and barely any hateful posts in the tag

Are you a depressed overqualified millennial who can still barely manage to pay for rent and food on a monthly basis despite having a bachelor’s degree from a real college?! Why not try spending literally nothing but the barest necessities to keep you from dying!! The kids like “challenges” right!!? This is FUN!! Don’t buy ANY material things that might give you even the tiniest respite from the looming bleakness of your life as a recent graduate in a post-Trump era.


I enjoy fenabela and I respect a person’s right to not enjoy it. I’ve always tagged my posts accordingly. I’ve never discussed it with the people who
don’t enjoy it.
Why is that NOT enough for some of the fans?
If people don’t try to force Fenebela onto the ones who don’t like it, they have the
right to enjoy the pairing in peace with the others who do enjoy it in the fandom.
Why do we have to be the ones to censored?
Theres stuff I don’t like and I don’t censor people that do. I hate how there is barely any middle ground in this fandom

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Why are you already shipping him, a man with barely any backstory and hates Overwatch, already? #LeaveDoomfistAlone

u heard it here folks

No One is allowed to ship doomfist w/ Anyone

Case Closed

if a character doesnt have backstory they are BANNED

crackshipping is DEAD, background characters are ILLEGAL

People always talk about how nalu and gruvia shippers are, and I quote “scum” and the worst part of the fandom. But when I look through the anti Graylu anti Natza and anti nali tag, which would be populated mostly by nalu and gruvia shippers, I don’t see outright hate. In fact I see a lot suggestions, light phrasing, and admissions. Fast forward to the anti nalu and anti gruvia tags, and all you see is outright hate from the get go, with a lot more posts at a lot higher frequency, especially in the anti nalu tag.

And furthermore, every time someone says something pro nalu on the confessions, there’s a legion of people who go out of their way to bash it, but when there’s, for example, a nali confession, there’s barely any hate at all. smh

@strategist-scientia replied to your post:adam parrish deserves better than this fandom

People hate Adam in this fandom? lol since when? All I’ve ever seen is an outpouring of love for him and nothing but disdain for Ronan.

1) Follow the Adam’s tag for any lenght of time (or you know, not) and you’ll see you care barely go a week without people reading the series and talking about how they physically want to hurt him for a variety of reasons. to be fair I’ve been less active in the fandom since the last book came out, so that may have quieted down once people were sure Adam wouldn’t turn out evil or whatever, but honsestly?

Alternatively, wait until the tv shows comes out. Watch younger fans’s reaction to Adam and Adam/Blue. And Ronan’s crush on him taking forever to turn into a canon gay pairing. yeah.

2) You can also, yknow, what youtube reviews or read goodreads reviews. It might have changed since the 4th book came out and Pynch became canon, but not so long ago you’d have trouble finding one that doesn’t mention how much they hate Adam.

3) The outpouring of love is a) prob because it was his ‘birthday’ last week and b) exactly because people are so shitty about him all the time.

4) … I never even mentioned Ronan, but since you seemed determined to pit them against each other for some weird reason. I’ve seen you say the same thing on @adamsrcnan‘s post, so you see to be on a roll there. Again, which fandom are you in, because Ronan is clearly the author’s and fandom’s favourite? Like… it’s no contest at all. And yes, it’s still true. Heck, he’s getting a series all about him! which is what TRC ended up being, tbqh. Which, fine, fandom loves its bad boys. not all of us do - I don’t, for various reasons, but I still like Ronan because he’s a good, interesting character. Nothing but disdain for Ronan??? what the hell. What do you even consider disdain. Please point it out to me? 

I can see people pointing out Ronan’s flaws and mistakes. Which is fair, imo, because the narrative actually never does. it does it plenty with Adam especially, and Blue and even Gansey, but never with Ronan. A lot of people were dissapointed with that in the 4th book. I could go into it in more detail if you wanted to! but it’s not by any means disdain or even dislike. Just dissapointment.

