and basically just martin in general

WK headcanon of the day: Chris gets cold easily.  And yeah, bringing this up because of the picture X3

This is actually one inspired more by watching the real Chris, and then seeing things related in the show itself.  If you watch the RL segments, as a general rule he’ll always be wearing more layers than Martin, his coats will be closed up more, sometimes his sleeves will even be pulled down over bare hands in cold weather.  A couple notable segments I can think of include ending Masked Bandits, and ending Race for the Hippo Disc, though there are many others I just can’t think of right now because I’m sleepy and haven’t had a real meal yet.

Going off that, we can see little notes here and there in the show itself.  The most basic one is that he wears his jacket more zipped up than Martin does; it may even be more of a pullover since the zipper doesn’t go all the way down the way it’s shown doing so on Martin’s.

Clue #1.

Clue #2 is in the caps I put on the recent drawing, which comes from a de-blanketed Chris in Elephant in the Room.  For one thing, as SOON as the blanket is stolen, he starts shivering.

And though this other part is kind of subtle (so much so that I missed it the first few times I saw this episode >_> ), once Thornsley wrecks his havoc on their sleeping arrangements and tosses Chris on top of Martin, Chris is sitting there shivering still.

I don’t have a gif of it sadly, but there’s the shot to keep an eye out for if you wanna look for it yourself.  But even here, you can kinda tell his arms look crossed over in front of him, just adding to the shivering.  After this, Chris can be seen camped on top of Martin, no big deal, he’s warm.  (Related headcanon: Martin gets hot easily, but that’s another post for another day)

Clue #2.

#3 comes to us from Snow Runners.  Granted, being a lizard out in the snow wouldn’t be fun for anybody.  But Chris seemed to have an especially hard time of it, didn’t he?

Plus his myriad running commentary on how cold it was, Aviva did you finish the hare suit yet, can I go get somewhere warm yet, are we finished now, did I mention how cold it was.

And I suppose sub-Clue #3 (because it’s such a small thing) is in Journey to the Subnivean Zone.  I’m just gonna leave this here.

(And that once again, at least for a moment, you can see him shivering.)

This is probably one of my main headcanons for Chris, one that (particularly after noting the same in his RL counterpart) I pretty much call canon.  If nothing else, it’s fun to play around with in RP and the like.

Besides, it also happens to make a particular creature power a little more amusing, namely sperm whale.

Because let’s give the big blubbery power to the one that’s going to get chilly down in the ocean depths.  And also needs all that protection because CHRIS YOU TINY

(Walrus is a minor example for the same reason; minor because Martin gets it too, and also gets his own warm power in polar bear)

So yeah, there you go.  Just felt like sharing it with you guys X3  Whether you agree or disagree, I hope it was at least an enjoyable read.

I will never understand where the interpretation of Legends of Tomorrow’s Rip Hunter as some kind of creepy, controlling expert manipulator comes in.

I mean, look, the guy’s definitely got asshole moments.

But seriously?  This is a guy who can’t keep to a lie for more than half an episode.  And do we really need to count how many times he gets punched in the face?

This is a guy who will toss his only workable plan to go after Savage in the trash to bring back a corpse because he’s feeling guilty.

This is a guy who starts off the first mission pointing out that he’s the actual time traveler and is in charge, gets a response of astounding indifference, watches his new recruits basically do EVERYTHING WRONG and almost destroy the future by leaving technology behind, and he doesn’t once consider, y’know, firing them for people who will actually listen to him.

This is a guy who has Martin trying to destroy his marriage, Snart trying to rewrite his father’s past, Sara going rogue in Star City, Ray constantly playing hero, Mick wreaking general havoc, Kendra bursting into Hawk Goddess, Jax…well, Jax is probably the least problematic recruit, but even he’s tried to save his dad and so on.  And his response to all of this just seems to be to face palm, sigh, and regret his life.

Okay, and that one tantrum at Mick.  But there were stressors there.

(Also, I’m pretty sure a ruthless manipulator would have waited until they were safely back on the ship before blowing up at one of their allies anyway.)

This is a guy who, when Kendra refused to kill Savage, made one plaintive statement, and then let it go and backed up her choice instead.

Honestly?  He’s kind of the worst manipulator ever.


A very brief overview of the so-called “War on Drugs” which lends its purpose to disenfranchising Black and Latino peoples, promoting poverty, and the creation/perpetuation of stereotypes (thugs, dope boys, criminals, Welfare Queens, etc.), which ultimately threaten not just our general well being and success, but our lives, such as in the cases of Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Eric Garner and countless others.  This is the true example of racism.  Fuck your hurt feelings,  we are fighting for just our basic rights to live.

