and bc yongguk

i’ve already seen a few people already criticise junhong for his tattoo or disregard it as ‘yongguk’s influence,’ and it’s been pretty upsetting to see how some are treating him. none of us know the significance of ‘relation in time’ to junhong. he is someone who truly lives for art, and the piece is obviously really meaningful to him - why else would he get it permanently on his skin? if you don’t agree with his tattoo, keep it to yourself. his body is his own, and he can do whatever he wants with it without approval from others.


since there were just so many theories on B.A.P’s Feel So Good M/V I decided to clarify what really happened in it ur welcome

enjoy this trash idk

B.A.P as Snakes







princess | part 1

Group: B.A.P
Member: Yongguk
Genre/Warning(s): Supernatural!AU, Fluff, language, dragonboy!Yongguk
Prompt: [request] supernatural yongguk smut “i’m a med student who has a huge crush on the hot guy who works at the coffee shop who always gives me free drinks when i’m stressed and calls me princess even though i pretend i think it’s annoying but i’m extremely concerned about him because he always smells like smoke so i always give him lectures about how terrible cigarettes are for you and i may have made a powerpoint which is probably excessive but lung health is extremely important and oops it turns out he’s part-dragon or something hahahaha oops” AU 
A/N: anon, i’m sorry. happy birthday. i couldn’t make it a one shot bc i’m enjoying this too much and a one shot seems like a disservice, so here we are with a 3 parter and no smut yet. also, shout out the the enchanted forest series for bringing this to life. cimorene is still one of my favorite lit characters.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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b.a.p x hogwarts

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BAP ASC highlights omg 

-Younglo parodying Skydives ending scene and Youngjae making jongup basically cuddle with him 

-Zelo singing Fermata 

-Them excitedly mumbling their own songs 

-Not knowin their fanchant and Jongup just chanting his own name the entire time omg 

-Zelo sends selfies to their chat when its empty and called them a family ;;

- Daehyun singing his song from the instagram vid 

-Them choosing the winner bc Yongguk was included ;;

Today was a blessing omg 


Because this 1.88cm giant kid keeps growing…and he still has 2 years to grow.


the world is your runway model choi juunhong!! xD