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I just want to talk about richonne being so utterly happy in 7x10. Here they are in a total 100% shitty situation but when Rick said they made a deal they were soooo happy. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve seen them smile so hard??Then they hugged still extra happy and he kissed her on the forehead and they just did not let go of each other and kept walking all cuddled up and HAPPY?? then when Rick was talking about enemies to friends and Michonne gives him that little sly smile?? Wow 10/10? And finally when michonne did that cute little precious, innocent ‘why are you’ when Rick gave her the cat and she was grinning ear to ear??They would’ve never thought that in the middle of the whole negan, zombie apocalypse thing that they would find their soulmates. In the middle of darkness it’s like they’re in their own little world. They are so in love with each other you can just see it in their eyes and the little things they do for each other such as get gifts or reassure one another .it’s truly the most precious and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen pls protect them at all cost

yall keep asking me about why silver chose to put the *vague possibility* that thomas is alive into flint’s head so.. [takes deep breath] 

this could mean so many things and its still early days believe it or not so i cant be sure. but the way i see it is that silver truly cares for flint and doesnt want this war to be the end of him. he doesnt want it to get to the point where he has to choose between him and madi “it is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another” like !!!! if there is ANYTHING that could stop him from going down that path john will use it. he cares about flint /so much/ thats why he didnt outright say what max told him because if he did he knew flint would do something reckless. so instead, he just asked him ‘what if’. because i do believe that /john/ believes its a possibility, you could see it in his face when max mentioned it. like he /WANTS/ flint to be happy, and he cant bare the thought of eventually leaving him. he is his only friend, hes the /only/ reason flint is still alive, flint is literally /living/ for john at this point and john knows this.. “thank you for opening that door” he /KNOWS/ this. the only reason flint keeps on going is because of him, and he knows that if he is forced to leave him in the end that it would mean james loses the last person in the world that he cares about, and that with that loss he would then give up everything 

so yes, this is a Very Sensitive Subject™ >:) he chose to only vaguely hint it to him because he is still /FULL/ of questions about thomas. he doesnt know if james would even want thomas to see him as he is now if he were alive. LOTS of midnight chats about gay feelings by the fire are still to be had!!! and who knows, if they’ve jumped onto the unrequited love train john might know about flints feelings for him, after all he knows he is at least bi so like..?? he doesnt want to break flints heart. it has been broken SO MANY TIMES. this being said if they /both/ had feelings for each other that would be the greatest motive for john wanting flint to be happy. flint had miranda and thomas like john now has madi, but now flint has no one but john. hes got no one to /live for/ no one he wants to /protect/ but john. so if there is even the slightest chance that thomas is still alive.. wouldnt john do everything he could to seek it out?? to see if thomas could end flint instead of himself having to do it? to let thomas mend his heart instead of him being forced to break it again?? like i said there are SO MANY THINGS this could mean, but when it comes down to it i truly believe everything john is doing, his motives, they are all driven by his love for those closest to him, and there is no one closer to flint in the world right now than john silver

Long Post

@ramari1600 replied to my post and said: “I don’t understand quite what Christian Fundamentalist means besides what I read on wiki. But from what I gathered it’s simply believing the Bible in its entirety is true, right? Or am I missing something? I don’t identify as Fundamentalist but I do believe everything in the Bible is true. What is your definition?”

*deep breath* Okay: long post.

Fundies are:
  • usually big fans of Debi and Michael Pearl
  • see also: the Duggers
  • may subscribe to ideas put forth by questionable sources such as Bill Gothard (that’s a rant for another day) or the now-defunct VisionForum company
  • they usually don’t know that Joshua Harris has since recanted most of his I Kissed Dating Goodbye work
  • usually believe that God created the world in six literal days (which is great, I believe that too), but they often also believe that dinosaurs are a hoax faked up by evolutionists
  • they tend to be very pro-nature, but anti-science. (*cough*anti-vaxxers*cough*)
  • very strict on gender roles
  • feminine modesty is second only to godliness and might bedirectly related

Christian Fundamentalism is less about theology and more about lifestyle and worldview. As far as theology goes, I’d prolly agree with fundies 90% of the time on most issues - which is really all you can ask of anyone. When it comes to what we actually believe re: the inerrancy of Scripture, salvation, etc, we’re going to agree more than we disagree.

