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Request:I was wondering if you’d be able to write some sort of harry imagine where he comes home early from the studio after texting you and telling you that he wasn’t feeling very well all of a sudden and once he’s home he just gets worse and ends up sick in the bathroom all night ?? And maybe you try to get him to go lay in bed but he just wants to lay on the bathroom floor so you make him like a makeshift bed?? Super fluffy cuddle harry!!

It wasn’t unusual for Harry to have a weird schedule when he had time in the studio, sometimes he’d be gone for an hour or six, or a half day or a full day, it really varied. So when you heard your front door opening around midday you hadn’t given it a second thought and continued going around with your own work. It wasn’t until you realised an hour had passed and you hadn’t seen Harry, you called his name and heard a grunt from your shared room, opening the door you found Harry striped to his boxers sprawled across the bed looking a bit paler than usual.
“ What’s wrong gorgeous” you questioned kneeling on the floor next to the bed using the back of your hand to feel his forehead, the heat radiating off his body concerning you.
“ ‘m feeling poorly” he groaned as you pulled away the arm he had covering his eyes to get a better look at him. His eyes were red from where he had rubbed them continuously and his nose was dry probably from the tissues that lay on the floor next to the bed.
“ Im going to get you some soup and a wet washer to cool you down yeah?” you pushed his hair back from his face, as much as you hated that Harry wasn’t feeling well you liked being able to look after him like this. After getting Harry to eat his soup and tried to cool him with the wet washer you left the room while he slept hoping a good nap would let his body recover. It was while you were on the phone to Anne asking her what Harry likes when he’s not feeling well when you heard him vomiting in the bathroom.
“ I gotta go Anne I’ll call you back” you hung up without waiting for a response before rushing towards the bathroom to see your Harry slumped over the toilet coughing a bit. You grab a glass of water before sitting behind him and starting to rub his back as he had done many times to you. You both sat there a while longer he seemed to have thrown up the contents of his stomach, your hand was tracing patterns across his bare back he was now laying his whole body across the tiled floor.
“ Come on, lets get you back in bed” you stood up flushing the toilet and washed your hands.
“ I wanna stay ere, its nice and cold” he spoke grabbing your ankle preventing you leaving the bathroom.
“ Gorgeous you can’t stay on the floor, it’ll hurt your back, you’ll sleep much better in bed” you knelt down next to him glad you had mopped the floors this morning, you pushed his hair out of his face his hands entwining with yours.
“ Please baby, lay with us” you secretly loved when Harry got whiney, you loved the way he spoke his words sloppily and the way he craved your touch wanting nothing but being close to you. You gave in and soon enough you’d pulled the covers off the bed and had them and the pillows laid out on the bathroom floor. You couldn’t say the floor was exactly comfortable, but nothing made you happier than Harry laying with his head on your chest, bodies as close as possible while his arms wrapped around your waist, your hands continually running through his hair and along his back, tracing small patterns which would bring hums of content out of Harrys parted lips.
“  Babe?” Harry questioned, you were trying to move out of his grip to get him some more soup, your hummed in response stilling your movement.
“ Can yeh cuddle me?” he asked his green eyes meeting yours with a pout on his lips.
“ You need to eat first, you’ve got nothing in your stomach, once you’ve eaten we can cuddle” you reply kissing his head softly.
“ Please don’t leave me baby, I don’t want food, please just cuddle me” His voice cracked and your arms instantly engulfed his body his back facing into your chest, you would do anything to make him feel better, even laying on the bathroom floor. 

