and bad ones at that

This user dies every time Han Jumin says “My Love”

Emma Swan, pretty in pink?

This is a rare foray into Storybrooke clothing for this blog, but it was custom-made. This dress, you guys… I’m going to get myself in trouble for saying this, but this dress is ridiculous.

I’m not going to get into whether this dress is in character or anything. It’s not a style anyone on the show had ever worn before, but whether you think it’s in character is dependent on your interpretation of the character. So I’m going to stick to something more objective.

This dress doesn’t fit. At all.

I’ve talked before about fit, specifically how wrinkles in a garment often indicate fit problems. This one has wrinkles absolutely everywhere. On the back—and I apologize for the out-of-focus shot, but you can still see what’s going on—a plethora of horizontal lines indicate that it’s riding up because it’s too tight. There is bunching under the arms because the armholes are too high. The fabric is pulling every which way under the bust because nothing is in the right place. The neckline is gaping badly, and the double darts are insane. Darts are supposed to stop below the bust apex (or outside, if they’re side darts). Those are going at least an inch above the apex! What is this I don’t even.

I’m about 85% certain that this dress was actually made from a vintage pattern. As in, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this pattern somewhere, although I haven’t found it again. I have no problem with them having used a vintage pattern or copied a vintage garment. However, you can’t do an exact reproduction and expect it to fit a modern figure with modern undergarments. The darts on this are a dead giveaway. It was intended to be worn with a bra that gives much more lift. Many of the obvious fit problems just cascade from there.

I also feel like the whole thing just needed about an inch more ease. She looks like she can’t take a deep breath.

And I find it weird that the bodice, skirt, and belt are also slightly different shades of pink, but not different enough to look like it was done intentionally.


Ashton’s tweets strung together into Dramatic Tumblr Poems™ Part 2

-Part 1-

does anyone else do this thing where no matter how many times people tell you that they want to know how you’re really feeling, even when it’s bad, you just feel like they’re lying? like they don’t really wanna hear it?


A complete list of all the times Conker has swore

Because compared to some of the other characters in the game it is literally peanuts. Peanuts, I say! And yet he still has to be known as the foul-mouthed squirrel… (though whether this refers to actual curse words as opposed to his attitude to others is debatable) and considering that England is a lot more laidback about certain swear words…


  • Is felatio a swear? No, Conker, felatio is not a swear. This is the only word of his that got bleeped in Live and Reloaded

  • Two instances of ass. Idle when hungover; “My head feels like a badger’s ass” and upon discovering Buga the Nut’s dick; “Big boner, my ass!” as well as an obscure, probably dummied out phrase; “good thing my ass broke the fall!” This also implies he has a BIG BUTT.

  • After beating the little girl (who was actually a monsterish mutant Tediz); “at least we showed that bitch who’s boss.” and while confronting the alien at the end of the game; “Get away from her, you bitch!” in a shoutout to Alien because of course it is.

  • Has said “Fat bastard” in the Celebrity Squirrel featurette while throwing up offscreen. Be nice to your agent, Conker, for goodness’ sake gosh.

  • Of course a whole barrage of f-bombs in a jokey trailer for Project Spark’s Conker’s Big Reunion, but the canonity of that trailer is doubtable as it seems to refer more to mr. Seavor allegedly not wanting to do the voice… while doing the voice.

Don’t talk to me or my four gradually lower poly sons ever again (tag urself im the second from the right)

(credit to lucybonessquirrel for the pic and being RIDICULOUSLY GOOD at hacking the game, seriously, major props to you my dude)


Happy 38th Birthday Heath Ledger (april 4, 1979 - january 22, 2008) 
“ I like to do something I fear. I like to set up obstacles and defeat them. I like to be afraid of the project. I always am. When I get cast in something, I always believe I shouldn’t have been cast. I fooled them again. I can’t do it. I don’t know how to do it. There’s a huge amount of anxiety that drowns out any excitement I have toward the project. ”