and be all 'you treating my sister well then

movies [ steve x reader ]

premise: (name) is dustin’s sister and they decide to watch movies all night. what (name) doesn’t know is that dustin invited steve, too

a/n: this was supposed to be shorter, like to paragraphs short, but…
also, requested by:  Hey I loved your Steve x Reader where reader is Dustin’s sister’s fic. Can you do more of it please? ( @queeeenofscots​ ) / can you plz do more dustinssister!reader x steve imagines??? thanks ily <3 (anon)

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A family night. Well, more of a sibling night. Mom is out of town with a couple of friends of hers (Mews death had really taken a toll on her). You and Dustin are left to your own devices, which means movie marathons and junk food all night. Falling asleep is also a no go because you swore to draw on his face with a sharpie if he even closed his eyes for a second. The same goes for you, of course. Granted, for being seventeen you sure can be childish sometimes. But you can’t really blame yourself for that, or wanting to spend more time with your brother. The two of you had always been close, but you drifted away when you grew into a real teen. Naturally the Demogorgon business brought you two together pretty quickly and neither of you intend to lose touch again.

Dustin picks between a few horror movies you had rented earlier that day as you heat up the popcorn, “Hey, (Name), how do you feel about Halloween?” Dustin asks from the couch.

You make a face, “Not good.”

“Perfect. We’re watching this one.”

You surpass the urge to roll your eyes and you grin and take the KFC you ordered out of those meek paper bags. As you turn off the lights in the kitchen, with one hand holding plates and the other grasping a big bottle of soda, you move into the living room as Dustin sets up the movie, “Just try not to scream.” Dustin says, fiddling with the VCR.

“Pretty sure you’ll be the one that’s screaming.”

The doorbell rings and makes a shiver shoot up your spine.  Instinctively you look at the looming front entrance and the dark night pooling behind it. You glance at Dustin but he doesn’t even look your way, mumbling something about ‘Stupid fucking movie why don’t you work?!’ so you set down the food and slowly make your way to the door. Right, maybe turning off all of the lamps so only the TV screen lights up the room with its ghostly bleak light and that weird scratching noise wasn’t the best idea. But it’s not like a Demo-dog can ring a doorbell, right?…Right?

Scolding yourself for being paranoid, you swiftly unlock the door and with a deep breath open it fully. The cool air pinches your cheeks red as you meet eyes with deep brown ones. Something clicks in your mind and you can’t help but grin at the visitor, recalling all those moments he had pulled you away from the mission just to talk or be close to you. Steve Harrington stands on your porch with a lazy smile on his lips and his hands shoved into his pockets. You make a mental note to thank Dustin later, because you sure as hell didn’t invite your crush over.

“…I was told there will be KFC.” Steve states.

“Who gave away this information?” You wonder, stepping aside to let him in. With a light shrug he enters and beelines for the couch.

“Hey, Dustin!—And I never reveal my sources, (Name).”

Soon you all squeezed on the small couch. Dustin in one end, you in the middle, and Steve in the other. After fighting over the popcorn and the abundance of puns Steve kept saying, a hush fell over your small group as the movie started. You were immediately sucked in and a bit terrified. You never could handle scary movies. And now that you literally had the opportunity to live out a real life scary movie with the Demo-dog business, you still find scary movies, well, scary. You pull the warm blanket closer to your lips as you are ready to hide behind it at any given moment.

Steve notices your terrified expression, and on a different occasion he wouldn’t find it as cute as he does now. You lean into him a bit when Michael Myers shows up. Something swells in his chest, something light and fuzzy and he can’t help but smile a little. For a full minute he ponders should he do the old ’yawn-put-my-hand-around-her-shoulders’ shtick. He conducts that would be pretty stupid and awkward so he just pretends to shift in his seat and drapes his arm over your shoulders anyway. You look at him. He pretends that nothing happened and gives you a playful glance.

Half-way through the movie you grew comfortable enough to rest your head on his chest. Steve’s fingers played patters on your skin, played with your hair almost subconsciously, but his eyes never once left the screen. When the clock struck 1 o’clock and the screen cut to black – the movie was finally over and you can take a breather, - you and Steve had to surpass a laugh at Dustin’s snoring. In hushed murmurs the two of you moved and Steve took up the job of picking Dustin up and bringing him to his room. With the blanket wrapped around your shoulders you waited him to return, and honestly, nearly swooned at how domestic he is.

Once he returns he shoves his hands into his pockets and looks around, almost as if trying to think of an excuse to stay. In lazy steps he approaches you and you have to bite down a smile, “I should…probably go now.” He says slowly, testing the waters. You flick your brows upwards.

“You sure?” You ask, “There are two more movies left.”

“You know, I always considered myself a patron of the arts so yeah, I say I could stay. With you. T-To watch the movies. If you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t. Trust me, I don’t.”

Steve makes quick work of setting up the VCR as you find a good spot on the couch. You fluff the pillows and can hardly contain the excitements that’s practically radiating from you. Now there’s way more space to move around, but he sits close to you and you throw your blanket on the both of you to keep warm, if that is even needed. Honestly, you just want to share something with him. Be as close as you can possibly be without going overboard with your feelings. You have a small hint that he may feel the same way, but then again, you don’t want to ruin this – whatever this is you have with him – by tuning all mushy and sappy and kissy. Not that turning kissy would be a bad thing, now that you really consider it.

The movie starts in bright flashes and loud sounds and you frown softly. You feel Steve’s arm drape over your shoulders again and you turn your head to him. A kaleidoscope of colors shine on his face – it almost appears mesmerizing – as the thought of the two of you being completely alone finally sinks in. A spark lights up your chest and fuels your whole body with the need to kiss him. Your gaze roams from his eyes to his lips and back, an action he notices and smirks at, as you lean in ever so slightly and asks, “…Patron of the arts? Really?”

“I lied.” He grins, “Sorry.” He murmurs, leaning in and capturing your lips in a long overdue kiss.


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705 words

Warning: Elena being a bitch, swearing


‘You know you can stop going all out for these dates, you already won me over’ you say to Klaus at the end of another splendid date with your boyfriend, the hybrid himself. Your twin sister Elena and her friends would never approve although it seems you have won over his family, which is the only reason why you and Klaus have to keep quiet on your relationship, because of your family.

‘Yes well a beautiful young lady like yourself should be treated like a queen, my queen’ Klaus replies

‘Smooth’ you reply leaning over the console to give him a quick kiss goodbye and leave the car watching as he drives away, you walk up the steps to your door, a giddy, wide smile on your face although the good mood seems to leave as soon as you see who is in your home, not overly fond of your sisters friends as they are constantly plotting against your boyfriend.

‘Hey everyone, what evil scheme did you come up with tonight’ you tease getting a drink of water from the kitchen and sitting on the couch next to Bonnie.

‘Why do you smell like the devil?’ Damon questions a disgusted look of confusion

‘What?’ Elena questions. Damon says one word that erupts the biggest argument that you and Elena will ever have,

‘Klaus’ which also starts the questions being thrown at you. Although one stands out

‘You’re with Klaus? He’s the enemy, is he compelling you?’ Caroline questions

‘NO! Okay actually he gave me a necklace that has vervain in it to stop vampires from compelling me’ you shout

‘But (y/n) he’s still the enemy’ Elena says

‘No he’s not you’re just putting the blame on him every time something goes wrong’ you yell back at her

‘He tried to kill me’ Elena says to you to get you to realise that he is a bad guy.

‘yeah and Damon killed Jeremy, for no reason may I add plus he didn’t know that Jeremy was wearing a ring but you forgave him pretty quick, at least Klaus had a reason to kill you’ you tell her trying to get through to her that logic is idiotic.

‘I can’t trust you now that I know that you’re with him’ she mutters and you go quiet looking at her with disbelief then glance your eyes over everyone else who are looking down not denying or agreeing with Elena so you just accept that your sister, your twin someone who was supposed to always be by your side, now can’t trust you.

‘okay you know what?’ you start to say while getting your phone out trying to figure out which Mikaelson sibling would be best to come pick you up, ‘I have never said this out loud before because you know I’m a good sister but right now you don’t deserve it I’m actually glad you don’t trust me now I’m safer away from you because you let all of your friends and family either die, get injured or lose their loved ones for you to survive’ you tell her off and by the end of your rant there’s a knock on the door and you hear Elijah’s voice through the door, you mutter a goodbye to everyone accept for Elena and walk to the door and walk into Elijah’s open arms leaving everyone speechless.

‘You okay?’ he questions ‘I will be’ you mutter into his shoulder and as you open your mouth to ask him something he beats you to it.

‘No I didn’t tell him, if I did it would have ended very differently’ he says and you sigh.


Once you get to the mansion, Klaus comes to the door as soon as he senses you presence and as he sees you he gives you a questioning look but then sees your saddened face and immediately rushes over to you with a worried look

‘What’s wrong love?’ he asks

‘Just hold me’ you mutter not ready to replay what just happened.

‘Well, well couldn’t get enough of us?’ Kol and Rebekah walk in but soon lose their smirks when they see you.

It’s amazing how a family of psychotic murderous vampires treat you better than you own family.

