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aquarium dates - peter parker

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—– requested by @imaginesyes​ sorry for the extremely long wait!! hope you like it!! sorry that i didn’t really go in depth about it :(

some sentences are not mine: @ihavetoomanyaus

The bell rings causing everyone in class to shoot up, everyone heading towards the door to exit first. I slowly stand up picking up my books before ruffling my hair a little as I fast walk out of the classroom. Walking towards my locker I see that Peter is there, waiting for me.

“How’d you get here so quickly? Your class is on the other side of the school and mine is just down the hall?” I question as I open my locker stuffing my textbooks in there, grabbing my Biology book for studying.

“I-I guess I just walked really fast, you might have spaced out on the way here,” He stutters running a hand through his curly locks. “C-Can I ask you something?”

He looks down, his face imitating a red glow as he looks back up into my eyes.

“Do you w-want to go out with me this weekend? I mean it’s fine if you don’t want to, hell you might be studying. Or you could be busy, you could even be going out with someone else this weeken-” Before he could finish his sentence I cut him off.

“Of course I would love to go out with you this weekend Pete,” Giggling I shake my head at his wide eyes.

“W-Well, I’ll pick you up tomorrow then, wear something casual!” He says running off and out of school, most likely to go tell Ned, I shake my head at him closing my locker.

“You look gorgeous Y/N,” Peter says as he hands me a box of chocolates causing my legs to wobble from the cuteness. 

“I look like I do every day Pete,”

“I know, but you’re just so beautiful.”

I look down blushing as he holds his hand out for me to grab.

“I hope you don’t mind if we swing to where we are going.” I nod my head showing him that i was fine with it as he pulls me closer to him, tightening his grip around me as I wrap my arms around his neck, and we take off, swinging towards our location.

As soon as we get there he puts me down gently, running his fingers through my hair, brushing it back into place causing my cheeks to heat up.

I look around myself to see where we are.

“The aquarium huh?”

“Y-Yeah, is this okay?”

“It’s perfect.”

“I FOUND NEMO!” I yell, pointing at the clownfish, one of many.

“Which one is Nemo? There are like, 20.” Peter says his arm subtly wrapping around my waist.

“Shut up.” I whisper as I look at the fish in amazement. He chuckles, pushing me slightly towards the walk-through tunnel.


“You’re yelling again,”

“Sorry, I’m excited.”

“It’s cute.”



“Can we please touch the fish?”

“LET’S GO!!”

I reach into the tank as I graze my hand against a starfish bringing a smile to my face. Suddenly I touch a bigger fish by accident causing it to bite my finger.

“Ow what the fuck?” I hiss as I pull my finger out of tank. Peter’s eyebrows furrow in concern as he grabs my hand inspecting my finger. My lips turn into a pout immediately. Peter walks over to the information desk asking for a bandaid before returning to me with a smile.

“For your boo boo,” He says as he places the bandaid over my finger, placing a light kiss onto it.

“Oh,” His smile turns into a frown, my eyebrows furrow in confusion.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I missed.”

I stare at him in confusion, “What do yo-”

And he placed his lips onto mine.

AU Idea (I think I'm gonna write it but I don't know)

- ok but Marinette is the MOST popular Instagram model
- it started off as a joke/fun on behalf of Alya

- so like Marinette has all these hella good outfits that she has made but never wore it
- even though they all fit her(as a fashion/design student, SAME. make it for myself but never see it on myself)
- so she decides she needs to get some use into these.
- Alya being the amazing boo she is, decides to make an Instagram of Marinette wearing these outfits and takes secret pictures of her.
- NOT ONE of them show her FACE its covered by a hand or leaf or something
- the account BLOWS UP(so many outfit genres and ideas like from cute to bodycon to street/90’s inspired to grudge to hipster)
- Marinette is oblivious
- until Alya comes barreling into her bedroom in their apartment, screaming THE IT MODEL ADRIEN AGRESTE is FOLLOWING THEM.
- Marinette ends up unconscious on the floor.
- she recovers and cries but eventually soften up to the account and newfound fame because, she looks SO HOT(even though her face is not showing) and she can switch stuff up and use all her items she had made and also cause Adrien is following her.
- companies want her to promote them but she only picks what she likes and ended up promoting Nino’s new album turning him into a DJ sensation(Kinda like flume,chain smokers etc)
- she then gets an intern letter from The Agreste’s and is now working on a photo shoot WHILE going to Univeristy and handling her account with Alya, who is now making a blog. Oh my Gosh.

