and beat each other senseless

Hate ships just aren’t really appealing to me anymore. I don’t like ships where th entire basis is a little bit of sexual tension is keeping two or more characters from killing each other or beating each other senseless. It’s not something that can realistically last and hits really close to home because hate ships especially on tumblr go very quickly from “they hate each other but love each other” to “mutually assured destruction of each other riddled with abuse”. Honestly I’m so tired of it; take pretty much any hate ship and replace the characters, all the fanart, fics, and so on is the same.

Instead can we have ships that spar? Actual sparring, like training. Mutually working together to get stronger together but without actually trying to kill each other. Ones they’d die for each other, not kill each other. They’d actually have room to grow, adapt, learn from and teach each other but still get the rough and tumble hot and heavy furious sparring sessions but nobody’s being beaten within an inch of their life. Gimme ships where they’ll roll around in the dirt throwing punches but at the end of the day know when to stop because the sparring is done for the day before it’s gone too far, still mean the world to each other, and still actually seem like they love each other like normal people.

I’m just so tired of normalized abuse.

Amy wants to fight @obstinxnce​… again… for like the fifth time… damn girl get a hobby.

Okay Ceci, today’s the day I kick your ass.” Amber scowled at Ceci, cracking her knuckles with anticipation. Granted she said that almost every time she wanted to trade blows with rival, but she was determined to have a clear winner this time around. 

Finding an empty place fight wasn’t too difficult, the old park worked out just fine. No one was around to see them beat each other senseless or call the police, none of her gang members were there to add any unnecessary pressure for Amber to win. It was the perfect place for a grudge match. “You ready ta’ do this?