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college!AU Taehyung
  • major: mechanical engineering 
  • minor: geophysics 
  • sports: he’s not in any on-campus sports teams, but he professionally skateboards 
  • clubs: engineers without borders, arts & crafts club 
  • taehyung got into engineering through building robots as a kid in high school and also once trying to strap extra engines onto his bike to see if it would go faster, basically he’s been into building things and science since forever so that’s why he’s perfect for mechanical engineering
  • he sorta despises all the math that goes into it, but he has a skill for drawing up plans and numbers is just a part of it that he has to battle through even though he basically died while taking multivariable calculus and kept crying into his textbook while jin and jimin patted him on the back and yoongi was just like “you shouldn’t have taken engineering if you don’t like math” and taehyung was like thE math sucKS but the cool stuff i GEt to build in lab is so FUN HYUNG 
  • but classes like designing informative devices, heat transfer, and his uttermost favorite: mechanical design lab are just where taehyung let’s his imaginative mind go to work
  • and whenever he like purposes an idea everyone is like “what? that will never work, scientifically it’s impossible!” but taehyung never takes ‘impossible’ for an answer and he just stays up for like four days straight doing the calculations and drawing up the plans and reading through books upon books and manuals upon manual until he finds a way to make his idea work
  • and then in lab everyone is just like hOLY shit he did it and taehyung, with like slightly messy hair and bags under his eyes and jittery hands from too much coffee is still so damn excited because i TOLD YOU i COULD DO IT 
  • and then he like crashes to sleep for three days straight and not even in his room in like namjoon’s room and namjoon is like this isn’t your dorm tae…..and taehyung sleep talking is like: if y=mx+b then that’ll be this much in kelvin temp and;…..basically a bunch of science and math nonsense 
  • his minor in geophysics is solely based on his obsession with volcanoes and magma and basically the physical phenomena of electricity and radioactivity and when he went abroad for engineers without borders he basically begged to get sent to Guatemala mostly because he wanted to do good work there but it’s also the home of Santa Maria one of the most active volcanoes in the world and he hAD to see it himself 
  • he’s basically a big, curious kid whose fascination with machines and science and the earth producing cool as hell phenomenon never went away and he hopes to like make a career out of it??
  • but also on the side he’s a pro-skater and competes in like local and even sometimes nationwide competitions and he’s cute he has like stickers that say ‘engineer 4 lyfe’ on his skateboard and like a sticker of an erupting volcano
  • and most people are like “oh you skate for fun?” and taehyung with like three hundred medals and awards behind his bed he’s like “yeah!!! i do it cuz it’s fun!!!”
  • and you actually meet because of taehyung’s skateboarding see you’re making your way to class with a huge stack of books and taehyung has his headphones in and he’s listening to a lecture on like thermodynamics and for a split second he doesn’t pay attention and you can’t really see where you’re going and basically a huge crash happens and ,,,, all your books are thrown into the air and taehyung like wobbles backwards and his board goes like out beneath his feet and you also fall backwards
  • and it’s just a MESS 
  • and honestly taehyung tries to rush to your aid because he’s a nice boy you know also he feels bad because your books are scattered just about everywhere and he’s like ?!??!?! are you ok??!?!?!?
  • and you’re fine thankfully you fell onto like the grassy part of the quad but taehyung slammed down onto the pavement park and you can see a slight cut on the side of his calf and you’re like !!! “you’re leg!!!” and he’s like my what?
  • and you like scramble to get your backpack off your shoulders and you pull out this little emergency first aid and you like fumble a bit with a bandage and taehyung is like “hey, hey it’s totally ok, hey listen to me-”
  • but you’re just like SHH and you disinfect the cut and put the bandage on and taehyung is like 
  • looking down on it and he’s like 
  • “did you just put a hello kitty bandage on me?”
  • and you’re like “listen.”
  • but taehyung like twists his leg this way and that and he’s like “you know, i like it!”
  • and for the first time you like focus on his face and ok what the heck he’s adorable with his hair all in his face and like a cute smile and you’re just like ,,,,,, he’s got such pretty and kind eyes,,
  • and he’s like dressed really haphazardly but it like works?? he’s got like cut off denim shorts with holes in them, old beat up vans, and this like boat necked white t-shirt with a flannel tied around his hips and a dingy old dad looking baseball cap turned backwards on his head
  • but like ok he just has the nicest vibe coming from him??/
  • and he even helps to like gather your books and then he like runs after his board and you see the volcano stickers and you’re like ??? what no way he’s a science major???
  • and you wish you could have asked but he looks at his phone and he’s like fRICK class started ten minutes ago see ya later hello kitty sticker person and he like skates away like nothing happened
  • and you’re standing there with your books like FIRSt of all hello kitty sticker person shouldn’t be as endearing as it seems coming from him,,,,but it is. It Is.
  • and that isn’t the last time you hear ‘hello kitty sticker person’
  • taehyung calls that from across the campus lunchroom where he sees you with your pile of books later on in the day and he like bounces over with his board under his arm and a tray of food in the other
  • and he just sits himself down across you, one leg up on the chair beside him as he shoves rice into his mouth messily and is like “sup?”
  • and you’re kinda like ,,,,,,,,,,ok i guess this is normal we don’t even know each other’s names but by the way taehyung presents himself you don’t really think he’s the type to care about the casualties of making friends, he’s just a people person
  • and you’re like “not much, i have to return these but the library doesn’t open back up till 3 so….”
  • taehyung like nods at you and he’s like “if you wanna kill some time, wanna come skate with me?” and you’re like hA i can’t skate also what am i gonna do with this leaning tower of books and he’s like “i can help you carry some, and i can teach you. my labs at like 4:30 so i got nothing to do either”
  • and you’re kind of flattered that he’s offering but you’re also like ,,,,, don’t overthink it he’s probably just looking for someone to like he says “kill time” with
  • so you’re like “you know i don’t know-” but taehyung’s like leaning over, stealing some meat from your own tray to pop into his mouth like you two have been bestfriends for 5000 years and he’s like “it’s like 1:30 now, we can drop your books off at my dorm and then i can teach you some basics. unless you gotta study or something?”
  • and for some reason you remember that isn’t he a science major and you’re like “shouldn’t you be studying? you’re a SCIENCE major” and he’s like “mechanical engineering” with a super proud smile as he like keeps chewing and shrugs and is like “that comes naturally to me” and you’re just looking at him like is this kid for real
  • and he’s just like “soooOOOo you gonna skate with me or not? it’ll be fun, i promise~”
  • and somehow you don’t know why maybe it’s his super duper cute face that you fall weak to you agree and taehyungs like COOL! grabs both your trays and kicks up his board into his free hand and he’s like grab your books c’mon
  • and you drop off your books in his dorm that he shares with this nice nursing major jimin who when he sees you is like “is taehyung taking you skating?” and you’re like “yeah! why?” and jimin just gives you a smile and winks @ taehyung and you’re like ???? and taehyung is like jimin shuttup or else ill throw this week old ham and cheese sandwich at you and jimin is like gtg 
  • and you’re kind of shy,,,to be in his dorm like you’ve known him for a collective 45 minutes but he’s so free and open and he’s like throw your books on my bed and you see that his walls are covered with like medals for skating competitions and like customized boards are up on his wall and his desk is a mess of textbooks, manuals, and like drawn up plans for these cool looking machines and like you have so much to ask him but taehyung’s like let’s go! as soon as your books are on the bed 
  • and you like follow him to this abandoned parking lot not far away from campus and you’re like “isn’t there a skate park somewhere around??” and taehyung’s like “yeah, but you’re a beginner what would you be doing in a skate park?” and you’re like “hey, i told you im not interested in-” but taehyung is like here’s a helmet put it on and you’re like when do you pick this up 
  • and he’s like everyone’s always so scared of skateboarding, but it’s fun you’re gonna love it i promise and it’ll be a good way to waste an hour and a half