Older brother Namjooon+ rest of BTS scolds you PT.8

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

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Taehyung’s p.o.v

Without another word she got up and walked away. I felt bad. No, I felt awful. She said I’d betrayed her, I hurt her. I hurt my cute lil raindrop that I care about so dearly. How could I do that to her when she specifically asked me not to bring them? What did I do? 

I walked my way back to the cafe, where the guys expected me to bring Y/N back with me. I made my way in and sat down. 

“Where is she?” Namjoon asked. 

“She hates me now too.” I swallowed hard. I still couldn’t believe myself, how did I manage to hurt someone that I love?

“What do you mean?” Hobi asked, frowning.

“I was never supposed to bring you guys with me. I was never supposed to break her promise and tell you that I was going to see her today. She trusted me and I betrayed that.” 

“Why is she being so damn dramatic about everything? Can’t she just grow the fuck up already?” Jimin said slamming his hands on the table.

“Ya, she’s like this because of you guys. She’s completely torn, and so hurt because all you guys care about is the way you look in the public eye. Have you never taken into consideration her feelings? You guys spoke badly of her behind her back. Namjoon hyung, you of all people should have known better. You of all people should have stuck up for her, protected her when she needed you the most. And Jimin, you seriously call yourself her best friend? She couldn’t even tell you that she was suffering. We were all so damn clueless about her. We all just assumed that she was okay. Every time something bad was written about her, we only assumed she was okay. We only ever assumed that she was in the wrong. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to go find her because it seems to me non of you even care.”  I shook my head and left them all sitting there completely silent. 

Y/N’s p.o.v

I didn’t know where I was walking to, I had no idea where I was going. But I kept walking, I was beyond hurt. It was slowly becoming more and more unbearable. I thought I had it all, I had big brother who once treated me so well, and his best friends thought of me as their own sister too at one point. But I mess up one time and lose everything. I lose my brother, I lose my best friend and I lose the last person I thought I could trust. 

Who did I have left? Myself? I don’t even know who I am anymore. Who would have known that losing the closest people around you could hurt this much? Was I the one at fault here? Maybe I am. Maybe non of this would have happened if I just didn’t do anything, maybe I would still have my brother and his friends, my best friends if I just, listened to them and took in what they had said. Maybe they wouldn’t be put in such difficult positions if I just, if I just wasn’t around them anymore. They’ve proved to me that they didn’t need me, they never did. They have each other and thats all that they needed. 

Just my luck, it’s raining. It didn’t even take long until I was completely soaked from head to toe. I didn’t have an umbrella, I didn’t have a jacket but I kept walking, Walking in the rain hid the fact that my tears never stopped falling, no one could see that I was dying more and more inside. That this feeling of being alone and so lonely was tearing me up.

 I’ve been walking for hours now, it hasn’t stopped raining and it was getting darker each second. I felt so numb, I felt the world beneath me spinning. I looked up and saw that I had finally reached my apartment complex. I lived alone, mum and dad thought it was a good idea for me to be independent. But look where that got me. I walked into the building, and noticed that the elevators were broken down. Nothing wanted to go well for me did it? The world hates me. So I walked slowly up the stairs and made my way up to the eleventh floor. I felt as though I was going to collapse, but I kept walking until I reached my door. Only to find him sat with his head in his hands and that was the last thing I saw.


You Should Be Here

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jared x Little Sister!Reader

Summary: Being Jared’s younger sister put you in the path of Jensen Ackles, and inevitably the two of you fell in love. Jared falls into a deep depression, and you and Jensen are left to help him deal. 

Word Count: 2,358

Warnings: angst, depression, character death, suicide, so much fucking angst. Seriously, get ready for heartbreak.

A/N: Why does my brain do these things? Based on You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell

(this will be added to both my Jared and Jensen masterlists, as well as both groups tagged in this. It is a Jensen x Reader fic technically, but Jared is involved so I figured I’d tag you all.)

Beta’d by the incredible @spontaneousam / @wayward-oneshots and now I owe her my life because I’m probably so annoying. 

Meeting Jensen through your brother was nothing short of a miracle. Jensen took you under his wing immediately, treating you like his younger sister halfway through filming season one of Supernatural. Three years later, he finally found it in his heart to admit to you that you were more than just a friend, that he’d fallen in love with your mind, your body, your soul.

Of course you loved him too. What wasn’t there to love about him? The way his tongue slipped between his teeth when he smiled, the way his eyes crinkled around the edges, the perfect pout of his lips, the slope of his gorgeous nose…

Season six. Sam was soulless, Jared was depressed, and Jensen was helping you cope with it. You curled up in his arms every night, head laying on his heart, the steady thumping lulling you to sleep despite the tears streaking down your cheeks. Your big brother, the one you always looked up to, the one who protected you and guarded your heart through everything, was breaking right before your eyes. 

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Isn’t she lovely?

Request: Hello! Can I request something? If I can I would like to request an imagine about the “marry, kiss, fuck” game, where the reader come back to Kattegat after a year and the Ragnarsons have a crush on her so they made that game. I love your work girl, you’re amazing! – By cute anon and thank you for the love babe.

words count: 2.421

pairing: ragnarssons x reader based on a “marry,fuck,kiss” question.

tagging: @odins-missing-eye @raekenimages @cherrytrinkets @georgiagrl1990 @miss-brightly-red @float-autumn-leave

N/t: I had so much fun writting this and I am coming back, so thank you to whoever send this request, you brought me back to life babe.

When I lefted Kattegat it was because my father had a disagreement with Ragnar and to avoid a big fight we left and I had to leave everyone that I cared about behind, it hurted me for a long time but that was until king Ragnar came to our house one day in the blooming spring time, I was helping my mother with the food while my father was teaching my little brother how to defend himself in case it was needed. We heard a knock on the door and since we weren’t expecting no one we expected the worse, my mother grabbed her dagger, I grabbed my little sharp knife that I used to cook, my father grabbed his ax and my lil brother grabbed an hold to his wooden sword and we approached the door to open it and face Ragnar himself, my father looked back and forth confused to why Ragnar was seeing him and my mother smiled being the always sweet person she was.

“Honey please he must come in peace so let him in and Ragnar welcome to our humble house, we are preparing some food would you like to join us for dinner?” my mother smiled and I just chuckled resting my knife on the wooden table and Ragnar looked at me with an intriguing look.

“yes Ingrid I would like very much to join you and your family” Ragnar spoke smiling at my father and my father never lefted his stubborn face leave his features, once we all sat Ragnar looked at me and seemed to be analyzing me, I sighed and looked at him.

“It’s something wrong?” I spoke with a neutral tone and Ragnar smirked.

“you left Kattegat when you were a little kid and now you have become one very beautiful woman that seems deadly if pushed to that point, I saw that you had a knife on your hand hidden” Ragnar looked deep in my eyes and I just shrugged my shoulders continuing to eat.

“ she needs to know how to fight when no one else is around her to protect her” my father spoke and after that he and Ragnar went outside for a more private talk while me and my mother and little brother cleaned everything waiting for our father to tell what the visit was all about, once he entered after long time outside I looked at him and my mother did so, I rested my hands on my little brother shoulders and my mother stood next to me while my father walked inside running his hands on his already unbraided hair and we feared the worst.

“What happened? What did he want now?” my mother spoke approaching my father and he smiled at her holding his wife by the waist tenderly and I smiled at the gesture but stood patiently waiting to hear my father’s answer.

“we talked about everything Ingrid, he wants us to be back in Kattegat and want me to fight by his side in the raids that are yet to come, he said he was foolish when we fought and now he said we are more than welcome to come back to our real home”

When my father said that tears formed in my eyes at the sudden memories that I was obligated to leave behind for a long year and my brother looked at me smiling widely while my mother gave a scream of happiness and hugged my father tight.

“We are coming back home sister?” my brother looked at me and I nodded kissing his nose tenderly,.

“Yes little brother, we are coming back and you will see others of your age and you will be able to meet our friends and to play with kids of your age” I cleaned the tears that fell from my face and I went to hug my father as well.

The next day and after a long trip we arrived in Kattegat, everyone was expecting us and we could see Ragnar with his arms crossed by his chest and smiling at the sight of one his best warriors and my father, when the boat was steady we climbed off of it and walked on the pear to enter in a place that never seemed to make me feel happy, my brother was walking by my side, I was with my hair long and with a braid done having some loose hair falling on my face, I was wearing a yellow dress and a brown fur coat with grey details, my mother greeted Aslaug and Ragnar once again followed by her sons, my father followed my mother cue and my little brother was a little bit shy but still managed to talk with everyone, when I was saying my greetings to Ragnar and Aslaug she smiled and looked me up and down with a pleased look on her face “this one will cause some stir on men in Kattegat” she smirked looking at my mother and I chuckled nodding my head at the non sense and I went to greet the ragnarsons.

First it was Bjorn who I already knew for a long time and he always treated me like a sister of his own, so he just hugged me tight smiling.

“you look so beautiful, Freya blessed you well sister” Bjorn smiled holding me by my arms far from him so he could look better at me.

“don’t say things like that, Freya blessed everyone you fool” I replied and he just laughed letting go of me and I smiled seeing Ubbe at Bjorn side, along with the rest of the brothers hvitserk, siggurd and Ivar, I greeted them and they all seemed to be whispering things between them while Ivar just stood there watching me closely.