- Her heels, erratically click as she steps onto the photo shoot platform. Fingers curl tightly around a box of pins. Knuckles white, breathing hard, heart thumping, she lifts a lithe, bandaid covered finger and adjusts the emerald tie of the emerald eyed, blonde Angel in front of her.
“Hey Marinette, do you know the model Ladybug?”
Her face pales considerably.

Chanyeol as your boyfriend

A/N: Tell me who to do next <3

  • Would definitely be slightly shy at first.
  • But when you start having proper conversations he doesn’t stop talking.
  • Ever.
  • Wants to help you with dinner, but doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing so he’s just standing there rambling as always with a giant knife in his hands.
  • “Chanyeol put that down, you’ll hurt yourself.”
  • “No no I’m careful, I can handle a- aaaish.”
  • You putting a bandaid on his finger.
  • “Kiss it better.”
  • “Chanyeol ..”
  • You finally kiss his finger, but he still isn’t pleased.
  • “Now kiss this better too.” He says pointing to his lips, but you just shake your head and go back to cooking.
  • Sometimes you just have lazy days lying on the couch, his long legs in your lap while you watch tv and he’s on his phone.
  • Literally shows you everything he finds interesting.
  • “Look Sehun went skiing.”
  • “I have instagram too, Chanyeol.”
  • “We should go skiing.”
  • When you’re out on dates, he always insists on bringing Sehun for some reason like Chanyeol this is OUR date?
  • And of course Baekhyun is coming too because he’s jealous of Chanyeol bringing Sehun.
  • Would want to shower with you.
  • Would start kissing your neck in the shower and you’re like ‘oh shit’ here we go again.
  • Calls you a lot when he’s away because he prefers talking instead of texting as he thinks talking is more personal.
  • If you’re laid out on the couch, Chanyeol will come and lie on top of you as a joke and you try to push him off cause staaaahp why are you so biiig!
  • And then he falls asleep and you’re like “oh for fucks sake, guess I’m stuck then.”
  • But then he starts to snore and you realise he’s a warm (but heavy) blanket and you think he looks adorable aw.
  • “Chanyeoool~“
  • “What?”
  • “Top shelf.”
  • “Shortie.”
  • “Shut up or no kisses for a week.”
  • “Okay okay, I’ll get it for you.”
  • Sometimes when he kisses you he doesn’t want to lean down that much so he kinda’ just places his index finger under your chin and brings you up to him, making you stand on your tiptoes.
  • Skinship in public is a yes for Chanyeol.
  • Not too much though, only little pecks on the cheek and a lot of hugging.
  • Cuddling in bed where he pulls you on top of him and he wraps his arms around your body, the two of you falling asleep like that.
  • Likes touching you a lot, sometimes his large hands are just roaming your body and you’re getting so turned on but he doesn’t even realise what he’s doing to you.
  • Freshly showered Chanyeol coming out of the bathroom in a vest and wet hair and you’re like ‘wOW’.
  • Insists on going on roadtrips where you share your music taste with each other and just drive with no apparent goal of reaching anywhere.
  • The two of you going to a fancy dinner and you get ready a bit after him and when you come out he just looks up from his phone with wide eyes in awe because oh my god you are so beautiful.
  • Strikes most people as kinda’ careless, but actually gets so worried about you when you’re down and wants to do anything he can to help.
  • Backhugs where he rests his head on yours.
  • Kisses you on the cheek while you’re still asleep before leaving for practice.
  • His morning voice is so low that you can barely put together what he is saying but it also makes him sound sO HOT.
  • Speaking of turning you on, sex would be slow and passionate up until the end, where it would be very intense.
  • Always cuddling and pillowtalk after, no matter how gross and sweaty you are.
  • Falling asleep to the sound of his soothing voice every night.
  • Him sitting at a bar stool by the kitchen counter with his guitar, singing while you’re making pancakes for breakfast.
  • Sunday walks where you get lunch.
  • He always takes pictures of you and put the nicest ones on instagram even though you say he shouldn’t as his fans might freak out.
  • “I’m in love with you, Y/N. The fans have to deal with that.”
  • Your heart beating out of your chest because this man is too good to be true.

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You were having a shit day. So what was going to make things 100% better?

Homemade french fries.