Where we do disagree tends to be on things that I don’t hold to be matters worth “breaking fellowship” over – these are things that are not foundational to faith, but are merely a way of life: women wearing skirts and head coverings, college is for men only (if that), fiction is unworthy of time at best and lies at worst, rock music is of the devil, tattoos and piercings are evidence of demonic activity, courtship is the only way, the King James Translation is the only legitimate version of the Bible, etc. You get the idea.

Let me give you the example of the Schmidt family – a family that isn’t specific, but is a conglomeration of three specific families that I personally know.

The Schmidts are very nice people – as long as you agree with them. But the moment you don’t, they become distant and huffy, and passive-aggressively make your life miserable, all the while truly believing that they’re literally holier than you because of their lifestyle.

The Schmidts always tend to be either wealthy or dirt poor, their family unit is tightly knit, and they generally don’t understand sarcasm. The women and girls are always very docile and talk about little else besides babies, animals, and cooking; the men and boys are always very outdoorsy and authority-oriented. (none of these things are inherently bad, btw, they’re just consistent traits).

They also tend to be somewhat condescending.

Mrs. Schmidt once brought me a dress to church because she’d noticed that I tended to wear a lot of blouses with slacks or jeans. In the course of the conversation, she managed to convey that a) I should be ashamed to wear pants, b) I should be grateful for her generosity, and c) maybe I was too fat to wear the dress now but if I ate only organic like her I’d slim down in no time. (never mind the fact that a) the dress was UGLY, b) I’m a pastor’s kid and we didn’t have money for expensive organic food and c) I was twelve at the time).

Another time, just after I had gotten accepted to college and was excitedly telling everyone, Mrs. Schmidt and her two daughters (who were about my age) cornered me at a church function and proceeded to lecture me about how I didn’t want to go to college, I couldn’t handle college, and I was going to regret not finding a man to settle down with instead. Good side of that story is that spiting her was the biggest reason I made it though my first, very difficult semester, lol

I have been scolded by Mr. Schmidt for playing Christian pop (the Newsboys and Third Day, specifically) in the hearing of his children, whose ears had never been sullied by anything but classical and bluegrass. I was not allowed to be alone in the room with those kids after.

Oh, and Disney is evil. I can’t tell you how many times kids younger than me, growing up, lectured me about my love of Disney because apparently Disney is the incarnation of the antichrist. The Schmidts believe that fiction, because it is by nature not “real/true” is lies, and no good Christian should read fiction, but if you must, Amish Romance is the only way to go.

Now, I’m not judging people’s personal convictions and preference. If you believe it is more modest and fitting to wear skirts and head coverings, or to be a homemaker instead of a student, or to court instead of date, or if you have a music style you dislike or you eat nothing but homegrown veggies and milk from your own goats – dude. That’s all good stuff, on a personal level.

When applied as a standard of “if you’re not living like this you’re probably an unsaved heathen” it’s not so great. I’m on this rant at the moment because I came across a post by a fundie who was flipping her homespun lid over a miniature diorama of gladiatorial combat, presented by a Christian organization, in which the men wore only loincloths and the women shoulder-bearing tops. It’s legitimately embarrassing to read.

(Also, as a side note: anyone who is super into leaders like Bill Gothard need to seriously reexamine the source of their worldview because that man and his organization are freaking scary.)

I feel like Caryl is SUPPOSED to happen!! I know that they can be ‘just’ friends. (Which is fine!)

but Daryl talks about her DIFFERENTLY than he talks about his OTHER friends and Carol LOOKS at Daryl with so much emotion when she opened that door. I felt like there was supposed to be more than just HUGS. But there’s ALWAYS just hugs. And I always thought it’s strange? It feels like Caryl is there…But not there.

Like, the writers WANT Caryl to be canon, but they can’t commit to it.

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I really wonder your opinion about the arc can you shortly share it with us??

Nah, it’s just that I personally had high hopes of this arc because both editor K and Yana stated that this arc will move the main plot forward a lot, i.e. that it either reveals something about Ciel’s past or changes the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian, but then it went in the direction I personally didn’t like, so I was a bit disappointed, yes, I admit :/

But now that the boy band battle is over and we’re slowly nearing the climax, I hope that things will get thrilling again :)

Very weird headspace and idk the more I hate my body the more I hate running and everything in my life?? I listened to the same 6 songs for 2 hours and thought about nothing. I feel very overwhelmed and low and angry and idk what I’m doing. I don’t even know if I want to run a marathon. I just want to not be like this anymore.