There’s also people who just write him badly. And that sucks, and it feels like a personal attack sometimes. I get it, I’m the same way. But sometimes, like the jealous boyfriend trope, people who write him that way actually do love him and just somehow think it’s romantic, because romance-focused media sucks and jealousy is often portrayed as a good, romantic thing.

If you think people can’t support a character and want what’s best for him while also adoring another character, who also has his own agency and complexities, because, yknow, that’s what well-rounded characters are, then you probably should take a step back and relax.

i’m done with this. whatever’s going on with Zuke, i’m done, i don’t want to see a single blame post ever again.

for me, amedot has been an outlet — my social awkwardness, anxiety, and ADHD has always gone to peridot, my body image issues to amethyst. through amedot, i’ve found a balance that shows me that yeah, i might not be perfect in my own eyes, but there’s someone out there who looks at this mess and thinks, “she’s wonderful.” when you’ve had a bad day, the ability to sink into such a body-positive, pro-disability community is REALLY nice.

but when someone decides to fill that community with negativity, when they insult your friends and hide behind blatant fatphobia and ableism, when this outlet becomes inseparably associated with hate, when your own community doesn’t even have content anymore? it really starts to piss you off.

so i call for a reform.

Amedots, i know you’re mad about the Zuke controversy. I am too. i can’t say i know what’s true and what’s not. but i’m also sick and tired of our tag being nothing but uncensored hate and discourse. we’re in the middle of the fourth Amedotbomb and i’ve barely seen a handful of new content.

here’s what i ask: do something about that.

mad about the blame? be mad. that’s fine. but instead of a rant post, put your rage into a meepmorp. write a fic. make up a song. create some aesthetic edits. do your roleplays. tag it as #amedot, put it there where it belongs for all to see. i don’t care if it’s a shitty notebook doodle, i want to see your amedots! and if you can’t do any of those, reblog posts. add comments. viewers are very important too (without you, this won’t work at all)! all i want is to see this community thrive again.

until then, i also encourage you to help create a stream of pure, discourse-free amedot content, using this tag: #AmedotRevolution. i will reblog everything in this tag.

let’s drown the discourse until they see us in their nightmares.

Take back #Amedot!

@ladynoblesong replied to your post: Funny, everytime I mention I’m ace I lose…

i feel like aro/acephobia has really been peaking again lately, and i hate it :(

yeah it sucks a lot :/ it’s strange how some ppl don’t want to admit that we exist, we have our own issues, & not all of us are straights (bcs het aces exist but the majority of us are ACE. LIKE. we dont get any attraction) :/ before ‘15 it was p much a widely accepted thing, but now, u can barely go in the tags without seeing asshats being aphobes :/ Not to mention when it’s ace fictional characters…It sucks a lot :/

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you eremika shippers are angry as hell lol

You’re damn right that we’re angry, and if you had to deal with the shit we did, you’d be angry too. Eremika may not be the only ship in this fandom that gets hate, but hate is the bare minimum of what we have to deal with. Tagged posts that say “lol you all have shit tastes” and “this ship is incest” is literally the bare minimum of what Eremika shippers have to deal with from this fandom on a daily basis.

With Eremika, we have a well-developed, endgame ship that has the most frequent and consistent substance than any other ship in the fandom (yes, even more than Yumikuri), that is constantly degraded and invalidated for the sake of crackships that are nowhere near canon, and never will be. Like, congrats, I’m glad you’re such a shit fan that you’re willing to take all the effort Isayama put into developing Eren’s and Mikasa’s relationship and literally spitting on it for the sake of glorying your fucking yaoi.

And, no, i’m not talking about people who ship Eren and Mikasa with other people. I’m talking about the people who go out of their way to invalidate and blatantly ignore the character development Eren and Mikasa have had, and twist it to make their relationship look abusive when it’s not. You know, the people who say Eren “friendzoned” Mikasa by punching a goddamned Titan to save her life, or that Mikasa is a clingy bitch because she wants to keep her bullheaded friend from getting his impulsive ass killed. Those are the people I’m talking about.

