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I just rewatch the BIL team 2 perf bcs I miss Yongguk, and while people were talking about sexy bandit Dongho, can we talk about Insoo's gaze at first and Yongguk's solo part because damn they were soooooo----

Insoo was one of the guys I had my eye on at the start because I like that sort of “troublemaker/mischievous” kind of look (ierkllewrj idk what to call it but you know what I mean??). He nailed the concept of BIL so much krjweklre. 

I also love how Soft he actually is and his friendship with Eunki and Kenta. Plus the spilling of Mnet tea really really made me like him even more. 

i’ve already seen a few people already criticise junhong for his tattoo or disregard it as ‘yongguk’s influence,’ and it’s been pretty upsetting to see how some are treating him. none of us know the significance of ‘relation in time’ to junhong. he is someone who truly lives for art, and the piece is obviously really meaningful to him - why else would he get it permanently on his skin? if you don’t agree with his tattoo, keep it to yourself. his body is his own, and he can do whatever he wants with it without approval from others.


fandom: B.A.P
member/reader: Yongguk, female
genre/warning(s): Supernatural!AU, smut, dragonboy!Yongguk
summary: [request] supernatural yongguk smut “i’m a med student who has a huge crush on the hot guy who works at the coffee shop who always gives me free drinks when i’m stressed and calls me princess even though i pretend i think it’s annoying but i’m extremely concerned about him because he always smells like smoke so i always give him lectures about how terrible cigarettes are for you and i may have made a powerpoint which is probably excessive but lung health is extremely important and oops it turns out he’s part-dragon or something hahahaha oops” AU 
length: 8K+

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what to expect on b.a.p’s concerts (and why you should attend):


amazing solo stages by members who worked hard in creating their own songs or covers

iconic and powerful performances (perhaps warrior, no mercy, one shot, badman, yw&f, skydive, wake me up, etc.)


illegal sexy bap

heartfelt talks

bap always saying thank you and i love you

bap always saying to not worry about them

*member says a joke or something

water fights

encore #1

song between bap and babyz (either with you or b.a.b.y)

encore #2

happy bap and their happy songs (like carnival, be happy, dancing in the rain, etc.)

encore #3


encore #126

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i’m still amazed at the fact that yongguk knows tumblr and once made an account and posted here, like it makes you wonder just how far bap has delved into tumblr hell and the baby fandom here ha ha ha ha ha ha *sweats nervously*