  • and you don’t know how much you trust him but when he puts the board down in front of you and offers his hand out to hold you steady your heartbeat increases and you’re just like ,,,fine ill try
  • and you know he’s right, it is fun!! it’s scary but taehyung never lets your hand go and ten minutes in you’re both laughing like fools and taehyung is steadily helping you move across the parking lot and under the sun when you see him smile how it reflects in the light and how he’s so handsome 
  • like you can’t help but fall a little deeper and want to know so much more about him
  • that when time is up and he’s like let’s go get your books and im gonna start heading off to lab you don’t want him to leave and instinctively you grab a hold of his flannel before he turns and he’s like hm??/
  • and you’re just kinda like “can i see you again? taehyung, right?” and he gets this smile thats a little goofy but also a little hard to read and he’s like “i donT knoW can YOU~~~”  and you’re like akhfgf TaehyUNG and he’s like ofc you can here’s my number and he like gets a pen out of the back pocket of his shorts and scribbles the numbers down on the bookmark in one of your books and he’s like “see you later” and does like the thing skaters do the like two finger wave thing you know what im talking about 
  • and like the next time you two see each other its because you call him to maybe give you another skating lesson and he’s like sure where are you and you’re like “oh im doing laundry in the campus laundromat ill be done-” but he’s like “it’s fine ill come over now!”
  • and you’re like ‘oh ok- wait what?” but it’s too late. he’s already on his way
  • and when he gets to you you’re like !!! im not even done drying yet and he just climbs up to sit on one of the machines and takes like a candy bar out of his pocket and is like “it’s cool i can wait with you here and we can skate when you’re done, so what’s up?”
  • and you learn fast that taehyung isn’t one for dull conversations like it’s never a “the weathers nice” “i had a hard exam the other day” kind of topics he asks  the most intriguing, sometimes even personal questions and like if anyone else even tried to approach you with that kind of questions you’d freak out but with him….it feels safe
  • like he’ll hold onto your secrets forever so somehow over a period of time you and taehyung open up to each other like neither of you has to anyone before
  • and you learn that as much as he loves engineering he hates the way people associate him with laziness and some kind of unhealthy lifestyle because of the way he dresses and because he likes to skate and you tell him about all the shortcomings you’ve experienced with college too
  • and you become a frequent guest over at taehyung and jimins dorm because taehyung is always like “come over, come look at my new plans!!” and you don’t know half of the terms he’s using but you love seeing him get so excited about science
  • and one day you guys are out late at night because taehyung also enjoys making you go get snacks with him at like 4 am from the corner groceries off campus 
  • and taehyung is telling you about how radioactive decay works when he suddenly stops and is like “hey there’s something i don’t really know the answer to” and you’re like snorting over your ice-cream like “yeah, what is that?” and he just looks at you and he’s like
  • “i don’t know why the hell i always want to kiss you.”
  • and you’re like “oh that’s- what?” and you meet his eyes and taehyung lowers his own ice cream and is like “can i try it? once? i want to know, but if you say no…..”
  • and you’re like ok to hell with this ice-cream as you toss it to the side and wrap your arms around taehyungs neck and he’s like oh oh ok we are doing this and like
  • it’s the most ???? interesting???? first kiss you’ve had with anyone but it’s somehow still romantic with like the night breeze and taehyung’s soft touch against your cheek and like before he walks you home he shrugs off this big hoodie he has on and lets you have it for the night and oh my god you two cuties think about kissing each other even once you’re separated
  • like it’s so cute jimin wakes up to taehyung over pouring coffee into his cup because he got caught up thinking of your lips and ok it’s the beginning to something aDORABLE
  • so you and taehyung meet up at the parking lot for another skate lesson but this time taehyung is slightly more cautious about touching you or holding your waist and you’re like is something wrong??? and he’s like 
  • well he’s like “there’s this small local competition for skaters happening later tonight, do you want to come with me?” and you’re like oh sure!! and he’s like “it’s gonna be a lot of skaters so it might be awkward, but - it’d be nice if you cheered me on….” and you kinda blush because alksgjdfemfw but you’re like ofc ill come
  • taehyung picks you up at around like 7pm and the competition starts at like 9 so you guys take the train into the city and it’s cute taehyung like holds you close against him when the train gets crowded and you guys share like a quick snack and like once you get to the park where it’s being held everyone is like taehyung!!! and he’s so popular and everyones like fawning over him and trying to get his attention
  • and you’re not surprised taehyung is an amazing person it’s cool that he has so much recognition and like right before it’s his turn he like leans in and kisses you really fast and winks like “it’s for good luck!!” and ofc he ends up winning and everyones like taehyung let’s go get drinks and party but he’s like ahh maybe another time!! and like wraps his arm around you and is like “well, did i do well?” and you’re like “ you won!!!” and he’s like “YEAH but DId i LOOK cOOL?” and you’re like giggling like yes yes you did!!
  • and you look up to see taehyung like watching you and instead of the usual boyish charm and sunny smile, he’s got a more serious even kind of mysterious far off look in his eye and he leans in closer to you and is like placing his lips on your neck and you’re like taehyung…? but he just bites a little into your shoulder and you’re like oh! o ..h…
  • and taehyung is like we should get back to the dorm shouldn’t we? but you’re like there’s a little alley next to this park and the wall will suffice and he’s like are you su- but you’re back to kissing him
  • and taehyung like lifts your legs around his waist and just continues to let his mouth wander downwards
  • and if it wasn’t for the fact that you were on cloud nine with the feeling of his soft lips on you you would have been like taehyung we’re still technically in public but like no one is gonna see
  • and taehyung’s shirt can easily be unbuttoned it’s no big deal and you’re wearing something lite because it’s hot out so like 
  • you get my drift you know where im going 
  • and when taehyung notices you’re a little tired after he’s like ill piggyback you to the train and you’re like thanking him but he’s also like do you think i can piggyback you AND skate at the same time and you’re like taehyung pls don’t try to kill us both
  • but yeah you get to the dorms and you don’t want to let go of taehyung so you two just collapse in his bed together and it’s so soft
  • jimin wakes up in the morning to see you walking around the place in taehyung’s big ripped up shirt and taehyung is like asleep with very prominent marks on his neck and messy hair and jimin’s like
  • thank god i have an early morning shift at the hospital and he zooms out of there
  • but you and taehyung are like the most endearing couple he like skates from lab to your classes to meet up with you 
  • and you always make sure taehyung isn’t late to any of his math lectures even though you know he hates them and he makes you give him a shit ton of kisses before going inside so he can brave this horrible course
  • you get taehyung a custom board made that has like an engraving of Santa Maria on it and he gets so hype about it he won’t stop showing it off to EveryONe even jimin whose like ‘ive seen it a hundred times we dorm together’ and taehyung is like ‘look AT it ITS Great’
  • and anytime you hear someone say something about taehyung being in the engineering program you just talk really loud about how SMART and HANDSOME your BOYFRIEND TAEHYUNG A MECHANICAL ENGINEER MAJOR is and you’re not shy to be like his number one supporter 
  • taehyung picking you up into his arms and like skating you to one of your classes and you’re like kinda half screaming like taEHYuNG nO this i S DANgerous and you like hide your face in his shoulder and he’s like “don’t worry!!! my balance is gr8!!!”
  • took you to one of his arts & crafts club meetings so you two could make couple bracelets for each other and it was so cute everyone in the club was just like you two cuties look at you and you and taehyung just grew so red hehehe
  • also just imagine getting to wear all his big loose comfy clothes like what an a+ addition honestly WOO
  • kissing a sleepy taehyungs forehead when you come over and see him knocked out over one of his new plans for lab and you’re just so proud of him he’s so cute and hardworking !!!!

