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I initially overcame my shy and followed you after you requested a really cute Suhobot drabble during one of my games and I've stayed because you are one of a kind, super sweet and thoughtful darling and I lov being your pal <33 The only mochi queen in my heart.


YOU’E SO SOFT AND SWEET I LOV YOU SO MUCH I got so happy when you followed me honestly :((( I was also SO shy when I requested that drabble my heart was going to explode, I loved you and Suhobot so much I couldn’t help myself T^T <33 



I Love My Precious Child Thats Right I Love My Son So Much Honestly Look At His Cute Nose And Lips And Everything I Hope I Die Looking At These Photos Of An Amazing Beautiful Talented Creature He Needs All The Damn Love And Protection In This World For Real I Wanna Boop His Nose And Make Sure He’s Safe And Happy Becaude He Deserves It I Love Him I Would Vomit On My Parents If He Asked Me To Yeah Thanks For Listening

“you have to specify that it’s a komodo dragon in your post. because like, me showing you a gecko and finding it hot would be weird, but look at this beautiful creature

Please understand
The snake is a beautiful creature
Patient and intelligent
Aware and transformative
It is such a powerful symbol
I fought so much against the image of the snake that
Mothers through the ages
Warned their children about
Beware the snake
He will strike
He will bite
He will kill
No mother
You’re wrong
I said again and again
The stories were wrong
And I argued even harder when
A snake appeared in my life
He coils himself around me
To keep me safe from the world
To hold me up when I can’t stand anymore
He breathes life into me
When I feel like I’m withering away
He’s not what you think
But I forgot that
Just because a thing can be good
Doesn’t mean that’s all it is
Life is more complicated than that
In some instances a thing is good
And in others it’s not
My snake
Was just what you had warned me about
He struck
And bit
But I was blind to it
He could do no wrong
He was everything good
A snake could be
But a small voice in the darkness
Opened my eyes
And I saw the truth
Those coils were crushing the life out of me
I saw his fangs
Pumping poison
Into my veins
I was dying
And we
He and I
Had chased away anyone who could save me
But when I opened my eyes
I found the strength
To save myself
I managed to
Break away
From his crushing grip
I dealt him a blow
That did no more than stun
But it gave me the chance
To escape
I wish I could say
That I never looked back
That I found the strength to push forward and rise up without a second thought
But the truth is
I could still feel his grip on me
He was right there with me
Beside me
Inside me
His poison
Was still in my blood
It had twisted things in my head
I longed for him to wrap me up
And keep me safe
At the same time knowing
He was the one who was killing me
He was the one I needed protection from
I hurt
And I didn’t have the cushion of the fantasy
To ease the pain
The belief and faith I had in him
Was an anesthetic
Dulling my senses
I had been dying
I just didn’t know it
But with that anesthetic gone
All I had was the pain
The confusion
The poison coursing through my veins
Gaining ground with every beat of my heart
So I sucked the poison out
Like you always told me to do
I had escaped the snake’s clutches
But he was still killing me
I sobbed and
I put my mouth to the wound
And pulled
And spat
And pulled
And spat
I was sick
And again
My body doing everything it could
To expel the poison
And when I finally made it out of the desert
I took the antidote
I did everything I needed to do
To cleanse my system of his poison
To help myself to heal
I did it
I made it through
But I can’t forget
I won’t let myself forget
That the snake can be an amazing thing
A beautiful creature
Patient and intelligent
Aware and transformative
Maybe I need to be
A little more like the snake
As much as I need to heal from one

For @30secondstohogwartsonmars and myself

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so what do you say about REVERSE FAIRY TALES bc i'm so into it like,,,, little mermaid au where dean is ariel and benny is eric and when eric's ship sinks he's so infatuated with this beautiful tailed sea creature that he tries his damn hardest to get to know more about them and he somehow manages to close a deal so he can breathe underwater and grows a tail and he searches for dean in the deep dark ocean bc he wants nothing more than a second glance into those beautiful green eyes (finish this)

okie Reverse Fairy Tales is the greatest idea i’ve ever heard, and i’m serious

like even from a non-fanfic point of view……holy wow

so what if the deal Eric makes with Crowley leaves him dumb (bc reverse fairy tales) and when Ariel comes to know about it she’s devastated bc she loved benny’s voice but benny says he was willing to risk it so that they could be together

meanwhile ariel is having her own issues because she doesn’t want to a mermaid she wants to be a merman and at first she’s afraid eric won’t lover her anymore, but when benny sees ariel trying to use a binder made of shells (see what i did there), he just helps her get it right and ariel almost starts to cry bc she was so afraid to be accepted by anyone that she’d hidden within this body she didn’t want and now she’s found someone ready to love him for who he is

eric even uses male pronouns for ariel when they’re alone

bUT the people think of benny as a mutant and when words spreads that he made a deal everyone begins to suspect him. and crowley, the bastard he is, spreads more rumors and instigates the people to try to kick him out

john and mary try to help them but there’s no stopping the crowd

and then ariel accidentally comes out (the gay is no problem the transgender is) and oH BOY THERE IS FIRE IN THE OCEAN

so they run away with help from Sam and Cas(they could be a ship too?? idk up to you), and find a small cave that they make their home, at the outskirts of another kingdom, which is ruled by Gilda and Charlie and all kinds of cool

on the way they meet a “good” witch Rowena who, for a “small price” i.e. ariels long red hair and a small piece off her tail, transforms her into a man

and so with a small scar on his tail, brown hair and no breasts, they make their way to the queens and introduce themselves as Dean and Benny (he changes his name to his nickname at sea bc it was a reminder of his earlier days but also of what he’s found in the sea. also he’s a sentimental teddy.) 

and Charlie and Gilda totally get it and even send a secret letter to their family telling them that they’re safe and that john and mary and sam and cas and everyone else can visit anytime, no word will get out of the refugees

and…wait for it

they live happily ever after



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*whispers urgently* beautiful sparkle ice nymphs

someone please murder me I can’t handle this why am i so gay for them