now, get over to the ring. I’m gonna show you how to fight another person.”

“Why do you have to be so mean?” I pant.


“You’re just so mean. You never act this way towards any other initiates. So why are you so mean to me?”

He stays quiet for a minute. I feel a pang of victory, knowing that I had him backed in a corner  now.

“Because I’m not used to feeling this way.” He finally responds.

“Feeling like what?”

“I like you a lot. I’ve never felt affection towards anybody before and I didn’t know what to do.”

“Well, I know for a fact that you don’t make her feel like a piece of crap.”

He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t even look at me, his eyes are focused on his boots. For a moment I feel bad. I start to think about how I would feel if I were him right now.

“You could have just told me how you felt. I might have said that I like you too.” I say quietly.

“No. You wouldn’t have.”

“How do you know?”

“Because nobody could ever love me.” He responds very quietly.

I walk over to him and place my lips onto his. It’s  a quick kiss, but it’s long enough.

When I pull away, I look into his eyes and say, “You’re wrong.”

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Hello! Could you give some hc about the main four in HxH having a short S/O (Killua and Gon being aged up of course)? Thank you!

Of course, your welcome ~Admin B


- Hes pretty thankful for a short s/o but doesnt mind at the same time.

- Hes thinks their cute and will tell them on the constant when theyre trying to reach for things or have to jump to do something.

- Though he doesnt understand why theyre so angry about being short so he tries to convince them on a daily that hes short and he doesnt mind because its not that bad but he lets them be salty if they need to be.


- Appreciates a short s/o so much because it means he can tease them rather than the other way around.

- He understands that his s/o is very salty about being small and he doesnt mind it tbh but he’ll tell them their being to loud if they get over the top to get them to be quiet.

- He likes to cuddle so hes glad his s/o is small because he can be the big spoon and have his s/o all safe right next to him.


- Again one that doesnt mind because tbh height doesnt matter, if your short he can help you out and feel all protective but if your taller you can help him and you can fend for yourself.

- Giggles like a little shit when his s/o cant reach something on a high shelf because one its cute and two he doesnt feel like helping until your almost climbing the counter.

- He likes that his s/o is small because it makes his hands look bigger and he loves the way your hands fit in his so nicely.


- He doesnt mind but he does love a small s/o.

- The smaller usually means the squishier and he looooves it, though he doesnt mind if your not too squishy because hey your cute either way to him he just loves that your so tiny and he can lean on your head.

- Chuckles at you when you whine about him being so tall and far away from you.

NEW ONE-SHOT: Put a Little Effort in.

Summary:  It was rare that Iemitsu and Tsuna sat down at all in civility. So when one evening they do, Tsuna finally says his piece. He is neither angry, nor disappointed anymore, because yes Vongola Intuition was brutal about heirs, and the incompatibility of their flames left Iemitsu with few choices but to remain in Italy; but had he put a little effort in things could have been different. 

It’s been a while, I know. Things have been pretty tense with me. But here’s a new one-shot. A little reflective, and a promise to give you a new update to TDB or Tell her EXTREMELY soon.

~~Bleach-ed-Na-tsu :3

Read the new fic here.

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Do you have any advice on how not to be jealous or angry and act all crazy if your boyfriend thinks someone is pretty (I mean of course I think other guys are cute sometimes but when my boyfriend does it, I get so jealous and I hate is because I've never been such away :(

Compliment the girl with him! It may be tough at first but eventually it gets easier and you see, “he sees pretty girls just like everyone else but he wants my hot ass” 😋 everyone is beautiful in their own way & it’s okay to compliment / appreciate it ya know? 💖