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 So the general consensus on this scene

in the fandom is that Victor mistook Yuuri for a fan here.

But did he really?

I mean, sure, Victor may be a little self-centered but he’s aware of the skaters he’s competing against (as illustrated in episode 10, when he goes out of his way to describe every single skater, even JJ whom he doesn’t particularly like) and I doubt this is the first time he’s seen Yuuri not in costume.

Not to mention that Yuuri wouldn’t have been Victor’s only fan at the event and I doubt Victor would just go around offering to take selfies with anyone who looked at him with longing.

It was also confirmed in an interview that Victor knew Yuuri before the banquet and could tell that he was his fan through his skating (which was, of course, heavily inspired by Victor).

So maybe it’s not Victor mistaking Yuuri for a fan here - maybe it’s Victor knowing that Yuuri is a fan of his and knowing that he suffered a pretty overwhelming loss and needs cheering up, and maybe this is Victor trying to be considerate and actually trying to comfort Yuuri in his own way?

He may be overly blunt and can’t take a hint sometimes, but he’s also proven that he’s a nice person so maybe this is Victor trying to help Yuuri as well as he can? He knows his options are limited since they hardly know each other, but he figures that a photo with one’s idol could make anyone feel better.

He turns out to be wrong about that, but he had good intentions that were, let’s note here, specifically directed at Yuuri.

So TL;DR: Victor knew who Yuuri was in this scene and he knew about his defeat and his offer of a commemorative photo was his way to try and cheer Yuuri up.


Okay hear me out. He obviously remembered his best friend but like, how long had he gone without him after he sacrificed himself.

I mean when he met Pidge he didn’t think “Hey you look like someone I know” or when he saw the picture of Pidge and Matt he didn’t think “Wait I know them” SO DID HE FORGET WHAT MATT LOOKED LIKE. Guys what he was without him for so long he had forgotten what he looked like. What if he didn’t remember until Pidge said she was Sam’s daughter. He finally remembers how Matt looks. He can remember the terrified look on the boy when they were running from the craft, he remembers the worry marks on his sleeping face when he got knocked out.

Can you imagine after a long day he goes to Pidge’s room just to see her. And they just sit until he asks to see the picture of Matt. She shows it to him and he breathes a sigh of relief. When she asks why he is relieved he replies with tears in his eyes.

“I’d thought I’d forgotten what he looked like again.”

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HL are roomates and Harry has been pining for Louis for a while but he doesn't think Louis feels the same so he ends up starting to talk to L on grindr without him knowing it's him because is profile pic is just his abs or something. somehow L figures it out maybe he hears his phone ding or something when he sends a message and finds it weird or something. anyway they start sexting, and while things get heated louis walks next door and pretty much confirms it's H and things ensue..

Coming soon!

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*His pupils roll across his skull as his tolerance began to run short. Joey closes his eyes, massaging the bridge of his nose to remove some of the tension* Bendy. *He firmly spoke, one of his eyes opening to stare down at the clearly pissed off demon* In through one ear and out the other as usual, repeating yourself to expect results. This is all typical behavior from you.

say what you will about the loz manga but i think we can all agree that the best adaptation that conveys what the canon scene is like within the whole series is when Link needs a canon for Linebeck’s ship in Phantom Hourglass and Eddo’s acting like “it’s expensive af kid, i don’t wanna cause you a heart attack upon telling you the amount” and then goes on to say “IT’S 50 RUPEES YOU GOT THAT MUCH??” flapping his casted arm like a bird

and then Link’s all “‘50 RUPEES’ ????” because we all know that’s jack shit and a freaking steal but then Linebeck’s like “shit that’s expensive” even tho it’s fucking not and then Eddo’s all “i’ll give it to you for free if you really convince me that you want it”

HOLY SHIT! FOR FREE?? THAT’S EVEN MORE OF A STEAL. IN FACT IT IS A STEAL! And so Link (you, the player) starts declaring in a firm voice that you want that canon but Eddo’s laughing at your lame attempts and so you gradually get louder and louder until you look like a fool screaming into your DS microphone with a mouth big enough for a motherfucking honeycomb

until you’ve caused mass destruction in order to get an item that will only allow you to cause even more mass destruction

just for you to pass out from yelling so loudly but you finally get the damn canon for free