find namjoon’s ver (here), jimin’s ver (here)
find vixx college!au (here)
and please look forward to the rest of college!bts soon~ 

beasbees  asked:

"Why dont you take care of me like that when im sick??" "James youre always sick" "wHY DO YOU LOVE HIM MORE THAN ME THOMAS"

James is much more passive its more like-
“Alexander’s sick- im going to make sure he doesn’t try to get out of bed”
“Cool i guess I’ll just lay here and die”
“Im dying”

i really hope there is more to the story. the “he told you” gives me hope that maybe they didn’t go through with it. it’s a big step for malec and after baiting us like that just leaving us hanging meanwhile jace got scenes with random chicks not cool man so not cool.

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Hey, could you do what you think the RFA+V+Saeran's reaction would be to finding out that MC is actually, like, 12. No romance, of course. Just SFW stuff :)

I really like platonic asks and they’re a lot easier to write so this was a good kick start to doing headcanons for the night! Thank you for the cute request     -Green💚


-he is kinda excited tbh 

-yoosung finds himself getting along with people your age more easily because he’s kinda young himself 

-and you don’t tease him like everyone else does!!! fuckin SCORE!!

-he will show you all of his games!! you play games all night

-yoosung you are ruining this child stop 

-he’s the really cool and friendly older friend that you brag to everyone about 

-Yoosung finally feels cool for once oh my god he luvs u 


-ok so Saeyoung is basically a really cool but HORRIBLE DAD 

-he literally went up to you when he came in the apartment to protect you and just went “I’m your dad now go tf to bed” 


-no but he fucking makes dad jokes ALL DAY and it’s so horrible when he’s IGNORING YOU 

- “Saeyoung what are you doing? I’m bored!!”