“It’s something wrong?” I look into his bright blue eyes and he smirked never breaking eye contact with me.

“nothing is wrong we are just happy to see you back that is all, we missed our friend after all but you have turned into a very unique looking woman” Ivar tried to compliment me but I didn’t understood it like that so I just frowned at him.

“Excuse me? What do you mean with that? I look normal like every other woman in Kattegat Ivar, you should work on your choice of words better” I huffed and turned around to leave with my family to our home and the brothers stood behind laughing at the awkward situation that happened in front of them.

“You know that you could say she turned to be very pretty and not make such an odd compliment like that brother” hvitserk laughed and all the brothers went to the hall while Ivar sighed.

When we had arrived to the our home we settled for a little bit until we got invited to the big fest that was about to start, I dressed myself in my blue dress with pearl details on the cleavage and let my hair loose and wavy, I didn’t want to put on makeup again so I just followed my parents that were already impatient with me, so I left our house heading towards the big hall. Once we arrived I never let sight of my brother until he went to play with some kids of his age and my parents went away talking with aslaug and Ragnar and I just eat a little bit and drank while trying to control my temper when drunken men would come and try to throw themselves at me. From afar I saw the ragnarson looking at me and I smirked winking at them, if I am going to be here I might as well have a little bit of fun, Ubbe stood up and the rest of his brothers came in following him and in a very fast pace they were in front of me with smirks on their faces while I just sipped my drink not saying a word but never taking my eyes out of them, I  had to be honest to myself, they were very handsome more than I remember them to be. Ubbe was all smiles to me while hvitserk just smirked and Ivar smiled cheekily and siggurd went to approach me very fast surpassing Ubbe.

“By all gods I always knew you were going to be the most beautiful girl I ever seen, I would like to see how much of a woman you have turned into in a more private conversation” he smirked and I just raised my eyebrows amused with it.

“well thank you very much siggurd those words mean the world to me, I always knew you were going to be the…well you were going to be a man one day, I had my doubts at one point may I confess” I took another sip and the rest of the brothers laughed so hard everyone looked at us when siggurd yelled angry.

“You better respect me y/n, or else my sympathy will be over with you!”

“And then what? You are going to hurt me? I would like to see you try that siggurd, don’t forget I don’t fear the fact your mother and your father are the king and queen of Kattegat, maybe then I show you how much of a woman I have become” my words were poison and Ivar smirked feeling highly amused at the confrontation that he was seeing.

“don’t mind my brother y/n, you know how he is when he has to many drinks on him, but I will like to spend more time with you to see how you turned out to be, so shy when a kid and now so fierce, women like that are to be married”  Ubbe smirked and I smiled at him.

“It’s that a proposal I am listening? Too soon son of Ragnar, and who knows if I don’t have an eye on someone else” I winked at him and hvitserk stood by my side resting his arm on my shoulders.

“She is brave! I always knew she was like that, remember how we were the ones who spent more time together talking by the river?” he smiled trying to make himself more personal that the failed attempts of his brothers.

“ I am not remembering that no, but maybe we talked only the gods known and if I remember you used to make fun of me because I couldn’t fight very good like other girls when we were all together, that I remember well” I looked at him and hvitserk stepped away grabbing another drink while Ivar was quiet embarrassed to talk and be afraid of saying something strange like before, I looked at him and siggurd was about to speak again but I raised a finger to him to keep his mouth shut and sat on the floor next to Ivar not caring who was looking.

“I remember you though, you were mean to me but then you said something I never forget” he looked at me curious and I rested my cup on the floor.

“What was that?”

“you said I was odd because I rather be singing and running on the woods then fight like my mother and every woman when they grow, I used that has a push to prove I could do both and maybe better then all of you” Ivar smiled and Ubbe sat with us and so did the other brothers.

“Well I haven’t seen you fighting yet so maybe you are just talking too much, I need proves that you are more than a pretty face and a good singer” Ivar dared me and I narrowed my eyes at him smirking.

“You think I am pretty?” I teased and he blushed hiding away and looking to another side nodding his head no.

“ I never said you weren’t so” Ivar mumbled and I just patted his shoulder getting up so I could leave the feast, once I got up a drunk man groped my ass from behind and I stopped my movements looking at him over my shoulder, my eyes turning cold and my body growing stiff.

“this one looks like a good time in bed, let’s go whore I need some release” the drunk man spoke loud and when the brothers were about to intervene, I knocked him away from me with a punch on his chin and grabbed a jar that was at my hand to hold and broke in his head grabbing him by his hair while he was on the floor and I looked into his eyes.

“touch me again or mistake me for a whore or slave and I will rip your throat with my bare hands and watch you bleed till death while drinking this fine wine you filthy animal” I groaned in his face and everyone stood quietly watching me surprised, the brothers all had shock spread on their faces, I got up and left the man bleeding on the floor and left to my home getting some rest.

“I will marry her” Ubbe spoke first and all the brothers protested.

“In your dreams brother, she is too much of a woman for you to handle” Hitvserk replied quickly. “She will be my wife and our kids will be the strongest ones to ever be alive”

“ you dream to high my brother, she is worth more than just being a mother, but she will be mine like she said, I was inspiration for her to learn how to fight everyone heard that so you better stay back and save a heartbreak” Ivar drank his whole cup in one sip and smirked at his brothers.

“She is very arrogant, that will not fit her with a husband” siggurd grunted still hurted by my words.

“That will not fit her with a husband or you will never have a chance to be her husband? Because the last option sounds more credible” Ivar teased his brother and all the boys fought among them who will be talking and having you by himself from this day on.

A Pirate's Life For Me

Summary: The reader, a pirate on Captain Jones’ ship, sets foot on the island with her crew, and is met with and unexpected surprise.

 It was early in the morning when the crew first spotted the island. The coral sun was rising over the horizon, and the seagulls screeched their morning song. I had just woken up and began my morning chores. But when one of my mates cried out “Land ‘ho!”, I dropped the mop and ran to the side of the ship. 

From all the terrible stories I had heard from Hook about the evil Peter Pan and the dangerous island of Neverland, this was not what I had expected. The island was big and filled with lush green palm trees and sparkling sand. It looked like something out of a dream. My trance was immediately broken by the command of Killian.

 “Alright! I have set up a meeting with Pan in one of the island’s lagoons. We will meet, discuss and then leave on our next voyage. In this lagoon,we will be surrounded by dense jungle, and swarms of mermaids who are willing to drag you down into the sea and never bring you back up. Everyone needs to be one the lookout.” This little speech arose a cheer from the crew, but he held up his hand. “I will need a pirate to come on land with me. Y/n, ready yourselves for when we arrive.” I was nervous, yet thrilled. In all the time I had worked on this ship, Killian had always been overprotective of you. He treated you like a little sister, and had taught you all he knew about being a pirate. This was the first time he had allowed you to exit the ship. I stood up straight and tried to look tough as I walked back into my cabin. But as soon as I shut my door, I squealed. Grabbing my favorite leather satchel, I placed my knife, canteen, and some bandages inside. I decided to grab a loaf of bread and fruit as well, just in case.

 Making my way back up to the deck, I watched as the crew threw down the anchor and stairs. I looked upon the shore, and saw a face of a boy about my age. This couldn’t be Pan, I thought, He was supposed to be evil and menacing. But from where I stood, he looked innocent, and, and gorgeous. I waited for Killian to make the first steps off the ship and towards the island, before I followed.

 Glancing behind me back at the ship, I stepped onto the island. The sand felt soft and squishy, even under my shoes. We approached Pan, and he surveyed us all up and down. As his eyes landed on me, I saw a faint hint of a smile. I would have blushed under normal circumstances, but I needed to look like a pirate, scowl and all.

 “Hello there, Captain. I see you have acquired some new recruits” he said, again looking at me. His eyes seemed to hold a sinister look towards Killian, but when he looked at me, all I saw was kindness. “Have you brought what I sent for?” Killian grabbed a small velvet coin purse out from his jacket. 

 “There it is. And I believe whether or not I have gotten new recruits is none of your business.” Killian inched closer to me, until he stood next to me. He grabbed my hand and held it in his, which drew a laugh from Pan’s mouth. 

“Well, thank you for bring me this. Here is your reward.” Peter held a coin purse that looked almost identical to the one Killian had handed to him. Except, instead of holding the mysterious treasure, it held several gold coins.

 “Thank you” Killian nodded. “We must be off. I will expect your shadow to come around sooner or later with a new voyage to be made.” We turned around to head back to the crew.

 Suddenly, Pan appeared in front of us, a mischievous smirk forming across his face.

 “I don’t think you will be going anywhere just yet. I have another offer to propose.” This time, instead of gold coins, he offered jewels. “I would like her” he said, pointing at me, “and I am willing to pay.” I grimaced at the thought, and Killian looked as if he wanted to punch someone- more than likely, Pan. 

“I’m sorry” I said, “but I am not a prize that you can just buy and expect to get and how dare you-” I was cut off by Killian.

“Y/n is not something I am willing to trade. The deal was I brought you the treasure, you give me the money. That is it.” Killian drew his sword from it’s sheath, preparing for a battle I believed would not come. He stepped protectively in front of me, but I pushed him to the side. I could take care of myself! Especially against a boy in green tights.  Pan’s smirk seemed to grow wider after seeing this, and he brought his fingers to his lips, producing a loud whistle. 

