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A commission done by the lovely maggies-arts which I’m over the moon with. You should all totally check out her awesome artwork and maybe get a commission done too! Their price-list is - here

So here we have Yang and Blake from RWBY and if you read my latest fanfic - Swimming Lessons - you will certainly recognise the little cutie sitting on Yang’s shoulders as Kit. :D Eeeee! I’m so giddy and happy seeing this! I had to share and let you all enjoy seeing it too! 


PART 2 IS UP! (2 part comic)

Part 1 —> CLICK HERE

So i finally finished the comic @-@ guess I was a little too dramatic in the end :B – I would liek to make more stuff for these two both interacting together and individually since they’re such unique characters on their own. Apart from that they also make a good mix. I’ll try and explore again one time but i guess for now — its this U-U 

also. wow. RHAAST WAS A CHALLENGE TO DRAW. I DID MY BEST.. hope i did him justice ;-; need to practice muscular anatomy.

millenials: it’s ridiculous how baby boomers/gen x are so terrible to us. you can’t blame the millenials for everything. we haven’t done anything wrong and the younger generations deserve respect too.

millenials not two seconds later: gen z is so fucking stupid. they’re ruining everything for us. tide pods? fidget spinners? yeet? what’s next. idiots.

I'm a booknerd pt.7

Two types of people:

Me: Hey, so I’m thinking of writing a novel…

Friend: Really? Tell me more!

Me: Hey, so I’m thinking of writing a novel…

Other friend: … Don’t make it a profession.

Me: Uhm… Okay?


A promotional trailer made by Arber for Malcolm’s appearances in Real-Time Fandub

(He also played Satan and many other roles in Nostalgia Critic)


I see many people talking about that “Jungkook biting Jimin’s neck” gif, and I wanted to clarify that Jungkook didn’t bite Jimin’s neck, though it was a cute moment nevertheless. You can see their backhug in this video, starting from 1:01, and Jungkook’s lips are quite far from Jimin’s neck (though it seems like he still did something, but not with his mouth, by the way Jimin hits him 😁)