- “Hey “I’m bored”, I’m fuckin BUSY” 

-he’s so sassy to you oh my god tone it down they are literally 12 

-Saeyoung can’t help but feel responsible for you though. He cooks for you even if he’s trying to get you to not like him (WHEN HE’S CALLING HIMSELF YOUR DAD. YOU CANT IGNORE SOMEONE AND BE LIKE ‘BUT IM UR DAD THO’), and he’ll make you cool new toys 

-by toys I mean WEAPONS because you need to protect yourself you are a child 

-once everything is in the clear tho and you, a 12 year old literally go through the religious cult shit and help him save his brother, you really are like his kid. If you don’t have parents to return to, he will gladly take you in and raise you in a quirky Saeyoung way. rewards for learning is chips like omg

-you are tempted to say you have no parents 


-you thought saeyoung was bad? HAH 

-the worst father 


-i don’t know why he doesn’t just send you home, but he makes you stay and schedules tutors to come so you don’t get to skip school now its just 1000x harder 


-no but he is so worried about you. and very nervous like he’s sweating because he doesn’t want to fuck this up and have you hate him 

-cause this guy is a sucker for kids guys. so while he’s basically putting you in your own god damn private school he’s spoiling you like crazy 

-you have this billionaire wrapped around your finger and he doesn’t even deny it 


-… c h i l d…. 

-is very very tempted to speed to the apartment and send you home right away when she learns your age 

-but saeyoung is like “it’s chill” but it is NOT C H I L L SAEYOUNG

-the whole time Jaehee kinda just is salty towards saeyoung because WHY WOULD YOU KEEP A CHILD ALL ALONE IN AN APARTMENT…

-what about s ch oool

-so she offers to tutor you through the messenger while you miss fucking 2 weeks of school 

-she is now your mother. did you not understand how something worked?? boom now you know it all and the history of it 

-the two of you get along really well tho. she’s always inviting you to her coffee shop for private tutoring lessons and just hang out sessions

-your official babysitter if your parents are out of town 


-slams himself into a wall when he hears you are 12 year old because he was hitting on you so hard 

-takes this as a learning experience and now when people come up to him he makes a habit of asking for age (why didn’t you have the habit before-hand??)

-is now the Cool Older Brother who will kick all of your bullies asses 

-but you can never tell him if you have a boyfriend because he will literally sit him down and give your bf the Talk 

-you would rather tell your god damn dad then tell Zen 

-so he’s pretty protective. but other than protective he’s super chill with you and likes to sass you like there is no tomorrow 

-when he has the dream about Unknown breaking in, Zen doesn’t even hesitate omg. He is so much more impatient and is ready to kick Saeyoung’s ass if he doesn’t give him the address right N O  W

-he will constantly be giving you beauty tips and giving you makeovers while talking about his new shows and how men are wolves so only hang out with chicks okay 


-what is this sassy, lost child doing here 

-he doesn’t want you there at all bc he knows what’s going on and he is so afraid for your safety,, 

-but you’re sassy and persistent on helping out the RFA so instead of you staying at the apartment all alone, he comes and lives with you for the time being 

-he is constantly out of the house bc of his “travels” but it makes him feel much better knowing where you are and staying communicated with you through just texting and not the messenger 

-though he makes his “Travels” a lot shorter so he can come back to the apartment and make sure you’re fed and put in bed. 

-V keeps to himself though and tries not to make anything personal or get too attached to you 

-it doesn’t work where can he sign the adoption forms


-he didn’t?????? know??? that he sent a 12 year old to an apartment?????

-even when he broke in he didn’t fucking know ajdnakjdg

-it wasn’t until you came to infiltrate Mint Eye that he knew and that kind of made him stop for a minute 

-staring at you in the cell, scared and clinging to Saeyoung.. fuck, that pissed him off. 

-he wanted to rip you away from Saeyoung. You weren’t safe with him! He would ruin you… ruin your future… just like he did with him. 

-Saeran basically looks at you and sees himself. 

-so privately he meets with you outside the cell and he offers you to leave Mint Eye and pretend like nothing happened. He doesn’t… want to ruin you. You’re too young. Too pure for paradise. 

-when you refuse, it irks him, but he was expecting it. He almost likes how much fire you have in you even when you’re quivering in your shoes.

-so he lays off of you. pretends to not see you. Saeran really doesn’t want you a part of this, but since you won’t leave… he’ll pretend like you aren’t even there, and it’s just him and Saeyoung. 

-it’s much easier not to feel guilty that way. 

college bf yoongi

min sugaAaAAaaAaaaaa, 2/7 enjoy :))

  • sleepy, tired, smart yoongi
  • he’d be sOOOOO chill like i cannot stress that enough
  • like he’d always be in his room or ur room
  • bc he’d just be too drained from school to do anything else tbh
  • but when he’s not tired y’all would have so much fun
  • like road trips to ur hometown
  • late night convenience store runs
  • getting drunk w/ each other and enjoying each other’s company yknow
  • and he’d always just wanna be in your presence even if you guys aren’t doing anything
  • “babe come over, jungkook’s gone”
  • “can’t, i’m doing my assignment!!!”
  • “k then i’m coming over”
  • “yOONGI NO”
  • but he’d show up anyway
  • probably with like mcdonald’s or somethin
  • and you wanna be mad @ him for showing up 
  • cuz u know he’s gonna end up distracting u
  • but he brought u food so?????
  • “y/n”
  • “yoongi”
  • “can u come here”
  • he’s like half lying down on ur bed
  • so how can u resist tbh
  • “i’m working!!”
  • “but i brought u food”
  • and you’d just whine his name
  • “pls y/n, i just wanna sleep”
  • “then sleep????”
  • “with u????”
  • “dont get rude??”
  • “ok??” 
  • and he throws a fry at u but u ignore him
  • whATEVER u finish ur work and join him in bed
  • but he’s already asleep
  • then u try to get up
  • but he grabs ur waist and pulls u back
  • like haha surprise im lowkey awake 
  • “did u finish” he asks u with his eyes closed 
  • “yes” 
  • and he’d pull you in closer to his chest 
  • and just ask you what the time is 
  • “its six” 
  • he’d groan “ughhhhhh i have class in like an hour” 
  • “don’t go”
  • “i skipped last week”
  • but he’d just sleep through class 
  • and when he comes back he’s back in ur bed
  • “hey uh tae’s having a little party tonight, wanna go?”
  • “i have class at 8 tomorrow”
  • “k thats cool, i didnt wanna go either”
  • and ur just laughing bc both of u are so antisocial 
  • and he’d whine until u joined him back in bed 
  • bc thats where he’s the happiest
  • in bed
  • with u
  • the end 
The Vamps Night & Day (Night Editon) Reaction