You got out everything you needed. Potatoes, a peeler, salt, pepper, and a knife. You set your oil to heat up and started peeling potatoes.

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Dad Might won't leave me, so, imagine Izuku breaks a finger or suffers some other small injury from training, but instead of going to see recovery girl Toshi wants to try and bandage/fix it himself, not only as a "dad" complex but also because without his powers he still wants to be helpful somehow

…….. he uses All Might themed bandages

b/c he wants to be helpful

Izuku blushes and laughs at the themed bandages, but Toshinori simply smiles back, expression subdued. This is the only way he can help anymore, he thinks, by patching up the small scratches and scrapes on his precious students.

Do not worry, for I am here,” the bandages say, All Might’s gleaming smile staring upwards at him from Izuku’s arm. “I will keep you safe.

It may not be as grand as heroically fighting to defend innocent civilians from devilish villains, but heroism was never about the grand things in life.

It’s nearly sunset, and yet Izuku’s smile shines brighter than the blindingly beautiful sky, a soft gradient of reds and yellows, as he thanks Toshinori for patching him up.

“It feels better already!!” Izuku says, cheerfully, raising his arm in a show of confidence. The sun is at his back, and from there, All Might grins at Toshinori, surrounded by a halo of fading sunlight.

I will keep him safe.

He may not be able to protect his students anymore, but he can patch them up when they get hurt.

It’s the least he can do.

All Might grins.

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if i stop anonymously requesting your werewolf mccree assume i'm dead. i love it so much please write more whenever it's convenient ; v;

I love writing werewolf mccree so much. I know that I have a lot to still work on but I’d be willing to take some more werewolf!mccree requests if there were any ouo;;;

By the time morning rolled around, you were curled up at your dining table, clutching your cup with bandaid covered fingers. Jesse lowered himself into the seat next to you with two full bowls of cereal in hand. Reyes was across from him on your other sides, scrubbing his face over his hands with a loud yawning groan.

And across from you was a highly amused girl of indiscriminate age and purple hair.

“You can call me Sombra,” she purred, taking the second bowl from Jesse without a glance to him.

You stared at her tiredly, thinking about how her voice made the scrapes and bruises on your side ache. “There’s two of them,” you mumbled. “You bring two of them into my house and expect me to be all chill about it, papí?” you asked.

Reyes released a bark of laughter, doubling over into the table when Jesse choked on his cereal. Sombra shot you a grin full of teeth.

“I like them.”

“I’d say the same thing but you threw me into the street with a headbutt in the middle of the night, so sorry if I’m a little bitter,” you replied. Reyes propped his chin up in his hand, spinning the cup of coffee he had been nursing in slow circles.

“In my defense, she was following Jesse’s scent. He marked this whole damn block.”

“That’s disgusting, Jesse McCree,” you grumped.

He dropped his spoon to the table and lifted the bowl to his lips, drinking down the milk in three gulps and a loud, satisfied sigh. “In my defense, there’s a lot of scary shit in town and I wanted to protect my date so you can bite me.”

“Would they turn into a werewolf if they bit McCree?” Sombra asked, waving her spoon around between you and the aforementioned boy. “If they broke skin.”

You shoved your chair out from the table and turned to the doorway. “It is too fuckin’ early for this shit, please. Someone. Wake me up in a few hours when my brain has had a chance to relax from this nonsense.”

Jesse leaned back in his chair to watch you walk down the hall to your room, letting out a very quiet but appreciative hum. “We’ll still be here!” he called.

“Peachy,” you droned.

Sombra slurped at the milk in her bowl, eyeing the two men she was left at the table with. When she had drank the last of it, she set it down and wiped her mouth. “I like them,” she repeated.

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Can you write some sunday fluff with Bakugou?

Bakugou Katsuki

• boy can’t cook, but when his s/o asks him for help, he’ll actually make an effort without much complaining - it’s shitty vegetable-chopping, how hard can this possibly be?
• he ends up with lots of bandaids around his fingers and he’s really embarrassed about it - he’s Bakugou Katsuki, how can he lose against vegetables?
• s/o is chuckling the whole time, of course after they checked if he’s okay. He excels more or less at everything he does without much effort, but such a minor thing as cooking is giving him so much trouble
• it ends with him angrily chopping vegetables “damn carrot take this!” “die potato, just die” - s/o is secretly taking pictures, this moment needs to be preserved for posterity