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Host: Die All Die Merrily was also the episode where Clarke made a very big decision about sneaking skaikru into the bunker and Bellamy was not very happy about it, do you think about that for yourself, what is right and wrong?

Eliza: yeah it was like how do I still make Clarke likeable in this situation, there were a lot of mad fans out there (…)

Bob: I think that Bellamy has made some pretty terrible decisions over the last four years so I’m used to that, I sometimes read the scripts and go like ‘face palm’

hey guys! This may be a sudden/weird post to make but i’ve been thinking a lot about how I was as a young person on the internet and it dawned on me how easily older (age 19+) people took advantage of me and how little help I got because I was just surrounded by other minors who didn’t know better either and I didn’t have someone to go to about it at the time, for that reason - if you need advice about anything but especially if you’re worried about your “relationship” with someone older online you can talk to me about it either here or on @sugurutalks, i’m only saying this bc I’d have appreciated a non minor being there to talk for advice when I was 14.

So wait I’m confused...

Are y’all REALLY salty over the fact that Mashima didn’t decide to seal any of the ships with like a kiss or anything? Even though he made it BLATANTLY obvious which couple were going to be together. 

You guys are really something else. Be grateful to this man for bringing you this series you love so much. Not every ending to a series HAS to end with full blown romance. 

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Hey, could you post/give some tips/links/etc. about studying shakespeare? How, where and what did you do with such graduation? Oh and perhaps tips for persons like me, which come from another country? A lot of questions :) Thank you for your help. Have a nice day.

Hello there! Thank you for your questions. Let’s see if I can help. 

How to study Shakespeare depends on what kind of person you are. It’s different for everybody so it’s difficult to provide an exact method. I don’t think my case is very interesting or useful: I started reading the plays as a child and had an interest in history and older literature all my life, but it wasn’t until I got to university that I started studying it very seriously. It’s difficult for me to give tips because it all came very naturally to me. In the end, I went the academic route at a University in England where I did a BA in English Literature and Philosophy (heavily focused on early modern and medieval literature), and went on to get an MA and PhD in Shakespeare. Since then I’ve been studying pretty constantly while teaching at a university. But this is total overkill for most people. 

My tip for students for whom English is a second language is first, to watch the plays. Watch different productions if you can. Then get a decent edition of Shakespeare and read the scenes you found most interesting. You don’t need to read and understand the whole play to start with, just concentrate on the bits you want to have a closer understanding of. A good bilingual edition of the plays might also help (these ones normally have the text in your own language on one side, and in English on the other side). Then try reading it out loud yourself, because saying it out loud often makes a lot more sense than trying to read it like a book. I run a reading group at my university and many international students have said it helps to read the plays out loud with others if that’s an option for you. This is going to be like learning a new language so it will take practice, patience and passion.

Here are a collection of potentially helpful Shakespeare tips I’ve blogged or reblogged over the years:

I hope that helps!

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Hello. I just want to say I'm sorry for that Fat M!A I sent to you that started all this mess.

“Oh. Dear it’s alright. I have had fun in my state. It is quite all right. You did not mean any intentional harm from it and I believe others know that too.“

M!A 10 /10


(( Alright, I was going to answer this privately. However three small but important things made me reconsider it. and i will explain why…

One: This whole M!A started because it started with this blog. During his apology, he explained how this whole thing was begun with him sending the anon M!A to this blog to which I was very content with answering. I did not take this as offensive at all. However after which he went a little far and thus what happened; happened. Thus i felt like to address this with Aldonza publicly would be the best option.

Two: This whole thing was addressed publicly, therefore important showing the positive and negative aspects of what could have happened is the best. Period. I have witnessed firsthand what out of line internet interactions and awkward harassment has done to people and to fan-bases. Guys; it is not pretty. people get hurt whether intentional or not. The fact that it went as far as it did is a godsend because right after the first concerns of this M!A ask was posted from another blog, This user stopped, opened up and apologized. THAT HONESTLY NEVER HAPPENS. That is HUGE. People were talking and expressing their concerns and their viewpoint on this and it was heard and was addressed. This is a community that wants to be in a healthy environment to interact with people and to express. So to be able to witness how everything went down in a manner that didn’t cause an out right freak out with harm being done is a blessing. 

Three: Forgiveness. It stared here and I want it to end here. I know people who had expressed their concerned were very forward about how uncomfortable it was to receive a M!A. However M!A situations like this are not always handled as peacefully as this was. There are people out their who might be getting M!A’s or comments on a daily basis who might not have anyone to address their concerns to. Or worse, are being harassed by the people who they turn to for help and never admit their wrongs or stop. So I just wanted for those to be aware of how serious this could have gone without getting explicit. And also for those who got this M!A from him * … or her, not sure on who the gender this user is since I don’t personally know, so just go with it*  It’s okay, He didn’t mean any harm from it. An apology was publicly made. And if you are dealing with M!A fat related asks that are a bit late. I wouldn’t take offence to that, some people might not have heard of the fiasco that happened. So if all of you are still if’y over this still. Stop. It done. And if not. It should be ended here. Please.

I know this is a whole lot of reading to get through but I felt like this really needed to be addressed even if I am late on it due to time constraints in my life. So I hope you all know where I am coming from when I say to take this as a positive, because this whole thing was dealt with so much better than what I have seen; especially since it is the internet. Bless you all. - mun))

//How did it all end up from here, a magic anon (nope, they weren’t really related :v)

//To this adorable gay ship, and at the same time even my style changed too a little. What is this if not character improvement? :0


Am I the only one who wanted to drop kick Seungbae? Seriously dude, you can see Bum is a wreck and what do you do? “Oh let me just trip this small fragile guy and roughly manhandle him, just for the sake of information. Screw the fact that he’s clearly VERY injured right now.”

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This entire exchange mystifies me.

The main focus of it is humanity creating suffering for itself without even knowing it, or perhaps having grown to the point where they can’t even recognise it even when they do it on purpose.

But the it comes with a heavy dose of “Watanuki has changed so much” and “today’s events are clear evidence of that”. And I’m not so sure what point Yuuko’s trying to make by that.

She mentions fortune, so maybe it’s Watanuki’s fortune that’s changed by his character growth and eye switching. But she also seems to point to his vision as the thing that’s specifically improved – despite the fact that, you know, Watanuki could Already see spirits, and Doumeki usually could not. So I’m not sure what the exchange actually DID to improve that side of things, when I was expecting it to actually be a detriment. Then again, maybe she just means his attention to danger in general?

Whatever point she’s making it definitely isn’t the Actual Lesson of the previous chapter, which was not throwing yourself in danger because it hurts the people around you, because Watanuki gets electrocuted FOUR TO FIVE TIMES, MINIMUM, and it’s for rudeness rather than anything else.