“Boys, attack!!”

I hope you guys enjoyed A Pirate’s Life For Me! I was thinking of making a part two, so if you would like to  see it or send me any other requests, message me! And be sure to follow my new blog, @skylars-little-world xoxox

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Can you do an (platonic of course) imagine about MC being kinda young? Like 13-15? Thank you!

separated saeran/unknown cuz the setting of this HC is more fitting for unknown, but included saeran too [so there are 2 different HCs]


Note: This request was made by one of the applicants for the co-admin. Posted with permission from the respective person. 

Ri’s Edit on May 6: Ayyyy throwback, this was my entry to get accepted as admin lololol!!


  • he was really interested in the new girl in the RFA… unhealthily interested… 
  • the poor, lonely boy didn’t know that you were barely in high school! 
  • BOOM. 
  • that’s the sound of his guilt and embarrassment crashing on him when he finally met you at the party.
  • “MC! You’re uh, really… young.”  
  • but as you talked with him more, he realized that you’re still the same person in the chat that he admires 
  • he respects you a lot for gathering so many guests, especially with your age
  • you were greeting all the guests so professionally and engaging them in thoughtful conversations, rather than simple, polite ones - after the party, he approaches you excitedly 
  • “MC… I think you’re really amazing… Not everyone can handle this so well at your age!”  
  • he would definitely ask you to hang out with him when you’re free, just as friends, looking past the age difference  
  • he would probably like to take you to a pet shelter that he volunteers at, hoping to talk to you more, and to show you his skill with animals 
  • although he was disappointed that he was still a single pringle, he’d be overjoyed that someone he respected so much (cough, you) was his friend


  • it didn’t matter to him how old you were, because to him, you’re still a lady  
  • and he’s deadset on being a gentleman. 
  • he will fawn over you and offer his aid for the littlest things 
  • “Let me help you, mi'lady.“ 
  • *insert sparkly smile* 
  • Even if it’s just pouring water. 
  • he takes a lot of selfies with you because he thinks that’s what teenagers are into. 
  • deadly protective of you. 
  • he will glare at seven for even THINKING to prank you, and WILL hunt him down 
  • and he will even talk to Jumin Han if it means keeping him from talking to you and ‘tainting’ your purity 
  • Zen was like the older overprotective brother (or maybe sister lololol) you didn’t know you had… 
  • and even after the party, he continued to treat you like his little sister: taking you out for ice cream when you passed your tests, shopping with you and offering his fashion advice, making sure boys weren’t bothering you, all that sisterly Zen stuff


  • she has so much respect for you, honestly  
  • no, not because of the party organizing actually  
  • but because you could deal with Jumin Han.  
  • “MC! Please… I beg you to grow up faster, my job will be reserved for you!“ 
  • you thought it was ridiculous. It’s not like you really had any control over Jumin… 
  • but you and Jaehee got along very well, and laughed about Jumin together  
  • she even got you into watching Zen’s DVDs… although she covered your eyes for every inappropriate scene 
  • “nonono MC, you’re too young for this!”  
  • although, it really made you curious why she’d always be nosebleeding after…  


  • dude, he’s been gushing over how cute you looked since he first looked into your background 
  • he has spammed V’s phone about you too many times to count 
  • when he finally met you, he’d be playing pranks on you CONSTANTLY 
  • and he’d be cracking lame jokes with you  
  • and telling stupid stories to you - and pranking OTHERS with you  
  • all those things he wanted to do with his brother… instead, he did them with you, someone he viewed as his little sister  
  • but all his fun and games are gone as soon as anyone else makes fun of you. A guest pointed out that you were just a kid, and that it was improper for you to be at the party. 
  • Seven angrily retaliated that you had organized the party, and made the guest apologize 
  • that is, not before he stole the guest’s id card and hacked into all their social media!! 
  • all behind your back of course, he didn’t want to be evil in your eyes. He wanted to be your Defender of Justice, 707! 


  • he had no idea you were so young. 
  • after all, he was completely ignorant of it when you mentioned it in chat… It’s Jumin Han, what do you expect? 
  • when he first saw you at the party, he thought you were a lost child. 
  • “Good afternoon… Do you need help finding your parents?”  
  • to say he was shocked when he found out you were MC would be an understatement  
  • you two got off on the wrong foot for sure. You, upset that he thought you were a kid. Him, upset that you had shouted at him about it. 
  • but as an adult, he felt that it was his responsibility to watch over you  
  • so he watched as you easily interacted with the guests, making them laugh and successfully encouraging them to donate as much as they could 
  • and he watched as you got along with the other RFA members better than he did, even though he’d been with them for much longer 
  • and he watched as you delivered an inspiring speech, your charisma captivating the audience 
  • he was so ready to hire you. 
  • but you were still bitter about him… 
  • so for weeks after the party, he was sending you luxurious gifts in an attempt to coax you into wanting to work for him in the future 
  • finally, you confront him, demanding that he should stop sending gifts because you’d rather get to know him and develop the desire to work for him, rather than be tempted by money 
  • well! you’ve just won over his respect and admiration, as a person, and as a female. 
  • despite your protests, he will NOT stop spoiling you. Your TV broke down? Replaced. You cracked your phone? Now you have an entirely new one. You want a pet? Just choose one.  
  • he’ll even give you special permission to play with Elizabeth the 3rd.


  •  - he adored you. 
  • this man absolutely loved children, and treated you like a child, rather than your age 
  • he gave you a giant teddy bear, bags of candy and a tiny tiara accessory when he met you at the RFA party 
  • “she’s our little princess, don’t you think?!" 
  • he sounded so excited about it, you’d feel bad protesting. 
  • Seven was constantly taking pictures of you and snickering, and V eventually found out why 
  • he felt bad for not considering your feelings. 
  • he later apologized to you privately for treating you like a child… And promised to treat you with the same respect as the other members - but you admitted that you kinda liked being spoiled by him… 
  • so don’t be surprised when he gives you a dress the next time he meets you - "it’s to match with your tiara, princess~" 
  • you weren’t old enough to be his queen, but you were perfect to be his princess! 


  • he shifted uncomfortably in front of you, and you stared right back with a smile
  • you had been tending to the party, but decided to take a break to talk to Saeran  
  • he was still a bit shaky and adorably shy, now that the drugs weren’t controlling him anymore… The others were still a bit wary of him, so you wanted to give him a warm welcome…… although it wasn’t all too effective because you were so much younger than him 
  • "you know, I’m not a kid… You don’t have to stay here to look after me,” he muttered, looking at his feet. 
  • you smiled despite his intentions to push you away, replying, “but I’m a kid. So could you look after me?" 
  • Saeran cracked a smile at your reply 
  • ”’ve taken care of this entire party, so I think you can take care of yourself…“ 
  • and to your surprise, he said, 
  • ”..but I don’t mind being with you like this.“ 


  • "why is my target so tiny." 
  • that was his initial thought when he first began to stal- wait no that sounds illegal, ahem, investigate you 
  • honestly, he felt a twinge of guilt as he watched you pick up the cell phone. But he proceeded with the plans anyway, secretly hoping you would refuse to follow his instructions 
  • but goddammit, you were so fucking gullible 
  • a part of him was silently screaming at you to be more careful of strangers, and to not be so trusting 
  • after all, he couldnt trust anyone… not after THAT.. but that’s another story  
  • he couldn’t help but watch over you worriedly, guarding your apartment, rather than spying on you (okay fine maybe a bit of both, he admitted..) 
  • but apparently, you had noticed him from the start 
  • he was a bit dumbfounded that you didn’t call the police or, god forbid, Seven for help, if you noticed him but oh well 
  • you giggled in reply, "Of course I noticed! I’m not dumb, I helped to organize the party after all… I was waiting for you to say hi!" 
  • he couldn’t help but blush. Only a little. Just a little…  
  • "ahh… hi” (man he was awkward) 
  • you smile, “Hihi~! You’ll be my friend, right?" 
  • why was she so naive? Didn’t she know he was dangerous? Didn’t she herself just say that she knew he had been watching her secretly for DAYS? God, why did he even care about her, she’s just a target so-  
  • your expectant gaze just killed his doubts.  
  • ”…okay.“ 
I’ll Save the Prince (Prince!Ten x Reader)

Rating: PG-ish?

(A/N) How goes it? Are all of you deceased from NCT’s comeback??? I know I sure as hell am!! Before I delve into all the smutty requests coming up, I thought I’d rewind for a moment and give you all some fluffy Ten, which a lovely anon requested! This is a Prince AU, with a HUGE twist. I got really involved with the story RIP

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

The sun was blazing, far too bright for its own good, as it shone down brilliantly on the capital city. The market place was crowded with people on the lookout for deals, trying to make their meager amounts of money last. You felt the familiar weight of coins press against your thigh in your apron pocket, your hand cupping the cool metal protectively as you squeezed between stalls. In your family, money had recently become sparse, so every coin was precious and worth thousands more than it truly was. You had to be smart and calculate the best possible deals, using your sharp mind to its full potential. Market day had been your responsibility since your mother had passed away, your father following her fate not even a few hours later, unable to live a day without his beloved wife. That had been years ago though, and you were stronger know, had a stronger mind, and a tongue that would make a knight quiver in his armor. You were not one to be messed with.