First sorry if you follow me only for Shawn here haha but I’m about to fangirl (really hard sorry) about the new album of these idiots thanks bye 

I wrote all of these while listening to that songs so excuse me if its a bit a mess but it’s a good representation of what was happeningin my mind haha, lets go now :

- Okay but MOTN IS MY JAM LIKE I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH but we all already know it so thats “fine”


- of course HANDS « YOU SAY YOU BETTER WITH THE HAAAAAAAANDS » I feel sexy with this song haha


- PAPER HEART I thought i was ready as I already heard it with videos but I was EMOTIONAL TRUST ME THIS WAS ME

Originally posted by gifsarefunny



- ITS A LIE i was really waiting for this song I expected this song to be so good and if Tini was not on it (sorry really) IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO FREAKIN MORE AMAZING THAN IT ALREADY IS……..but THE BRIDGE THE BRIDGE THE BRIDGE THEEEEE BRIIIIIDGE

- STAY MY FAV MY FAV MY FAV BEFORE I LISTEN TO THE ALBUM SO I WAS EXPECTING A LOOOOOT AND NOW PREPARE MY GRAVE BC DAMMIT HIS VOICE I CRAWLED INTO A LITTLE CORNER AND FREAKIN DIED THERE «  so you can find me the tallest building in the tallest city » still my fav lyric ever in this amazing song azihefzrgmoaejgea but also « and you can wear my favorite t shirt » fucked me up A LOT  OH LORD THE BRIDGE I WAS NOT READY HAHA (thats a nervous laugh BECAUSE IM CRYING RN)  HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS VOIIIIIIIIIIIICCEEEEEE LET ME DIE IN PEACE THATKS




..and also THE BRIIIIIDGES thats all i have to say thanks bye haha Im gonna cry under my bed now oknobye 

she works at the diner in town, the kind with gummy seats and syrupy floors, and her uniform is the kind you see on old television shows.
on friday nights she works until 1am. i come in at 12:45, and take the booth in the far left corner, where it’s quiet. to drown out her voice with dishes would be a shame. the lights turn everything blue, the dishes, the chrome accents, the white uniforms. her hair. she sees me through the kitchen door. her face fills the round window for just a moment, and her eyes are bright and calm. i smile back, and she ducks away.
the table is black, with flecks of red and silver, like asphalt dotted with confetti, from high, high above. i start counting the red bits, because she’ll be clocked in for another 10 minutes yet–
she’s the only one who calls me that. i look up. she smiles, dimples forming. she’s still in her uniform, white collar faded but her name tag is sparkling clean. orla.
“coffee?” she asks, trying not to smile because she knows the answer, and i know she knows, so i smile back all innocent.
“cranberry juice. with seltzer.”
she takes out her notebook, that smile still on her face, one that’s all mischievous and playful, and writes something down. her glasses are slipping down her nose again. they always are.
she looks up at me and winks, and the kitchen door swings closed.
i count 23 more specks in the tabletop before she sits down across from me, in an oversized sweater the color of pea soup. she sets the glass down in front of me. i take a sip.
“how’s my ratio?”
i make an exaggerated thinking face. “more juice.”
she flicks the straw wrapper at me and giggles.
“last week you said more seltzer!”
i shrug. “it’s a delicate balance.”
she regards me over her glasses, escaping giggles ruining the facade. i put my hand palm-up on the table.
“we all have to start somewhere, my darling,” i add, exaggeratedly aloof.
she snorts, and puts her hand on top of mine. i kiss the back of her hand.
“love you,” she says, the trace of a laugh lingering like bells.
i kiss her hand again. “always.”

So! I’m visiting home on Saturday and I’m pumped because:

  • I get to see my cats
  • I get my fidget cube
  • I get my tamagotchi
  • I get my Missy Mug I just ordered
  • I get to give my dad a cool gift for father’s day
  • I get to give my sister 3 cool gifts for her bday
  • I get to go to dinner at my fave pub
  • I get my double bed

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I love that Flint literally gave himself this little holiday :)

he damn well earned it. im convinced he surrendered himself knowing it would mean some time away from the chaos and noise. locked himself up inside a nice cool cell with a big bed, his little book, regular food, and a lot of peace and quiet. he even had the time and tools to trim his beard and wash himself. like… what kind of spa at fort b&b. eleanor sending in soldiers to retrieve him bc the cache has arrived except now he won’t leave. they try dragging him away, but he won’t let go of the bed and he keeps yelling ‘’i live here now’’ 

not to be dramatic but here is a list of happy annamis things post s3

- they get married in secret 2 months after baby™ becomes king, constance is their witness and its v pure

- they hold hands under the table in council meetings when things get Stressful

- cutest political power couple in France tbh

- anne is like wow!!! im not used to sleeping with another person in this bed so u cant complain that I keep stealing all the covers!!!

