and became something else


Anything at all can happen just before the sunrise.

Whenever I see Reaper76 fanworks of Gabriel teaching Jack Spanish, it inevitably reminds me of the scene/song from In the Heights, Sunrise, where Nina teaches Benny Spanish. Forgive me, Lin.

This has been stuck in my head for so long, I finally had to just draw it and get it out of my system.

I also love how the tone shift totally makes sense in the context of the musical, but here it looks like Gabriel’s just being moody.

[Bonus non-song scene also from In the Heights under the cut:]

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Bryan Fuller on Hannibal/Will in TWOTL (Kissing)

VULTURE: It’s interesting because he’s not just seen, he’s held by Hannibal. And I think that holding is in some way mutual.
FULLER: Absolutely. Will puts his head on Hannibal’s chest, and Hannibal puts his chin on top of Will’s head.

VULTURE: Like a puppy!
FULLER: They nuzzle! And actually they went much further than that. There were lips hovering above lips and they were like, “We wrote that part, we hope you like it!”

VULTURE: You mean when it was shot originally?
FULLER: Yeah, but it felt like it became something else in that moment and sort of verged on fan service that felt inauthentic to me for this adaptation. So, I rode that line very closely, but I had the footage to go much, much further in terms of, Oh yeah, they want to mack.

VULTURE: I totally want to see that.
FULLER: Maybe we’ll put it on the blu-ray, who knows?


at first i didn’t ship it and i really didn’t want to but now it’s my otp: an autobiography

Honestly I love Feyre's individual connection with everyone in the inner circle

Firstly of course there’s Rhys who is her mate, who understands her completely and knows every part of her.

Then there’s Mor, who was also abused by those who were supposed to love her and care for her but instead wanted to own her.

Thirdly we have Amren who, like Feyre, was born something else but became Fae, both seemingly without their consent.

And then we have Azriel; he was locked up by his very own father and left to waste away just like Tamlin locked Feyre up and either failed to or chose not to notice Feyre fading away.

And finally we have Cassian who knows exactly what it’s like to know starvation, cold and loneliness. As an orphan he had to fend for himself, much like human!Feyre had only herself to rely on (despite having family members).


“I’ve never seen the movies as any kind of phenomenon because I have to live with them and work with them and they’re just another movie that I make. It’s no harder or easier than anything else I do. It’s just that they became really popular for whatever reason while something else didn’t. But I like all the movies I make, and I put just as much work into all of them. And it’s hard to tell why some of them really become popular and some of them don’t. I mean I know the basic rules, yet when something like Star Wars becomes such an incredible phenomenon there’s no way to explain it.” ―George Lucas

They began to argue about whether I was the b word or the n word. What lovely options.

That moment is indicative of a lot of the street harassment that I have had to endure. Street harassment started first because these men found me attractive, because I’m a woman.

Then they realized that I was trans, and it became something else. It turned into something else. So many trans women have to experience this.

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Can you do a fic of the gang enjoying the little xmas party at the precinct right where the episode ended? (Castle isn't sad though)

He watches her bound over to Lanie, dancing with her and some uniformed cops to the cheery music that fills the precinct. Esposito watches them with an amused expression on his face. She looks happy. Really happy. The happiest he’s seen her in a long time even. His disappearance really took a toll on her, and he still sees it sometimes. She’s either shying away from him, closing herself up again, or clinging to him like she fears she’ll lose him again if she lets go. So to see her happy like this, he doesn’t want to take it away.

And it’s Christmas. Her least favorite time of year. But she’s still high on their marriage and solving the case and even that poem he basically forced her to write. She’s happy at the time of year that he normally feels the most distant from her. So he can’t tell her his bad news. Not tonight. He wants to continue to watch her smile and laugh, and make eyes at him from across the room.

So he decides that he’ll be happy too. Pretend that everything is okay and hope that some of his mother’s acting ability rubbed off on him. Because he wants to revel in this: his last moments at the precinct as part of this team. He wants to treat it as a celebration.


She’s calling for him, crooking her finger at him. He realizes he’s been standing by himself ever since she left his side and that is a bit odd. Happy people don’t mope in the corner by themselves.

So he moves to her, lets her drape an arm around his side, pulling him close. He gets clingy-Beckett tonight, the one who doesn’t want to let go. He likes her. Especially more than closed-off-Beckett.

“You get your ring back?” he asks, her left hand buried behind his back.

She nods. “Lanie said her parents totally bought it too.”

“Such a nice friend, lending out your multi-thousand dollar ring,” he teases.

Her eyes widen as she looks up at him. “It did not cost that much.”

He winces. It did. He just wanted the best for her, and it wasn’t like he couldn’t afford it. “Okay, you caught me. I found it at the bottom of a box of Cracker Jack.”

“Dang, Castle, where do you buy your groceries?” Esposito jokes, nudging him with his elbow as he moves over to talk to Ryan.

“Castle –” Kate starts.

“Don’t worry about it,” he cuts her off. “It’s yours now.”

She slips her left arm away from his back and cradles it into her chest. “Now I’m afraid to wear it to work.”

“Then just wear your wedding band,” he suggests, tapping the gold band against her finger. “Save the diamond for special occasions.”

She seems to like that logic because her arms slips back around him.

“So Lanie, how long do you plan to keep this charade going with your parents?” Kate asks. “You holding out for Javi to actually propose?”

Lanie sighs, shuffling her feet a little as she looks back over at Esposito. “No, I don’t think he and I are going to last.”

Castle watches the concern creep across Kate’s face, wishing Lanie hadn’t said that, wishing he could bring her happiness back.

“Why, what’d he do?” Kate asks.

Lanie laughs. “He didn’t do anything, Kate. But we agreed that as fun as our relationship is, it’s not at the same level as the two of you or Ryan and Jenny. And we deserve that, you know? To have what you guys have.”

He feels Kate press further into his side, all warmth colliding with him. That smile is back on her face as she makes eye contact with him. His disappearance may still haunt her from time to time, but Lanie is right in saying that what they have is special. They wouldn’t be who they are today without each other, that much he learned from that alternate universe he still swears he ended up in.

“You’re right, Lanie,” Castle starts. “You do deserve someone just like me.”

She rolls her eyes as Kate smacks his chest. And then he laughs. Ryan and Esposito wander back over and ask what’s so funny. Lanie tries to tell them that he was hitting on her. The conversation erupts into “you’re married, bro” and “that’s not what I meant” and everyone is talking at once. Kate is practically silent at his side, just laughing as everyone tries to get their point across, still exuding happiness.

He realizes then that he may have lost his privileges at the precinct, but he hasn’t lost his friends, the people who have become his second family. And he’s thankful for that, thankful for them. Kate’s people have become his people, and he knows they’ll take care of her in his absence. He may not be able to have her back in the field anymore, but they will. And at the end of the day, that’s all he really cares about.  

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hey man absolutely loving your blog thanks for posting xavier so much!

showers you with kisses omg you’re welcome

honestly who doesn’t love xavier the quebecois chameleon I mean check this out okay one second he looks like he can seriously fuck you up with nothing but his eyebrows

and then a second later he’s channeling some celestial hipster god

then he’s lookin like he just crawled out of the trash

then he’s crossdressing

then he’s classy as fuck

then he’s just sex

and suddenly he becomes this awkwardly happy lil duckling

may xavier the bae live forever and ever

and may he make infinite films