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Family Name - Jughead Jones X Blossom!Reader

can you write soemthing where the reader is the youngest blossom and openly dating jughead and no one has actually asked how youre doing since jason disspared/body was descovered, except for jug. and one day reggie makes a comment on how dating a loser wouldnt be what jason wanted and you are litterly ready to fight him. But Cheryl, who hasnt really spoken to you since the body was found, is like i know my brother would want our sister happy

Originally posted by stydiaislove

I’m sorry it’s so short, but I hope you like it anyway!

“How’s today been so far,” Jughead asked, squeezing your hand. You looked up at him and you shot him a soft smile. “Better now,” he let out a breathy laugh and rolled his eyes. You looked down the hallways and when you didn’t see anyone you knew, you leaned up a pressed a kiss to Jughead’s cheek. It wasn’t like you and Jughead were dating in secret, it was just that most of the people that were close to your older siblings didn’t like it. It was those same people, that called themselves your friends, who also seemed to forget that you had lost a brother too, not just Cheryl. The whole football team, who looked up to the Blossom family name when Jason was captain, seemed to have forgotten about the youngest family member. Since your brother’s cold, lifeless corpse had been found, even Cheryl hadn’t spoken to you. Your heart sank with the thought of your sister, because if you were still struggling, who knows how she was fairing.  

“Hey,” Jughead said, stroking your cheek, “where’d you go?” You just shook your head in response. When you looked back up at him, his green eyes were squinted in concern. “I’m okay, really.” He nodded, but you knew he didn’t believe you. “I’m feeling so good, that I want to go to the football game tonight.” He raised his eyebrow at you and you smiled. “Will you come with me,” you asked sweetly, holding both of his hands now. He smiled at you, leaning down to look into your eyes, “of course.” The warning bell rang, signaling to get to your next class. “See you in the lounge after school.” He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, “see you then.” You let got of his hands, walking down the hall to your next class.

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So having Kang Dongho as a brother would include: 

  • it would be a curse and a blessing at the same time
  • he would be very protective and sometimes it would be a bit excessive, but he just cares so much about you and doesn’t want anything happening to you 
  • would also be very caring and spoil you to no end 
  • he would buy you anything you asked of him and he would give it to you without any arguments 
  • you could basically call him at 3 am and tell him that you need him to pick you up because your friends dumped you and you have no money for a taxi
  • he would probably scold you a bit over the phone, but come pick you up anyway 
  • “why do you never listen to me? stop hanging out with losers, Y/N. you’re better than that” 
  • and if you were to feel very sad and start crying, he would take you to the dorm and hug you without saying anything
  • he would probably watch over you until you fall asleep and then just kiss the top of your head and cover you with a blanket 
  • in the morning he’s probably gonna make you a sandwich or something and you two are gonna have a serious talk 
  • because he cares so much about you and wants to make sure you are alright and safe 
  • he won’t try to control you or impose you to do things
  • but the moment he hears you have a crush on a boy, you are put under a standard 30 questions survey about your crush
  • “where does he live?” 
  • “is he a good student?” 
  • “does he treat his parents well?” 
  • “when can I meet him?”
  • “NEVER”
  • “I have to make sure he will be a good boyfriend for you, Y/N. now, where did you say he lived?” 
  • and when you tell him your crush asked you on a date and will come pick you up later that day he would be thrilled 
  • not cause you have a date, but because he will finally meet the young man and instruct him on what will happen if he doesn’t treat his sister well 
  • honestly, Dongho is usually as cute as a bunny, but he is aware that he looks intimidating and will use it in his advantage when meeting the guy 
  • at the end of the date, the guy will probably be too scared to ask you on a second one 
  • “you keep scaring away all my potentional boyfriends, Dongho”
  • “if they get scared is because they are weak and not good enough for my amazing sister” 
  • and you both laugh and agree that your crush was actually kind of weird and you got no idea why you even liked him in first place
  • “wanna get pizza and watch a movie?” 
  • and by the end of the night you are lazing around the couch with a ton of junk food and fighting over the last slice of pizza
Timmy Todd - Part Two

This one is actually really boring. It’s kinda a filler chapter, just a bunch of stuff leading up to the next chapter. I’m sick so I don’t know when the next one will be coming out! Sorry!


By the time you are nine months pregnant, your heart has begun to heal. It was difficult at first, you honestly didn’t know how you were going to survive without the love of your life, but a new love was starting to grow. The love for your son.

“Damian Wayne! What did I tell you about breaking into my apartment! “

“I believe you said to no to, but you were not here, and I did not wish to wait outside.”

Damian was young, only 10 years old when his mother dropped him off with Bruce. The two of you had grown close, you were like an older sister to him, someone who wouldn’t put up with his shit, and who would treat him like an adult. In turn he handles all of your mood swings, your bouts of depression and he went with you to every doctor’s appointment.

“Well, you could have called. I just got back from the doctors, they said that it was just Braxton-hick’s contractions. I hate going in there alone, they all think that since I’m alone and 17 that I’m a whore.”

tt idiots. They know nothing. You should sit down, according to my research you will be going into labor soon”

“Good! I can’t wait to see my feet again!”

In all honesty you’re terrified. What if you aren’t a good mother? What if you can’t protect your baby? What if someone hurts your baby?

“I can practically see you worrying, Y/N. Calm down”

“I’m just nervous, I’ve never done this before”

Damian scoffs and rolls his eyes, “I should hope not. There will be any firsts coming up, however you are prepared, I’m sure of it.”

Two days later you go into labor, and after 17 hours you finally get to hold your little boy for the first time.

“He looks just like his father” you whisper

Dick leans forward, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “He really does. You did good, Y/N. What are you going to name him?”

“Timothy Jackson Todd. I want him to have Jason’s last name”

Timmy is almost three when the Red Hood is first sighted in Gotham. Damian is now 14, and you are only ever called in to help Gotham’s vigilantes when they are in desperate need. They have Oracle now, and she is the one who does what you used to.


You crouch down, catching your son as he barreled around the corner, “Timmy!”

“I missed you!”

“I was only gone for an hour, sweetheart. Didn’t you have fun with Uncle Duck and Uncle Dami”

“Uncle Duck took me up on the roof! And-and Uncle Dami let me throw his Baterang! It was so much fun, mommy!!”

Throwing a quick glance up at your two babysitters, “Did they now? You were up on the roof? Did you at least wear a coat?”

“Of course, mommy! I got to show them my batman coat!”

“It was indeed cool, but I will be getting Timothy a Robin coat to wear”

You chuckle and shake your head. Even though you refused to allow Tim to be trained by his uncles, they were constantly getting him different paraphernalia for their vigilante work. But your son loved it, so you allowed it.

“You do that, Dami, but it’s time for Timmy’s nap, so you to need to say goodnight”

Dick leaned down and pressed a kiss to Tim’s cheek, and Damian gave him a hug before you took Tim to his room. “Mommy?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Do you still love daddy?”

Sucking in a sharp breath you look down at your son, at Jason’s son, “Why do you ask?”

“Uncle Duck was telling me stories about you and Daddy”

“What kind of stories?”

“’bout how you and daddy met”

“Oh yeah? What did he tell you about that?”

“That you didn’t like daddy at first, that daddy was mean to you, but then you kicked his butt and daddy started to like you. He said that you wear your necklace because you and daddy were gonna get married”

“Well he was right, but I’m gonna tell you the part of the story that Uncle Duck doesn’t know.” Your son sits up straighter, leaning toward you, “I loved your daddy from the moment I saw him, just like I loved you before you were even born.”

“But he was mean”

“That’s what I liked about him. He didn’t treat me like I was just some girl, he challenged me, made me earn everything instead of just having it handed to me. And yes, I do still love your daddy, and I love you” leaning down you give him an eskimo kiss, “and your daddy would love you too”

Tim gave you a sleepy smile, “Love you too, mommy”

Once you are outside of Tim’s room you reach for your necklace. It is a simple silver chain, and attached to it are only two things. One item is your engagement ring, the ring that Jason had given you a week before his death, and the other is a locket. Inside of the locket is a picture of you and Jason, one of the few pictures of the two of you, and then a picture of you and Tim. The two most important men in your life and always around your neck.

“Are you alright?”

Glancing up you look at Dick, “I’m fine. He asked about Jason again, you told him stories?”

“He was asking for stories, so I told him some. Maybe you should go on a date, maybe it would help you move on”

“I don’t want to move on. Jason was my one and only, and now I have Timmy. I don’t want anyone else, Dick, you know that.”

He just sighed, you knew that Dick was getting frustrated. Since Jason’s death he had seen you as his responsibility, and sometimes you hated him for that.

“I’m just saying …”

“Enough, Dick. I said no. I just want to focus on Timmy and on this Red Hood. Now tell me everything you know about him”

Dick sighed and walked into your living room, “Well, he’s taken out several mob leaders, killed a bunch of drug peddlers who would sell to children, and he seems to have a real grudge against the Joker”

“Wow, he has quite a rap sheet already, and he’s only been in Gotham for like two weeks?”