- also sometimes aramis talks in his sleep and anne is like staring at the ceiling of her (their) room like “i am never going to be lonely again in my whole life” and quietly giggles to herself in the quiet hours of the morning

- highkey anne introduces aramis to the baby™ like “this is aramis and hes the first minister and his job is to tell u cool bedtime stories okay darling” and it all just works out

- sometimes they sit in big rooms and catch each others eyes & smile like they have an inside joke (they have twelve)

- they have lunch on sundays with like the whole garrison @ the palace and the babies all play together under the table and anne is like SO CONSTANCE THE WAR IS OVER WHAT ABOUT THAT BABY and d'artagnan chokes on his food (porthos and aramis can’t stop laughing and they are all so happy and also athos just sent them a letter earlier that day like “I can’t believe I’m a dad!!!” and things are Good)

Hidden Rooms

Summary: Every night you hear noises in your closet, every night you pay a visit.

A/N: we’ve got like 4/5 more chapters left y’all ><

Dino, Seungkwan, & reader

Wonwoo [here], Dk [here], Hoshi/Woozi [here], Joshua/Mingyu [here]

Word Count: 3,640

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i was about to send valdug but. but i know all the answers. we all know all the answers. it's like asking which 2016 presidential candidate's PR team sleeps the least. im still asking for valdug.

IM LAUGHING, i’ll try to make these funny at least, to make it worth it

who’s the cuddler: “my hugs are only for special occasions,” skulduggery says. “WAIT NO NO THAT DOESN’T MEAN DON’T HUG ME,” skulduggery also says. i think valkyrie tends to initiate the cuddles but a lot of the reason is bc she knows (on a unconscious level, at first) that he needs it more than she does. ESPECIALLY post tdotl. i mean, on her end, she gets a cold and bony tooth brush that’s all angles and gentle mockery. on his, he gets valkyrie right where he needs her: safe. not bleeding, not crying, not hurting. warm against his cool check, soft curves against his sharp angles, her heartbeat steadily reassuring. 

who makes the bed: there is one answer to this question and valkyrie scoffs, SCOFFS at the fact he wastes his time, literally every single day, making a bed that’s going to be messed up again. like, even in the series context im sure he gets annoyed when there’s not enough time to make the bed in her guest room before they leave for the sanctuary. 

who wakes up first: skulduggery technically does not need to sleep, so he times his meditation periods so that he “falls asleep” around when val does and then wakes up hours before so he can spend at least, like, a good hour staring at her. he’s so gross. GROSS. 

who has the weird taste in music: they think it’s the other, because skulduggery has a collection of really really obscure records he’s hoarded for decades and valkyrie listens to people with names he doesn’t understand. “why are they ‘21 pilots’ if there’s two of them, valkyrie?”

who is more protective: well, one did frequently threaten to murder people on her behalf on a bookly basis. i do think/hope val’s own protective urges kick in at some point and she starts her own ‘i will kill you if you even think about hurting him’ things, because that’s true bliss

who sings in the shower: val and she sounds like a dying, drowning cat. skulduggery is endeared. he hates himself for it, but he is so endeared.

who cries during movies: skulduggery literally can’t, so: val. but she hates anyone seeing her cry over movies so she’ll just like. glare at the wall with tears in her eyes.

who spends the most while out shopping: look valkyrie has both a giant fucking fortune and her bone husband’s back account to take from so i feel like she just buys EVERYTHING and it’s bad. it’s really lucky that they collectively have like, 8 houses.

who kisses more roughly: skulduggery is all, slow, gentle kisses with cupped faces and murmured sweet nothings which is very sweet and very nice but sometimes a girl just wants her neck bit, OKAY, OK?? she probably gets bruised by the amount of times they accidentally headbutt/smack teeth/etc while kissing. it’s good they’re anti pda bc no one wants to fucking see that disaster

who is more dominate: skeleton crew would all probably unanimously say val here, and im gonna deviate from that slightly and say both? girl aint interested in someone who is completely submissive to her. she SAYS she is, and that she wants some nice little puppet who never talks, but she wants an equal on every platform. skulduggery probably knows this. skulduggery probably thinks, on occasion, that no one is actually going to fit that exact level of equality that valkyrie wants. he thinks that his best friend never going to be satisfied, and an awful part of him is relieved she’s never going to find a Perfect partner because it means he can’t be replaced.

meanwhile he’s got valkyrie on her back during training and she, bright red (with exertion. clearly) flips him onto HIS back and considers grabbing him by his shoulders and smacking his skull against the floor until he gets it.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: (cady heron voice) THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST

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I saw asks with people freaking out about a reblog so I had to see what everything was about like "lol drama cool beans" and now I'm CRYING, so THANK YOU I'm just gonna go to FUCKING BED BECAUSE IM SAD NOW

If it was the Lance one with his family reacting to him missing then YES. YES I KNOW. IT’S HORRIBLY SAD BUT ALSO SO WELL DONE AUGH

Family Bond Part 1


(This story contains cousins who end up fucking. If this offends you DO NOT READ!) Since this is my first story no Pictures will be added. But some hot shit goes down.

