i know everyone describes mothman as being a big, fluffy black (or white in some accounts) moth creature but what if, because it was usually dark/in the distance when people saw it

one time mothman comes out in the daytime and everyone sees that mothman really looks like this

mothman is pink and yellow. it’s just a huge rosy maple moth.

the completely wholesome way Chloe smiles and starts to say ‘yeah’ before Rachel goes back in to kiss her but doesn’t quite manage to finish saying it so instead closes her eyes and kisses Rachel more passionately,,,, rt ur kink

Me: Have you ever read a fic so beautiful you started crying?

Also me:

@bleusarcelle and @queerklancing you guys are amazing writers and this fic was amazing AND YOU SHOULD COLLAB MORE IT WAS SO FLUFFY AND I’M DEFINITLY NOT EMOTIONAL CAUSE I JUST FINISHED READING IT NOPEEE I’m definitly not crying nopeeeeee I didnt die 100 times while I read it nopeeeee I didn’t read it as slowly as I could so the fic would last forever nopeeeeee!!!!!

Thank you guys for bringing this blessing to the world :’)