“Two weeks and three days, he seems to be gunning for Black Mask now. He’s the only boss who isn’t under Red Hood’s control”

“What is B planning to do?”

“Father seems to be set on finding out who is behind the mask. He has recently gone to visit Mother and Grandfather at the League, I assume he has a lead but he has refused to share any of his findings with us. He has sealed away all tests that he has run, neither Richard or I have the hacking skills to get past his firewalls.”

“So you want me to sneak down to the Cave and hack into secret files?”

Damian smirked, “You have read my mind, Y/N”

“Fine, as long as you take Timmy and Bruce out of the house while I work. Something like this could take a while and I don’t want to be interrupted.”

“We were gonna do that anyway! Maybe we can convince B to take us all to the zoo”

“I’m sure if you tell Timmy to ask you can get Bruce to do anything” glancing back at your son’s room, you start to plan. It’s been awhile since you had to hack anything and you highly suspect that Bruce has updated everything. “So tomorrow I’ll come over to the Manor, you two will leave with Bruce and Tim, and I will hack secret files!”

“Yeah, pretty much!” Dick glances at your clock, “We have to head out, Dami and I are in charge of Patrol for tonight, rumor has it that the Joker was broken out of jail.”

“Aright, you go save the city, I’ll be here with Tim. If anything goes south send me a message and we are gone”

Hacking into the computers mainframe is surprisingly easy, and finding the tests are even easier. Deciphering the coded results is where you have a bit of trouble, but nothing that you can’t handle.

“Damn, B. You really didn’t want anyone to see these results” you mumble.

While the decoding program is running you check your phone. Dick had sent you a picture of Tim. He has perched on Bruce’s shoulder, wearing overalls and an elephant hat, he was feeding the giraffes, and it was absolutely adorable. You save the picture and make it your screensaver. A ding sounded when the program finished.

“Now, let’s see what you have been hiding”

Your eyes widen as you read through the results of the blood tests. You scan through the pictures f the empty grave, of the coffin that was in ruins. A trembling hand raises to cover your mouth. The Red Hood is actually Jason Todd.

🌸🌼This Witch Needs Some Self-Love🌼🌸

So tonight is my last day of training for my new job, and I get off of work in an hour, and have decided to give myself some much needed self care tonight. As I complete each task I’m going to post pictures on this sight, to hopefully inspire my witchy sisters, brothers, and gender non conforming siblings to take some time and treat themselves to some love. The tasks are as followed:

🐚Trim and Paint My Nails

🐚Soak in the Tub

🐚Wash My Hair

🐚Comb Hair and Moisturize

🐚Have a Cup of Tea

🐚Clean My Alter

And finally

🐚 Get a Good Night Sleep

If anyone decides to do this as well, I would love if you tagged me in it, so I can see what you all do to take care of yourselves.

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fic idea: maggie stealing karas food :)

Kara Danvers isn’t the only one in the family with a massive appetite.

Because Maggie might be gross and boring in her breakfast choices – who can eat right when they wake up, Danvers, come on, and dry double toasted bagels are not gross – but when it comes to other forms of decadence, she is all in.

Hence tiramisu.

Hence the elaborate meals she cooks Alex.

Hence the explorations with ice cream they have in the bedroom.

And sometimes, because Alex is so conditioned to have Kara eating the most out of everyone at any given gathering, Alex even forgets.

That Maggie sometimes isn’t satisfied by just her own veggie burger and fries.

Sometimes, she wants Alex’s fries, too. 

Or Winn’s. Or James’s. Whoever’s with them, really.

And often – more often these days, since Rick Malverne and the fight and the saving the woman they both love more than life itself and the subsequent handshake-become-hug – the only other person eating with them is Kara.

It’s a sign that she loves a person, more than anything.

That she trusts them.

That she’s intimate with them, if not romantically, then some other deep, deep way.

That she trusts they’re not going to be angry with her for taking up too much space, for taking what’s not hers, for being an awful, selfish, waste of a human being.

So the first time she finds herself popping one of Kara’s french fries into her mouth, she’s surprised.

She’s surprised and when she realizes – the Danvers girls didn’t notice, too distracted by Winn’s animated discussion with Brian over at the bar – she almost starts bawling.

She excuses herself to the bathroom and tries to pull herself together, because the level of her intimacy with Alex was surprising enough.

But to feel comfortable enough with her sister – with whom she’d been, well, shaky-on-the-border-of-hostile with for so long – to steal her fries is…

Well, is overwhelming.

So she doesn’t talk much more that night, but she hugs Kara extra long when she drops the girls off for their alone sister time. 

Kara is startled and a little baffled, but grateful. Because she’s felt something shift in their relationship, too.

Alex, of course, couldn’t be happier, and even though she’s the human of the sisters, she’s the one who practically floats for the rest of the evening.

The next time it happens, Maggie is more aware of it.

And she lets Kara see.

She just leans over, grabs a fry from Kara’s plate, swipes it through Winn’s mixture of ketchup and mustard, and pops it into her mouth with a satisfied grin.

James’s fork stops halfway on the journey to his mouth. 

Lucy drops her burger onto her plate.

Winn jumps at the sound and stares at Kara, silently pleading with her to be merciful.

Lena bites her lip and tries not to laugh.

Alex gulps.

“Babe,” she starts slowly, softly, but Kara ignores her.

“Did you just… take a fry from my plate, Maggie?”

“Mine are all gone,” Maggie teases innocently, confident that Kara’s outrage is playacting. “Why, you don’t want it back, do you?”

“Ew, Maggie, save the flirting for your girlfriend, not for her sister!”

“Since when is regurgitation flirting, Schott?”

“Hey, don’t yuck my yum!”



“Hey, see, you wasted a perfectly good fry throwing it at Winn’s perfectly good face – but it’s outrageous to think of sharing it with the woman who treats your sister so damn well?”

Lena and Lucy whoop and James nearly chokes. 

Winn thumps Alex on the back with a wide grin on his face.

Kara adjusts her glasses and splutters.

“I… it… excuse me? I’m sorry, can we please get another order of fries? Thank you so much.” She turns back to Maggie. 

“A share plate.”

“A what now?”

“A share plate. If you wanna take my food, we’ll have a share plate. My meal, your meal. And then the share plate.”

“So like… food dessert. For you and me.” 

“But survival of the fittest style,” Winn inserts, and Lena shakes her head at this new family she’s somehow acquired.

“You’re on, Little Danvers,” Maggie grins.

And that’s how their share plates begin.

Kara loves the arrangement – extra food for her, along with extra laughs when they start frantically swiping each other’s food and Alex tries to keep the peace by keeping the share plate full – and Maggie loves the arrangement for much the same reasons, with the addition that she’s never felt quite so… loved. Casually intimate. Connected.

But Alex is the one who loves it most of all.

Because she’s the one who gets to hold the share plate during what she and Kara have started to call Maggie Nights: nights where the three of them cuddle on the couch, as close as can be, under layers of blankets and mounds of food.

Alex gets to have her sister pressed against one of her sides and the romantic love of her life pressed against the other, both of their hands periodically brushing into the share plate Alex keeps on her lap.

Except, of course, when one or both of them want to lay on her lap.

Then she sort of becomes a share plate herself.

And in those moments, she really couldn’t be happier that Maggie started stealing Kara’s food.

Short Summary of Supergirl seasons right up to cancellation
  • Season One Kara Danvers: Female Empowerment is important! Self confidence and belief in your own capabilities and identity is important! Standing up for things you believe in is important! I Like my life, I love advancing and succeeding in my job! I like Inspiring people! And yes I have complexes and flaws but I am working hard to overcome them and I support my sister and she supports me!
  • Season Two Kara Danvers: Female Empowerment Is Impor...Oh Hi Man Hell! I am so happy you are treating me like shit because I love you so much. Oh? I Lost a job? OH well I have my love of my life who treats me like shit! I am so happy this is everything I ever wanted even if I have nothing else...oh right I also maybe have a sister - have not seen her for last 4 episodes tho, because I just can't help but want to listen to Man Hell belittling me...
House Party Part 2, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Rick and Michonne go on their date and get a little bit closer...

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“You know, I’m starting to think the whole bad boy thing is a ruse,” Michonne focused on Rick’s face with difficulty.

“What makes you say that?” his hand pushed into the small of her back, his other one still wrapped firmly around her palm.

“Well,” Michonne steadied her breathing, “You’ve been opening doors, pulling out chairs, slow dancing…” Rick had insisted on picking her up from her dorm room, sweeping up in his pickup truck and waiting for her to come outside. The sight of him in that dark blue denim shirt had nearly floored her. The closer she got to him, the sharper the picture came into focus, from his still damp curls and five o’ clock shadow, to the clean scent of his cologne. Michonne was glad that she’d worn flats tonight. Her legs were weak already.

She lost her train of thought again when Rick pulled her closer, swinging her in time with the music.

“Maybe I’m not trying to scare you off,” that smirk of his had done things to her last night, and right now was no exception.

“I don’t scare so easily,” she teased, ignoring the way her heart seemed to be hammering its way out of her chest.