*** My name is Jeron Samuels. I’m 15 years old going on my second year of high school. Over the summer my pops got sick as fuck and had to start getting treatment at some special hospital in Flordia. Man I hope his bitch ass die, I hate that nigga. I wasn’t trying to go and leave my niggas all summer so I convinced my mom to let me stay at my older cousin house. Sammy was 18. I aint gon lie. Out of all my family Sammy was probably the most attractive. He was 6'2, deep dark chocolate, and a real thug. Not no fake ass thug that yall niggas see on TV. Naw Sammy ran these Philly streets. I swear one day this nigga was walking me to the store one day wit his homie Brian and as we were coming down the street I saw Niggas start walking the other way. Him and Brian both had respect on these streets. They was always together too smoking weed and getting drunk. Everytime I went over this nigga house if was either him and Brian or all they homies and a room full of bitches. Aunt Kira was never at her own house running after after men and money so Sammy always had a free crib.

*** The first night after Mom and Dad left for Flordia at Sammy house was lit as fuck. Brian had turned 18 the day before so tonight Sammy was throwing a party. Since I was 15 I was supposed to stay in Brian room and play games for the night. I got bored as fuck tho I had to go downstairs and see what was up. I just had to make Sure Brian aint see me. Since iT was a house full of people I figured that would be easy. When I got Downstairs bruh It was bud everywhere. Niggas drunk. Bitches was popping they pussy. I was only 15 so I never even seen a pussy up close. Besides in pornos and shit. The whole room smelled musty like weed. Liquor. And sweat. For some reason I didn’t see Brian tho. Or Sammy. So im nervous cause its all these people and im out the room without my cousin here to make sure im still good. This nigga thought he was gon leave me here wit all these fucking people. So I go back upstairs. On the way up the steps all I see is this bitch wit a phat ass and this long ass weave. In nothing but a thong and a shirt that barley covered her titties in the corner getting her pussy ate by some white bitch. They was getting real nasty too. The white bitch had a handful of the black chick ass pulling her pussy toward her face. The black girl was saying **Ahhhhhh shit, eat this pussy*** damn baby get that shit wet baby". Surrounded by a bunch of Brian friends that I recognized from the block. All they nasty asses yelling “Eat that pussy bitch” yea bitch get that pussy wet". Next thing u know everybody screaming “DAMNNNNNNNNNNN” I felt Splashes of water hitting my face. I looked closer through the crowd and realized the black bitch just had the best nut of her life. She squirted across the whole room. Niggas in the front pants was wet. One nigga looked like he pissed himself from her squirt being on his pants. I was so amazed all I could say was damn. This old head they call Smoke turned around and heard my voice. Smoke was 30 years old. Nice full beard. Always had his pants sagging wit some tight ass boxers underneath and tims. You never seen smoke without a L in his hand and his Tims on. He said “Lil nigga Wassup” The fuck you doing out here? You dont need to be seeing this. I wanted to ask where Brian and Sammy was but In my pants I felt something I aint want him to see. My Dick was hard. My Dick been hard before but this time it was real hard. And all I heard was bitches moaning that aint make it no better. Smoke saw thAT shit too. He started laughing out of nowhere im like nigga what’s funny.. ? I aint see what happened next coming at all. He was like nothing lil nigga just stick wit me right now. This nigga passed me his blunt and told me hit it. Then he got gave me his cup and almost killed my ass. Im thinking it was juice so I start gulping. Until I start chocking from the taste of alcohol. This nigga really gave me alcohol. I was fucked up at that point. I took one more hit of his blunt. “damn slow down lil nigga” is what he said. Then he grabbed my hand and took me All the way upstairs… Still no sign of Brian And Sammy.

*** When we got upstairs Smoke told me he just brought me up here to roll up again but he needed somee quiet. So im like cool lets go in Brian mom room. Nobody ever go in there. She keeps a key to her door in a plant in the hallway so I went to get it. The lights was still off so I figured nobody was in there. I opened the door and instantly I heard the sounds of the bed moving. Like creaking and shit. Im drunk as fuck as im thinking its just me. Before I could turn on the light and find out i felt A hand on my ass. And a wet ass tongue on my neck. It was Smoke doing this to me. I tried to move but this nigga was strong he had one arm around me to keep me from moving and another hand covering my mouth. Im not gon lie that shit felt good wit him licking all on my body. I could feel his stiff Dick poking my ass. I was so lit I aint even give a fuck. I only made out wit a girl one time and that’s it. But right now my body was doing shit I could not explain. I was moaning through his hand. I started grinding my ass back on him. That shit did feel real gay but smoke was sexy and he was turning my the fuck on. He brought my body down to the floor. Spread my legs and got on top of my. I stuck my tongue far out and grabbed the back of his head and said kiss me nigga…. Smoke lowered his head to meet my mouth with his until I heard. “Yo Jeron is that you”? I hopped up and turned on the light to see my cousin and his best friend on the bed naked. My auntie had a pretty big room so I didn’t hear what was going on in the dark but there my cousin was on the bed with Sammy. Both hard as fuck and Brian had spit dripping from his mouth while Sammy had spit dripping from his hard Dick… While Smoke was across the room on the floor where I left him…. Giving a confused stare at the bed. Met by a stare back from Sammy. And then he said “What the fuck are you doing here Dad”? Me and Brian looked at eachother then at Sammy and said “DAD”!? …

Some crazy shit…. But to be continued