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I found this comment on youtube and I think it addresses Hanbin’s ‘arrogance’ pretty well. He’s the leader for a reason, people.

basboosa11 hours ago +UnknownCarrot250 there is nothing he needs to chill about. have you really seen WIN before? BI has always been known to be a perfectionist. he constantly pushes himself and everyone with him beyond their limits. during Winner TV it was revealed that he was barely sleeping after WIN ended and spent the whole day in the studios re-writing songs and producing them. It got to the point where YG came in one day and found him sleeping on a couch in the studio at 3am in the morning. the guy is hard on himself and hes also hard on ALL his team members including Bobby and the rest. the reason being he wants them to improve so that they can be the best team there is. think about it for a sec; do you think Bobby or Junhoe who have very outspoken and strong personalities let BI yell at them during practice if it wasnt because of the trust they hold in him? its simply because they know that hes like the strict parent who will monitor your work and point out your mistake so that you can fix them and improve. and it actually works as we saw in this episode when he went really hard on Chanwoo making him practice more and more which ultimately paid off with YG praising Chanwoo’s improvements