“Really?” he tilted his head, leaning in closer to her. “Cause last night, you couldn’t even kiss me without—”

She flushed, and Rick laughed. “I’m sorry,” Michonne mumbled. It was amazing how quickly her bodied had shifted to flushed and horny to completely and utterly sick. Alcohol was a hell of a thing.

“Hey, don’t be sorry,” Rick leaned forward swiftly, dropping a kiss on her lips. “See? You made it this time.”

Her laughter escalated, even as the blush deepened beneath her dark skin. “Maybe I shouldn’t drink again,” she admitted.

“Nah,” Rick shook his head, the curls bouncing. “Just maybe not two whole bottles of wine.”

“That was your fault,” she fired back, shifting her feet as the music changed.

“True,” he nodded in agreement. “To be fair, I didn’t know it was your first time drinking.”

“It wasn’t my first time,” Michonne’s embarrassment mounted. Rick smiled at her.

“First party then,” he amended. “I hope I made it good for you.”

“You did,” Michonne leaned tentatively towards him, their chaste dance tonight reminding her of what it felt like to have him pressed full against her.

“Good,” the pressure on her back increased until they were chest to chest. “It’s definitely my favorite party so far.”

“So far?” she wanted to kiss him again, wanted to make up for last night.

“Well,” Rick seemed content to keep their faces just scant inches apart, his eyes boring into her. “My girl has got to be at my future parties. And if you’re there, I’m betting they’ll be good.”

“Your girl?” Michonne’s eyebrows jumped in surprise, even as her pulse raced.

“Well, I figured it’s going to take a couple more dates, but yeah.” Rick’s forehead rested on hers, his lips just millimeters away.

“Cocky,” she accused.

“Confident,” he corrected.

Michonne did not answer. She was too busy kissing him. The taste of him was enough to make her dizzy again, but she attacked it with fervor anyway. Rick responded in kind, eagerly molding his mouth to hers, plunging his tongue between her lips. His hands tightened around her, dangerously close to the hem of her skirt again. She leaned into his touch, heat flooding her.

“Well hey there,” the sound startled the two of them apart. Rick was the flushed one now, but Michonne was no less breathless. The couple turned towards the new arrivals.

Glenn was standing there, Maggie in hand, both looking amusedly at them.

“I see you guys got started without us,” Glenn grinned.

“You’re late,” Michonne spoke up, surprised that she even had the ability to speak.

“Ten minutes,” Glenn shrugged. “That’s her fault.” He nodded at Maggie.

“Couldn’t get my curling iron to work,” she explained, looking unapologetic. Michonne secretly wished that the iron never worked at all. She missed the feeling of Rick already.

He was unruffled, already leading her back to their table in the corner of the club. Rick helped her into their side of the booth, climbing in after her. He draped his arm casually over Michonne’s shoulders, the gesture all at once familiar and foreign. Glenn’s clever eyes didn’t leave the couple across from him.

“So,” Glenn began, “What’s going on with this?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” Rick fired right back, his eyes turning to his step-sister. “I slept on the couch last night. Maggie, where’d you end up?”

Maggie reddened, but tilted her chin defiantly. “With my boyfriend.”

Rick tilted his head, amused. “I’m sure your boyfriend will treat you well.” It was obviously a poorly veiled threat.

“I will,” Glenn was undaunted. “What’s going on with you and Michonne?”

“Glenn…” Michonne warned her friend but he wasn’t backing down.

Rick smiled, turning his head to look at Michonne. “What’s going on with us?” he asked her, looking curious.

“We're…” Michonne frantically scrambled to find a way to define how she felt about this man beside her. “We’re dating,” she settled on the safe title, directing her attention to the menu.

“We’re dating,” Rick echoed, grinning as a waitress brought water to the table.

Glenn nodded, seemingly satisfied. “I’m sure you’ll treat Michonne well,” he repeated Rick’s words back to him.

Rick’s smile widened. He let his arm drop from her shoulders to the seat between them, his fingers curling around hers. “I’m sure Michonne will let me know if I mess up,” he said.

“You’re doing great so far,” she couldn’t keep the smile off of her face. Even as food arrived and small talk deepened until both couples were comfortable, her mind was focused almost exclusively on the man beside her. He had an easy, affable nature that was magnetizing.

“Well,” he asked her later, the faint traces of a grin playing across his face. “Guess I should get you back home.” Glenn and Maggie had already departed, certainly rushing off for their next tryst.

“I don’t want to go home,” Michonne felt her lips shaping the words almost without her permission.

“No?” he looked surprised, his head tilting.

“No,” she shook her head, her braids brushing down her back as she moved.

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

Michonne stared at him, eyes wide, blood pumping, unsure if she would even be able to articulate what she wanted.

“I—” she began, flushing despite the coolness of the air around them.

“You sure?” Rick seemed to know what she was asking for.

She nodded, swallowing hard. “I am.” Maybe she didn’t know exactly what she was wanted, but she knew she needed it. Badly.

“All right then,” that accent twanged over her ear, accompanied by the feeling of his hand gripping hers. She sat rigidly in the truck, damn near hyperventilating as they got closer and closer to his home. Michonne briefly considered changing her mind until she looked over at Rick at a stop light. He was looking back at her, his eyes burning with something she had never seen before but instantly recognized.

That look deepened as he led her to his bedroom, locking the door behind him.

“Michonne, you comfortable?” he asked her as she settled on the bed.

“Come here,” she leaned backwards into his pillows, reaching for him. Rick toed off his boots quickly, joining her on the plush surface.

He settled his weight on top of her, covering her body with his, his lips meeting hers in a slow kiss. The feeling from last night ignited again, burning through her limbs, powering her body. His hands were everywhere, stroking and tugging at her until Michonne could not control her gasps. It became clear to her that alcohol had only been a minor factor in how she was feeling last night; Rick had been responsible for her intoxication.

“Rick,” she whispered his name, sighing as his mouth trailed down her neck. Her hands clutched at his arms, working their way down until she could slide them beneath his shirt. He paused, shedding the offending article.

“You ok?” he misread her open-mouthed stare.

In answer, she lunged forward, wrapping her legs around his waist. The groan that escaped his throat only egged her on. She shimmied out of her dress, glad that she had taken the time to select pretty underwear before their date. Rick wasted no time in moving his mouth to her newly exposed skin, working her over until her head lulled back.

“Does that feel good?” his voice was a rough whisper against her skin as his hand slipped beneath the delicate lace.

“Yes,” she gasped, her fingernails digging into Rick’s shoulders.

He increased his pressure, his lips on hers, his fingers working their magic. It was everything; the taste of him, the smell of him, the feel of his hands, the heat pressing hard into her stomach. Michonne let out a cry as her body contracted and released in one spectacular moment, going limp beneath Rick’s body.

“Holy crap,” she sighed, flushed and sweating.

Rick rolled over, lying beside her, looking all too proud of himself. “Feeling good?” he questioned.

She smiled at him, uncaring that he was teasing. “I just need a second. Then we can…” she gestured weakly.

Rick laughed, his deep voice rolling over her. “We don’t have to do that tonight.” He leaned over to kiss her, lingering to nuzzle her neck.

“What about you?” there was still a very pronounced bulge in his jeans.

“I’ll be fine,” he assured her. “We don’t have to do it all tonight.”

Michonne opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off with a burning kiss.

“You’re my girl now, remember?” he asked, still smiling. “We’ve got plenty of time.”

Michonne smiled at him, her heart filling up with affection. “But what if I want to touch you?” she whispered, rolling over, her fingers working their way beneath his waistband.

Rick let out a deep groan, his head falling forward as his breathing stuttered. Michonne tightened her hand around him, tugging gently.

“I’m not going to tell you no,” Rick let out one last laugh before Michonne rendered him incapable of coherent thought.

Afterwards, the new couple laid in bed together in comfortable silence. Rick’s arm was around her waist, his head buried in her hair.

“Spend the night again,” he whispered, his voice heavy with sleep.

Michonne smiled, spinning in his arms until she could face him. “Ok,” she agreed, kissing him on the forehead. She watched him as he fell asleep before drifting off herself, wondering whether a house party could be the thing that changed her life forever.

Why Me?

Barry was currently at Star Labs trying to figure out a way to stop Savitar from killing Iris but it wasn’t easy especially since everyone felt drained from doing the same thing everyday.

“why don’t we take a break, you guys need it’ Iris suggests while looking at Barry

“actually you guys go ahead I have to make a call” Cisco says while running to his workshop 

“come on barr, lets go to Jitters” Iris pulls Barry out the cortex


Barry’s mood was lifted as he held Irises hand while they walked into the cortex but quickly stopped as they see someone they thought they never see again

“y/n?” Barry’s voice was filled with confusion

you turn around and your eyes widen as you see Iris but you quickly smiled

“Hi Barry” you said genuinely 

“what are you doing here” Iris asks coldly

“I was on my way to a date with my fiance when cisco called saying he needed help with some device so I thought I make a quick detour and help out I didn’t think it would take this long I was trying to be out before you guys got back but um how are you?” you ask awkwardly as Barry’s eyes never left yours

“fiance?” Barry blurted

“got  a problem with that flash” everyone quickly turns around to see Savitar leaning against the door with his arms folded across his chest as he looked at you.

