and basically everyone else haha

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Who's your friends on here

Hey there! 👋 So I have quite a few friends on here, and I’m thankful to each and every one of them! 💝 But because I don’t want this to turn into a follow forever I’ll just mention the ones I interact with the most! 🤗

@starsehun @sistarheaux @sadspacedust @amaxing-daes @jonmyecn @asleepykid @callmeminseok @xiuminscheeks @morningsdeer @xingmebaektosleep @xingslove @loeypapi @squynhty @byunlucid @baekhyunlipchain @xiubyuns @kenopsiae @killeryixing @zcinab @kokobaeq @chanyeolsabs @geminixingmi @untouchabyeolman @aquaxing @daffodil-luhan @grinding-on-baek and basically everyone else in the zyxnet and osehunnet since we basically talk everyday haha

INTP-ENTP The Alliance

ENTP: I’m still waiting for you to bring your guitar down and play songs for me.

INTP: Well, I would but. I can’t.

ENTP: >_<

ENTP: Why.


INTP: I don’t play guitar on the weekdays.

ENTP: That’s such a fucking lie!

INTP: Hahaha.

INTP: Ask me on the weekend. I’ll probably do it, then.

ENTP: I’m not going to be here for the weekend, or next weekend!

INTP: Mmm, well that certainly is a shame, isn’t it.

ENTP: You planned that didn’t you. ENTJ probably told you.

INTP: Yeah, he did.

INTP: We’re plotting against you.

ENTP: I knew it.

ENTP: I can see that happening, actually.

INTP: Well, good. Because it is happening.

INTP: We’ll be your downfall.

ENTP: *Leans across table, dramatically*


ENTP: Can’t.

ENTP: Wait.