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The Wish Spell:  Fulfilled Part 1

Summary:  Your greatest wish came true.  What happens after that?

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OFC Sal

Word Count: 3199

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex, shower sex), language, fluff, wee bit of angst

A/N:  This is a follow up to The Wish Spell which you can read HERE.  This takes place around the Season 12 episode “The Raid” so it’s slightly spoilery.  There will be at least one more part to this story.

THANK YOU to the lovely and helpful @wheresthekillswitch for being my beta on this.  I still don’t know what I did to find a friend as wonderful as you, but I’m so very thankful!

And THANK YOU to another beautiful friend, the amazing @arryn-nyxx for the fantastic aesthetic!  How did I luck out with you too?

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Sal is waiting at Y/N’s door before knocking again, so far there’s been no answer.  Yesterday she left her best friend hoping she’d never see her again.  Which sounds bad, but she has a good reason for not wanting to see her again.  Last night Y/N made a wish which would most likely take her away and Sal hopes that it did.  She walks off the porch and around to the side of the house before peeking in the window.  She doesn’t see any movement, but she sees a beer bottle and candle sitting on the kitchen table.  Sal smiles to herself as she walks back to her car.


When you and Dean finally emerge from his room you find Sam sitting in the bunker library.  Dean guides you, his hands on your hips, over to the table where Sam is buried in books.  He looks up at you smiling so big his dimples are showing.

“Sam, this is Y/N,” Dean says from behind you.  “Y/N, obviously this is Sam.”

“Hey Sam,” you say offering your hand as he stands.

“Hey Y/N,” Sam says pulling you into a hug.

His big arms coupled with his height remind you of what it felt like hugging adults as a child.  He releases you and you step back next to Dean who wraps his strong arms around your waist.

“What’re you working on?”

“Oh, just research,” Sam says giving Dean a look.

You watch the two men talk to each other with their eyes.

“What are you guys talking about?”

“What?” Sam says surprised.  “Nothing.”

“Right, nothing.  I know the eye-talky thing you guys do.”

Dean clears his throat.

“It’s just we want to make sure that everything’s ok, with the whole inter-dimension thing.  That’s all.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I just want to make sure they’re no issues and that it’s permanent.”

“Like I could end up back home?”

“Maybe, we’re not sure,” Sam says.

That night Dean is spooning you as you drift off to sleep when a thought hits you suddenly.  What if you fall asleep and wake up in your own bed again?


“Mmm, hmm?”

“What if I wake up tomorrow and I’m back home?”

“That’s not going to happen, sweetheart,” Dean murmurs.  “I won’t let it.”

He tightens his arm around you pulling you closer to him.

“You’re staying right here.”

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Mass Effect Relationship Week, Day 5: Fun with Food

“You pulled it too soon.”

Kaidan looked up from the meal he was preparing and the meat he’d just plated.  “I’m Canadian.  I think I know how to make bacon.”

“Whatever you say.” Vega shrugged, stepping into the kitchen.  “I would’ve let it sizzle a bit longer, really let the flavor in.”

“Well, when you cook breakfast, you can make the bacon however you want.”

“I will.  And it’ll be better, too.”

“Is that a challenge?” Kaidan’s eyes narrowed.  

Vega cracked his knuckles and flexed his muscles.  “If you’re ready to eat nothing but your crushing defeat and undercooked bacon, bring it on.”


“Shepard, we need your help.”

The Commander sat bolt upright in bed, having been awoken from a deep sleep.  “What is it?  Who?   What?”  She grumbled violently and reached for the pistol she kept in her bedside table.

“No, no, you don’t need to kill anything,” Kaidan insisted as Vega laughed.

She sighed.  “Where’s the fun in that?  You better have a good reason for waking me up early.”

“Lola, I need you to eat this and tell me that it’s better than whatever nonsense L2 here cooked up.”

Shepard was visibly confused, her face scrunched up and her eyes barely open.  Then she saw the plates of food.

“Aww, you guys made me breakfast,” she said and reached for some strips of bacon.  “Mmm, this is good.”

Kaidan and Vega looked at each other.

“Was that your bacon?”

“I don’t remember.”

“How are we supposed to determine who’s the better cook if we can’t remember which plate is which?” Kaidan cried quietly.

Before they could figure out their mistake, Shepard stopped.  

“Wait a second.  How did you guys get in my apartment?”

anonymous asked:

the dutch word for bacon is spek so every time i see the word m-spec i always read it as mmm bacon

well if THAT’S not a compelling reason for people to use it then i dont know what is

Jake’s Bacon Pancakes

Anybody else love breakfast for dinner? Because I have feasted on the flesh of the bacon pancake and found it worthy. I also love it because my plate made a smiley face.

“Eat me!”

You get the idea. It’s the perfect breakfast-for-anytime food. I will admit, it would have been way easier to make bacon and pancakes and just have them on the same plate, but then you’ve lost the charm of having bacon pancakes. 


-MJ & K

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Cheer Up Post #1205 - Mac n Cheese Edition

Macaroni. Cheese. Delicious.

See also: Cheese, Grilled Cheese & Cheeseburgers

Food Masterpost

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