Barry pulls Iris behind him as he sees you walk toward Savitar

“y/n get away from him” Barry calls out to you

“Babe I thought I told you to wait outside” you peck Savitar on the lips and he smirks as he sees Barry’s face turn red

“you were taking forever so I decided to check up on you to make sure you were okay, looks like I got here just in time”  Savitar’s eyes flicked to Iris who rolled her eyes at him.

“doesn’t she look sexy Barry” Savitar says mockingly as he grabs your arm and twirls you around and Barry looks you up and down. You were wearing a black sexy bralette and matching underwear with a tight fitted see through lace dress that stopped at your knees showing off your smooth silky legs that Barry felt wrap around him countless times.

“wait a minute Y/n you’re engaged to Savitar?” Cisco asks and you smile as Cisco and Caitlyn run up and hug you. The huge shiny diamond encrusted ring was beautiful and way much cheaper than Irises considering he stole it but Savitar kept that to himself.

you, Cisco, and Caitlyn still contacted each other since you didn’t come around much ever since the break up with Barry. It was your 2 year anniversary when it happened, the night Barry told you he loved Iris. The whole entire time you were ready to take a new step in your relationship, Barry was ready to end it and you were so broken. you didn’t go to work for weeks which made Cisco and Caitlyn search for you eventually finding you in your room holding a ball a fire with burn marks on your arm and if it wasn’t for them you would’ve been lost from the world, Barry left you emotional unstable which was the reason you temporally lost control of your powers, once again thank you Cisco and Caitlyn. 

yes you were a meta but you never told Barry considering you received your gift after the break up with him and the only thing keeping them at bay now is Savitar. Although he is a temporal duplicate of Barry you still loved him, he made you feel special and treated you like his goddess well technically you are his goddess.

‘Y/n, do you even know what Savitar is trying to do?” Joe asks as he looks at you directly in the eyes he felt betrayed that you out of all people would be with the enemy.

but before you could say anything Wally flashes in front of you and grabs your arm

“He’s trying to kill my sister” He says through gritted teeth and Savitar quickly pulls you behind him

“you sure you wanna do that wally”

“hey babe its okay, lets just go” you pull on Savitars arm and his attention quickly turns to you.

“you okay” he asks as he checks your arm to make sure you weren’t hurt

“i’m fine I just want to go to dinner babe” Your voice was now a whisper as you felt Barry’s gaze pierce through the side of your head

“hey wait y/n can you come back tomorrow I need to talk to you” Barry asks voice filled with desperation.

“No can do Barry, she’s mine” Savitar says as he wrapped an arm around your waist and you put your head on his chest

“Goodbye Barry” and just like that you and Savitar was gone.


The next day Barry walked into Star Labs and shoved the container of coffees into Cisco’s awaiting arms and Caitlyn furrows her eyebrows at him

“what’s wrong with you” she asks 


“Hey guys” you say as you come bouncing in the room

“cute jumpsuit y/n” 

“thanks cait-

“y/n what are you doing here?” Barry interrupts rudely

“You said you needed to talk to me so I convinced Savitar to let me come here today but make it fast I only have an hour to spare” you say as you fold your arms and tilt your head.

“guys can we talk in private” Cisco and Caitlyn nod their heads and walk out together mumbling about big belly burger.

“Now tell me y/n why are you with Savitar?”

“oh my gosh Barry not this again” you groan

“y/n he’s trying to kill Iris”

“and what do you want me to do about it Barry, it’s the only way he can stay here with me” As you say this Barry notices you look different from last night. you had bags under your eyes, your face looked a little pale and you looked slightly bloated.

“y/n we can find another way, you know as good as I do we accomplished many impossible things here at Star Labs” Barry runs a hand through his hair as you walk toward him

“Barry yes I know you guys accomplished many things here but you know as good as I do that when it comes to the timeline anything could go wrong you were the one who fucked it up anyway”. Your voice was starting to get a little louder now

“y/n I know but just stay away from him please”

“No Barry I love Savitar okay, the only way for him to stay is by killing Iris”

“Iris will not die”

“I said something similar to that 3 months ago it went like Barry will not leave me for Iris but look where we are now” you look down as a tear slid down your face and Barry sees your left hand come up to wipe it away and he sees the shiny ring on your finger.

“you know Barry I was going to ask you to move in with me that night I was so in love with you Barry but you didn’t love me you were in love with someone that didn’t love you back until they figured out you are the flash… but this” you lifted up your ring finger 

“ this right here will never come off its a promise Barry a promise to Savitar that I love him and that I will never betray him and if you can’t respect that then…the next time you’ll see me is on infantino street when Savitar kills Iris West”

“y/n please”

“goodbye Barry” you quickly walked out the cortex as Barry sighs and frustration finds its way into him .

Abandon All Hope (Part 1)

A/N: This was a fic I have been really excited about writing. Believe me, I was constantly talking about it to my friend for days. This is kinda an AU but kinda not. Everything that is happening in TWD is still happening. Some stuff has changed for the Winchesters background with Supernatural but there’s still a lot of the same things happening. I hope you all enjoy and would love to hear your positive feedback. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged. 

Summary: (y/n) Winchester is just trying to survive the new world of the apocalypse with her brothers, Sam and Dean. While looking for your father, John, you come across two men who welcome you to their community, Alexandria. The events that follow will test the limits of not only your mind and body, but also your heart. (Sorry I’m not too good at writing summaries.)

Pairings: Eventual Daryl x reader, Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Characters: (y/n) Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Aaron, Daryl Dixon

Word Count: 1963

Warnings: language, angst-maybe, sibling bickering

Tagging: @thewalkingdeadfanfiction

(a lot of gifs I know. Wanted all the characters shown. Sorry not sorry. :P)

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It was the end of the world. The dead walked among us and the only people you had left were your two brothers. Being a Winchester, you grew up into the hunting life killing all things evil while saving innocent people. Your father taught you and your brothers the life after your mother was killed by a demon. So, you’d think that the apocalypse wasn’t anything new for the three Winchesters, but it was. Yes, they had stopped the first one, but this one was much different. One day, all the angels fell from heaven, losing their grace and becoming human. The demons were free to pillage the earth and make it their own. They thought it would be fun to make a virus that would wipe out not only the human race, but also any evil creature that walked among us. The thing they weren’t expecting was the fact that the virus was so strong that it was affecting the demons as well. Demons inevitably became sick as well and withered away. Then they’d come back just like the others did as corpses hungry for human flesh.

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anonymous asked:

How about a really intimidating/rude teenage MC? Y'know, a teen that's built on angst? That swears a lot? (But they're not all bad, they're just like that when they first people people? Thanks

Everything is platonic, no romance here. Also, there is A LOT of swearing so just be aware

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Creepypasta #1052: The Beast In The Dryer Liked To Eat My Clothing When I Was Seven

Length: Long

The beast in the dryer liked to eat my clothing.

I didn’t know why, but he told me he loved the taste of my socks, sweaters, underwear, pants, shirts, tights, whatever he could gets his paws on. He told me he lived on soap, little girl’s clothes, and prayers at night, but if I wanted to sneak him a candy bar now and again, he wouldn’t complain. Because I was seven, this made perfect sense to me. 

The company was nice when I was down in our scary, unfurnished basement doing laundry. I was forced to do my own laundry because my family was giant and difficult to manage, so I had lots of time to sneak out a pair of socks, a shirt I didn’t really like, or an old and holey pair of tights. In return for his “snacks,” the beast was the best friend I’d ever had. I’d tell him about my day, about my friends. I would even tell him all the secrets I was scared to tell my parents, like how I found my oldest sister Victoria naked with her boyfriend, or how Daddy talked about money problems when he thought we were all asleep, or how my fourteen-year-old brother Levi snuck out every night and came back smelling sweet and rotten. The beast told me I was a good observer, that I noticed things nobody else did. He said this made me very special, especially because I didn’t go blabbing all these secrets I carried.

He said, “Dolly, you’re a special girl and I’m a special beastie, which is why we’re such good friends.” Dolly was his nickname for me, since he said my real name, Diana, was very stuffy. I kind of agreed.

I liked talking to the beast in the dryer so much that I started offering to do other people’s laundry. My nine-year-old sister Millie, who was the meanest person in the world, told me that because I offered she wouldn’t flush my goldfish down the toilet. Levi said thanks and gave me a brownie that made me feel funny and then throw up. Victoria said I could, but I was to absolutely never look in her drawers or touch her “lingerie.” The second-meanest member of my family, my twelve-year-old brother Danny, told me now I had to do his laundry forever, and I’d better give it to him all folded and neat, or else he’d “mash me.” My siblings were horrible and I hated them all. I told the beastie.

“I was being helpful and really nice,” I lamented to him as I folded Danny’s laundry, making sure his shirts were nice and neat. “Nobody even said thank you but Levi, and he gave me that dumb brownie. I think it was a prank.”

The beast snorted furiously. “Dolly, don’t you think about that. You’re so polite and kind to your brothers and sisters. They just don’t appreciate you. But I do!” The dryer rattled and I could tell he was mad. He cared about me so much, even more than my mom and dad. “I appreciate you more than anybody else, and don’t you ever forget that.”

“They don’t appreciate me,” I repeated. “You do, though.”

“That’s right,” the beast affirmed. “Now, do you have any snacks for me today?”

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