Oh, then there’s the fact that the hypocrisy surrounding Eremika is literally nauseating. People say chapter fifty was platonic, then turn around and make edits about it for their other ships because wow much platonic so friendship! People bitch about it being abusive because Mikasa hit Eren when they were kids, then turn around and promote violent and sexual abuse in fanarts and fanfictions for other ships. People say that chapter 50 wasn’t enough to prove Mikasa loved Eren, then say that two characters holding hands once or sitting next to each other at a group table scene is true love. Mikasa is constantly given shit for doing things that other characters would always get away with. E.G., Mikasa throwing Eren into a river as a kid is abuse, but Levi kicking the living shit out of Eren is okay because “he had a reason for it”.

And it all comes down to the fact that the only reason this ship gets this hate is because it’s endgame, and everyone knows it’s endgame. We can’t even get solace in seeing Eremika moments in the fucking manga, because we know the second it happens, people are going to come back into our tag throwing a fucking temper tantrum. The Eremika tag is calm now. Come back the next time Eren and Mikasa so much as speak to each other, and I can promise you it won’t be. This is a fact we live with.

So, yeah, Eremika shippers are angry. And people like you are the reason we’re angry.

psa for everyone in the romeo & juliet fandom (or even if you happen to occasionally make R&J edits/gifsets);

given that the general R&J tags are always spammed with reposts, hate or barely relevant things, I figured it would be great if we could have one safe place where all original content goes without the superfluous. So if you make (no reposts!) edits/gifs/graphics/traditional art for any of the official productions (movies, musicals, theater, ballets) or even post fanfics, headcanons, etc, please use #r&jedit within your first 5 tags so all R&J fans can quickly and efficiently find your post. (◠‿◠✿)

I’m really in a fall mood so I decided to do a BOTM but this is my first one so bare with me. Also, please ignore my horrible photoshop skills. :))


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  • Promos throughout November upon request.
  • Ask for anything else you want and I will try my best!
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Why are people all up the Larry shippers asses today?

Apparently we make all of Harry’s tattoos about Louis and only find things that fit our ship (I disagree, it starts with the obvious and we only get deeper with continual, deeper research, thank you very much).

Apparently, Harry’s not gay because there’s a naked mermaid on his arm and how does that even work? I’ve seen gay men with nude women and pin-up girl tattoos so…and then, you know, there’s the fact that her tail kind of restricts access to her pussy

Apparently, we’re also responsible for why Harry’s winter girlfriends never stick around

I must have missed the part where I sent them hate. Aside from his three main winter girlfriends, the ones he ‘dates’ (i.e. is pictured with by the paparazzi and therefore automatically must be screwing) in the interim are always famous enough to be used to flames from random fans and barely around long enough to gain any steam on the 'I hate you’ train.

The others (Caroline, Taylor, and Kendall) are definitely used to getting hate so…Also, hey, Eleanor, Danielle, and Sophia have/had been able to survive and they’re not even famous. So first:

And second:

No one forced you to read Larry Stylinson theories. Seriously. And you know what? Even if someone tagged outside of the Larry tags, you can do what I do when I see shit that’s out of line: I block the post so I can’t see it. In conclusion:

I don’t know why I go into the doctor Strange tag anymore, I really don’t. Every time I do I just get more and more pissed off. For every one post about genuine excitement there are ten more that are nothing but complete negativity.

But that’s not the part that really makes me angry. If you are determined to hate this movie when we barely have any information about it, go right ahead. I’m almost beyond the point of caring.

No, what pisses me off is the way everyone spells his name. It’s Benedict Cumberbatch, and it’s not actually all that hard to spell. You can sound it out if you really have to. It’s not barbecue cucumberbatch,  Cumberfuck, Butternut Cumberbund, bendydick cucumber, or bendydick cumbag. The worst part is not all of these cane from negative posts, so of these actual examples came from people hyped for the movie.

If you are a person who doesn’t like him or Doctor Strange, fine whatever. But by doing this you are just a disrespectful name caller, who deserves no respect of there own. If you’re looking forward to this movie and are doing this, I just have to ask why? It’s dumb and stupid. Why would you disrespect an actor you actually like by doing that?