“The carefully engineered appearance of great racial progress strengthens the ‘colorblind’ public consensus that personal and cultural traits, not structural arrangements, are largely responsible for the fact that the majority of young black men in urban areas across the United States are currently under the control of the criminal justice system or branded as felons for life… Far from undermining the current system of control, the new caste system depends, in no small part, on black exceptionalism.  The colorblind public consensus that supports the new caste system insist that race no longer matters.  Now that America has officially embraced Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream (by reducing it to the platitude "that should be judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin”), the mass incarceration of people of color can be justified only to the extent that the plight of those locked up and out is understood to be their choice, not their birthright… Black success stories lend credence to the notion that anyone, no matter how poor or how black you may be, can make it to the top, if only you try hard enough.”

– Michelle Alexander, New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Things I’m Excited About for Season 4

  • CORE 4 
  • Kira
  • Kira on the lacrosse team
  • Stiles possibly making first line
  • Seeing more of Lydia and her banshee powers
  • Possibly learning more about Lydia and her past? Or just Lydia in general? (maybe, hopefully)
  • Kira and Lydia friendship
  • Mama McCall
  • Mama McCall supporting her son and telling him to go kick ass basically
  • Scott really coming into his role as Alpha
  • Scira 
  • Sheriff Stilinski
  • Everyone maybe going to Mexico to save Derek? (although who knows if this is what happens)
  • a past character coming back in 401 (although I have no idea who it could be)
  • More of Ms. Martin
  • Seeing more Braeden
  • hopefully Danny telling everyone he knows about the supernatural?? That would be so freaking awesome.
  • the mystery of this benefactor unraveling
  • (Peter being killed) 
  • ladies kicking ass
  • continuing Lydia and Stiles friendship
  • Mccall family feels
  • Stilinski family feels
  • Sterek
  • Like any Sterek scenes at all
  • I’ll take them
  • even though they might not happen
  • just 
  • Sterek
  • give me all the Sterek
  • lots of Sterek pls
  • or just a little
  • or barely anything
  • I’m not picky

16 April 1521: Martin Luther meets with the Diet of Worms to be examined by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

Right so I’ve spoken about Martin Luther before in brief and when I did, I mentioned when Charles V called him out on his shit, to which he pretty much responded with 

Well this was that time.

So Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the door of the All-Saints’ Church in Wittenburg in 1517 as a hilarious Halloween Prank (that’s what people did back then instead of TP a place) and everyone was like, “holy shit! This dude has a point!”

it was like that scene in Mean Girls when Regina George releases all the Burn Book pages all over the school and everyone sees them and starts bitching to each other about it, and they get into a huge fight and it’s just terrible.

External image

Europe, 1517. Center: Martin Luther.

But just keep in mind that, unlike Regina George, Martin Luther had no intention of creating a huge divide in Christianity that would start wars and end lives and cause problems that would still persist into the 21st century. He just wanted the Catholic Church to stop fucking the common people over and get back to the whole “What Would Jesus Do” kind of thing.

Right so on 16 April, shit was going down and it was terrible for the Holy Roman Empire. Its Emperor, Charles V, was currently in the midst of a revolt in Castile, Spain, and then there’s this lil’ shit running around causing problems.

Europe, 1517. Center: Charles V.

So the Diet of Worms was held to address loads of issues, and one of them was Martin Luther, who was invited to speak to them. If you mention a “Diet of Worms” outside any historical references you’ll get very strange looks indeed, so just keep in mind that a “diet” was a general assembly of rich important people, and “Worms” is one of the most unfortunately-named cities in Germany. Cool.

So Martin Luther went over to talk to the Diet of Worms and they spoke to him over two days in mid-April to try and get him to stop his shit.

So basically it was like, “dude wtf are you doing, are these your papers??”

and Martin Luther was like, “fuck yeah man, I’m just doin whats best”

and they were like, “no man that aint cool, you can’t just say shit like this”

So after two days of interrogation and discussion the Diet met in private to determine Luther’s faith, but while they were discussing, Luther fled, mostly because had had a feeling he already knew what they were going to decide on.

External image

Something like that.


Of course it was never really carried out since Charles V had so much other shit to deal with, and in this time Martin Luther was excommunicated from the church and went into hiding. He started translating the Bible into German which had a substantial influence on how German became standardized as a writing language, and the Protestant Reformation took off running.